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In napier I saw a bright green light with a tail...tonight 18.04.17...looked amazing...


In napier I saw a bright green light with a tail...tonight 18.04.17...looked amazing...

Meteor/ shooting star? Link to Fb post above. Saw what looked like a small Meteor low in the sky over Kawerau, Bay of Plenty...above Norske Skog Mill to be exact. About 7.20pm. Had a bright white tail and emitting sparkly colours from the front...then just fizzled out. Looked amazing.


i am in Napier and i saw what i can only describe as "a fireball in the sky" fly over us at 7;17pm

South island

Spoted in Blenheim south island a gorgeous green object heading approximately north. So fast it was gone in a blink of an eye! Amazing.

Meteor - Hawkes Bay

I saw it while driving from Hastings to Napier at approx 7.15pm. Very bright in green, just like a fireball.

I saw a meteorite in

I saw a meteorite in whakatane. Was a greenery and yellow color very bright flashing. Good size


I saw it too. Bright green


Whakatane - intense bright green ball with tail, horizontal, east to west this evening, about 7.30 ish. Stunning, and so fast.

I'm from Ruatoki and i saw it

I'm from Ruatoki and i saw it clear as day. It was orange and yellow moving fast across the sky, then disappeared. It made the sky a really bright green colour. It was amazing!!

Light in the sky

Yes we sore this light going through the sky and it was a green colour

We were driving bk home to

We were driving bk home to Waitara from New Plymouth and right in front of us flew a bright green meteor from our right (east) to our left (west).. looked in one piece to start with..then looked like it broke down a bit creating the tail effect before it shot off (super fast)..was pretty amazing!! Yet sooo fast!! I wanted to grab my ph but didnt want to take my eyes off it


What an awesome sight. About 7.15 pm tonight over rural Whakatane bright green light with long tail looked really impressive. Lucky to see wasn't vis able for long.

Meteor sighting

We were driving home on the straight between Waipukurau and Waipawa in Central Hawkes Bay, approx 7:15pm tonight when we noticed a Bright ball of light crossing the sky from the east to west.. it was a mixture of changing colours that were vividly bright, it had a tail trailing behind it.. and it lasted probably 10seconds before it disappeared. So pleased I saw it, was pretty spectacular sight. Hope someone somewhere caught it on camera...

Opotiki I was with my

Opotiki I was with my cousin in the car we were turning right by the whakatohea trust board coming from town and seen it flying past it looked like a firework but we knew it wasnt it was going in a straight line flying across the sky

Whilst on the phone to my

Whilst on the phone to my sister we both seen this. Pretty colours lit up the sky and my front lawn. Seen in Kawerau, Bay of Plenty


7.15pm saw a stunning green meteorite over the tuki tuki river heading towards havelock! Amazing!!! Fizzled Out before we could take a picture!!!

I saw it too

I was out side about 7.25 pm tonight and saw in the sky just over Gisborne this hug ball of flames moving across the sky from the east, it was moving quite slow not fast like a shooting star, it had a bright white tail, with other colours on its edges and little red sparks shooting from the end of it, it must have been real close since I could see everything so clearly, I was just waiting for a large impact sound to follow thinking it would hit down somewhere close for sure.

Was also listening out for

Was also listening out for the impact sound

Green Light

Saw bright green light low in sky going west appeared to break up northwards of Napier city.


View to the north from Ohope beach bright blue light with orange firey tail east to west low on the horizon. Seamed to burnout approx due north.


View to the north from Ohope beach bright blue light with orange firey tail east to west low on the horizon. Seamed to burnout approx due north.

Meteor sighting

Havelock North 7:15pm: Green ball of light with long trailing tail moving at speed across the northern sky from east to west. A low flat trajectory.

Saw green/blue light/object

Saw green/blue light/object with an orange tail/aura flying pretty horizontal across the sky over Gisborne. Very low and close

Saw an object in the sky that

Saw an object in the sky that was bright green with a tail. Was travelling west towards the ocean. Seen at around 7:15ish in New Plymouth

Bright light Green ....

Saw the shooting star on steroids or astroids also. Around 7:15PM. Stubby shape very bright and short sparkling tail. Amazing actually!

Meteor sighting Gisborne

Saw it as I just got home from work and was getting out of my car. Freaky and very cool!!


Hi in Opotiki, looked North East saw a huge white ball with tail low in the sky going westward


Rural Tararua - I saw what appeared to be a meteorite It was very low in the sky, had a tail and I could see it was smouldering around the object itself. It was the most amazing spectacle.


I saw it looking out my north-facing window. It travelled east to west and was incredibly bright with a long tail. So stunning!!

green fast moving light

Approximately 7.15pm tonight, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Very bright fast moving bright green light to the east, moving south to north.

direction of travel

Correction to my post - the direction of travel would have been southeast to northwest, as viewed from Havelock North. Was low in sky, intensely bright green and had a trailing tail, almost like fireworks with flares shooting off tail.. I've never seen anything like it before.


Yes it was amazing. Saw it close to waimarama travelled by east to west. Most amazing sight big with green tail. Before it appeared to burn out.

Meteorite or space junk flew over NZ

At approx 1915pm we saw something enter earth astmosphere high over the North east of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, flare up into a green fireball with yellow tail fire trailing behind. The object broke up into 3 or 4 pieces still ablaze and then disappeared over the west coast.


Green long tailed meteor seen over Napier approx 7:15pm

Blue light in sky

I saw a blue light going fast across the sky and then it vanished at about 7.15 tonight. It appeared to be going downwards

Blue light in sky

I saw a blue light going fast across the sky and then it vanished at about 7.15 tonight. It appeared to be going downwards

Comet sighting

Was driving home just now and saw a most beautiful bright turquoise light streak across the sky in front of me. Wish I had a dash-cam!!! Frimley, Hastings. Frimley, Hastings.

Light in sky

I saw what looked like a blue light travelling fast across the sky and then it just vanished about 20 minutes ago in Bland Bay Northland. It seemed o be travelling downwards.

Te Karaka, meteorite seen

Te Karaka, meteorite seen travelling across the sky SE heading North, 7 minutes ago

Yeahbsolutely!!! I saw it too

Yeahbsolutely!!! I saw it too in Hastings my friend

Comet/Space junk in Hawke's Bay

Observed very bright blue and green with orange tail comet travelling from south east to north- northwest close to ocean beach in Hawke's Bay. Disappeared behind hills with a flash (impact?)

Green Flare Falling From The Night Sky

About 9:00pm May 17,2017 Davao City Philippines

Meteor over Levin at approx 4:25pm, Tues 16 May 2017.

Stopped at a Fruit & Veg stall at about 4:30pm. Looked up and saw what I thought was a vapour trail that appeared to go from SE to NW, and then stop abruptly. There was no wind, so it just hung there for many minutes. The "vapour trail" didn't look right - it had lots of vortices and was not as white as I would expect. When I got home I checked dashcam footage, and the "vapour trail" appeared in its entirety in well under 1 second. No flash, no bright streak - perhaps because it was broad daylight - and no explosion though we might not have heard it driving in the car. As at 6:25pm no reports on Stuff or radio news. Can't believe my wife and I were the only people who noticed it!

Green light spotted over

I noticed a post on social media a friend of mine noticed a bright green light over the lockport larose area on may 14 2017. Says it lasted a while

Meteor seen

Meteor seen 9.53 Saturday 13 May In the northwest Christchurch Nz

Meteorite over Otago Harbour

Randomly looking at the "Royal cam" royal albatross chick webcam on Tairoa Head when we saw a bright light in the sky travelling North to South for about 3 seconds - time was 22:40 (or 41) and 30 seconds

Huge falling star

Hi I'm from Hamilton, just stepped outside to have a cigarette and looked up to see the biggest falling star I have ever seen!!! It was a ball of bright white light with a tail of 4 distinct orange and red lines behind it... falling from an east to south direction.

Green trail

I saw the same thing travelling north on statehighway 1 between Grenada and Tawa at approximately 1:27am Sunday 14th may 2017. Was this a meteorite?