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same thing!


I saw the same thing in Hanover and my cousin saw it in Mt. Airy MD (which is close to Frederick)!!!!!!

notice very little new attention? wander why?

last night at about 11:30 pm

last night at about 11:30 pm edt in united states, albany, ny i saw a white ball of light move from northwest to southeast at a very fast rate of speed it only lasted for about half a second before dissappearing into the night sky it was a clear night there was a full moon and lots of stars.

orange ball of light

Last night around 11:00pm Eastern time zone. I was on the deck looked up and saw large orange ball travelling from the north to the south overhead. Was very large and travelling very fast. I live approximately 1 hour west of Sudbury Ontario, Did anyone else see this.

I seen something similar in the UK

Hello , I live in Newcastle , England , on Saturday evening of 26/06/2010 my son said there was a hot air balloon in the sky , I thought this unusual as it was starting to get dark , when we went out to have a look , to me it looked like an orange fireball , moving from south to north , it also appeared to be not so high in the sky , it was very mysterious indeed

Yes I saw this too exept in

Yes I saw this too exept in northern pa I saw that it was moving too I'm not sure what it was either

Green fireball

I saw a green fireball around 10PM tonight while walking to Tim Hortons. It looked like it was over Lake Ontario or to the south. I live near Toronto, Ontario. I also found this link below. Watch the videos of what happened.

Tonight - Thursday 6/24 at

Tonight - Thursday 6/24 at around 10pm NYC time - I saw a huge ball of fire fly through the sky, looked red and blue. Looked like it had sort-of tail. From what i could see, looked almost as big as the moon. Looked like it was falling down, at first I thought it might have been an airplane crashing or something. Looks like it could be the same one seen in Canada in the post below! It was amazing to see one so close up.

ball of fire

My husband was outside approximately an hour ago and was surprised to see a ball of fire fall quickly from the sky. We live near Prescott, Ontario Canada. He was looking to the South near the moon and from this distance it appeared to be about 1/4 the size of the moon.
He could see colors around it like red and blue. He said if it was a falling star thats the closest and fastest he has ever viewed one.
Thats how I discovered this site as I was searching to see if there was any information on line about this occurence.

I saw an orange ball of light

I saw an orange ball of light moving across the sky from west to east, quite low in the sky.About quarter the size of the moon,no sound, looked like fire.
This was Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, approx 11.40pm on Wedneday 23rd June 2010

Orange lights over Upminster, Essex

Hi there. We live in Upminster, Essex and last evening (23rd June 2010), about 11/11.15pm looked from our bedroom window (which is North) to see two fast moving orange balls of light. There was no noise at all and no flashing (like an airplane) They then moved further to the north at which point they turned a redish pink colour and diminished in size to nothing.

Within seconds there were three more balls of light almost taking the exact same route with again no noise. We found it amazing!

This morning we heard on LBC 97.3 somebody called in to say they thought they had seen UFO's. They had seen orange lights with no sound. A second person confirmed they had seen the orange lights too. We were pleased that someone else had actually seen what we saw.

Any comments and/or info you can provide on this please?

Many thanks

Alan & Angie Crellin
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fire ball

About 10:05 last night June 24 2010 my brother and I just happened to be in the sky and saw the same thing, It started up north with a big blue flash of light then shot very fast towards the southwest area and turned from blue to a red-orange color before what almost sounded like an explosion very far in the distance. very strange.. If I had to guess I'd say maybe a meteor? From where we were standing in the poconos it did seem to be far away but it was extremely big and bright, and only loud when it finally came to rest. What the hell was it? Nothing on the news or anything, someone tell me we're not crazy haha

orange light in Cyprus

I saw one whilst in Cyprus on 17th June. It was moving west to east. Not sure what it was but there was no noise and it looked too big for a chinese balloon.

light in sky

I was traveling south east in the Northeast part of the state of Georgia, USA. It was about 9:30pm EST, on June 23, 2010. In the sky to the south, I saw a bright light moving like a falling star. Slower than I thought it should be, larger than any I had seen before.The moon was right above it and this thing was a quarter the size of the moon. Just when I thought it might be a flaming aircraft, it disappeared just before reaching the tree tops in the distance.

Orange ball in the sky

I have just seen an orange ball travel across the sky, whilst outside smoking. After looking on google maps to see which way our house faces, it was travelling from West to East. It was 11.04pm, and its a clear evening with no breeze. I thought it may be a lantern, but there wouldn't be enough wind for it to be moving at the speed in which it did.

As it disappeared over the house, it looked like it was about to go out, then looked to "re-ignite" itself. It freaked me out a little, as my first thought was an aeroplane on fire, but there was no sound, and seemingly no vapour trail of any kind.

I know there is some kind of logical explanation to this? But what?!!!


Orange Ball in the sky

My wife and I saw this same light, fireball ???, at 11.10pm from our house in York. It was travelling West to East with no sound or vapour trail and can confirm that after a few minutes it seemed to re-ignite itself then it dissapeared from our view behind trees. I would be interested to know what it was as it was travellin too fast for a ballon and to quiet for an aircraft.

Strange Large Orange looking Moon

Early Tuesday morning June 22, 2010 around 3:40am I was at my friends house in Alabama and we were loading my car up, and we looked across her field, and threw the trees in far off we saw what looked like the moon. It was huge! Orange, and seemed strange as it was a full moon and it was not time for a full moon, and I've never seen a large orange moon at 3am. Usually at sunset I might notice the moon looking really big at times. But I finished packing up my car maybe 5 minutes later, and glanced over to see it again, and we all were freaked out, it was gone. The sky that night/morning was clear and I could see all the stars out. We are still wondering what we saw in the sky? Anyone know what it could have been?

I seen the same thing this

I seen the same thing this morning. I was outside smoking and I looked up and there was this orange/red ball in the sky, that was bigger then the moon. I ignored at at first, but several minutes later I was watching it disappear behind the trees. Not sure what it was or if the news is reporting anything but let me know what you find out.


at 10.55pm this evening, low

at 10.55pm this evening, low in the sky to the East/Northeast, very bright light (brighter than Venus is at the moment) falling towards earth. Have seen shooting stars high in the sky that seemed to skim, but this one was falling DOWN. Light went out before it reached the line of houses/trees obstructing my view. Am in Greater Wellington region, New Zealand.

Me too

Hi I saw a really big meteor passing above Beirut Lebanon, we were watching the game of Argentina and Greece it was about 9:55 Beirut time, I am researching since morning on the internet and I couldn't find any information!

same here

I was travelling to Beirut through Damascus at the same time you mentioned and i did see the extremely big meteor, couldn't find any information too. Too few did see it(only the people in the taxi i was in). Wonder what that was! but hey did you see the rocket that was being sent in the meteor direction?

I saw them too

I saw them too, from my kitchen window at about 11 p.m. yesterday night. I live in singapore. My father spotted them first and called for me. There were five of them, green luminous light, all moving in random directions. Then suddenly became one. After a few minutes they again moved in some darted movements.........What was that!!


was hoping to find something on te web about this.....two of us saw them....8 bright about 15 different parts of the sky, traveling in different directions...too fast to be a plane...too slow to be a comet, all of them brighter than anything in the sky....bright white/blue

lights - London, England

I saw the same, seemed to be more than 8 and they were smaller blue swirly blue spirals amongst them, which were not as bright. I live London, England and it was approx 10-10.30am


Hi, i saw the same thing, lots of white lights and there seemed to be smaller blue squiggles/swirls in between them, making there way forward. I live London, England and this happened today, 27.6.10 at between 10am and 10.30am.

It was like a large orange

It was like a large orange ball of fire travelling fast from north to south and then a few minutes later another one followed in the same direction, I live in the Preston/Blackpool area, I saw the first one around 10.30pm on Saturday 19 June 2010.

bright light in northwestern sky

Central New Jersey, USA. Today, June 20, 2010 at approximately 11:00 pm my husband and I saw a very bright light that looked a lot like Venus at it's brightest but slightly bigger. The object lasted only for 10 seconds or so and did not move, it just faded into nothingness. It appeared in the northwestern sky, very nearly under the bowl of the big dipper.

Bright light in the sky

approx 11pm - Sat 19th June - Gold Coast Australia - noticed a large round "red/orange" ball of light in the sky - looked like a distress flare before it explodes....several of us watched it but there was not just started to move into the north and went very distant and looked like a star...we kept our eye on it for about 40 stopped..went sideways....upwards....downwards. Helicopter?? - sorry no flashing lights (see them around here all the time) - plane?? - no planes,when coming towards you have a white light/leaving you they have a red flashing light - so not a plane either....
Anyone have any thoughts?? - p.s. spoke to neighbours the next day. they saw the same thing but apparently we noticed it the second time - the first time they noticed it - was around 10.30pm Qld Time.

Object in sky

Shortly before midnight my entire family was watching what looked like a star move really fast (4 to 5x faster than a plane) in the sky - as it got directly overhead it fell with a bright light, then in a matter of seconds and before it reached the ground went right back up into the sky (to what seemed as distant as a star) and on across the horizon.

Orange ball of light in Lutterworth, Leics, UK

Not sure of the time, sometime after 12am last night (19 June), i was smoking in the garden and looked up to see a very bright ball of orange light high in the sky, travelling quite fast from north to South. I called my two friends out to see this and they had no explanation. It was competely silent, and most definately was not a plane/helicopter.


We saw a large fireball pass by over the ocean, appear to flame out, then disappear. I'm in Orange County, California, and we saw it around 9:30, give or take 15 minutes. We knew it wasn't a plane--it was traveling way too fast. Amazing sight.

Half Moon - It turned a Bright Red on Friday Evening - June 18

Friday Night - June 18, 2010 we were at Keenes Lake Campground in Calais, Maine and there were quite a few of us campers that observed the Half Moon in sky. An absolutely clear night with lots of stars up in sky.
This was around 11:30 - 12 midnight.
Then it started to turn a bright Red. Real Pretty, but I do not think it was a lunar eclipse - if it was, it was ahead of schedule because there is suppose to be one on June 26.

I was wondering if anyone else had observed this. Spooky, because you hear of the myths associated with the Blood Moon and bad events about to follow. Scary.

Meteor? Asteroid? MYSTERY!

West Hickory, Pennsylvania, United States 10:30ish EST

My grandparents and I were sitting on the front porch talking, when my grandmother screams "what's that up in the sky?" My grandfather and I looked up and we saw a fairly huge what looked to be a ball of fire with flames coming out the back of it. It was moving very quickly and silently you couldn't hear any noise at all coming from this. I yelled in for my father to come out and he saw it too. I am not sure what this might have been but it was something amazing to be able to see. I am reading other stories about people seeing the same thing in other countries this is simply amazing!

strange orange lights over wigan uk england

I was walking home last night when i saw 4 bright orange lights in the sky in a formaction, one of them was moving aroung like it was accelerating to catch up with one that was in front, then one by one they all dissapeared, it was not overcast or anything as it was clear skys and i could see stars so this rules out cloude cover, the lighs did not dissapear over the horizon they dissapered at high alltitude, all in a space of seconds there was no noise cos when i first saw them they were very big as this is what drew my attenction as they were mucl larger then what you would expect on a aircraft.................this was seen at about 23:30 sat 19 June over Wigan area in UK.

strange orange lights

I was outside in my back garden smoking las night 19th June at 11.00pm when I saw a bright orange light in the sky. It seemed to be circular but the strange thing was that there seemed to be flames coming from the top of it. It travelled quite slowly, no sound and then disappeared like it went behind cloud or something. It was followed by 2 more travelling the same path and the same process occured. It was strange. Had never seen anything like it before. Would love an explanation?
Co Wexford, Ireland

shooting star...meteor?

19th June 2010 about 9.45pm Myanmar (burma). Friend and I saw a shooting star like in the sky....except that this was much bigger. I bright ball of light in front with a long tail of light. It was amazing...any idea what it might have been?


A bunch of us saw it too. We

A bunch of us saw it too. We were in the mountains camping in Chiang Mai. Never saw anything like it. Does anyone know what it was?

any idea whats going on

30 june 2010 .Last night at about 8.30pm we where walking to the shop when i noticed black objects travelling at quite a speed there where alot of them and as they steadily came lower we saw that the where all the same shape and actually blue in colour not black,it seemed like alot of the heathrow flight plan had been diverted .There where police everywhere and a helicopter circled the of direction where all objects coursed towards Whats going on? Nothing on news Nothing in the papers?

Yes! Me and a lot of people

Yes! Me and a lot of people in north of Thailand (Chiangmai, Mae Hong Son area) sow it too. It was very big, I guess 1/5 of moon with long tail and then split to one big and some smaller peaces without any sound. Move slowly from south to north. Very beautiful!


June 19th 2010 saw same object two of them about one minute apart following exact same path. west to east. Amesbury, MA

Similar orange glow sighting

I live in a small village in hertforshire england, saw orange ball 12:45 GMT travelling east to south west this evening. it was very large when it first appeared then it's brightness diminished until it was virtually due south. it travelled fairly quickly across the sky taking about 10 seconds or so. no sound, I thought at first sattelite or rocket/missile. meteor sounds plausable.


about 12 at night walking

about 12 at night walking home from work in glasgow i saw 2 bright orange lights fading away from me. really really bright in colour pretty cool to see.

Saturday 19 June 2010 approx

Saturday 19 June 2010 approx 7.55 pm - 8.00, central Palmerston North NZ. Sky clear, happened to look up and north and saw five red - orange slightly pulsating lights appear from 320 - 340 degrees magnetic (checked direction with compass as soon as they disappeared) and went fairly slowly overhead in a straight line. Two groups of two followed by a single trailing light. No tails like I usually see with meteors. Significantly larger than any star or satelite I have seen. Visible for maybe two minutes until they faded out.

Floating orange like balls

Yesterday I went to park my car in my back garden at 23.30 and seen orangy/gold balls floating in the sky, not exactly round but ovally like, I live in Bilston W Midlands and my 14 year old son along with another lady passing by was extremely shocked, the were passing by slowly in twos and threes for a good 20 minutes.

What a experience we took photos and recorded it on our phone.

Floating orange like balls

Yesterday I went to park my car in my back garden at 23.30 and seen orangy/gold balls floating in the sky, not exactly round but ovally like, I live in Bilston W Midlands and my 14 year old son along with another lady passing by was extremely shocked, the were passing by slowly in twos and threes for a good 20 minutes.

What a experience we took photos and recorded it on our phone.

Yeah i saw them and was

Yeah i saw them and was disappointing that their was no sound barrier noise as they went over head.very impressive i must say.


Tuesday night Auckland looking South east over Tamaki Estuary. Shooting star ? very very low in sky heading North South direction. Any idea what it was?

Fireball over Cambridge, UK Wed 16/06/10 approx 11pm

Last night I went outside before I went to bed.
I happened to look up to see a bright orange ball flying through the sky from west to east for about 5 seconds before it disappeared.
I cannot find anything about it on the internet, apart from here and you are all a long way from me!

orange reddish ball

it was june 11,2010 i was sitting outside my house in los lunas new mexico around 11 or 12 pm out the corner of my eye i seen a light it surprised me i had no clue wat it was it looked like a big orange reddish thing on fire leaving a tail of wat seemed like fire lasted 5-10 sec n seemed like it blew up it was almost going about a 45 degree angle north east any one else see it? n wat was it i cant find anything on here that is exactly wat i saw

orange reddish ball

My wife and I saw this burning orange red ball travelling northeast over no. california on friday night the 11th of june,about 930 pm or so, it travelled very fast and then "blew up" and fell to earth, I guess. It looked like a plane on fire, then not too far behind it was a plane flying in the same direction.

orange reddish fireball

I was out for a walk Friday June 11 on a clear beautiful night in Victoria, BC, Canada when around 12 AM PST a bright orangey red fireball fell towards the earth in the northeastern sky.
It lasted around 5-6 seconds, had a very long "tail" of fire behind it, and seemed very close to the earth. I did not notice anything explode or blow up prior to seeing it fall quickly to earth.
It was also reasonably large- maybe because I am north of you and a little closer to where it fell? It did look like something on fire but not sure what it was...
Any other witnesses or word on what this was?