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I saw it too. I’m from Davie,

I saw it too. I’m from Davie, FL


from New Lynn, Auckland at 9.15pm last night (5th Dec) i saw a bright white fireball coming in at a steep angle towards the N.E. The tail was quite long and had two or three pieces in it


Just out fishing at lake Rotorua, Rotorua, New Zealand, 9.10pm this evening, saw an asteroid enter the earths atmosphere, it was red at the head and the tail was blue yellow colour, it was a decent size.


Just out fishing at lake Rotorua, Rotorua, New Zealand, 9.10pm this evening, saw an asteroid enter the earths atmosphere, it was red at the head and the tail was blue yellow colour, it was a decent size.

Massive shooting something east

I'm in Bethlehem Tauranga looking towards east then I saw what I thought may have been a sky rocket but fell down from sky so bright with rainbow trails. I posted von Facebook then my mate who lives 100 kms easy on whakatane also saw it, maybe space debris? It was large as

Star fall in Tauranga

About 9:30 I saw a big glistening ball fall straight down from the sky over Welcome Bay (Tauranga). It was crazy! Only just caught it through a window for a split second, but now so mystified!

Star fall in Tauranga

About 9:30 I saw a big glistening ball fall straight down from the sky over Welcome Bay (Tauranga). It was crazy! Only just caught it through a window for a split second, but now so mystified!

Meteor Tauranga

Out walking the dog this evening just after 9pm. Saw a bright while ball with a long green tail behind it move across the sky. In the east northeastern part of the sky heading north and in a downward direction. The white became bright orange for a second before it disipeared all together. Amazing to see


Just saw a large fire ball with a large colourful tail falling from the sky , making crackling sounds, landed in the ocean north west of whakatane about 21:20 on 5.12.17.


It is 2:49 PM in South Florida and I see a white streak up in the bright blue sky. It might be a meteor penetrating the atmosphere and possibly already disintegrated?


We witnessed a burst of green streaking light with a fast traveling green ball of fire in the centre and sparkles on both sides, rushing down from the night sky. It lasted a few second. It was visible at around 10pm GMT South Africa, Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

Green quick light in the sky.

HEY ! I saw the same thing just now! It was around 1:50am in Finland, Kokkola when i saw it!

Funny looking green all most camouflage with red

Seen last night around 8;45 In Davis. Trailer park watauga tennesse

Saw same i believe

Saw the red flashing one while looking up at the Supermoon. It was Dec 2 between 10-11. It was green then turned red. Live in Central Florida

Meteor Sighting??

I was sitting on my deck in Auckland New Zealand at about 10pm Saturday 2nd December when I looked up to see a bright ball with a less bright fan tail glide across the sky, it was the shape of an arrowhead. It was really low (to low to be a satelite and to fast and big) It took about a second and a half and disappeared before it could be obscured by my roof.


My son and I just saw a huge bright meteor or something like that - at least ten times bigger than a shooting star - fall for more than a second in the sky to behind the Stellenbosch mountain in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It was just before 10pm SA time (GMT plus 2). It burnt blue and red and brilliantly lit up the whole sky.

Flash in the sky

Now I am see a object type something travelling in the sky, it's look like a fire with tale ,only some seconds I see this ,its wonder full experience in my life

Large Blue-ish streak in western sky, Glenview, IL

At 12:25am, 12/3/17, I happened to be outside, walking to my neighbors house next door. A bold blue streak of light, streaked diagonally across the sky, positionally 10 oclock across and down to 5:00. It was brighter at the bottom. This was eye level in the sky. Far brighter than any shooting star ive ever seen.

It must have been the same

It must have been the same one that I saw in KS.


I saw something I would say four times as big as I've ever seen a shooting star/meteor in my 36 years. It looked huge from Iowa driving West at around 11ish. It was North West of interstate 80. It fell from a slight angle from South to North St a rapid pace. It slowly degreased in size as it fell and seemed like it would impact Earth. I was greatly concerned and continued to watch for aftermath of impact. Saw nothing.

Dame response

I also thought there may be impact the super moon must be dragging stuff down

Shooting star

Large object seen burning through the sky at about 4:05-4:10am 3rd December 2017. Blue and white streak from north travelling south lasted less than a second.

Where did u see it ? What time zone are you in ?

I saw one over KS, near New Cambria, near I-70 E MM 262 on 12-3-17 at about 12:26 AM CT. It was traveling NE w/ sparks coming off of it. I didn’t see any blue color , but I only saw it a second or 2. Did anybody else see this ?

York Pa siting streaking light falling from sky

About 3:12am I saw a flying ball of light with a streaking light following it diagonally falling down from the sky. Looks like it would have landed within a atleast a mile from my home

Possible meteor in Maryland

Around 3:10 AM on December 2nd, 2017, I witnessed something burning falling from the sky in Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA

Saw it to

I saw the same thing in Dayton Ohio.

I saw it in cumberland md

I saw it in cumberland md around the same time as well.


At approximately 3:10 am on December 2, 2017 in Over tonight Pa, I witnessed a burst of light in the sky and then a fast ball of light falling from the sky.

Green Ball of Light Sighting Falling From the Sky

At approximately 3:20 am on December 2, 2017 in Farmingville, NY, I witnessed a burst of green streaking ball of light, flashing down from the sky. As quickly as I saw it, it quickly disappeared as it was falling downward from the sky.

I seen it here as well

I seen it here as well (Salem, OH)

I seen it as well in

I seen it as well in ckeveland ohio

Saw it to

I saw the same thing in Dayton Ohio.

7am 25th November 2017 bruton

7am 25th November 2017 bruton somerset uk a small green light, like a shooting star, came down and vanished before landing quite low down.

Vanishing star

Tonight at approximately 9pm my wife and I were looking at the sky just as the stars were coming out and watched a star get really bright then vanish.

I guess it was a meteor I do not know

Today at 5:30 is I saw something in the sky while driving it was a big ball of yellow but no large in from Georgia that's were I saw it loganville to Lawrenceville bit one on camera it only looked like a small speck it was weird because there was a lot of those airplanes that release those cloud things very creepy also it wasn't making any streaks in the sky and it definitely wasn't the moon

Green Commet/Meteorite/Shooting star

Tonight, 29/11/2017 10:30pm approx, we saw some type of object, turquoise green breaking up and burning out. Looking much bigger maybe 10 to 15 times as big as a usual shooting star. As it fizzled out it looked like pieces were breaking off it and it also looked to change colour to orange as it dissipated. Incredible! Was a bit scared at first have never seen anything like it. It was north from where we were looking. We live at North Ryde, Sydney, Australia.

A ball of smoke flying through the sky and then it exploded

Hi I am sitting on a beach in Goa 10am in the morning and I witnessed a stream of smoke flying through the sky a great speed and then all of a sudden it exploded and vanished. What could this have been? Did anyone else see this?

Green ball of light

I seen a big green ball of light falling from the sky like the way a shooting star would fall..from oklahoma city

saskatoon SK canada

saw a large flying greenish blueish white object blasting through the sky with several smaller objects flying in the same path. the smaller ones seemed to die out, but the larger one carried on till i couldent see it. minute or so after it was out of site heard a couple far away rolling booms. dogs went nuts and then the coyotes started cooing (not unusual mind you, but seemed to be timed to well). at 11:50 last night nov 24 near saskatoon SK canada. was this a meteor? was really flying. nothing like shooting stars or ive watched meteor showers and they both seemed wayyyyy farther away.

Burning fire ball

7:10am 25th Nov 2917. Steppes our of the front door to see a large fireball with a long tail, streak across the sky. So bright and strong. No sound with it.

Green object in sky

Seadrift, Texas 77983, Nov. 22, 2017, 18:15, clear sky: While sitting on porch a bright green object was observed by myself and four others as it traversed the horizon west to east. As the object passed it appeared to be shedding small bright bits . . . it was a beautiful sight.

White ball of light shooting though the sky. Midnight

At midnight last night I saw a white ball of light shooting though the sky. It was amazingly never seen anything like it. Location Westbury on severn. Gloucester England

White light in sky

At 8:30 est on Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017, while driving north, I saw a vertical streak of white light. it was high in the sky, larger than a shooting star, and not a contrail. Bedford, Ohio, USA

green meteor

Saw a green meteor this morning from st Helens on the isle of Wight, it was travelling really fast and broke up into three pieces, I assume this was as it entered our atmosphere.

green light

Just saw a green light flying through the sky in ringaskiddy co cork at 07:20.


About 7.20am was sitting up in bed looking through window when a large yellow ball fell from sky then brook up like a firework Audrey Pugh Wrexham NorthWales

Large Bright Green Ball of Light

Today 7.15am Lincolnshire UK Sat in the conservatory and a great big bright green ball of light (didnt see a tail of any kind) came down at an angle and disappeared behind the rooftops of neighbouring houses. I expected to hear somekind of noise when it hit, but nothing. It was so big though, not a little streak like shooting stars ive seen. Wow, amazing! What was that?!

Ten minutes ago driving

Ten minutes ago driving through kings hill Kent and I see the biggest green meteorite shoot across the sky. Quite scary. I've seen shooting stars but never anything like this. Green leaving a yellow trail behind.

Green ball of fire

I seen it around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m in enterprise al east to west big green ball it lasted maybe 3 sec. then went out

Green ball shooting across sky

Seen 3 x green balls shooting across the sky in Surrey near Gatwick