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7:48pm -- NEWS JUST IN - Meteor seen over eastern North Island - reports coming in.... receives meteor reports from all over New Zealand and the entire globe, 24/7/365.

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Orange lights, Christchurch 23/4/17

Went out for smoke and saw three separate orange lights taking same 'flight path' - coming from north hovering possibly over new brighton way (I'm in Edgeware) then apparently rising upwards until they disappeared. Looked like aircraft perhaps but wrong coloured lights.

Meteorite ??

I saw a slowly moving asymmetrical bright orange orb in the northeastern sky tonight at approx. 8:40 pm. I live in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. It lasted about 45 seconds or so, and then disappeared. Its exit was as if it mysteriously vanished or burnt out. It was pretty incredible! I just looked at th e 2017 Old Farmers Almanac website, and there was a prediction for a falling meteorite to happen on April 22, 2017 at predawn. This happened in the evening on this day. WOW.

i saw it too! there was two of them!

I was driving on the interstate westward in Spokane washington and saw this meteorite at about 7:45! It was so crazy i had no idea what i was seeing! There was two of them at the same time! I wonder if it's a sign or means something??

Space junk?

At Manakau, south of Levin, Horowhenua. While getting cows in, between 5.00 & 5.30 saw a "shooting star" very bright with a tail of smaller lights flash across looking south about halfway up in the sky falling downwards at an angle about 45%. I thought it more noticeable than most. Blessings Andy

Orange light, christchurch

We saw a rather large, fiery, orange light hovering (I think) over chch, we are on the hill and it was over the estuary, too high & large for a drone. After about a minute it started moving up and away until it disappeared into the, rather high, clouds. So weird!!

Orange flying object in Auckland

I saw a similar flying object while driving in South Auckland on Saturday, 22 April around 7:20 pm. The flying object looked like it was on fire. I was worried, thinking it might be a plane on fire, so I pulled the car over to the side of the road to observe it. It was orange and really looked like it was on fire. It was flying straight towards the Auckland Airport. It was flying too high and too big for a drone. I've never seen anything like that!! Did anybody see it??

Strange lights

Off East Coast of North Island, seen between 4-4:45am. Red/green light, appeared to be sitting just above horizon line to the right of Mayor Island. Appeared to be reasonably stable, only moved a short distance over time viewed. We don't have high powered scope so only binoculars. ?star, any thoughts?

northern nsw Australia April 16 Sunday night on dusk people filmed it from Gold Coast

Huge meteorite with red, orange and yellow trail.

7.05 am New Zealand time. On the deck we witnessed a huge meteorite cruise past with an awesome trail of vibrant red, yellow and orange colours and a smoke like haze on the trim.

Green or Teal Sky

We were sitting at the park in west valley city utah and during the rain storm there were 3 bright green flashes. It flashed like it would have if there were lighting but there was no lighting. The entire sky lit upa teal green 3 times for only a few seconds one after the other. It was crazy. Almost two ago we seen a purple lighting storm that lasted hours and never made the utah news.. What is going on with these colorful storms?

Blue and green flashes in the night sky

Tonight i saw a blue followed by a green flash in the night sky. About a minute later i saw another green flash in the sky, this one was much brighter, turning the whole sky as far as i could see green. It happened about 9:05 pm mountain time. I live in Murray Utah.

Dark black line falling from sky

My husband came running in about an hour ago about 7:00 pm April 18 2015 saying he thinks a plane crashed or a metor feel were still unsure what it was but no plane crashed r being reported so has to be a metor right? Hmm ontario canada

ball of fire

East Texas, USA. Just saw a silver ball with a very short streak of fire behind it. Approx. 1:15 p.m. It was way bigger and/or closer than any shooting star I've ever seen.

Giant size asteroid in west sky overbindia at 05:00 hours.

Today at 5am i saw never ever seen giant size asteroid in west sky in western sky shooting to earth and disappeared in a few seconds .Really was bright enough to sparkle like a bomb n sky but disappeared in a few seconds as it entered in earth atmosphere.I would like to know if anybody else has also watched the event? And what exactly was it?2

Streak in the sky

Yes, I saw it this morning at 4a.m. I was driving my route, in Oklahoma, when I saw it. It was a beautiful site.

Fire ball

Hi! I saw a green fireball over Brisbane at 8pm!

I saw this also. Thought I

I saw this also. Thought I was seeing things.

Red and white/yellow ball with a small trail

Las Vegas just saw it heading West around 02:30 in the Northwest part of town.

Shooting star?

Approximately 9pm I witnessed a very fast large shooting star in Petone Lower Hutt. It came from over the eastern hills and shot disappeared behind the western hills - Maungaraki.

Bright silver streak across Melbourne 18/04/17

Strange to see in braid daylight, bright silver with shortish silver trail . 3pm today and seen from sea..


I believe i seen the same thing! as i was about 20 minutes the otherside of ballarat it looked to be in the general direction of melbourne. I don't know a lot about this stuff but i certainly seen it. I would describe it as being like a shooting star which flew about the same amount of time but 5 times more impressive and appeared to be white/silver in colour as opposed to yellow/gold. can this be comfirmed somehow as to what it was?

Unidentified glowing object

I live in the suburbs of Myrtle Beach, so it's kind of in the country. Yesterday night as I were walking into my house, I turned around and saw something glowing falling from the sky and into forest. It kind of scared me(I am scared of everything) and I ran into the house.

Intense bright light in the western sky 7.55 pm 17-04-17

Spectacular sighting of a bright light I. The western sky above the Hokianga Harbour out over the Tasman Sea. It fell leaving a zigzag trail of golden white light, the ball was white, gold, green and purple. Very impressive. Our neighbours saw it too.

Bright light

Yes, my partner and I saw what you described from Kaeo, it was very amazing, and a wee bit scary.

Christchurch Light soaring

Christchurch Light soaring through the sky with a trail behind it then broke into two peices before it disappeared

Bright green light in sky

About 5 am Monday morning 4/17/2017 was standing on my back porch and seen a bright green light shoot down in the sky in Indiana.

Just saw a bright light shoot

Just saw a bright light shoot down from north to south for about 0.5 secs on Aucklands North Shore

Meteor type bright light in sky

At around 19:50 Monday 17th April travelling North West on SH1 approx 8kms South of Whangarei a bright light appeared directly ahead. It travelled downwards in the sky getting brighter and larger for around 2secs. It appeared to be starting to break up when it disappeared. It was much larger than a regular meteor, and it lasted much longer in the sky.

West Whangarei

We spotted a fast traveling bright light in Northland, west of Whangarei at around 8pm 17/4/17. It disappeared for a second and then we saw a bright flash which iluminated the sky. Pretty spectacular!

green blue sparklely coloured streak across the sky

we saw streaking across the sky east to west at about 6pm on dusk on Sunday night 16th April northern nsw Ocean shores 2483 post code area, very brightly coloured blue viridian green and yellow disk sparkling across the sky very large round we watched it as it went across the sky until it went out of sight looked amazing let us know if ithers saw this thanks Willow

Blue, silver sparkley ball streaked across the sky on Apr 16

Sitting in my Lounge room on 16th April at around 6:15 pm, around sunset but still light outside, I turned my head to look out the window and saw a huge blue/silver/green ball with a trail behind it, falling at an angle toward the ground. Observed it for about 6 seconds and almost expected to hear it hit the ground. What I found interesting was that it was at dusk and this ball was really bright and shimmered as it flashed across my window. MYOCUM, New South Whales, 2481 Postcode Area, AUSTRALIA.

Green light with orange tail near Casino NSW

We saw this light at the same time near Casino. It was green with an orange tail an streaked across and downwards before disappearing behind trees. We saw it for about 6 seconds. Yes, it was amazing.

I saw a white flashing light

I saw a white flashing light in the sky around 10 pm Gmt in Ghana- Tafo Akyem .It was flashing and moving at top speed and keep appearing on the same direction*East to North*.The shape of the light was like Hawk and every direction you pass you can see that beautiful and scary light.

orange lights in Rotorua

I live in Rotorua. Looked up in the sky at approx 8:30pm 17/4/2017 Saw an orange light going from approx south to north or SW to NE, went inside got some people then went back out less than a minute later and the light was gone, it was quite high in the sky. they went back inside and I went back out to finish my cigarette then saw 2 more traveling at the exact same speed, they were not too close to each other, but if it were airline planes they would maybe 1 km or 2 kms apart. Those 2 started close to the horizon, traveled at a slow speed halfway across the sky, and then the one in the front faded followed by the next one about 30sec later, fading out just a bit back from the first. 3 People witnessed the 2 orange lights.

7:50 tonight we spotted this

7:50 tonight we spotted this white beauty with green, orange & yellow tail in the Northern sky. We are at Ahuroa near West Coast Road between Warkworth & Kaipara.

Falling light in sky

Hi on April 17 Monday evening at 7.55pm I saw a large soft white and yellow light which disappeared behind the Western Hills turning orange as it did and was toward the north.i am in Whangarei NZ.

1950 driving west on SH20

1950 driving west on SH20 Auckland. Just past Manukau bridge. Saw a bright white light with green tail, travelling in a southery direction. Seemed to disappear behind Winstone Park, Mt Roskill.

Large metorite in sky

I am not sure what I saw but it was large burning orange and red with a black centre travelling from centre of night sky and getting very big as it disappeared into the horizon. From looking at images of meteorites it is what I saw but a fantastic display. Travelling at a incredible speed. Location viewed Rawene Hokianga Northland. Worried about about possible water surge if the metorite did what it looked like it was going to do and hit the water off the west coast.

Falling light in sky

Hi on April 17 Monday evening at 7.55pm I saw a large soft white and yellow light which disappeared behind the Western Hills turning orange as it did and was toward the north.


I just saw a huge while light plumiting for earth on a 45 degree angle. It lasts about 2.5 seconds. Near the end it turned to a red flame at the back. It than defended behind mountains and a giant flash first red than white lit up the sky.

Meteor over Northland NZ

Local time approx. 7.50 PM 17/04/2017 Location Kerikeri Bright silver light falling to earth to the West of Kerikeri. Distance unknown the silver orb has a stream of orange sparks or flames behind it. No impact was seen or heard.

? meteor or space debris

7.50pm Just driving along Whangaparoa Peninsula towards Orewa, looking out towards Helensville, saw a sudden largish white light with multi coloured tail ( green, red,) travelling very fast southwards.

Meteor? Space debris ?

About 1950hrs North Island NZ. 260deg from Wrights Bay , TiTii, Purerua Peninsular. Large white and green flame with tail, Lasted 7sec from viewing . Went down behind land West Coast, North Island. NZ


On April 16, 2017, around 10pm EST I was driving north on I75 in Ohio. I was between Wapakoneta and Lima, Ohio. When all of a sudden the northern horizon lit up in an aqua blue color. It lasted for a couple of seconds and then was gone.

Bright light

Hi Saw bright light fall almost vertical I was in Pimpama, looked to be in ESE direction, only saw it for about a second or so, just happened to be looking that way. Thanks Barry

Saw a very big bright white

Saw a very big bright white yellowish ball of light flying across the sky west to east in 100 mile house British Columbia

Bright light

Was looking northward from Armidale 2350, saw a bright light that changed color to green as it descended, lasted about 5 seconds and was around 5:35 pm on the 16th of April.

Your sighting

William, We saw a sighting last night travelling north to Grafton south of Glenreagh (on the pacific Highway, three of us saw it. It was very bright, maybe lasted 6-7 secs, then disappeared or flame stopped. It was at 6.00 pm. I thought it was going to crash NW of Grafton, but must be space debris travelling a long way. John

Bright green light

I also saw this bright green light flash across the sky just over my house in lismore nsw on sunday 16th april 2017 it seemed too big for a falling star it looked like a flare or fireworks but made no noise does anyone know what it might be

saw it too

saw it too west of Casino followed by thunderlike rumble