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bright green light shooting

bright green light shooting accros sky towards the north on new years eve saw in halesowen west midlands

Green light

Yes. We were near Aylesbury and saw bright green light moving very quickly across sky. Around 6.

Green light across motorway M5 England

Driving past the Stroud junction on the M5 going towards Cheltenham we witnessed a bright green ball of light shoot across the sky at rapid speed. Faster than any plane I've ever seen. Went east to west and disappeared in the sky. It travelled quite a distance. Never seen anything like it before. Does anyone know what it was??

It was a meteor. A green

It was a meteor. A green meteor fireball was seen by lots heading over Newcastle upon Tyne heading towards Scotland. Tonight 31.12.17

Floating orange light

Just on midnight (New years) my son and I were walking home after having a few drinks with my sister. My son told me to look in the sky, and what we saw was mind blowing... an orange ball of light floating at a speed across the sky.. i took a video and so did my son, then it disappeared into the unknown, was it a meteor or a UFO... then thought naaaahhh. I was thinking maybe it was a lantern or a drone but lanterns do not float sideways (I don't think), and a drone would have flashing lights or would stop and turn in all directions right? My son and I witnessed an amazing event 12:01am New years day.. brilliant!! Northshore, New Zealand


My partner and I were outside tonight ( 6th of January 2018) and saw what you have described that you saw on New Year's Day. We thought the very same thing, that it was a lantern or a drone but our reasoning was the same, that it would of had flashing lights if it was a drone and it wasn't a lantern as it was travelling to fast and also travelling across the sky in a straight line. This happened about 9 o'clock, and travelling in a South east to North west direction. Very puzzled. Feilding New Zealand.

Orange/Red light in Sky New Year 2018 Hamilton NZ

We went outside at the strike of midnight to view the local fireworks . After they had died down my friend and I went back inside and my partner stayed outside. He suddenly called out to us " Wow girls quickly quickly come and see at this". We raced out looked up to where he was pointing. We saw this bright glowing orange/red light in the sky. It was stationary for about 30-40 seconds then it took off vertically upwards and disappeared. While they were watching I had run to get the binoculars to look closer at it, but just as I began to look through them that is when it took off vertically upward ,. Amazing !! My partner said that ,just before he called us he had noticed this light coming across the sky in a Southward direction then it just stopped. That's when he called us outside. We didn't have time to video, but I see where a North Shore couple took a video of the exact same light. Would be interested to see. Hamilton NZ

Fast moving orange streak

Riding through the park in South East London at approximately 5:30pm 31.12. 2017 I look up and there's an orange streak in the sky covered by a white aura. It was moving way to fast to be a plane and was visible for just less than a minuite I stopped to take a photo but couldn't get my camera up in time. Did anyone else see this?

Yes, I saw it to. Around

Yes, I saw it to. Around 5:30pm on Sunday 31/12/2017 I was with my mate next to the Leytonstone Station when I saw blue-ish/green-ish burning object falling from the sky at very high speed.

Orange flaming shooting star

I just saw (12:20pm approx) a flaming, orange what looked like a shooting star travelling SE over Ceres skies in Western Cape, South Africa. It was like a ball of fire with a trail and just disappeared in the sky! Was so beautiful! More than any 'normal' shooting star that I've ever seen! (No sound, disappeared in the sky, ball of ORANGE fire)

Today Dec 31 2017 12:30 am

Today Dec 31 2017 12:30 am I witnesses the last second of a super bright green falling "star". It was in the western sky of the central coast of California north of Bodega Bay. I did not check the time. I was driving and it looked as though it was not burning out as I lost view of it at the tree line. It was going in south direction. It must have been spectacular to anyone who saw the entire event. 25 years ago in the same area, 20 miles farther north I saw a similar event as it crossed the entire arc of the heavens for at least 2.5 seconds. It changed colors 3 times as it entered earth atmosphere.


Bright orange meteorite with slight heat trail following it traveling south east over and disappearing behind the hills in Omaio tekaha area. Followed 10 seconds later with a crackling like sound. Was amaizing. 30/12/17 about 11.15ish

Shooting star

Beautiful clear orange Shooting Star descending south across the Easter sky. Seen in South Auckland, New Zealand at 11:15pm on 30 December 2017 Visible for at least 10 seconds.

Shooting star

Seen in Whangarei very bright heading south at 2315.

Orange sphere falling from sky - Nashville, TN

12/26/17 - While gettting into my car, I saw a bright orange sphere fall from the sky and disappear into the clouds. It caused a flash of light which illuminated the clouds. This was approximately 5:20pm on 12/26/17 in Nashville, TN. I have seen meteor showers before but this sphere was a more orange color and larger then what I have witnessed in the past. Any ideas?

Orange sphere falling from sky - Nashville, TN

12/26/17 - While gettting into my car, I saw a bright orange sphere fall from the sky and disappear into the clouds. It caused a flash of light which illuminated the clouds. This was approximately 5:20pm on 12/26/17 in Nashville, TN. I have seen meteor showers before but this sphere was a more orange color and larger then what I have witnessed in the past. Any ideas?

Falling green light

I'm from Hamilton Ontario Canada and at approximately 1145pm tonight in the eastern sky a green falling idea what it was but made 2 wishes;) comet? Falling star? Meteor?


For the last 3 hours floating above Clendon, Manurewa there is an object flashing lights orange and white. I initially thought it would be a drone but this lools like a flat straight bar with lights attached. I dont believe drones would last that long in sky. It moves around in one area and doesnt go up or down.

Flashing light

I've also seen this! It keeps flashing, right now the time is 1:18am on 26/12/2017. Look to unusual to be a drone

hi there I also saw this last

hi there I also saw this last night over manurewa at 10 pm kept floating around the same area until 6 this morning . I thort it was a drone or something controlled but couldn't tell way was this?

What is really going on that these experts aint saying?

Today this late afternoon December 24 2017 I was pulling out of my drive way in Fontana CA when I was stunt by this shooting star that became like a ball of fire coming down from the sky. Scary part was that it didnt die out quickly like it normally does. This one look like too close to the earth instead of the sky.


I saw the fireball too, on December24 at 5:15 in Whittier CA Thought for sure it was going to hit the ground. It started out looking like a rather large shooting star, but kept getting bigger and brighter As it got lower and lower. I lost it when it went behind some low trees. An awesome sight!

Shootings star

I saw it to ...I'm in Burbank and i honestly thought it was going to hit earth ..scary

Falling out of the sky Christmas Eve

My kid her friend and I were driving up Washington St Riverside CA when my daughter points and says omg what is that .we look up a over and it was huge . Like a giant ball falling to the ground it was like some shit I saw on Armageddon or something. It was massive it looked like a giant rock on fire with a beautiful firey train following behind it it was quick . I swear it have to have landed in someone's backyard. Ask me and they need to stop playing with our weather by means of the haarp. Or playing with nature with the Sern. We've don't enough damage already. Keep your loved ones close fight the good fight and fight with a purpose Peace and love to all .

I saw it too

I was walking my dog in south park Christmas eve around 5:15 and saw that huge low flying comet (??). It happened so fast, but it was just there at eye level heading south. My dog couldn't care less, but it was awesome. I haven't found anything official online about it, but found for this post and one on Twitter. Thanks for sharing!

Orange dotes

I was standing in the balcony counting the stars.I found many orange dots moving together in the shape of a wave front of water ripples. But they were moving so fast that i could nlt take any photo or video.

Falling from sky

Saw something falling from sky 12/22/17 at approx 5:30pm.

Saw it at 5:15 pm msg by

Saw it at 5:15 pm msg by Vermilion, ab Canada

Saw it at 5:15 pm msg by

Saw it at 5:15 pm msg by Vermilion, ab Canada

Driving down the 60 in Arizona

My family and I were driving to go see some lights and saw a big thing in the sky. I took pictures but we have no idea what it is?

Bright light from space

I saw this huge bright light from the tips of the sky. It fell down slowly going behind, three pieces of the glowing orb came out of it. It is currently falling somewhere else.

Not sure what I saw!

~ 5:30pm on 12/22/2017 Just saw two ??? falling from the sky over Carlsbad/San Diego California. One kept exploding or combusting and making circle like shapes with smoke/clouds. Hard to explain!! I would love to know what that was!!!

Ontario ca

Have picture of something blue and green falling from the sky . 5:38pm Ontario ca fell very gently .

Green fire ball

I saw a green fire ball in the atmosphere like something burning up. It fell very gently, but was almost moon sized. Looked like a huge firework. It was through cloud haze. 9.25 pm, West. Medlow Bath, NSW, Australia.

Apox 10.30 really big

Apox 10.30 really big shooting star- east - sitting in Levin -

Light in sky Auckland City

Just been sitting in my patio having a drink and noticed a pulsating light which looked like a satellite but I’ve never seen one with a pulsating light before? Then approx 5mins later a brighter light which again looked like a satellite but was particularly brighter but no flashing lights so assuming it’s not a plane! Thursday 21/12/2017 @ 22:15

Hi there, you saw the

Hi there, you saw the International Space Station which flew over then :) Very cool - and extra bright.



Green meteor

Driving across Wyoming and saw a green meteor last night night between lusk and newcastle

White and blue ball

Driving through Coatesville in Auckland and saw a very big white and blue ball coming towards land. Sped up as it appeared closer.

Orange reddish ball of light in the sky

Last night December 18, 2017 at about 9:30ish pm, just north of Blythe, Ca I seen an orange reddish non-flashing ball of light traveling from west to east in the sky. It was moving pretty fast and seemed like it was descending from the sky and then disappeared. Never had I seen anything like it, it was very steady, not moving up or down just straight.

Green Meteor?

I was driving East on Windsor St. In Sun Prairie when I saw a long arc of green light in the sky. I watched as it fizzled out above the gray winter tree-tops.

Red dot seen in the sky at around 10:30 pm Saturday 16/12/17

Me and two other people witnessed a small red dot (about the same size as the stars) moving in a horizontal direction, first seen in the north east heading south relativly slowly (about the speed of a Air NZ plane). It increased in size slightly, then after about 15 seconds the ball flashed twice and then disappeared. Observed in Karori, Wellington at 10:30 pm.


Sounds like the international space station.


Last night around 11-12ish me and friend saw three very bright white flashes one after the other in close proximity of each other seconds apart,seen many meteor's, comets,odd shower but these didn't look natural,were def in space


Beautiful....saw a Green ball fall from the sky it turned into fire


I just happend to glance at my window looking east at 12:16am on the 14 of December. And I saw a massive green asteroid go across the sky. A minute later I realised that I must have been whatching it through the clouds as that part of the sky was full of clouds, or it was below the clouds??. From Northumberland uk.

Lights in Miami Sky

Last night 12/13/17 driving home around 9pm and saw solid white light split into about 6 smaller lights then back together again. Then split off and disappear except for one objet which then just disappeared


Just saw a bright green streak flash across the sky for a fraction of a second! First I've ever seen!


Went to Clarkes Beach at 2am and saw some meteors shooting across parts of the sky, bigger and brighter than normal 'falling stars'.


My husband came in the house to get me to look at the sky around 1:00 am in McMinnville TN. He stated he had seen several fallen stars and wanted me to see them as well. Exciting to say I seen several fallen stars myself. One of them was significantly bigger and brighter then the rest and was much faster but it was a beautiful show for sure. Not sure if this was a form of a meteor shower or if anyone else got to see this but it was amazing