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I just saw a green ball flying downwards towards the north in the sky. In Jacksonville Florida.


Massive massive bright star suddenly appearing in south western sky around 21.15 local time Sanaa and falling at a rapid pace then flames shooting out behind then disappeared 7/3/2017

Meteor sighting

I saw a meteor (shooting star) this evening, Monday 6th of March, 2017 at approximately 1704hrs GMT over to the North-East-East of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a bit cloudy this evening but the brilliant flash of light was visible.

Colourful clouds today

There was a lovely display of pink, followed by 'rainbows' in the clouds today - I don't know what caused it but we enjoyed watching it :-)

Triangle Shaped formation in Christchurch NZ

Anyone else see a weird triangle shaped formation of what seemed to be made up of multiple smaller things. Approx 11am 4 March 2017


About twenty minutes ago I saw what looked like a Falling star it was really bright and it descended downwards, it looked yellow,red and orange. I was looking out of my car window, looking out towards the East. I'm Tauranga, in Te Puna and my sister said to Me, "there's so many stars". As soon as I looked it was burning and falling and felt like it took at least Five seconds was big and bright. Tonight is a still night


I'm in the U.S and saw the same thing tonight!

Red Orange Super Bright Orb - Scottsdale - Fountain Hills AZ

March 8, 2017 it moved towards me from the north/northwest at about 45 degrees off the horizon. It was clearly moving towards me - made no sound, then stopped and hovered in place for about 3 minutes. I had binoculars and all i could see was a bright orange red ball. Night was perfectly clear no wind. As I looked through the binoculars it appeared to get enveloped in dark (black?) smoke. It jinked slightly to the left partially obscured in what looked like smoke and disappeared. This is the third such sighting all more or less in the same part of the night sky. Last night's lasted the longest.

I saw this about half an hour

I saw this about half an hour ago in west auckland new zealand driving on the motorway home, it was a giant red orange looking ball half covered with clouds at first i thought it was the moon, but my opinion changed as the ball grew larger and at a rapid pace came lower and closer toward the earth, it then suddenly dissapeared engulfed in black. it is a still night tonight.

Bright light

Saw two very large bright white flashes approximately 10:20 in Southwest Arkansas appeared to be very low to the Earth could see the silhouette of the trees between me and the bright light that covered a large area tonight March 3rd twenty 17

Saw what looked like a meteor

Saw what looked like a meteor at 10:30 PM, Friday the 3rd of March. In North Austin and it was South East of my location, although I couldn't tell how far from me it was. It plummeted rapidly towards the earth from the sky and it had a green light around it. It disappeared out of sight at a certain height and it had a tail but I didn't see the color. It was remarkable!!!


I saw the same thing in New Jersey. We live on a farm and I was out walking our dog.. I was just looking out beyond the barn.. and this thing shoots across the sky but going downwards too. At first I thought it was a shooting star (we see lots of them). But it was too big and had a flame off the back. I thought it was part of the space station that dropped off and caught on fire coming down? Anyway.. I'm glad you saw something similar?


I saw the same thing in New Jersey. We live on a farm and I was out walking our dog.. I was just looking out beyond the barn.. and this thing shoots across the sky but going downwards too. At first I thought it was a shooting star (we see lots of them). But it was too big and had a flame off the back. I thought it was part of the space station that dropped off and caught on fire coming down? Anyway.. I'm glad you saw something similar?

I saw the same think your

I saw the same think your describing in Friendswood Texas around 10:00 p.m on 3-3-17


Saw the same thing in Georgia

Super Bright Ball of light

10:22 pm Webster Texas just south of Ellington Air. Force Base A super bright huge round light that Flashed Twice and lit up the entire sky Red and hints of green light. Then disappeared!! Two minutes later a small shooting star. No sound

streak of light

saw a what seem to me to be a scar of light across the sky going s.e to n.w olds alberta


I saw a bright shining star when I was near mine, I was out for a walk so i sat down bottle ally in hasting to look at the stars above. This is where I made my prediction that a star would disappear. seconds latter it did, what I said just happened, it just vanished. I think I just got lucky thats all when I predicted it, I just want to say. The star disappeared last night 02/03/2017. Time it happened N/A sometime round 8:00pm 9:00pm. The star was bright and shinny and big in size, if anyone knows more about this, I just want to know why its gone?

Bright light in sky over northeast Oklahoma

Last night march the 2nd at around 9pm there was a very bright light that was slightly moving up and down. I noticed it as it was irregular to our normal sky. Watched it for 30 minutes or so. Decided that it may be the North Star although in an unusual spot. 1030pm the light in the sky was no longer there. Have never seen this in all my life

Bright light in the western sky

For about a week I keep seeing a super bright light hovering in the sky over the mountains here in Colorado springs. It comes and goes and is much too large to be a star. Its triangular in shape but doesn't seem like multiple lights. It never moves around but at times it seems to bounce slowly. I never see how it goes away. Its just there one sec and I'll look away and then its gone. I've been trying to get it on video but it keeps on vanishing on me. Everyone I know has seen it and nobody has any clue what it is.

Bright light

Hi. We saw it in Wonnerup. It was so bright that it got us up out of bed.

Strange light in the sky

Last night 2nd March saw a very large bright light with a tail falling from the sky south/west of us in Porirua, Wellington. Wasn't moving very fast and not sure what it was!!?

Bright meteor Blenheim 2 March 17

Big, bright meteor, seemingly low in the sky, arching and falling in a north/northwest direction not long after 9pm on 2 March. Big fireball and long tail. Spotted from Blenheim, Marlborough. Beautiful.


Shore I seen the same thing in bell block new Plymouth at 9.15pm an the 2nd as well

Blairgowrie Scotland 01.03.2017 7pm (approx)

Bright white at front with streek of blues and greens across sky. Seemed to split into a greenish small blob and the white streek. It was very noticicoble in the night sky, best I have seen by a mile.

Last night 2/3/17 just after

Last night 2/3/17 just after dusk i seen a large meteorite ? low in the sky to the north in tuamarina , marlborough .Amazing blue green colours with a large tail it dissapeared behind the hills still glowing brightly.

Falling green light

Tonight as I was heading towards Taupo, I saw a single bright green light that fell quickly to the ground. It looked as though there was a trail of green light behind it.

Meteor over Upper Hutt

Saw a very fast moving green flash falling towards the horizon around 9pmish. I live in Upper Hutt and this was facing north west. I thought this was fireworks except no noise and the light moved down behind the hills nearby. Very beautiful


Saw what looked like a green firework spiralling downwards at great speed just on twilight. But after looking for any additional fireworks and nothing else happening I wondered if it was another meteor like some that had been seen a couple of days ago. Very exciting but slightly scary at the same time! Grabbed the binoculars and thought I saw another couple travelling either side of it but not 100% sure if they were the same thing.

Falling green light

Kaikoura 2 March 2017 looked like a meteor but green and seemed to be falling ... not like a meteor really (slower). Heading south to north.

Huge burn over Cook Strait

Huge burn up white / green / orange visible north west of Wellington NZ. Amazing

Very big fast light falling

Very big fast light falling over the West hills of Karori, Wellington, New Zealand about 9.10pm tonight... unsure what it was but it was big.

White light falling

I just saw a large white light falling from the sky in the west. 2:00am I am north of San Antonio, Texas

Object in sky

Blue/green shooting star I believe shot across the money could see it for roughly 3 seconds located Levin, Horowhenua, NZ

Falling Green Light

At 7pm on 01/03/2017 I was talking to my neighbour and we both saw this falling green light in the sky. Grangemouth, Scotland. Never seen this before, awesome

Green light

About 7pm 01/03/2017 a green streak of light flashed across the sky just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne, Englang


saw a bright fireball in the sky with long tale for about 10 secs in hebburn north east england about 19.05 anybody else see it

I'm in Jarrow and I saw an

I'm in Jarrow and I saw an orange light that day coming from approximately whitemare pool direction heading towards Sunderland, got half way across, I turned away for a second and it was gone, I watched for 10mins or so as there were clouds but it didn't emerge.. really weird

Green light

Yes we saw it from wallsend


Nelson NZ 1/3/17 From my balcony I saw very bright fiery ball in the sky with a long tail. It shone bright for about 30 seconds then slowly faded to black then white and went! Like nothing I've ever seen before.

plummeting green fireball seen from mangawhai heads northland

on 28 february 2017 11 30 pm green fireball spiralled down towards the earth in western direction slightly south at a phenomenal speed a very clear stary night no noise was heard truly an amazing sight from mangawhai heads northland new zealand

Lights in the sky

Here in nz saw what I thought was a shooting star until it started burning up into a reddish green fireball roughly 11.40pm nz time

Green ball falling

Hi guys, just before 11.30pm on Tue 28 Feb 2017 Auckland NZ local time I looked out the windown and saw a green ball of light fall from the sky!! Buzzing

Green ball falling

Hi guys, just before 11.30 on Tue 28 Feb 2017 Auckland NZ local time I looked out the windown and saw a green ball of light fall from the sky!! Buzzing

Green streak of light

From Pukekohe looking West I saw a green streak of light with a white head about a inch long on a 30 degree angle at 11:36pm Tuesday 28/02/2017.

Shooting star??

Just saw light ball falling from sky north west of Motueka New Zealand at 11:30 pm Feb 24th

Falling Debret...

I just saw,,, Something falling from a great hight.. 9:20 AM ...on Monday 02/27/2017... SANTA ROSA CALIFONIA... IT WAS SOUTH EAST... FROM MY LOCAL... COULD NOT MAKE OUT WHAT IT WAS... IT WAS A -V-SHAPE... ???

Night sighting in Southwest Australia

Hey guys was out on my balcony at about 10.30pm western standard time I live in Busselton which is near Margaret river .Anyway as I looked north east I saw a light that looked like some one had a really powerful torch and was flashing it From south to north in the sky and it was moving very quickly so it would have had to be a very powerful torch as it made a pretty bright light it was going up and down for probably about 10 minutes did anyone else see it

Meteorite 24 Feb 17

We were about 10km out of Reefton, coming from Lewis Pass, when the sky lit up like what initially looked like dawn. Then the light got greener (about 488nm, by my reckoning) and I saw a big illuminated ball go down over the horizon to the west. We stopped the car a few km down the road - Blacks Point, I think - and spoke to some people walking by the side of the road. They said they'd seen it and had heard a boom around 6 minutes after the light had disappeared.

Huge meteor...with some green...traveling in Texas panhandle

Saw the meteor at this rest stop in the Texas Panhandle and shortly afterwards the power went out....strange