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Fire ball

Sunday May 28 /2017 at around 9:30 pm , just south of Dubuque Iowa. sitting out side with family, looked up at the stars and seen like a fire ball in the sky red , yellow and orange flame , it was right over head and very fast , it lasted a few seconds then was gone, north bound. Did anyone else see this.? It was big.

shooting star

I saw a shooting star for the first time in my life today!!! there was a Police helicopter searching for suspects for hours (and still) in my area so I looked up in Northern direction and saw a star moving slowly across the sky for about 1 second. at 9:30PM.

Me too!

We saw it too. There were 2! The second comes bout 5 minutes later!

Indonesia saw it too

I live in bogor and saw it too. One was moving to south, another one was moving to east

Just saw Comet?

At 2:33 am May 29th in Saskatchewan, Canada heading in an easterly direction, saw comet (orange tail) entering the atmosphere and burning for quite some time.


UFO sighted from Manurewa,NZ looking in the northerly direction below cloud's level, a stationary mid-air object emitting a variation of colour lights. This was at about 6:54 pm. View the video here:

Falling Star

I seen what I believe was a comet falling through the sky at a very low level. It had a blue and white hue around it with a long white tail. There was even traces of red and orange surrounding the white. It appeared in the sky for about a minute and then seemed to disappear. About a half hour later, my friends had pointed out 2 more that were at a greater distance. May. 28th /2017 @2:00am Central time Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Large comet/meteor/falling star??

I saw a bright blue/green tail with a bright white/ orange ball at the head in the low Toronto Canada south easterly sky around 10pm. Seemed very low, below the cloud line. May 29

flash in night sky

I saw a very bright flash at 2.30 on May 28 2017. It was white in color and lasted for about 1 second. It was at or above cloud level with a long extended tail. It was very very fast and the flight path was straight and level traveling from east to wast then burned out quickly. I see aircraft on approach to Toronto all the time it looked to be at a similar height. I live north of Orangeville Ontario, in Hornings Mills Ontario. 44.156667,-80.205278 It was cool to see.

saw White bright flash in sky on 29th May as per Indian timing

I have Also seen a white bright flash in the sjya at 2 am on 29th of May as per the Indian time zone ....I saw it through the glass of my closed window going from down to upwords and suddenly blast in a white round of white flash immediately .... While my nephew saw it on the other side of the house from his bed at the same time, that means he saw another one in another direction ..... Can't explain what was that....

At about 3pm today I saw a

At about 3pm today I saw a shooting star in Christchurch

Charlotte, NC

About 9:20ish I watched 3 orange balls float across the sky. Any Ideas of what they are?? Add me on fb for the videos I recorded myself tonight 5/27/17

Bright lights

The orange balls of light are from the constellation of Orion burning up in earth atmosphere. Orion is low on the horizon this time of year. That's what I told years ago anyway from the stardom team.

Bright light

Went into the garden before going to be, I live in Staines England. Saw a bright light travelling across the sky I live near an airport (Heathrow) so thought it could be a plane but it was not...I was actually looking at a star app for iPhone at the time and it was not registered so I know it was not a star! Did anyone else see it ?? Please write back i am confused

Hi, yes I saw that too. I

Hi, yes I saw that too. I leave in Hammersmith and was on a terrace with friends when we saw it. It looked as a part of something was falling from the sky, it left long yellow tale and started to be red at the end, as if it was burning and than it was gone. Very strange

I saw it and got it on video!!

HI on 28.05.17 about 9pm ish I went onto my balcony and saw this it seemed to sop completely still for a few seconds then turned very sharp and headed in different was very weird. I did manage to get a video of it albeit a very shaky one :(

Great flash that looks like it broke up

Hi yes i saw a long streak of light that was actually slow compared too what i have seen before, as I even told my partner and she had time too see it and we where travelling back from london. But it was just after 9pm on Saturday the 27th may and looked like it broke up but I will try and see if my dash cam had caught it and will try and upload it if I can.

I'm in So Cal & At 12:20am Sunday, May 28 2017 This Happend

REALLY WIERD.... At approximately 12:20am Sunday, May 28, 2017, ABOUT 45 MINUTES AGO, while sitting in my back yard, the night sky suddenly lit up as if lightning had just struck a little ways off. When I looked in the direction of where it came from, merely 30-40 seconds another flash lit up the sky, however, since I was looking directly towards where it seemed to come from, the entire flash was a bright emerald green. I live just north of Orange County in Diamond Bar, California. We are basically right in the middle of SoCal. I was sitting facing East while the first flash lit up the whole sky to my right, so it came from south of my house, which is Orange County just over the Brea Canyon Hills. When I turned to look south wondering WTH WAS THAT, I immediately noticed there was no way possible it was lightning because of how clear the entire night sky is tonight and I was loving the fact that there's no Marine layer because that means it'll be hot tomorrow... Sorry, rambling.... Anyways, 30-40 Seconds in to looking south at the skies over OC, ☆ANOTHER FLASH☆, In that really weird but beautiful bright emerald green. So strange because there seemed to be no origination point just the large spray of green light completely covering the space of sky I can see. AND.... it only lasted one second maybe two. Unless a camera or recorder we're already recording pictures or video there's no way to capture something like that that fast just from a random onlooker No sound at all, no crash, no boom, no bang, no thunderous rumble, NO NOTHING! Simply TWO instantaneous flashes of magnificent light the second of which definitely being green. I can't say the first was the same or different because it was just the night sky lighting up that I noticed out of the corner of my eye. It resembled the same affect lightning causes by just lighting up a large area of the sky. Crazy ODD! SO, does anyone out there have any kind of explanation for what it was???? Preferably a scientific fact versus a Syfy or E.T. type story. Please! I did try looking it up online, to see if anything had been reported and I only found random miscellaneous reports that date back as early as 2008 describing similar sightings of that same green flash, from what I found, and the explanations are ranging from the standard UFO BS all the way over to a simple meteor. The best way I can describe the flash to an exact is to, unfortunately, reference the end of Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End and the final scene (after the credits). In the movie, at sunset....If you haven't seen the movie just look it up that scene is pretty easy to find. I swear it was pretty damn close, almost exact, to that same Green Flash that comes up! I'm super curious as to what it actually was so if anyone knows Fill Me In! There are just too many random reports of somewhat the same kind of thing but too many different theories from too many different places across the US.... from what I skimmed through online anyway. Thanks Sincerely, JP

Bright light shooting across the sky around 10:30ish

Yes I saw something that looked like a falling star as I was driving North bound on (I-75) around 10:30ish, from S.W. Florida. Lasted a long time and had some nice color right off the bat then went white and look like it skipped then disappeared. It was very cool haven't seen one like that in a long while. Hope everyone that saw it made their wishes. I know I sure did. Frank from North Port, FL.

bright white circle light in sky

2;40 am this morning a perfect round bright white light in the sky grabbed my attention.. To describe it it looked dull at first like it was coming towards me then suddenly lit up really bright [White] then by time i went to tell my partner to look at what i was seeing it was gone disappeared nothing insite... Perth Western Australia

Hello. I saw the same exact thing this morning at about 1:45 am

Hello! My name is Brittany! I am on this sight reading post and asking questions because i actually saw the same exact thing you saw this morning at about 1:45 a.m . Only thing is I live in Louisiana, United States. My boyfriend and I walked out side to smoke a cigarette, and I always look at the stars, so i happened to look up and see this one really bright star like object just kinda floating/hovering . So I went to tell my boyfriend to come see to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. We both watched it kinda hover in that one little area for a few minutes, then just all of a sudden it disappeared. I ask my boyfriend what he saw and he explained it exactly how it happened. So we stay out a little longer because now we are curious. Within minutes it appeared again and kinda just hovered so my boyfriend took a video on his phone. The video shows the bright light just hovering then moves to the side quickly, not to far though, then another bright light appears. Then both of them hovered for like 3 secs and kinda just took off and disappeared. We are all into it now because we've never experienced anything like this before. Well I guess about ten minutes pass and we are really waiting for it to come back. All of a sudden, i notice 4 bright lights. Three of the bright balls were just floating there in the shape of a triangle, with one bright ball right below the left hand corner of the triangle! I finally went inside, and I immediately started digging into it. I found this website this morning while trying to google what we had just witnessed. I started reading other peoples post and was surprised that there were so many people that had experienced the same thing i did on the same night. And their stories were very similar to mine, almost exact to mine. Now I have to find out what i saw. I don't think i could just forget about something like that. It was too awesome of an experience. Now its more than my boyfriend and I that saw it. So i know that someone has to have some kind of information on it. We also live a good ways away from you in Australia, so that makes me wonder too. Thanks in advance. I really hope I hear from you soon. Please message me back. Thank you so much.

May 24 2017

May 24 2017 I walked outside in Victoria by,looked up in the sky and saw a falling star that fell through the sky at a slow speed stopping once it was below the tree line across the street,this light just started at me as if it had an eye on me,then about a minute later it disappeared,how can this happen without any body else witnessing the same thing,and on January 10th 2017 I saw a surge of energy enter over top a baseball field across the street from Victoria general hospital,I wish somebody else saw the same and would confirm it. 250-882-5306,,,joey.

May 24 2017

May 24 2017 I walked outside in Victoria by,looked up in the sky and saw a falling star that fell through the sky at a slow speed stopping once it was below the tree line across the street,this light just started at me as if it had an eye on me,then about a minute later it disappeared,how can this happen without any body else witnessing the same thing,and on January 10th 2017 I saw a surge of energy enter over top a baseball field across the street from Victoria general hospital,I wish somebody else saw the same and would confirm it. 250-882-5306,,,joey.

Green blue light falling

Last night 26/5/2017 bout 12.43am there was a big blue green light falling from the sky. Was amazing! What could it have been? The colours were really bright and beautiful

bright light

VERY bright light in sky--12:30 a.m. ish-May 26th -Centerville, Tx. only lasted for seconds?? anyone have any ideas

Out the sky

There was a green light falling from sky can you tell me what it is

Shooting star 24/5 2017, Spain.

First i was just looking at the sky and saw nothing.. just from nowhere something happend in The sky, bending the light from the stars. Then suddenly a star flings from south to northEast up the Mountain. My theory is that 2 black holes collided and flinged a star in close speed of light 299,792,458 m/s

strange objects in the sky

there have been two strange white objects in kenyan sky above Uasin Gishu county

Gold ball of light

Walking up Sierra St, Glendowie, Auckland 9.15pm tonight I saw a golden ball of light just skim above the trees heading in an easterly direction. It was a brilliant gold ball with bright pink, green and blue colours emanating through it. Then it dropped down over the homes right by us out of sight. Absolutely amazing!

bright lights- wee city

at home last night 25/5/17 in Otaua just out of Waiuku- at approx 11-12pm (i had no ph for reference).. i thought i heard something whilst pottering around listening to the radio- so i turned it down and slid open my ranchslider and looked out over my wee paddock roughly towards west coast beach Kariotahi - almost immediately i noticed, not far above the treeline over the road a bigger, brighter light than the typical shooting stars ive seen. it was on more of a shorter arc than usual - id guess from where i was it 'lopped' about 1-2 inches across the sky. from kariotahi toward waikato river mouth maybe. it was so low and close it seemed to disappear behind said trees. pretty cool really & #2 from this house since december..

Lights in sky

During the day in 5/21/17 I was looking out my bedroom window at strange clouds and I saw 5 light balls way up in sky. Traveling from east to west. They were spread out. 1 began to go straight up and down while another suddenly sped off to the north and then back to group. I tried to take photos but 2 cameras began acting up. Then after flying over my house I lost sight due to Sun.


Also saw bright white meteor with long tail looking west from Feilding, 6.56 pm May 24th. Meteor moving quickly south to north

Shooting Stars

Tonight 24/05/2017 I witnessed 2 shooting stars like I have never before seen. One was seen (at approximately 9pm), in a westerly direction and was visible streaking downward for quite some time, the most unusual thing about it was the tail it displayed which looked like fireworks shooting out from behind it and it was quite long. The second was in a northerly direction just before midnight, there was the brightest flash heralding its arrival which I thought initially was lightning, then I saw the shooting star very briefly before it vanished; it too had a tail like a firework display but was much shorter. I am blessed with a clear view of stars at night due to no light pollution as I live in a rural setting in a beautiful valley in the Wellington region but I have never seen shooting stars quite like these before. Amazing!!!

just before mdnight

think i can confirm the just before midnight sighting. i'm in Wanganui and it was south east of me.

Shooting Star - New Brighton Beach - Christchurch, New Zealand

First time in my life ever. I saw a Shootimg Star! I just popped out for ciggy and got a hell of a fright actually when this big white ball with long tail appeared shooting through the sky. I got the chills. I check the time and it was 9.45pm Monday night 22 May 2017. Living on the beach I was always hopeful I'd see something unusual one day, you know like UFOs or something lol. Whoa..... a Shooting Star! Stunning!

Shooting Star - New Brighton Beach - Christchurch, New Zealand

First time in my life ever. I saw a Shootimg Star! I just popped out for ciggy and got a hell of a fright actually when this big white ball with long tail appeared shooting through the sky. I got the chills. I check the time and it was 9.45pm Monday night 22 May 2017. Living on the beach I was always hopeful I'd see something unusual one day, you know like UFOs or something lol. Whoa..... a Shooting Star! Stunning!

Meteor 24-May-2017

Pretty sure I saw a meteor tonight in Wellington. Looking west from Petone it was travelling south to north up the Hutt Valley. Bright white in colour. I think I've seen 3-4 in the last 10 days but always just catch just a glimpse and cannot be certain. Tonight was brief as I was just getting up from the sofa at the time, but long enough to be sure it was not an aircraft. Is there a way to confirm?


Yes I saw a bright white meteor with long tail, looking west from Feilding at 6.56 pm May 24th

Meteors over Nelson

Over the last two nights I have seen five meteors above Nelson, one on Monday around 9.30pm extremely bright with a thick tail running north to south and appearing to burn up over Stoke. Last night about 10 pm I saw another bright meteor to the south appearing to run straight down the sky towards Richmond. Colin Davis Nelson 03 5476582

Weird lights in sky

This took place in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Monday night. 5/22/2017 I was sitting outside enjoying the weather when all of a sudden 3 lights appeared in the sky. They were perfectly in line and they were moving together. It was an amazing sight! I couldn't go back in because I thought they would reappear again so I sat on our truck and kept looking in the direction they had appeared in. After like 20 minutes they reappeared and it was an amazing sight. They looked so close. This time there was 7 lights in the sky and they appeared like yellow/orange lights. Again they were perfectly in line and seemed as if they were traveling North. I'm never going to forget seeing this. They appeared in the sky for about 5 seconds. I thought I was recording them but I only managed to record the last two as they were almost disappearing. Did anyone else see this? I've been looking everywhere to see news about it but on one else seems to have seen them.

I live in Texas and its the

I live in Texas and its the 23rd I just saw some lights moving in the sky too and I know they aren't planes because whenever they came close to another light that one moved away and its weird because they were perfectly still one moment, like a normal star and the next they were moving...

Where in Texas? I live in

Where in Texas? I live in Texas and also saw something strange

Lights in sky

I seen unusual lights over Pontypool South Wales UK on the 22nd May approx 12:30am. I had to go to the rear bedroom window to tell my dogs that are in my garden barking to be quiet. This is when i noticed a very bright star to the south west which i first thought was a aircraft but it didn't move. It glowed brighter then disappeared. I kept staring in the same direction and all of a sudden two more lights appeared from no where. These wasn't as bright as the first one i saw and eventually they faded away.

23:09 PST (-8) Souther sky

23:09 PST (-8) Souther sky towards the Washington State/Oregon boarder. Burning object lasting less than two seconds. Went from West to East.

Meteorite over Christchurch last night?

Sat in my lounge which over looks the city last night and saw the brightest lowest shooting star fly through the sky east to west. I know it was not a shooting star because you would not see these from our lounge with all of the indoor lights reflecting on the window. I was watching tv and it was so bright it grabbed my attention out of the window. Did anyone else see it, or hear about it?

Auckland resident

I saw it too guys. By far the most impressive I've ever seen. Agree east to west, but in south sky from my perspective.


I saw it too. It was truly a beautiful green - almost emerald green. It passed from east to west - and was too the north. It seemed to me to be in two pieces, if you like, - moving together. I have seen quite a few meteorites in my time - but this was by far the most impressive - not only for the vivid colour but for what seemed like close proximity.

Hawkes Bay sighting

We were in the car about 10pm in Havelock North and saw what appeared to us to be a meteor heading Nth to Sth low and vertical we also smelt a sulphur smell through the air conditioning. It was bright green and appeared to be wobbling from side to side. It wasn't travelling that fast and we don't think it was a shooting star as it was too low and was quite big. Quite spectacular in fact.

Shooting star over Nelson

That sounds like the same one I saw, very low, travelling North to South, very bright with a wide white tail and a bulbous head. I was in my spa pool and it flew right over my head in the direction of Richmond and then burst silently right overhead. The brightest and clearest I have seen by far.

Not sure what I saw

Hey I work in Bremerton, Washington State. I just saw something in the sky it was going so fast but it look like it was in the sky not space. Not sure what it was I seen felling stars but it was to bright damn it I thought it might be the jet but there was no smoke behind it while I was flying to the air it was literally craziest thing I've ever seen in the sky so I just wanted to put it somewhere in case somebody sees it somewhere else might know what it is crazy I have ever seen, I'm very curious. Thanks for letting me share. Bye for now.