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Bright light in night sky

We live just out of Ashburton and at about 10.20pm last night (24 Feb 2017) I happened to look out the bedroom window toward the hills and saw a bright light then noticed it trailing down.


At approximately 10:20pm in peketa, Kaikoura looking SW, 5 of us saw a large green light that lit up the sky it had a large long tail that split into 2 as it got bigger! Absolutely stunning!!!!

explosion in the sky

24/2/017 10.19 pm driving into richmond we two people,witness what appeared to be an explosion over the Appleby area we seen a huge ball of light within a dark cloud light up and an object fall from the sky toward Appleby lower moutre area.we then stopped outside warehouse queen street Richmond .I watched a triangular plane had a red big red flashing light one side and a big blue flashing light the other side and at front of triangular craft was a bright big white light.the light was very bright and shone to ground .I watched this plane fly in two large circles around wiamea plane area and directly over appearecd it was searching for what feel from the sky obviously it appeared to us.the plane flew low and with 3 flashing lights its triangular shape was obvious the only words to describe the plane that flew twice around Richmond basen after we watched an object clearly fall from sky after explosion and huge bang is an American stealth bomber plane.

Saw a dull red object fly

Saw a dull red object fly across the sky from west to east. Appeared to make two wide turns as if following an elongated 'S' shaped path. If it had only made one apparent turn I would have pegged it down to some parallax effect, but the second curve back in the other direction threw me off. Saw it around 1:55am from Korokoro, Wellington. Somewhere in the sky near the Centaurus constellation, perhaps closest to Alpha Centauri.


Saw a large meteorite drop from the sky over the western ranges seen from Stoke, Nelson. Started off looking like normal shooting star before erupting into a bright blue ball and lighting up entire sky. Burnt out before it could go down behind ranges, but was impressed by the size and how long it lasted. Did not hear bang afterwards as some others heard. Observed at around 22:20

Well I have never seen

Well I have never seen anything like it. We were fishing at Gentle Annie beach which is about 50km north of Westport and all of a sudden the whole beach liteup green and it literally felt like an arms length away. We felt heat from the green light. I don't think we will see or feel his again!


We are in Wreys Bush/Wairio in Western Southland, NZ. My kids and I witnessed what looked like a fireball at approx 23.34pm. It traveled across the sky from east to west and had a distinct tail. Visible for about 5 to 6 seconds.

huge flash in sky westcoast

Myself and hundreds of others witnessed one of the most spectacular meteorite flashes tonight on the west coast of South island about 10.15

Lit up whole sky

We were outside watching the sky, a few shooting stars etc. The whole sky suddenly lit up, whatever it was was obscured by trees but was falling. About 5 minutes later the boom was heard. Awesome sight in Grey Valley, West Coast.


Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand Bright green large falling light which lit up a large area - looking to the North West. It was amazing - and so wish I had caught it on film. I didnt' record the actual time - but around 10.40 p.m. 24.2.17.

Amazingly intense white/green-tinged flash or light in sky

At bout 10:45pm I witnessed an intense white/green flash in the sky some distance above the northern horizon in North Canterbury, New Zealand.. It lasted around two full seconds and pulsed or fluctuated drastically in intensity. It didn't appear to be moving much, although the source of the massive flashing was concealed behind thin cloud. Pretty bizarre. Perhaps it was meteorite but just flying at an odd trajectory.

Bright Green Glow

When I stepped outside a bright green glow appeared. I gasped when I saw the object surrounded by what appeared as green fire falling towards the earth. It was a spectacular sight.

Meteor sighting

Big flash that lit up the hole sky then the meteor came trough the clouds and it was een green orb with a orange tail. We were driving between Leeston and Rolleston

Huge green flash on the sky in New Zealand

Just witnessed a green flash at around 22 in New Zealand, seen from the beach around Lake Takapo. A sudden green flash appeared and a ball looking thing appeared for around 4-5 seconds

We saw a very bright

We saw a very bright meteorite travelling West North West and heard a loud unusual rumbling awhile after. We are located South of Reefton and was roughly 10.15pm ish. Was very exciting but also a little bit scarey

We were very lucky to see it

We were very lucky to see it as my husband & I hardly ever look at the stars but last night we had the duvay on the trampoline and we're star gazing when this happened!

Green moving light in sky by Dunedin

Travelling out of Dunedin tonight heading out on route 1 to Goodwood, today 24/2/17 at about 10.15pm. Just outside of the city I saw a bright green light travelling through the sky and disapear into the horizon. Not sure how far away as it was pitch black, but seemed quite large in the sky, not like a distant shooting star as it lit most of the sky. It was awesome, unfortunately my husband missed it as he was looking at his phone and it only lasted a few seconds! Be awesome to know if anyone else saw it.

I saw it as well I told my

I saw it as well I told my dad and he thought I was on drugs haha


We were sitting on the oceans edge at a mates batch in onuku just past akaroa looking up at the sky , there was a slow hovering blue light drifting from west to east not to long before the green light , bloody good timing , 6 of us were all looking up at the exact spot after smoking a massive doobie! Lit up the whole sky. Something very unusual about it , unnatural , out of this world, well whatever it was it definitely came to this world . A lot of us witnessed it , would be great to have bill English tell us what it was

Brilliant flash of light over tekapo tonight

So I was out presenting a tour of the night sky next to lake tekapo and as we where talking about the various stars up there, the entire sky light up in one brilliant flash! I'm not sure what it was but from seeing videos of other times this has happened I think it was a meteorite! If anyone else saw anything please comment because I'm dying to know what it takes was!

Green flash lit up entire sky, NZ

At about 10:20pm, just north of Murchison (upper South Island, New Zealand) the whole night sky lit up green for a second

Very Bright Green meteor

We live in Kelson, Wellington facing West and saw a Meteor Drop straight down around 10:20pm 24/02/2017. It was very bright, lit the sky up bright green and had a firery tail. Disappeared behind the Belmont hill in about the Nelson direction. It was incredible to see.

Large meteor over Greymouth

Approx 10:15pm large streaking meteor going from south to north then faded out.


Hi, I put the wrong date on my post just before from Christchurch regarding a green meteor. Please update if you do put it on your site. It should have read: 22:20pm NZST, 24-Feb-2017. Apologies, Ross Manning.


Saw a green flash of light in christchurch new zealand at approx 10.20pm tonight. 1st time i have ever experienced a meteorite that bright!!

ball of light

mosgiel dunedein looking west towards central, big bright fluro green ball of light slightly smaller than moon dropped out of sky into hills near us, sky went green.As it went behind hills it flashed more green light turning clouds sky more green. awesome sight

? Shooting star/meteor

Was closing curtains at approximately 2200 hours saw very fast quite large bright light falling from the sky anyone else see it ?? We are in the eastern suburbs Christchurch NZ. In the last half hour since have had few weird electrical things happen coincidence I don't know???


Just saw a meteor flash across the sky, super bright at about 10:20. Lit the whole sky up! Greymouth New Zealand

Big green meteor over central

Big green meteor over central otago. North of Cromwell. Best I've ever seen. As bright as a medium phase moon. 4 or so seconds of green light with a dull patch in the middle


23-Feb-2017, 22:20pm NZST. Shooting star in Christchurch. Very bright, comparable to an orange mercury vapour street light at ~50m. Long solid streak, ~15 deg from top to bottom at longest/lowest point. Green in colour with increasing yellow around tail. Falling almost verticaly to the NW, as seen from SE Christchurch.

ball of light

mosgiel dunEdein looking west towards central, big bright fluro green ball of light slightly smaller than moon dropped out of sky into hills near us, sky went green.As it went behind hills it flashed more green light turning clouds sky more green. awesome sight

Beautiful blue bright shooting star

Just walked home from dinner at 10.19pm, west along Ahau Street in Moana (west coast), it was pitch black and starry sky and the whole sky lit up with bright blue and the biggest bluey yellow shooting star came tumbling down out of the sky to our right in a fiery ball (no noise) leaving behind a trail of smoke and then disintegrating into the trees and the sky going pitch black again!!

Green ball falling from sky

Tonight Friday 24 feb 2017 at around 10.20pn I saw a bright green light drop from the sky. In Wellington nz.

Green metor

Just saw a shooting star with neon green trail behind moving very fast over Christchurch new Zealand only visible for about a seccond at around 10.20pm 24/02/2017 absolutely breathtaking

Green meteor Wellington

24/02/2027 22:20. Just saw a bright green light falling in the sky. It looked just like a green fireworks, except it was falling down from quite a height, with no sound or smoke. So I can't logically account for how it could have even been a firework. It was a very vivid emerald green in colour.


Just over North Canterbury New Zealand 10.20pm Quick with a green trail


Paul just spotted ?a meteor north of our property, we are in Eyreton, North Canterbury. approx. 2223


Paul just spotted ?a meteor north of our property, we are in Eyreton, North Canterbury. approx. 2223


I've just seen a huge turquoise flare swoon down acrosss Lyttelton Harbour, from south to north. Quite incredible!


Just saw a massive metor, looked as big as a house in porirua

Bright green meteor

10:20pm over Charteris Bay towards Christchurch. Massive fast sci-fi movie green flash. The most amazing thing I have seen.

Bright green meteor

10:20pm over Charteris Bay towards Christchurch. Massive fast sci-fi movie green flash. The most amazing thing I have seen.

Twinkling emerald orb over Beverly Hills 2/22/17

Twinkling bright green orb/star over Beverly Hills California at around 8pm Feb 22, 2017. My husband called my son and I put and we etched it for two minutes. It was amazing, like an emerald. It wsnhigh in the sky but lower than a plane that at one point flew overhead. We went inside for 1 minute to get my camera and when we stepped back outside it was gone. I kept checking and it never came back. I don't know if it burned out, fell to earth, or what it did. So curious as to what it was. Meteor? Space junk? Very cool either way.

Orange light in the sky

Stepped out of my house to smoke a cigar at 1912 on 23 Feb 2017 and saw an orange light moving through the sky. It was decimated emitting light, changed course about 15° them after about 30 seconds it dimmed then went away. What was this. Definitely not a plane or satellite.

I saw a lightening body in

I saw a lightening body in sky on 23/02/2017 at 7 am. I am from India. It looked like a falling star, orange colour, relatively less speed falling down on earth. It looked amazing. What was that exactly?

Bluish green shooting star

I was shocked I'm from saint I live in the county called Jennings. Today is Feb23,2016 I was letting dogs out. Around 1:10am. I looked up and nice size bluish green shooting star,meteor..Idk. With a streak for the tail shoot real low . Damn near right in front of me.. what was it?It was beautiful

Orange light in east

2/22/17 went out to the car at 930 pm to go to car and noticed large bright orange solid light in the east sky went in to get hubby to show him and it was gone! I had stood and watched for a good one minute it did not move. Strange I'm in Albany Oregon. Anyone else see this

Orange light

Wondering if anyone else saw an orange light around 2200 Napier New Zealand tonight, was driving home when both myself and partner noticed an orange light hovering in the sky. Stopped the car and switched off so that i could take a photo (then noticed i didn't have my camera!). Thought it was a helicopter but there was no noise. It hovered moving very slowly and then headed west and faded out of site. I'm a private pilot and i track aircraft for flightradar24, i'm generally pretty aware of what aircraft are around - this was no "ordinary" aircraft - i need to know what it was!

Orange Light

I am the Partner of Dean Spurdle who witnessed the Orange Light in the night sky at approximately 10.00pm last evening. I am writing to confirm that what we saw was true and correct. There was no sound it just came across the night sky as an Orange Sphere . I actually mentioned to Dean that before we had left his home, I could smell a very dense smell of smoke. I mentioned this to Dean who remarked that he could not smell anything, however, it was I felt a very strong smell despite it being a very warm 22°Celsius evening. It certainly was no Aeroplane or Space Station. Dean has extensive knowledge and equipment and I hope somebody can verify the awesome experience we shared.

Orang elongated light

At approximately 10.00pm on 21st February, 2017, I witnessed a very fast elongated circle of orange rush past our property four miles from the City of Hereford in the UK. It was only visible for about a second.