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I saw the same on the

I saw the same on the Thursday night (14th January) over Rangitoto. I watched it for around 10 minutes, bright orange flame like light with a tail, did not drop from the sky but faded off into the distance.

Sighting I Believe....

I was outside about 30mins ago (1:30am) and saw a bright light falling from the sky. Almost like a firework falling back down. But it was falling WAY to fast for that. I'm still kinda puzzled by it because it looked like it got VERY close to the ground before it actually burnt out. I'm out in Columbia, Virginia which is about as country as you can get. Never heard a sound just the bright white light that went to orange then gone. Been looking for posts to see if anyone else may have seen it because it was brighter than anything i've seen before. WEIRD......

On a recent trip to

On a recent trip to Johannesburg, South Africa in November we saw a cracker of a meteorite, it lit up the whole sky

Bright orange light over Lower Hutt

..Just driving home tonight about 9:45pm and saw an awesome bright orange light, it looked like it was a flame and was quite low to start with then moved up higher into the sky and it also looked huge...after reading this forumn though, Im guessing it to be a lantern but still an amazing sight to see at night for the kids...especially just after they had watched Dr

Iridium Flares

I think a ot of things we see at night are Iridium Flares.


Kerikeri Northland, South facing 10:15 7 January 2010. Last night one large fast moving light broke into three. They lasted approximately 10 seconds before burning out travelling east.


Just saw a bright burning white light zooming through the sky before burning away into 3 smaller sizes before being totally gone. Was looking from East Auckland out towards West


Hey I can double that claim about the bright burning white light which then broke into 3 smaller sizes and was very very bright.
We were outside having a drink when my mate said woah what's that! I thought he was joking around, then I turned around and saw it as well - was very cool, and very bright to the naked eye!

object caught on camera

on the evening of sunday 3rd of jan, my flatmate & i seen ufo to the left of the brighton beach pier around 10:30pm!! it flew across sky heading in the direction of the airport (my flatmate thought it was a plane 4 this reason, but forgeting 2 take into consideration where lights r situated on a flying plane etc) it flew out of our sight, 2 then suddenly reappear in the middle of the sky all of a sudden, leaving us wondering where it came from, as we did not c it flying 2ward the point it was in now. from this point it started 2 slightly oscillate in all was orange in colour, & sometimes i could see a white tail or small beam of light dependnig on the angle in which it was moving!! it kept oscillating 4 quite some time, then it disappeared!! i spoke 2 my aunt the next night & told her what i had seen, she told me she had also been @ the beach, @ same time on the other side of the pier!! we had not crossed paths!! she took photos of the sunset. an interesting object mysteriously appeared in one photo once developed, that she definitely didn't c when taking the photo!!

Orange lights in the sky

Well i am in South Africa, Cape Town and they were spotted on the 4th of Jan by my father at about 9pm. He said there was 3 orange lights flying in formation.
The next night 5th Jan around the same time i saw them, I however only saw 2 orange lights, and yes they had no sound at all, they just faded away slowly.
I managed to take photo's on my phone but they didnt come out at all nice.
They look like stars. The 1 photo is orange however. It flew right over my head and then slowly faded away.

We saw them too!!

My sister and I have seen these orange lights twice..the first time was a couple of weeks before Christmas - there was only the one light and it was moving in a dead straight line across the sky. There was no noise so couldn't have been a plane or helicopter and was definitely NOT a lattern! We thought at first it could have been a satellite but it was moving too fast and orange. It eventually disappeared for a while then came back again and flew the exact same flight path. The second time we saw them was on New Years Eve just after midnight - I guess some will argue in this case they were latterns, but there was three of them this time flying in formation, all the same size, same speed and colour. They disappeared after awhile then there were three more. Both nights we saw them were clear still nights with minimal cloud and no wind. They were too high to be lanterns and flew in a perfect straight line side ways across the horizon - NOT up! They definitely didn't look like they were "flaming"...they were perfect round orange spheres of light.
We saw them from West Auckland, NZ....flying over the Waitakere's the first night then over towards the north east the second time.
Sounds like a whole heap of people all over the world are seeing the same thing! I shall keep my eyes up to the sky...


Well i am in South Africa, Cape Town and they were spotted on the 4th of Jan by my father at about 9pm. He said there was 3 orange lights flying in formation.
The next night 5th Jan around the same time i saw them, I however only saw 2 orange lights, and yes they had no sound at all, they just faded away slowly.
I managed to take photo's on my phone but they didnt come out at all nice.
They look like stars. The 1 photo is orange however. It flew right over my head and then slowly faded away.

Orange light in the sky!

I also live in Cape Town. Last night (Jan 7th 2010) my house mates and I saw a bright orange light, bigger and brighter than Sirius, in the region of Orion's shoulders. It moved slowly to the right across the sky. After watching for about 3 to 4 minutes, it seemed to stop and stay in one place for about a minute. It then started moving upwards and right in a diagonal direction. After about 30 seconds of this movement, it flashed a little and slowly faded out to blackness.

Bright Orange light over auckland 06/01/2010

Saw a bright orange light rise slowly then move slightly northerly whilst continuing to rise out of sight. More or less went straight up in the air

orange & red fire like light in sky on 01/06/10

I was at work in Santa Ana Ca. getting ready to eat breakfast about 7:45 am, when I looked out the window and saw a bright orange and red light almost like a fire in the sky, it was really bright at first then it faded. It was there about 1 min. this was very strange it looked like a fire in the sky.

orange "fireball" sighted in cape town on 04/01/2010 at 9.15pm

on january 4th 2010 around 9.15pm we saw a orange, bright light in the western sky above cape town, SA. it first appeared slightly above venus (measuring subjectively approx. 3-4x the size of venus) and moved slowly horizontally towards the south west. initially it became bigger and brighter, then it slowly started to fade, while it seemed to be "pumping" from brighter to darker appearance before it completely disappeared; speed of this "fireball" was significantly slower than a plane or a satellite. duration of this phenomenon was approx. 2.5 - 3.0 minutes. the comments below concerning the "orange fireball/light" from 1st and 3rd of january sound very similar to what we saw in cape town on the 4th.

at 10.30pm 3rd jan we saw an

at 10.30pm 3rd jan we saw an orange meteorite or fireball flying through the sky, we thought it was a plane at first, because it was flying that kinda speed but it dropped a spark like a firework, but it jsut flew all the way across the horizon.
We were in Redwood, Christchurch, NZ

Was most probably another one

Was most probably another one of those lanterns

Fireball? UFO?

Sunday 03rd January 2010 10.15pm - Rotorua NZ

Tonight out Te Ngae 5 of us saw what looked like a large glowing orange ball moving vertically along the western flight path in the direction of Taupo/National Park from Mt Ngongataha, however this was definately not a plane. When we first spotted it it appeared to be moving at the speed of a plane then gradually picked up speed and trailed farther into the distance before dropping and towards the ground in all what felt like a matter of 1.5 - 2.0 minutes. It was definately not a lantern, hotair balloon or plane and was as close a what you would expect an incoming plane to be if it was coming in from Auckland. Weird!


on the 1/01/2010 @ 20:06 in carntyne eastend i witnessed 3 ufos like the ones saw by the other people they where not lanterns for sure as they moved independently.


At about 01:30am on the 1st of January 2010 my daughters and I witnessed 3 fire coloured lights moving in the sky, after several minutes each 1 just disappeared.

We live in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow , Scotland, UK

Did anyone else witness this?

tonight @ 9.50pm my daughter

tonight @ 9.50pm my daughter called me & said look out the back door at the sky & i did. it was 4 bright orange lights in a row flying at exactly the same speed in a perfectly straight line.
one after another they disappeared & i got a pic - mobile phone though so not to clear. but sounds the same as what everyother person in the world is seeing. some body said sky lanterns,

red ball of fire

Tonight i was outside about 9.30 in bell block. I looked up and seen an orange light in sky at first thought it was a plane but was moving to fast. Maybe one of those lanturn things but it was very fast and its not that windy. Any ideas?

where are u? What is your

where are u? What is your location?
I saw them between 9:45pm-10:00pm on Long Island.
10 of them. Moving from North to South just under the cloud noise Orange Color, very small, then it veered quickly south east and went up on a diagonal through a break in the clouds. My neighbors saw it too.

After seeing the news a few

After seeing the news a few nights ago im pretty sure these fireballs everyone has been witnessing is those lanterns... i have to admit though they are impressive to watch in a big group


Driving home from Waitakere Township to Bethells (up past Waitakere Primary school heading up the hill) on Wednesday 23rd December I saw what I thought was a brightly lit house on a hill to the left of me. But then it moved towards me and it travelled over my car. It was a cluster of different shaped lights - white with a bit of red and blue - undefined, hap-hazard kind of cluster. After it went over my car I looked in the rear vision mirror but didn't see anything more. Really freaked me out. It was about the size of a house and maybe 15 metres above the car.

reddy/orange fire ball in sky early november in Glenfield

I was driving home on saturday 7th november and noticed a flare looking thing in the sky in glenfield, at first i thought it was a firework but it just sat there, it was like a flare but i dunno, it was weird , it really freaked the heebies out of me, i couldnt take my eyes off it because i thought it was a light on ahill or something, but there was no hill, bo tower, it was just in the sky, sitting there for a good , but it just started to dim, it wasnt hovering or anything, my heart mins , i was alone in the car and was alone when i got home to my house i coldnt sleepBut i havent seen the orange lights on recent events, i spend xmas eve in Karaka (pukekohe) and christmas day night in Taupiri (waikato) and didnt witness any of it! the reddy orangy light dimmed after mins. freaky stuff!!!!

Lights most likely Lanterns

Alot of people have been selling lanterns on trade me in ,
10, 50, 100 and 200 packs - and letting them off for the year anniversary of the tsunamis.

I found a video here of people letting off lanterns, if you have a look, the lanterns look very similar to the ones in newspaper pictures of recent sightings ...

They will have to find one that has fallen somewhere

This video is pretty cool! :-)

Orange lights

I saw these very clearly for about 45 minutes on Christmas Eve, looking north from Grey Lynn. There were 3 of them at different heights. Their brightness, position and altitude would vary and eventually they disappeared. My flatmate checked them out with a telescope but couldn't make anything out.

5 red/orange lights on 27/12@ 1030pm

We went to a house party last night and my friend went out in the garden for a cigarette. He called us all out and we were looking at 5 red or orange lights in the sky for about 60-90 seconds. In this time his neighbour also came out and a guy 2 doors up from him. He managed to grab his binoculors for a better look but could not make them out.

the lights were hovering up and down and then just disapeared. Now I dont really beieve in UFO's and after googling these lights, I have realised that these lights have been witnessed all over the world. Very very bizarre. I hope the news/media can get some decent coverage of these lights as my brain is rocking!!

Aurora Borelis type patch in sky.

Yesterday whilst playing tennis in Whenuapai Auckland at approx 3pm, we all witnessed a large patch of sky that appeared to have wavering colours of blue, green, red, and orange. Over a 10min period the colours faded first to more orange/red colours then dissappeared altogether. It looked and behaved as the Aurora Borelis would??

Bright Orange Lights

Hi There,

My Bf and i plus a friend of his were out on boxing day, waimari beach just out of parklands christchurch, we saw 4 of them in total, i noticed 2 were hovering above a house, then as we got out of the car they started moving, they looked like little fire balls, we took photos and i took a video, unfortunately its bad quality and you cant see them very well, the very 1st one didnt record, once we started to drive off, i looked behind and saw one BiG one hovering behind us quite low in the sky, we pulled over again, got out, and it stopped..its like they knew we were watching them? ...there was also a scanner in the car, this went staticy while they were in the sky...freaky...i have heard messages that the et's [extraterrestrials] are coming..they are here to protect us, and i believe they are here 4 a reason..i think they are getting something in line 4 us..i heard "if you start seeing strange things, please do not be afraid..that is us coming to help you" what do u reckon? ud be stupid to think we're alone in the universe...anyway ppl here have been saying theyve been forming in triangle shapes? i suggest uze do some research on the et's. i have :)

Orange lights - UFOs?

Hi all

I heard about these sightings from a friend… FYI our meditation group has put together a programme about strange lights in the skies called “A Star? UFO? You Decide”. It’ll be on Auckland’s Triangle TV this Sunday at 10am with repeat on Stratos 5.30am Monday. There’s been heaps of reports of unusual ‘stars’ over recent months... we are definitely not alone! For one interpretation of what these sightings are about, check out

Fiery ball

10pm last night (27th Dec 09) we noticed a large red/orange ball heading from west to east across Pukekohe (Franklin District). Got later stages on video. Lasted about 2minutes plus before fading into the easten sky. Deffinatly no noise related to it. In the early stages of our sighting it was a remarkable thing to witness as it crossed infront of the moon. Am very curious what this was as it isn't like anything we've ever see before. I notice there have been a lot of these sightings lately so does anyone actually know what they are??

Orange Lights

My son and I saw them on Xmas night, around 10 pm, several over Dairy Flat, it turns out they were beyond probably off Coromandel or Tauranga. These were not fireworks, they were travelling hoizontally and changed direction and were shining for too long. A bright big orange ball is what they looked like. Seems a bit worrying when you hear reports the NZAF has been in contact with the Aus and US Air Force re these sitings, so they must be a bit worried too.

Last night at about 12.00am I

Last night at about 12.00am I seen a fiery ball going across the sky in Whitianga, NZ
Could that be a meteor?
It went across the sky then started going down!

Strange lights in New Plymouth

I noticed strange red/orange lights in the sky at about 10.15pm on 25/12/09 there was about 5-7 lights in formation and they were turning on and off or fading in and out at random, eventually forming a triangle after several minutes.
I managed to grab a small amount video footage but by then there was only 2 lights left and one turns off right near the end of my footage. Did anyone else notice these in the New Plymouth area at this time that can tell me what this was, given that it was far way in a north east direction I couldn't hear any sound.

U.F.O. Sighting over New Plymouth

Hi Paul , I can verify i witnessed what you saw, i have seen the objects on both occasions from my house on Parr's Road in New Plymouth , the first time @ 9.45 p.m. 23/12/09, they appeared from nowhere by the power station chimney , two very bright orange orbs at 45 degree to each other, the 2nd time on Xmas night 25/12/09 , again they appeared from nowhere only this time more to the east of the central N.P. skyline this time they were the 5-7 bright orbs that seem to rise from behind a hill in the direction of Eva Road from where i was looking at my place,they moved horizontally then all lined up behind each other in a 45 deg line up into the sky . They were not fireworks or Chinese Lanterns as has been suggested in the Newspaper. These are U.F.O. sightings of the extraterrestrial kind , consider yourself very lucky to have seen this in the night sky , you may never see it again in your lifetime.

Lights in sky

I have been wondering if these are Sky Lanterns, Paul. I would love to see your video footage, if that is possible.

Footage of the strange lights

I was pretty sure others would have seen it, by the time I got my video cam out and fiddled around to get it powered up in the dark only 2 lights were still on, it is weird how the lights were switching on and back off at random and when they formed a triangle was when I ran for the camera.
I have seen meteors before, satellites, aircraft with unusual lights but this was something that had me stumped as to what it was.
here's the link, it wont be here forever, the lower light is a street light, the other two are the strange ones, they look almost white in the footage where they should have been a darker orange than the street light.

it wont be here forever, the lower light is a street light, the other two are the strange ones, they look almost white in the footage where they should have been a darker orange than the street light.

Orange lights

Yes we saw these lights also (New Plymouth) only saw 2 bright orange lights. Very bright and about 200m apart. Freaky!

Your orange lights, New Plymouth

Some one I know well, came around that night,me to tell me that they had seen something very similar, at around the same time, in the north eastern sky.

orange lights in wanaka

freaky we also seen the lights here in wanaka around 11:30pm the same as people are saying.whats goin on.....................???

orange glow

Also in Mt Maunganui 1030pm ish 7 bright orange lights no sound nor flashing lights that aircraft should be displaying when flying at night, the first 3 in formation left to right spread apart over some distance heading north over Bayfair and aprox 2km behind then 3 more close together in an upside down triangle and further behind 1 slightly larger all seem to be raising and disapaired roughly at the same point in the sky, reports say that most of mount and tauranga residance saw the strange looking lights, I am sure some one took footage as i was overwelmed by the excitment to think about camra phone footage. \
tonight news will be exciting hope its on there.

UFOs ?

as i was leaving my sister-in-laws tonight 25/12/09 around 7.15pm i saw about 8 orange lights traveling north across the sky to the west of me, the lights were not pulsating they were traveling in a straight line behind each other, they were low in the sky and not going to fast after 2 to 3 minutes they disappeared into the clouds but before they disappeared the last one changed course to head west,
the rest of my family witnessed all this as-well as others ,my location is 20miles east of Glasgow Scotland, .

Bright light in Wellington sky

We sighted a light tonight about 9.30pm. We were in Miramar Wellington and saw a bright light moving fast through the clouds heading towards the south coast. It was moving at a steady speed but with different altitudes. Way too fast for a helicopter. Too irregular for a plane. It then sped off into the direction of the south Island.
After living next to Wellington for almost 50 years I have never seen anything like it.
Just before it sped off into the distance it looked like the light turned towards us and i saw a darken disk drop away then I sighted the light takeoff.

orange balls over East Auckland

5 orange glowing UFOs over east Auckland heading North West over Mt Wellington towards the Pakuranga Habour. @10.08pm -10.14pm. fast moving and vanishing at the same spots.

We saw the same thing (from

We saw the same thing (from Te Atatu Peninsula) although it was at 21:40 on 24/12/09. 5 orange fireballs appearing over the city (south/southeast) and getting more intense as they tracked towards the north, finally disappearing about north/northeast of Birkenhead. What took us by surprise was they changed directions several times (probably meteors spinning as they burnt up)

orange lights over hutt valley

Last night 24th December, we saw 4 orange llights float in the sky. Our first thought was that they were chinese lanterns, but they were way too high and travelling way too fast.

the 4 lights traveled south (they moved quite fast) and then a 5th big one came through and slowly traveled south

Saw 15-20 bright orange

Saw 15-20 bright orange lights crossing the sky between 10 and 10:20 pm. Four were traveling in a southern cross formation. All started as an intense orange fireball in the east and fading out to the north. Two travelled in from the north and one appeared to have a large transparent ballon shape around it like a blib. Absolutely bizarre!! and all seen from Herne Bay 5 minutes from Auckland city. Through 10x binoculars all appeared to consist of at least two bright red/orange dots. Anyone know whats going on???