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Last nights sky lights

Yes I saw this too. First there was a single light then about 30 seconds later two more with yellow tails. I too initially thought the first light was some sort of aircraft in trouble but then the other two had tails.

Something falling fast from sky green

Just seen green glowing thingy falling from sky in Moe vic moving very fast bright green then exploded as it hit the low ed 's then went bright white the diapered wile it was falling just now it was big


I saw something tonight it was like a flame shooting across the sky near drouin Vic. It was pretty big. 18:20pm tonight

I. Saw the same thing in Los

I. Saw the same thing in Los Angeles. 830 pm El sereno area.

Flashing red and green light auckland sky

At approximately 6.10pm 12/6/17 in the sky above Bayswater Auckland in a nor north west direction there was a red flashing light. On the edge of it occasionally there was a green flashing light. It was stationary for a few minutes then moved very fast in a hosizontal plane to the west where it paused again for a few mins. Then it continued slowly in that same west direction. Have never seen anything like that. Movement was far too fast for helicopter or aeroplane. And it's starting and stopping was very unusual. Maybe a drone? Looked like it was too far away for thT however I know very little about drones. Any thoughts? Regards

I saw something that sounds

I saw something that sounds like what you saw except was in howick and looked really close but there was no sound like with a plane (or a drone). It definitely wasn't a plane and would have been a pretty large drone if that's what it was


Hello, My name is Al and I am 6 years old. This morning when I was waiting for the school bus, about 8.20am, Mum and I saw a grey, smoky streak which went in front of the moon (travelling east to west). As it got further west we could see a bright yellow/orange object in front of the tail. Can you tell us if this was a meteorite and did anyone else spot it? Thanks Al.

Should have added that we

Should have added that we live in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Red ball

Yes last month I saw a glowing red ball in the western sky. My dog woke me up barking, he was on my back porch. When I looked out I saw it. Later it was gone. Could this have been Planet X? I live in Central Virginia.


Looking e-n-e ish (?) from port Waikato at about 11.20am today, we saw 2 small parallel vapour trails heading straight up. They moved with whatever was causing them, not leaving a trail behind. A rocket maybe? Lost sight because i couldn't pull over safely. Anyone else see it? It was very high up.

bright lights

Two unusual bright lights going opposite directions observed in the sky 10 June 2017 around 1900hrs Harare Zimbabwe

Green ball falls from sky June 8 2017 Canada

Driving back into Regina, saw a green bright ball fly through sky with a black tail end. It just was there and disappeared with a dark tail streak. Happenened about 1:30 am June 8 2017. Highway 48 just outside of the city.

Anyone tell me what I just

Anyone tell me what I just saw. Driving home from work when a big green ball shaped light zoomed across the sky... it sounds exactly like what was seen in Canada on the 8th but it's the 10th here in a Australia is it a meteor shower?

Strange light

Hi, I just got home from rugby training at 8.44pm and spotted a strange glowing blue almost green light falling west of Hamilton. Did anybody else see it? I have seen falling stars but this was bigger and closer. I know I wasn't seeing things. Can anyone help explain what I saw please?

No way

I witnessed it from start to finish. There was Structure that. My breath is still taken away. There was somthing moving.

Bright Meteor in Northern Sky over Lake Taupo

Around 5:45am this morning in the NNW sky viewed from Kuratau on the shore of Lake Taupo, a large bright meteor with a tail that lasted for approximately 10 seconds after the initial bright ball.

On 06/03/2017 exploding star in big dipper

On sunday 6/3/17 between 10-11 pm in Long Island New York my wife and i saw 3 shooting stars in a period of about five minutes one of them being bizarrely low like an airplane a single engine small plane then about 30 minutes later I looked back up and saw what looked like a huge exploding star right beside one of the stars in the big dipper so big and bright it blinded out the star beside it, it appeared out of nowhere got super intensely bright and then faded back out and was gone in a five second period , most amazing thing i ever seen been talking about it to everyone I've seen from then to today

Amazing shooting star 27 may 2017

Myself and 5 year old son left our local sailing club (isle of wight, England) about 22.00hrs and stopped to admire the new moon and still night. We both saw the most astonishing slow and bright shooting star- I've never seen anything like it before. Wonderful moment for us both. The lady up the road also saw it.

Tairua - Flashing Lights across sky

Flashing lights lighting up the entire sky like lightening beginning at 3.30am and ending at 5.00am. Also a very large large star in the sky. Lit up entire bay and water. Tairua Coromandel.

Flashing light

Weird green light has flashed in the sky about 3 times that I've seen so far from around 12.40 to 12.50

Meteor sighting

Green exploding meteor seen between magellnic clouds approx 20 minutes ago.

Just saw streak of green

Thought it was shooting star but much bigger. So fast and bright. Green and yellow. In Maryland

Lighting up of the sky

At about 5.45pm I was sitting at the front of my house where I noticed a certain but large part of the sky lighting up like a camera flash different to lightning every 3-5 minutes. I notice it slow down at 6.20pm becoming less frequent. No thunder followed it was just completely quiet apart from barking dogs.

Green light

About 10pm in Lone Tree, CO. Saw a green light with a yellowish/gold outline falling from the sky. As it reached the horizon it faded and disappeared.

Trail of bright double lights loopine through tonight's sky

9.55 wiltshire double bright lights like sparklers looping and darting through the sky. A good 5 minutes moved across the sky, got brighter then shot back and did more looping then just disappeared.

Bright white flash in sky

At presicely 14:53 on 6/3/17, i was mowing and saw a bright flash of light in the sky. I looked again where it had occured only to see the clouds moving twords the place of the flash for a solid 3 minutes. Im not sure if the atmosheric impact made the clouds move, or the bright flash decieved my mind.

Falling Orange Light

I live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and last night (1st June 2017)I saw a big orange light falling fairly quickly through the sky. It was travelling from North to South, and it was about 11pm or thereabouts. I half expected to see an explosion in the distance as it looked like it was going to hit the earth. Just wondering if anyone else saw it too?


Same night, same time I seen this from south wales. I was sat in the garden with my partner who missed it but I genuinely jumped out of my seat as it fell through the sky and out of sight. I fully expected to see an explosion or hear a big rumble. Thankfully neither followed. Light seemed yellow/orange/green.


Hello, I drive trains for Chiltern Railway's and at 23:39 1/6/2017 I too spotted this. The sky went bright white and then something stretching from the sky down to the earth came down as a massive fire ball with a tail, it was amazing to see.


Yes I witnessed it.very big white light with tail.i was driving south on the a34. I was waiting for a just glad that didn't happen


I just seen something shooting across the sky it was super bright and going really really fast until it got smaller and went out of orbit anybody know what it was it was crazy. Seen from USA Minnesota at 12:00 am please let me know if you seen it.

Luminous Green Ball fell from sky

Approx 11.40 pm GMT 1.6.17 Just saw a luminous green ball fall from the sky (seen from near Cardiff, South Wales UK). Checked online because it was so quick I thought I might have been seeing things, and someone from Brighton, England, UK saw the same thing at the same time.

Me and a friend also saw

Me and a friend also saw this. We are at shepton mallet, Somerset

Luminous Green Ball fell from sky

Approx 11.40 pm GMT 1.6.17 Just saw a luminous green ball fall from the sky (seen from near Cardiff, South Wales UK). Checked online because it was so quick I thought I might have been seeing things, and someone from Brighton, England, UK saw the same thing at the same time.


At 23:38 I saw a fast falling orange ball of fire falling from the sky at at some speed.. I heard nothing. I'd love to know if others saw it. South west England Devon

I saw it as well,was looking

I saw it as well,was looking out my window saw a bright light heading towards the ground At a really fast speed and was expecting an explosion but saw nothing after This was near Plymouth UK.

Firery tail

I just saw something fall across a small part of the sky, happened really quickly and was quite close looking, (actually waited cos I initially thought something was on fire crashing to the ground no sound or crash) so gather it was a falling star perhaps??? Tokoroa NZ

Fiery object in the Pisa sky

Just been watching an outdoor concert in Pisa Italy when a very large fiery object arced through the sky behind a building and out of sight. My wife and I saw this as did a couple of Italian lads. Literally blink and you'd have missed it. No idea what it was but looked like it was on fire.

Bright white flash

For a week now I've been seeing bright white flashes in the sky. At first I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me but today at 5:15am I saw it again and it was clear as anything. It only lasted for a split second. It was very bright almost fluorescent and the flash spanned out quite a distance then it just vanished. Véry cool.

Something moving through the sky and something burning in it.

I live in Hereford, England and last night I saw something bright get closer and closer as it was coming out of the sky and then it burnt up in the sky with a yellow flash and a fizz sound. Later on that night I saw a bright white object moving through the sky with no streak behind it. I followed the object with my phone and have it on video but after a minute or so a cloud covered it up and it disappeared

Green flash

Just saw a green flash 30 mins ago. In San Francisco, Ca

I seen the same thing last

I seen the same thing last night. What was that?

light in sky

i live in NY and saw a bright light fly past my house not sure what is was but it was scary

Green and white bright ball

I live in North Buffalo ,N Y i saw a green and white bright ball fall frim the sky shot over my neighbors house and fell the next street over. On 5/28/17 about 11:30 pm

Green light in sky

It's 1120pm in Toronto and I just saw a green flash shoot through the sky. Prior to we had rain and lighting.

Flashing ball

I live in Acton Ontario and seen the same thing last night. Was hoping someone else had seen it. It just appeared and then shot down on an angle to earth. It was cool but weird.

Green light in sky

I saw something similar in Whitby, Ontario, at about the same time last night. It was south of my location (near Lake Ontario). Just saw it in my peripheral vision, and it was out of view beyond some houses before I could even turn my head to focus on it. I thought it was green too.

Falling from sky

Hello. I live in Acton Ontario and at 11:20pm I was on my porch facing east when I seen the same thing. It was a bright blue green yellowish ball appear out of no where in mid sky and then all of a sudden fall on an angle. I'm glad I seen this post while googling it as I thought it was cool but also thought I was going crazy. It's sucks when you see something like that alone. I can't explain it. Exact same time as your post. I want to know what it was.

5-30-17 at 11:20pm

Living out in Alden NY, suburb of buffalo, I saw a bright light in the sky. I looked up and saw what looked like a green firework... only was seen for a second or 2. Seemed to be low... at cloudline.

Fire ball

Sunday May 28 /2017 at around 9:30 pm , just south of Dubuque Iowa. sitting out side with family, looked up at the stars and seen like a fire ball in the sky red , yellow and orange flame , it was right over head and very fast , it lasted a few seconds then was gone, north bound. Did anyone else see this.? It was big.