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from my position in sacramento it was South and heading East

Flash of white light

I was driving and approaching Golf road in Titirangi, I honestly thought it was lights from a small aircraft that was dropping and about to crash land. Came across in front of me from East to West.


Hi, I saw it driving through


I saw it driving through Ellerslie facing towards the One Tree Hill Area. It looked like a shooting star on fire and it was heading downwards to the ground on a slight angle from my right before it dissapeared out of sight from the trees and buildings etc in front of me. It seemed quite close but behind One Tree Hill Area. I only saw it for a few seconds and it seemed to be at flying height when I first saw it...

I saw the shooting star blow

I saw the shooting star blow apart in the air over Tararua's on the Way home on thrusday nights at about 7pm

Large and very bright meteorite.

Driving home on Wednesday night on TeAtatu Peninsula at about 6.40 (early dusk) and a bright bluish light streaking acorss the sky caught my attention.

It seemed to be just above the relatively low clouds and travelling extremely fast leaving a big bright blue trail behind it.

It was travelling so fast that it was only in my vision for about 2 seconds. I have ever seen anything so big and bright in the sky.

I have seen shooting stars before but neve something that seemes so large and close before - very dramatic and awesome.

This was also witnessed by a number of people several miles distant at the local soccer club.

I am guessing it was a large meteorite.

Did anyone else see this?

Large and very bright meteorite

Liam - yes I saw it too on my way home from work on the north western motorway. It was huge and couldn't find any details regarding it until now.

Everyone I spoke to thought I was mad! and finally until now its great to read someone else saw it too

Fireball In The Sky

We saw the same thin in the West of Ireland around midnight as we slipped into 2011!

There was a single fireball coming over the Atlantic from the west! Someone thought it was the space station but it looked on fire and was moving quickly towards us! It was very high up. We tracked it for a couple of minutes as it's size and brightness slowly diminished. I don't think it fell so maybe it was skimming the atmosohere.

Anyhoos, with the collapse of the ecconomy and the banking system and the church in turmoil, it frightened me that this may have been End of Days happening at midnight on Hogmanay! :)

hey keith,, im from Kildare,,

hey keith,, im from Kildare,, seen a crazy red ball in the sky tonight,, moving so fast bout 9:45pm tracked it for a moment and just dissapeared,, skys are clear here. dont no where it went,,

vapour trail over ChCh this morning

Anyone else see the wierd vapour trail over ChCh this morning?

It looked to be very low and start in the middle of nowhere.

yeah we saw that too from

yeah we saw that too from Ashley, it seemed to head in a NE direction.

re Vapour trail

It would be useful to know what time this occurred, you state it headed Northeast but where in the sky did it start from?

Doesn't indicate whether it was daytime or early morning. I would like to eliminate or otherwise the possibility of this being related to the Space Shuttle (water dumps, engine firings etc) but there is not enough information to do this.

Iridium pass not seen, Space station observed

Didn't see anything from Iridium 33 last night. Nice pass this morning of the space station with shuttle attached though not quite as bright as expected. Even without binoculars you can tell it is a complex structure.

A good opportunity to see the space station and docked shuttle tomorrow morning in the south from 6:11 to 6:16, this will be the last pass we can see them joined before undocking.

Iridium 33 pass tonight is probably a bit early to pick up flashes as sky will still be a little bright but if you want to check in case of flares the remains of the satellite pass almost overhead from south to north. The pass is from 7:55 p.m to 8:11 p.m (slightly earlier for the South Island and slightly later for the north of the North Island.)

Iridium 33 pass tonight

At last we (in Wellington) seem to be getting rid of cloud which has made observation virtually impossible!

Another good Iridium 33 pass at 8:35 p.m NZDT tonight (Tuesday 24th) going southwest to northwest lasting about 15 minutes Highest elevation is about 38 degrees in the west. Times will vary slightly depending on location. Could flash or flare (difficult or impossible to see even with binoculars unless it does). Any reports would be of interest, time them if possible.

Also tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 5:45 a.m the Space Station and Shuttle will pass to the south, only visible for a very short time as it exits the earth's shadow but should be nice and bright.

Exceptionally bright meteor

I was driving to a spot to view an Iridium satellite flare earlier tonight (23 March, central North Island). On the way there, at about 7:40pm I saw a very bright meteor in a north easterly direction, and moving relatively slowly. I probably only saw it for a couple of seconds and I guess it may have moved about 10 degrees over that period. it was bright, yellow or white, and appeared to be heading more or less directly "down". As best I can recall it was something like 20-30 degrees above the horizon when I saw it. We got to see the Iridium flare also about quarter of an hour later (magnitude -8 in theory), but this meteor appeared to be far brighter (even in the very light sky at the time when I saw it).

Clive Gifford.


Robert Holdsworth sent a message using the contact form...

Not exactly weather related but certainly of considerable interest and it does involve looking at the sky! The main remaining body of the Iridium 33 satellite that was wrecked recently in a collision passes South to North over New Zealand this evening starting around 8:16 pm for those in the south and a little later for those in the North. Reports are that is flashing.

Binoculars will be best but it may be possible to see the flashes without them. Looks like the flash period will be about 4 to 5 seconds. The pass will last about 15 minutes. Looks like I might get clouded out- hope not!


Shooting star!

10:28pm, Sunday March 15.  Was just watching TV and something caught my eye out the window - the biggest and brightest meteor I've ever seen (have certainly never seen one from indoors!).  Lasted about 4 long seconds streaking towards the west in the north west sky.  Was a greeny/white colour.  Very cool! 

Philip Duncan

You're right! Me and my lady

You're right!
Me and my lady saw it too!
What's amazing is that I was a 1000 miles away from her but we happened to look at it at the same moment and only later talked about it! Wow!

Where abouts are you? Phil.

Where abouts are you?


Meteors possible early tomorrow morning

There could be meteors early Saturday morning from the Gamma-Nomids. Best time will be from about 3 a.m to 5 a.m. Look east of the Southern Cross.

large meteor with green trail seen arching from north to south

On March 10th 2009 about 7pm I saw a large object with a green pointed trail in the west arching from north to south. It was a clear sky and I was on a commuter boat between chelsea bridge and albert bridge. I thought it must be hitting the ground... did anyone else see it?

? meteor

I was watching the sky with a friend on the 7th February, at about 10.05pm, from a Hawkes Bay beach. A bright red/orange light with an aura around it appeared. Travelling from north to south south east it crossed the sky in approximately 1.5 to 2 seconds, clearly visible until disappearing into cloud on the horizon. The sky was predominantly clear, with very light patchy cloud cover. The light was large, approximately 5 to 6 mm across with the aura adding another 2 to 3mm to this. I can't find any information as to what this might have been and am interested to find out. I have witnessed meteors and 'shooting stars' before and this definately did not resemble anything I have witnessed before. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Lights in the northern sky about 10.45pm Sat

Looking north over christchurch new zealand, towards i would say ashley river mouth from papanui we saw low in the sky, differant coloured lights.
These lights could not have been a metor shower or shooting stars as these appeared then dissapeared!

These lights did this for about 15 minites, and what a show..!
it was almost like 100 lights all just going on off on off like a xmas tree lights then moving.

Now these lights stayed in the same place, while the star beside them moved out of view behind a big pine tree... so if these were in a fixed position they would have rotated with the rest of the stars.

I can put it down to a lot of failling stars / northen lights? are these seen this time of year from ch ch ? or 1 big fleet of UFOs doing something
but id be interested to know if anyone else saw these!

Free free to setup a UFO or space blog here

I live in HOKIANGA

I was outside at about half 10 ish when i saw a really bright flash. It freaked me out as i live in the middle of the bush and it lit the place up like daylight for a few seconds. I looked up to the sky and saw the fading of light and a long smoke trail. The smoke trail however arced downward from WEST to EAST. Im sure I heard a crash about 5 seconds later sounded like crackles but it all happened so quickly. I didnt know what it was at first but now i can get over it beacause now i know it was a meteor. And here i was thinking it was an alien spaceship bringing the antichrist. Waaaaa.

Meteor on 13th Dec 19:45hrs

I too saw a very bright beautiful iridescent green light across the night sky, travelling in a East to West arc at about 7:45pm or there abouts.... I was looking North-West out our conservitory in Collingwood, Golden Bay near Nelson..... It was extremely bright and as I have said was a very beautiful iridescent green ,,,, this I do believe was a Meteorite....Mike

Was at Huntly speedway when i

Was at Huntly speedway when i saw a a bright flash and looked up at the sky and seen a bright star like thing flying through the sky with a light trail behind it. It disappeared into the horizon towards the north west. It was quite spectacular to see as I had never seen a meteor before.

First comment re: Meteor

A reader to, Gregory Wood, says he saw the meteor in Saturday night's sky.  "I watched it from Orewa while outside trying to take a photograph of the full moon. The first thing I noticed was a brilliant flash of light over my shoulder to the west of the land. I first thought it was sheet lightning as there was no noise. Looking up, the meteor's tail crossed about a quarter of the horizon at about 10 o'clock (in aviation terms)".

Mr Wood says the tail resembled a vapour trail from an aircraft but pointed out aircraft vapour trails aren't usually visible at night.  "I assumed that these were red hot meteor particles slowly cooling down".


yes yes yes, well we were trying to make our way through the crowds leaving xmas in the park - auckland on staurday night after an amazing show of fireworks, a shooting star lit the sky, it was SPECTACULAR ive seen a couple before but never anything like this, the tail lasted for about 1 mintue. what a beautiful land we live in... Incredible... :)


We were sitting outside with work friends at our christmas party, when we all looked up to this brilliant white blue streak accross the sky, was quite amazing, people sitting with there back to it all looked up instantly as they saw the bright light, light up our faces but by the time they looked up had missed the brilliant event, perhaps this will be the only time i will ever see one of those. Incredible


I was walking down St Stephens Avenue in Parnell, and heard the sound of an exceptionally fast small jet. I looked up to see a dead straight light trail in the sky, coming from the direction of the Auckland Domain and heading towards Remuera. My friends thought it was a firework, but there was no burst of colour at the end. The trail stayed white for less than a minute, then slowly faded. I was impressed by the straightness of it.



My family and I were driving up 'John Down's Street' in Browns Bay on Saturday between 10:10pm and 10:30pm (not too sure). A massive flash (blue-white in color) went off above our car (no sound though) We thought it was lightening, but i checked the sky and there were only a few clouds far North. It lasted about half a second, but it was bright. We said it was either a pylon exploding over our car (unlikely) or a meteorite, as I've seen one before (really close too, could hear it crackling as it descended!!)

I didn't think at the time to look for the meteorite till later...pitty


We were out in our front yard

We were out in our front yard on the North Shore when we were surprised by a brilliant white flash of light in the sky around 10:25 pm. Looked up to see what appeared to be either a vapor-like trail or smoke trail appear across the sky running roughly E to W which lasted for quite a few seconds before slowly fading into the background darkness. Seen plenty of shooting stars before but never anything as spectacular as this.

meteor in Auckland after fireworks

I saw that! We were leaving Christmas in the Park when we saw a flash and heard a noise. I looked up in time to see the meteor and the vapour trail. My wife said it was just a firework bu it didn't really behave like one.

Keen to see if it was recorded anywhere.

Was sitting in the shed where

Was sitting in the shed where a large window faces to the northwest, situated in Silverdale, all of a sudden, huge flash of white light in 2 distinct bursts flashed, we stumbled to gaze awkwardly out of the windown (hey, it was a Saturday night!) and so no evidence of clouds (well ones that would be suficient to brew a storm worthy of lighting) and heard no thunder. Part of me was thinking it could be a meteor given the time of year, but I had never seen one before so never knew what to look for, plus the bright white flashes, I thought it must have been lighting!
Wake up this morning to reports of a meteor & my pondering over such events of last night ceased!


Yes, part of the annual Geminid Meteor-shower, which peaks tomorrow morning and is one of the most active of the year. The best time to look for Geminids is any time after about 1 or 2 am through until dawn. Some more info here and here.

Btw, Full Moon alignment occurred at 5:37am on Saturday and Perigee 5 hours later at 10:38am. So technically, the Perigean Full Moon was brighter here on Fri/Sat night, rather than last night. Congrats to Weatherwatch for getting that right, unlike TVNZ who yesterday claimed that it was last night.

Ball of light

At 5:10am in Tewksbury Ma, I was outside havin a smoke and happened to look up at the sky and saw a ball of light that was roughly the size of a basketball, didn't look like it was high in the sky at all, it was light blue, looked like a shooting star, was headed towards the ground but it disappeared behind my neighbors house across the way ( I live in a townhouse complex) What the hell did I just see?


Just seen the same thing in Johnson city tn,looked like a falling star but was really close and was on fire from coming through the atmosphere I assume.. really cool to see ..happened around 7:30 pm

explosian 2007

i didint see anything this year but in 2007 me and my brother saw an orang explosian in the sky, later on the radio some scientest said it was a supernova, i still dont believe that. then in 2009 we saw three red lights at a low altitude move verry qiukly and silently over us, the three red lights made the shape of a triangle, i think there were some smaler lights but i couldent tell, I live in northern alberta near an airforce base so im used to seeing low flying jets and airplanes, but ive never seen anything like that before and havent since.

I remember this in 2007 . i

I remember this in 2007 . i used to live in hunua/papakura I was about 11 when this happened .