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7:48pm -- NEWS JUST IN - Meteor seen over eastern North Island - reports coming in.... receives meteor reports from all over New Zealand and the entire globe, 24/7/365.

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Shooting Light Island Bay

Around 7pm-ish my partner & I saw a shooting bright white light cross the sky. It looked like a fire ball - with a green tinge to him but bright white to me. We are on a hill over looking island bay & the cook straight- I thought it was going to hit the hill on the opposite side to us But maybe it was higher in the sky than that. It looked very close & low in the sky, lower than the planes that fly over us. Did anyone else see the meteorite too??? Very cool!!! First one we have seen that close & that big!

Green light?

On my way to work. On the motorway to wellington. About 830pm. When i saw green light in the sky.. Moving fast. & then its gone?

Comet or meteor maybe something else?????????????


I've seen it too in Nelson

At almost the same time I've seen it from mount St I thought it fell down in Nelson but the news didn't mention anything about it

Meteor / comet

Yes I saw a large bright ball of light tonight too (25/4/17) while driving South on SH1 at 7.53pm. I had just pasted Te Horo and it came from the East and travelled to the South West on a very step trajectory and very fast. Had a tail and the ball changed colour maybe yellow, orange, then green. Amazing! Only 5-6 seconds.

Seen a meteorite or comet

Seen a meteorite or comet over North Canterbury lit up the whole sky and had a long super bright light blue tail then after about 3 or 4 second went orange and disappeared about 7.30 or 8 pm

Slow shooting star?

Driving on the motorway from Upper Hutt to Lower Hutt tonight saw a shooting star? Falling it was quite slow slow enough for my son to see it too,it was quite beautiful site and fascinating enough for me to comment here . Can't remember what order but it changed colour white green red orange then desapared in to the night sky I feel really blessed to have seen it.


Saw a massive fireball tonight in the sky with a tail its nothing ive seen before. I'm in Porirua

Bright green shooting star

25.4.17 at around 8.10 pm Christchurch New Zealand i saw a very low green and red shooting star. It faded into silver at the end. It almost looked like fire works but wasn't. My heart is still pounding. Did anyone else see this.

light with tail' dunedin" approx 1950hrs.

Did anyone else just see the 'shooting star' moving from (approx) east to west? I was facing north and it was about 2/3 of the way up from the horizon......? It was white with a hint of red, with long straight tail, moving faster than an aircraft but slower than a "shooting star" at about 7.50 tonight. I watched it for about 5 seconds until it disappeared abruptly.

I seen it mate, bluey green

I seen it mate, bluey green light flying east to west in a northerly direction over the harbour! It was a great sight!

Bright light seen

Hi all. We were driving past tawa/porirua tonight about 745/750 and saw a bright white sparking light a trail heading towards the earth maybe north. Did anyone else see it?

A bright green comet looking

A bright green comet looking object flew over hutt valley towards wellington around 8pm beautiful bright green like when copper burns

Big bright green and blue

Big bright green and blue light falling from the sky. Appeared suddenly then dissapeared about 5 seconds later. Seen in Levin, Manakau, Otaki Wellington and down south. About 7.55pm

Firey orange & green object falling in sky

Exactly as above. Looked like fire with a green tail very bright. Fell downwards from the sky over Featherston near Rimutaka hill. So close it was worried about it starting a fire.

Possible meteorite?

We were outside stargazing when a very bright light shot across the sky in front of us at high speed (approx 8 pm) . An orange burning ball in front with an extended yellow/ white / green tail. It seemed to be very low , travelling horizontally. 2 mins later it sounded like a distant sonic boom. Our first sighting of anything like this. We just happened to be looking at the right spot at the right time. We are between Greta Valley and Motunau Beach north Canterbury .

About 7.45pm tonight the sky

About 7.45pm tonight the sky lit up (we were sitting in our hot tub outside) and there was a streak a light across the sky. A few minutes later a booming sound which got some birds chirping. We are in Lavericks Bay on Banks Peninsula. Do you know what is was?


bright green and red light, very fast over waikanae heading south about 7:55pm

Bright light

At around 7.55pm Anzac day a bright light seen from The Brook Nelson.


I saw a meteorite April 25 (tonight) 2017 just before 8pm. I was heading along Rarangi Beach Rd, Blenheim, heading south. I came in really low from the sea. It was almost lime green with a red tail. My first ever! Brilliant.

Bright green meteor with a

Bright green meteor with a large tail, very bright and felt very close. Queenstown 8.05pm

Big Greenie

Bright green meteor over Dunedin harbor. 8pm


Walking through Wellington city, a bright light flashed through the sky with a long trail at high speed, seen from Courtenay Place looking south towards the War Memorial. From an Irish dude ever more enraptured by this part of the world! Chur

Green and red shooting star

Sunday 25.4.17 around 8.10 pm I just saw a very low shooting star blazing a green and red then silver colour across the sky in christchurch New Zealand. My heart is still pounding ! Anna

Large green dripping meteorite over Nelson

I just saw a large meteorite over Nelson speed across the sky and disappear behind the Richmond Ranges. It was bright green and trailing dripping debris and it was just after 8pm I think. I am in Nelson

Green comet

Just saw a specacular looking ball of green light hurtling towards earth, observed from Papakowhai, Wellington.

Shooting star or somthing fell

I was looking towards south when a bright rock sort of thing that fell very near please note if anyone saw it I'm not sure where it is 8:05


bright green and red light very fast, moving south. viewed from waikanae about 7:55pm

Meteor over Wellington.

About 7.55. Green coloured with sparks. Travelling towards South. Seen from Ngaio

Two white ball flashing

Looking our window saw two (one big and one alot smaller) white balls crossing the sky. 7:58 pm night time 25/4/17


7.54 pm, skies south of wellington toward kairora, second biggest meteorite I've ever seen. Thought someone was shining a light hence it got my attention. Big tail, lots of little bits breaking off it.

green comet?

looking south from island bay, heading west saw a comet? looking thing going down wards with a green tail... not sure what it was


Fast moving ball of flame shot a short distance across the sky about 30 mins ago. Looked about the size of a tennis ball compared to the stars. Never seen anything like it.

meteor spotted 7:20 banks peninsula

Big and bright spotted from Diamond Harbour looking south.

Bright light over Christchurch sky at 6pm

Unusual burning light seen over Selwyn district Lincoln tonight! Is it the huge balloon supposedly put up in the sky for ANZAC day!

Bright light

bright white light in christchurch in sky been there for ages not moving. Not dark yet, no stars in the sky at all. 5.30pm

bright light over christchurch around 6pm 25 april

I also saw this seemingly stationary (or very slow moving?) light.. I looked thru another observing bystander's binoculars which brought out detail.. looked metallic and perfectly round (not spherical)..looked like the flattish , slightly curved underside of a machined object, not a natural object at was reflecting the light of the setting sun. At its estimated height and distance it would have been quite a large object. I could make out no detail without using the was just a bright and not particularly symmetrical light to the naked eye . Remained in the sky until no longer visible when the sun set. Did NOT look anything like the pics of the Nasa weather balloon recently launched.

You may have been seeing

You may have been seeing NASA's Weather Balloon.

Yep, saw it too. Stayed there

Yep, saw it too. Stayed there for ages and seemed to fade once the sun went down.

maybe a tethered hot air

maybe a tethered hot air balloon reflecting the sun?

Bright Flash

Very bright flash followed by another bright flash and two dim flashes to the North of Riwaka, New Zealand 19.30 24/4/17

Beautiful green falling object.

Just that. A bright beautiful blue green object fell from the sky, it fell straight down. I wish I would have seen so much more of it.


8:45 Above Dunedin New Zealand, this evening I saw what looked like a slow moving shooting star but wasn't. It was orange and had a tail. It moved too quickly for a comet, but too slowly for a shooting star. Is this a meteorite? Thanks:-)

similar sight tonight, tuesday 25th

I saw an object similar to this tonight, tuesday 25th it moved from east to west in the sky and lasted for about 5 seconds, the thing I saw was white rather than orange, but had a long tail.

Where did my detaled comment

Where did my detaled comment go???

orange light papakura 8pm April 23

so, 8pm im sitting in the dark at the computer. ....... a bright solid red flying object catches my peripheral vision in the window to my right..... it was about as bright and big at the amber street lights at the end of my drive way. i watched it, until it was out of window frame.......... grabbed the camera on the desk and went out the back yard to see it was still there..... unfortunately its a bit crap, trying to video into dark sky using the small lcd screen on the back of the camera. camera found it difficult to focus..... at first i tried to zoom in, but 16x zoom makes it very shaky, so zoomed back out, to get the two street lights into frame for reference. you cant tell in the video that it is moving, as it must be moving directly away from my position, but it does get smaller and less visible, then i zoomed in and it turns a bit crappy. captured it, until it got up into the cloud cover...... id say, it flew from south to north. came from drury, papakura/takanini, then out over alfriston/manukau/botany way.......... wasnt an aircraft ive seen. there were a few aircraft flying around the sky at the time, with flashing lights as they do. it had no sound. Wasn't moving very fast. Slower than a light trainer aircraft I usually see around here. ........ Now the funny thing curious to know what it is because ive seen this recently before in december. a similar flight path. except there were 2 and they flew from north to south.. papakura out to drury. i thought they were Chinese lanterns as they seemed "floating".. the thing with the two. one was leading the other fairly synchronous. until from my perspective, the leading one did a full 360 circle near perfect loop around the rear one

I will also add... In

I will also add... In January. I was watching TV in the dark. Out the corner of my eye appeared a bright orange light through the ranch slider window (looks to my back yard.) Seemed like an over bright star. I thought to myself it was strange as i hadnt noticed it there before. So observed it for 30mins or so. Then it just blinked out. Few seconds later it blinked on. Then off/on about 5 times then off. It never moved, stationary. ... Some years ago. I observed similar....about 10pm, went out ranch door to pick spinach from garden, looked up to see bright orange star. Thought to myself never seen it before. Observed a few minutes. It did nothing so classed it as a bright star. Moved on to collect spinach. Looked up to view bright star again and it wasn't there. Both nights were still crystal clear sky. ....So from that time I always observe night sky with more care...go figure

I saw what seemed to be a

I saw what seemed to be a comet or something travel across the sky at about 5:30. It had a streaking tail which faded with its movement. So cool!!

Orange lights, Christchurch 23/4/17

Went out for smoke and saw three separate orange lights taking same 'flight path' - coming from north hovering possibly over new brighton way (I'm in Edgeware) then apparently rising upwards until they disappeared. Looked like aircraft perhaps but wrong coloured lights.