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red lights

Did anyone else see 2 red lights in the southern Chch sky last night? It was about 9.30 pm and I saw 2 lights which appeared to be travelling together then became further apart until gradually disappearing out of sight. I know aboput the reports of these "lanterns" but these lights moved in a very smooth and controlled path and I estimate at a reasonable sort of speed.


I was outside my house in royal oak michigan united states and i looked north of the sky and seen what looked like a shooting star but alot huger and looked like flames coming off the end like a tail then not even a minute later i saw these line of balls lit up in the sky east of my house moving slowly west passed my house there were atleast 20 balls lined up perfectly with eachother distance wise the whole timed they moved pass my house they stayed together zigged zagged here and there but stayed in place. I know it wasnta shooting star cause shooting stars dissapear as quick as they came these line balls of light took minutes too pass anyone who seen this and knows what you saw email me at

Live in Lyttelton outside of

Live in Lyttelton outside of Christchurch - witnessed a bright light with a tail what looked to be falling out of sky around 9pm 9/03/2010

Bright blue meteor seen over Whitemans Valley Upper Hutt

Was driving home at approx 9:15pm 9 March 2010 with my very sleepy 4 year old son and we both witnessed a large bright blue meteor falling towards the southern horizon, no trails etc just a fast-falling "pea-sized" blue light.

Am I the only one who saw the Fire ball last night?

Last night I saw a fire ball streaking across the sky. Last night I had just finished washing my rubbish bins out, and I decided to hose myself down as the night was hot. I looked up to the sky admiring the beauty of the Universe, I turned and looked towards the cashmere hills and in the sky I saw a beautiful fire ball streaking across the sky, behind it with a trail of fire.. It look as thou it was falling towards the earth but didn't. I was that excited, I went running back inside telling the children's 'what I had just seen. It was just before 9.15 pm when I experienced the fire ball. Amazing.

So what are they?

Can we please have them verified... it is meant to be chinese new year so maybe theyre all letting off these lanterns....


I just 4 of these over my house area, they all flew to the same spot and faded completely out, like a star.

The whole Lantern thing is plausible, because I just got home from the Lantern Festival.... and it was the end. But i can't imagine Lanterns would last a distance from the central auckland to north shore over Whenuapai airbase, which we are over the water from....

I would to know....

Objects in sky over Waikato

I was watching a replay of Crusaders vrs Reds 20/02/10 and at about 2300hrs noticed through the lounge window a group of 5 red lights travelling south east at a high rate of velocity. There was no wind last night so im counting out the whole latern idea and also because the distance of which these objects covered in a short space of time was unreal. I then noticed a another red light coming from the rear of the first group, then another, then another. By the time the spectacle had finished i had counted 10 Unidentified Flying Objects, which is exactly what these were.

Did anyone else see them??

Red balls of light in the sky

last night I witnessed a large red light (with a bit of white) moving very slowly across the sky. Quite low actually, just like a red ball. No noise, it was a dead calm night. I cannot figure out what it was.....

four orange lights, new plymouth

At around 12.13am I saw four orange lights in the western sky about 30 degrees above the horizon while driving down waiwhakaiho hill, new plymouth, taranaki. At the time of first seeing them they were in the shape of a triangle, with the fourth light inbetween the highest light and the bottom right light. I was able to pull over to the side of the road about 2 minutes later at a petrol station entrance. Only three were visable at this time and they were moving in a easterly direction. the three lights stayed in a line and within 2-3minutes the first of the lights was directly over head. it was at this time that visibility was lost due to clouds. When i looked to see where the other two lights were they could not be seen. There was no noise, speed was constant, as was their brightness and there was no other colour seen but the orange. i have not seen anything similar to this before and often look up.

strange orange lights

I've seen exactly the same thing but over the Auckland viaduct if you want to read my story it is on or maybe but it is under the date 14/11/09 and there 5 of them at about 500ft over us with no sound or nav lights mmmmm strange are'nt they!!!!

10 - 15 lights in Christchurch sky - 11.25pm 14/02/2010

Tonight I watched 10-15 lights fly across the sky in a east to west direction around 11.25pm. The lights didnt flash, but were constant, changing from orange to bright red. In my opinion they were flying slightly quicker than a jet plane could, and there was no noise at all (when planes fly over you can always hear them).

Did anyone else see these??

Lights in sky

Yes, we saw some of these lights. There was no noise at the time. The lights moved quickly across the sky. Twice it seemed that two lights were following each other - taking the same course and staying at the same speed. Not a naturally occurring thing.

Fire in the Sky - New Plymouth

About 9.15pm Saturday, 1.30.10. I saw a fire in the sky like the pictures above. I assumed that it was something burning high in the sky as it didn't seem to move. I watched for about 15mins before it flared up and went out. Very exciting as it wasn't a mythical lantern!!!

I saw these lights on the

I saw these lights on the night of the 14th January 2010, around 9. 45pm. Looking out from my deck over Mission Bay towards Rangitoto. It was a huge ball of flame with a tail, I thought it was heading my way, then it appeared to fade and head out to sea, what looked like between Rangitoto and Waiheke.

Seen U.F.O over Fitzroy New

Seen U.F.O over Fitzroy New Plymouth on Monday night around 9:30pm.
Moving slowly over Fitzroy,Then it took off. It looked like a plane on fire it was bright orange thats why we assumed it was on fire.
It made no sound. It was about 50 meters above the ground. Then it took off really fast up into the stars then dissapeared into nothing. The whole thing lasted about 10minutes. There were 5 witnesses to this. Also a group of people across the road were looking at it.
We took a few pictures whilst texting other people to run outside and have alook.

fire balls

Hi yes OMG this is exactly what we saw off our deck a few weeks ago in Port Waikato, at first it was alittle red dot high in the sky we thought it was someone playng tricks on us cause we first noticed the red dot on our car roof, then as we all looked up this thing got bigger and closer and it looked like it was on fire and going to hit the ground wasnt very high up, my son grabbed the phone and was calling our friends down the road to see if they could see it and all of a sudden it vanished, nothing no more colour or any sound. very scary our little girl starting screaming she was so frightened, i felt a little freaked out too!.

fire balls

Hi yes OMG this is exactly what we saw off our deck a few weeks ago in Port Waikato, at first it was alittle red dot high in the sky we thought it was someone playng tricks on us cause we first noticed the red dot on our car roof, then as we all looked up this thing got bigger and closer and it looked like it was on fire and going to hit the ground wasnt very high up, my son grabbed the phone and was calling our friends down the road to see if they could see it and all of a sudden it vanished, nothing no more colour or any sound. very scary our little girl starting screaming she was so frightened, i felt a little freaked out too!.

If you have pictures we'd

If you have pictures we'd love to see them.  Use the Photo upload section at the bottom of the homepage.


Streak and spot in the Western Sky Sat 16-01-10

We overlook the Tasman and shortly after sunset at first saw the streak coloured tangerine angled down to the right, somewhat above the horizon. After a spell we saw the spot which appeared on the same angle but closer to the cloud bank over the sea. The spot appeared to rise in relation to the streak, and then as if it was changing direction appeared more angled. The streak appeared shorter then longer again and we wondered if it was sunset reflecting on a vapour trail. Curious and fascinated as to what we saw.

Streak in the Western Sky

I saw a very similar event as the sun was setting over west auckland whilst I was stuck in traffic on the Greenhithe bridge coming home from work approx 5.45pm on about the 14th April 2010. I saw a really shiny sliverish streak to the right of the setting sun, it was at an angle of approx 45 degrees (there were no clouds that evening) It got my attention as at first glance it looked like a rip in the sky, But as I watched it very slowly got longer then bent down towards the horizon then it seemed to just stop a stay the size and shape for ages. I lost sight of it after that as the traffic had moved on. However the very next night at exactly the same time and in exactly the same spot in the sky I noticed it again. This time as I watched it grow longer still at approx a 45 degree angle except this time the thing bent upwards not down. I am very curious to know what this could have been?? I did try to take photo's with my phone but they didn't turn out.

comet in sky

i saw this as well!! i managed to get a couple of pics as well! it looks crazy

Fire in the sky... 16.01.2010 9.00pm

I dont agree with the lanterns thing...
1. When it appearred it looked like a shooting star... it was very bright, and caught my eye...
2. After a quick second of the brightness (and I mean BRIGHT light) it moved forward, leaving a glowing trail behind it (like a tail)... it did not do out, and it lasted for a while, it was still glowing bright orange in the sky until it dissappeared from our view...
It was not latern... how the heck could a latern be that far away, leave a tail like that and glow as orange as that did... it was a very long glowing orange light, to me it looked like something moveing very fast (from a great distance) and first thoughts were... plane on fire.... and then once we really tried to get a bet idea we realised this was not a plane accident... it was either a comet or a meteor... This was no latern....
But Im left with the question... where did it go? or where would it have landed / hit the ground?
Facinating siting... have never seen anything like it....

i saw that big fireball on

i saw that big fireball on the 16th too, and your right that was no lantern, but last night i did see two orange lights moving side by side in the sky at varying speeds that could have been lanterns. definitly weren't planes or helicopters tho...

I saw that as well from

I saw that as well from Manukau.
Pic I took from my cell phone....looks bit small in pic...but was really big, with long trail of smoke or something..

Bright flash then a slow descending trail

The pictures you have provided do not match what others & I have seen. There was a bright flash similar to something when entering the earths atmosphere then it slowly descending for a long period of time with a trail behing it. The piture of these lanterns you have provided do not match what we saw.

I guess you could best describe it to when the Shuttle exploded and the debris slowly descended back to earth.

orange light with vertical trail jan 2010

I to saw this light as described below.
From east auckland I watched it through binoculars, moving towards the west for what I would say was at least 8 minutes until it vanished on the horizon.
The freaky thing is I found a article that is exactly what I saw while viewing in the binoculars

Meteor 16 01 2010?

We were driving back home along the Awhitu Peninsula last night around 9pm, we all saw the bright orange light out towards the west that indeed looked like a meteor. It appeared to be heading downwards, or towards the sea but it disappeared from our sight before we could find out for sure. I was going to take a photo, and now I wish I did! If it was a plane as the earlier comment states, would it have such a short contrail and appear to be falling downwards? Anyone got a photo? My 8 year old was amazed that it could be a meteor so I hope it was!

I saw that from Waiuku and

I saw that from Waiuku and throught the binoculars it looked like a sky lantern.

A large bright orange light moving swiftly - but through the lens you could see the lantern above it.

what was it ???

I'm glad to see that I wasn't alone this evening with seeing the comet/meteor.I live in the Manukau area and I was going to my garage when I looked in the direction of the Auckland Airport as we live on the main flight path.That was when I saw the ball of light with a tail.I say tail because you could without a doubt, see the tail of fire.At first I thought it was an aircraft reflecting the sunset to the left of it but that was when I noticed how straight and fasts it was moving and how the tail looked like it was a slow burning fire trailing behind a ball of light.The more I watched it the more I was convinced.While I was watching it I called a mate who is a pilot and I got him to go outside of his house in papatoetoe and look up towards the airport and his come back was " it could be coming off a plane at a very high altitude,but I'm more going towards a comet or something like that ". He also thought it was moving fearly quick for something at that altitude.So I'm keen to hear if anyone has got an answer as to what it was.

I to saw the light as

I to saw the light as described in "what was it", which is a very accurate description.
I watched this through binoculars(east auckland) head out west very slowly, from the time I saw it to the time it vanished on the horizon would have been at least 8mins.
The freaky thing is on this link below is exactly what I saw through binoculars last night.
Check the date.

A couple of folk have

A couple of folk have mentioned viewing what they thought to be a jet as the sun was setting Saturday night. It was indeed a high flyer, a corporate/private Gulfstream jet (G550 for those inclined) flying from Tahiti to Melbourne. Its track tonight took it directly overhead Auckland at 40000ft. Its rare for Auckland to have contrails overhead as there is very little overflying activity so it was special to see one heading east-west just as the sunset.

bright light

My brother and myself saw the same bright light and tail from auckland central, which appeared west over waitakerei at around 8.30 - 9.00. We are intrigued as to what it was but can only assume it was some sort of comet/meteor thing? Does anyone know what it was?

orange lights over waikato

I have just been out on my deck in hamilton, (11:15pm) and looked towards the north to see 4 orange lights in the sky. all slow moving and eventualy fading. I guess they could have been laterns but don't know for sure. Strange but interesting to see.

UFO in Sky Saturday evening 16/1/10

Did any body see a diagonal line over the Auckland west sky that was glowing? It was during sunset so at first we thought it may be a strange shaped cloud but when the other clouds turned black this one kept glowing. We were travelling down SH1 from Orewa and it was in the sky for about 20 mins then we lost it as we got to close to auckland.

Weird orange light

i am from Auckland CBD and i was just sitting at my window watching the sunset when i saw this orange elongated light that i earlier mistook for a a cloud with the setting sun reflecting on it. (The sun has set beyond the horizon but i felt it was the rays reaching a high altitude cloud. but its almost become dark now and that light is visible clearly. its elongated but not horizontal, its angled at about 45* from the horizontal plane. it slmost looks like a comet. i realized it was not a cloud when that object instead of following the wind direction of the few clouds in the sky was setting along with the sun. theres no way thats an aeroplane or a lantern. it was quite bright and relatively larger than stars or aeroplane lights. im sure anyone else watchin the sunset today noticed it. as soon as it went out of view i came online to search if anyone else has posted something about it. im curious to know what it was. cant be a comet right?
btw i am highly skeptical of UFOs and the likes so if anyone knows what it REALLY was please reply and lemme no. l

Wierd orange light

I saw it too and have been trying to find out what it is...very strange. Apparently there has been lots of odd sightings recently in the sky. It was there for ages till we lost it - at least 20 mins.

We saw it too at waikaraka

We saw it too at waikaraka park and it was definately an aircraft i could just make out the shape although was very small, it was amazing to see though i must admit, had some decent altitude to it

Falling object from the sky

I was outside about 30 mins ago with my whole family and we all saw something falling from the sky. It looked like a fiery ball that had a long orange burning fiery tail that was trailing behind it. It started from directly above our heads and then disappeared into the horizon. We're from Auckland, New Zealand in the Pacific and the time was about 8.30pm. Strange! I wonder if it was the same light that Stinzman saw???

Meteor, Auckland, Jan 16, 2010

Anyone see something streaking across auckland sky at around 8.45pm?
Looked like it was glowing, with a decent smoke tail.

I saw the same on the

I saw the same on the Thursday night (14th January) over Rangitoto. I watched it for around 10 minutes, bright orange flame like light with a tail, did not drop from the sky but faded off into the distance.

Sighting I Believe....

I was outside about 30mins ago (1:30am) and saw a bright light falling from the sky. Almost like a firework falling back down. But it was falling WAY to fast for that. I'm still kinda puzzled by it because it looked like it got VERY close to the ground before it actually burnt out. I'm out in Columbia, Virginia which is about as country as you can get. Never heard a sound just the bright white light that went to orange then gone. Been looking for posts to see if anyone else may have seen it because it was brighter than anything i've seen before. WEIRD......

On a recent trip to

On a recent trip to Johannesburg, South Africa in November we saw a cracker of a meteorite, it lit up the whole sky

Bright orange light over Lower Hutt

..Just driving home tonight about 9:45pm and saw an awesome bright orange light, it looked like it was a flame and was quite low to start with then moved up higher into the sky and it also looked huge...after reading this forumn though, Im guessing it to be a lantern but still an amazing sight to see at night for the kids...especially just after they had watched Dr

Iridium Flares

I think a ot of things we see at night are Iridium Flares.


Kerikeri Northland, South facing 10:15 7 January 2010. Last night one large fast moving light broke into three. They lasted approximately 10 seconds before burning out travelling east.


Just saw a bright burning white light zooming through the sky before burning away into 3 smaller sizes before being totally gone. Was looking from East Auckland out towards West


Hey I can double that claim about the bright burning white light which then broke into 3 smaller sizes and was very very bright.
We were outside having a drink when my mate said woah what's that! I thought he was joking around, then I turned around and saw it as well - was very cool, and very bright to the naked eye!

object caught on camera

on the evening of sunday 3rd of jan, my flatmate & i seen ufo to the left of the brighton beach pier around 10:30pm!! it flew across sky heading in the direction of the airport (my flatmate thought it was a plane 4 this reason, but forgeting 2 take into consideration where lights r situated on a flying plane etc) it flew out of our sight, 2 then suddenly reappear in the middle of the sky all of a sudden, leaving us wondering where it came from, as we did not c it flying 2ward the point it was in now. from this point it started 2 slightly oscillate in all was orange in colour, & sometimes i could see a white tail or small beam of light dependnig on the angle in which it was moving!! it kept oscillating 4 quite some time, then it disappeared!! i spoke 2 my aunt the next night & told her what i had seen, she told me she had also been @ the beach, @ same time on the other side of the pier!! we had not crossed paths!! she took photos of the sunset. an interesting object mysteriously appeared in one photo once developed, that she definitely didn't c when taking the photo!!