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At 10:01, 10/17/2017, I saw a

At 10:01, 10/17/2017, I saw a fiery ball with a tail fall from the sky in whiting, Indiana

A falling asteroid?

In Karori, Wellington - seemed much bigger than a shooting star, a bright orange / yellow light going south-east, falling, faded out. A falling asteroid?

Green light

I was sitting in my car and I saw this mysterious light flash by the sky. On 10/9/17.

I saw something I have no idea what it possibly was!

I’m going to say I saw a shooting star tonight. It was so close and visible looked huge. I saw a bright white orb with a vague blue, white tail and maybe a little greenish something in the white flash. It lasted for less then a second im so lucky I didn’t blink I had complete open visibility when it appeared and disappeared. I thought I was going crazy I was with so many people and nobody saw it. All on there phones. I saw in the corner of my eye a young woman looking in same direction but stunned then when she was able she told her friend next to her if he saw it. He replied you must be tired and scared. She agreed but I was freeking out nobody I was with saw it!!! Such beautiful bright for the most part white orb. I confirmed with her I saw it and she asked what was it. Unable to rationalize I responded white fire ball lol she was prob like dumb @&$. What an awesome thing to witness. I was at universal studios Hollywood LA California around 1ish am going up the escalators but in the balcony part with complete visibility over me. Not under glass part!

Yes about 830 pm i saw a

Yes about 830 pm i saw a green thing fall from the from Massachusetts.i think it was october 8 was much larger than a star and came much closer to earth than stars do.atleast it looked that way.

I think I saw a meteor fall out the sky but IDK

Y'all I am not on drugs but I am out side taking my dogs out it's 1:00am in California Pacific standard time and I am looking at the stars cuz the part I am from u can see the stars but it's very clear tonight and I turn around to he'd back inside to my apartment an I see a big meteor or shooting star I don't know what it is cuz it flashed green at the end but we will just call it a meteor I see a big meteor flash green and disappeared behind a big tree that's in front of my apartment idk bitch I am just shook

Low possible Meteor blue and red

In San Bernardino, California, USA, saw a relatively large shining object with red and blue flames coming down in a northerly direction. It seemed low. I could see the changing colors. Wish it could be confirmed and know whereabouts of its landing, if at all.

Saw green ball fall to

Saw green ball fall to was huge much larger than a shooting in Massachusetts

Green ball of light

At about 11:25pm EST in La Grange, North Carolina, there was a green ball of light that fell from the sky NNW.

Orange light

Saw a bright orange light falling to the north of Whangarei last night 7.30ish - light then went out nd a black blob continued to fall out of sight.

5 Orange lights

Anyone see 5 bright orange lights following each other across the sky 2nyt around 9.10pm? Looked really weird..thought they were guy fawkes but they actually flew across one after another..2 of them were alot lower than the other 3 but could only see a ball of orange and red???

Cluster of Green ? Lights, Pittsburgh, PA 10/13/17 3a EST

Cluster of Green ? Lights, Pittsburgh, PA 10/13/17 3a EST 10/12/17 Thurs night/Fri morning, I saw this around 2 or 3a EST Pittsburgh, PA. The sky was totally dark and cloudy, no stars or moon b/c of cloud coverage. It looked like a vibrant green cluster (about 20?) that appeared, then disappeared (like a bunch of people didn't turn their flash lights on or off at the same time, but close) for 5 seconds max. . No trails that I could see. Just green lights coming on shutting off, 2x. Almost in the same place in the atmosphere. It was the only light that came through the clouds, or I suppose possibly from below, but there were no light sources. They just appeared for a few seconds as a cluster, then "shut off," not simultaneously, but close. Kind of like the end of a fire cracker. Very defined vibrant green circles, not geometric. Thinking some kind of meteor cluster that burned up maybe? I've been googling it for WAY too long. Time to talk to humans...

Green fireball seen in sky around 8:30pm

As I drove home down Rt. 12 I saw a green lit ball arch across the sky. At first I thought it was a shooting stat but it was much larger and looked like a green fireball.


At 10:45pm eastern est. I saw a meteor, go straight north, with red tail. Please tell me I'm not imagining it.


Saw an object burning down on the night of the 12th of October. The emitting light was blue and green. It seems to have split into multiple smaller burning objects before disappearing. Direction of view was north west. I'm in Sultanate of Oman specifically the capital Muscat. Dose anyone know what it was?

Fast moving light

At 0630 this morning from Vero Beach, Florida, in the Northen sky. Moving from West to East.This object was fast moving. The white light would intensify then fade, then appear again as a bright white light, but at some distance from its fade point. I witnessed this cycle 3 Times.

Meteor sighting

Standing at back door of house in Frickleton street, Taradale looking NNE - watched meteor start at about 45 - 60 degree elevation ending NE by N AT approx elevation of 20 degrees. Long yellow tail with yellow and white ball at head. Quite impressive.

I also saw that at 5.00

I also saw that at 5.00 Wednesday morning in taradale 11 the Oct 2017.

Something burning red and blue shot across the sky.

I was driving in El Sobrante hills in Northern California and a bright red and blue burning object went across the sky, at first I thought it was a star but it was too large and did not seem to burn out like a star. It appeared faster than a shooting star and seem to get bigger in size when it zoomed across the sky horizontally.

Daylight Meteor

Out catching the sunset in Raglan and was audience to a bright white light trailing through the sky leaving a short white trail as it went. Definitely too fast to be a plane I would say so possibly a daylight meteor. Caught a few shots on camera if interested.

evening meteor

yeah b great to c u i can see if same thing seen in warkworth it was real bright...saw another around 9.40 was moving real fast through souhtern cross heading north..seemed to slow then off again heading north but was way high ..then came down seemed to stop that one was orange?

strange light in sky

My wife and I saw something strange last night at about 7.30pm while out shopping in Hamilton at the base, saw a light with what seemed like a tail , seemed to fall vertically from where we were, very slowly, and then we lost it behind some clouds, seemed to head away towards the west coast or in that direction, we watched it for between 5 to ten minutes, I did video it on my phone but it is not that clear, I guess we saw the same thing

Forgot to say I am in

Forgot to say I am in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay.

Falling star

I think I saw a very bright leaf-green falling star about 5:00 am Wednesday 11 October 2017. It appeared to come from the north. I was watching the moon in the same area when this green light caught my attention.

strange light seen from Hamilton

My wife and I were shopping at the base in Hamilton, at about 7.30pm tonight we noticed a strange light in the sky, it was almost like a jet stream but vertical , there was a white light with what seemed to be a white tail falling vertically at a slow rate, it slowed to a stand still and the tail disappeared and the light moved behind some cloud, I have never seen anything like it, very strange, we watched this for at least 10 minutes, I am not sure what it was but I am sure it wasnt a flare or anything like that,

bright stripe over waikato sky

a clearly visible bright stripe with a distinctive head and tail resemblng a shooting star but very slow almost as if stationary was seen by me and my 2 kids as we were driving west on collins road temple view waikato this evening on october 12 , 2017, at approximately 7:30 pm. we watched it for several minutes before it disappeared behind the clouds. it appeared to be heading downward at a 45 degree angle toward the ground

falling object

At 9:07 P.M. on 10/10, I was standing in my driveway in Seneca Falls, NY facing west when I saw an object falling straight down from the sky. I have never seen anything fall at such an angle, like the sky was opening up like a zipper. It had a blue green tail with a bright white head. When it fell out of sight it seemed like a bomb exploding, lighting up the sky for a split second.

I saw something fall from the

I saw something fall from the sky on October 8th 8pm pacific standard time. It was orange. It looked like a meteor. We have had devastating wildfires since then in Northern California starting around 10- mindinght that night. I didn't say anything, no one else seemed to see this. I've only heard of one other person that may have caught it on a dash cam. I don't want to be the crazy person that says they saw something fall from the sky.

14 reports I see now from 10/8 evening

I saw several white balls of

I saw several white balls of light , with blue behind it flash across the screen sideways during the wildfires. Seemed unnatural! I also heard prior reports of sightings!

You are not Crazy!

Four young men near Clearlake said they saw blue lit balls fall from the sky before that fire started... and look what I found.. 15 other reports up and down the coast- with 4 at the same time you reported in the same area. What is going on? You are not crazy. Was it a meteor storm? A strange attack? So odd.


At 5:15am this morning in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, a huge bright white and blue light streaked straight down from the sky (the angle seemed almost exactly vertical). It appeared next to the Pleiades star cluster. It lit up the sky and clouds before it went behind a low cloud where I could still see it. Looking through the cloud I could see a round shape at the front of the light. It appeared to burn out quite close to the ground.


Approx 5.10am this morning. Out walking my dog (Bombay hills, South Auckland). Incredible light display, like a massive skyrocket. Night sky location, falling around east to south/east. Long tail before exploding.

What did i see?

I saw a pinkish/orange line very quickly shoot across the sky (only short) around 5:20am looking out towards brookby from Randwick Park

Bright Star/ball

This morning at approximately 6-6:30, there was a very bright star or ball iIn the east. I was heading east in North Western NM, near Caplin and Des Moines. I had the bright star in sight for about 25 minutes and it seemed to stay in one spot. I thought it might be the Eastern star. Then at approximately 6:50, it suddenly fell toward thEarth heading south and disappeared. This is my second post as I felt I needed to give more details about time and location. Can anyone tell me what this might be?

Bright light falls

This morning on October 10, 2017, as I was driving to work there was a very bright star I thought might be the Eastern star. It was present from 6:15 to approximately 6:50 and it was large and bright. Then around 6:50 it fell toward the Earth then disappeared! I have never seen anything like it. What was this?


I saw a large orange ball of fire falling from the sky at 5:30 am. It was over the ocean near Port Hueneme.

Fireball falling from the sky

At about 5:00am a bright red falling fireball fell and separated into a cloud looking color it was over pinion hills ca and it went from bright red to a white color with red wings as it disappeared as well as another bright fireball fell straight down the first one looked as if it were falling more at an angle ,I would have to say I have seen meteor showers in the high desert but never have I seen such a beautiful light so bright red and orange not to mention the size was quite big enough to almost question how big this thing really was.


On the way home from work 5:45a.m give or take. My husband pointed out in the sky and there was a red ball light with a red trail behind it traveling slanted. Then it looked as if it were exploding or something like a malfunctioned firework. Disappears and then reappears like a red ball and commit like features as the air on fire in front of it was reddish. Super trippy. Then it keeps traveling till we couldn't see it anymore.

I saw the exact same thing

I saw the exact same thing this morning on my way to work around 5:40 to 5:45am on the 14 fwy (SoCal). Large bright orange object with orange tail in the sky, probably for a solid 30 seconds. It then exploded like a glittery firework. Afterward it was the size of a star- with a faint large crescent shape in front of it until it disappeared completely. About a minute after this event, another orange object with an orange tail a little smaller shot across the sky and then completely disappeared. I assume it was a comet- or a missile test.... very cool to see though.

Very cool u guys are so lucky

Very cool u guys are so lucky to have seen that my buddy called me at work to look south from san jose ca and i only saw the orange ball moving at an angle very trippy he said it was like a prizm then came back together

NJ meteor

On the night of October 9, 2017, me and four others saw a bright whitish blue flash in the sky falling down towards the north. I think this was the draconid meteor shower. It was SOO big and it’s so cool. Seen around Jackson NJ around 8:40PM EST

I saw something similar in

I saw something similar in Northern California around 8 pm on Sunday Oct 8th 2017. Big and orange. Like a meteor. I didn't want to be the crazy person that said they saw something fall from the sky as I don't have any proof and no one else seemed to have seen it. As you probably know, we are having some horrific, devastating fires here. I live in Napa. My work is Silverado off atlas peak road. I was in Petaluma just south of Santa Rosa when I saw tithe meteor. I was traveling north and it came from the west.

Saw the meteor too on Sunday 10/8 while dockside in Vallejo

Katie - my daughter and I both saw this bright light that fell from the sky! Kept searching to see if anyone else saw this also... especially when the fires erupted in scattered places the same night across the north bay area. We were sitting outside on the dock in Vallejo looking north toward Sonoma and my daughter said "did you see that?" I said yes was that a falling star because it was too low to the ground by appearance. She said it wasn't a falling star she saw it change color. I believe this too because I've witnessed a "fireball" before going across the sky. Thank God we're not the only ones who saw this!

Others saw it too... Wish I did- it was too windy, so I was held up inside.

28th of October at

28th of October at approximately 8.20. I am only 70% sure of exact date and time and was just checking my browser history to confirm as shortly following this siting I raced inside and googled "Bright yellow light in sky above New Zealand"" and although i found search log there seems to be no date or time attached to it. But as i was reading other accounts at the time I took note of the time and dates and related them to the then time to gauge if any or possible relevance to what I saw. I was on the front lawn of my home in Hamilton New Zealand When I noticed a bright light close to the western horizon. It could have been mistaken for a street light if it hadn't been for the fact it was moving and its color nonuniform reds and yellows. Its direction of travel was east it was traveling very fast. By the time II thought about getting footage of it. It was already at about 1 o'clock and slightly to the south almost directly overhead. It was making no sound. My phone is quite ordinary and i quickly gave up getting an image.It was at about 10 0clock at this stage. I raced inside to get my mother as a witness and by the time i got back outside it was disapering behind trees to the east and my mother being elderly did not make it outside fast enough to see it. I have never in my 40 years seen anything like this and was actually a little scared at the time. Initially I thought it possibly was a long range missile. It was round in shape appeared to be burning and had no tale. It traveled from one horizon to the other in less than 2 miniuts.

Red meteor

Auckland. My boyfriend just saw one earlyier this evening. We were lying in bed on our phones and he caught a 2 sec glimpse of something red fly past in the sky from our window. Guttered i missed it as ive never seen one

Fell from the sky Glendale , California

10:45 pm white fireball turned blue and got brighter traveling in a southerly direction near Glendale California.

Meteor fire ball falling from sky

I was almost home from work at a quarter to noon. On Gamefarm Rd right at Millard in Springfield Oregon. I noticed there was a fireball falling fast with a long trail just like behind a jet. I decide to follow it and try to get as close as I could. After following it for about a mile it disintegrated and disappeared Into nothing. It was so amazing to experience.

Night sky of 10.03.17

It's 2:20ish in the morning I go outside to close the garage door shut as I'm about to light a cigarette I saw a section of the sky light up in bright green yellow & white color for about 5 seconds then stopped then flashed again for 5 second 3 more times. What a great experience. #wearenotalone