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Green light

My father and I were driving back from ethridge Tennesee around 11:30 last night. We noticed a green light flashing so persistant it looked like a search light in an air field so we didn't really think much of it.. It disappeared so we figured we just passed it or lost sight of it so we just contined to drive, but out of no where it just fell out of the sky right in front of us in a huge green ball with sparks behind it.

Sonic boom

Last night about 1030-11pm in the middle of Molesworth Station we witnessed a meteor strike earths atmosphere in a fiery display travelling in a north east direction followed 3 minutes later by a very loud sonic boom.

Last night about 1030 a

Last night about 1030 a massive something with a red to orange to bright blue tail over north loburn looking towards mount grey


Witnessed a fiery rock entering atmosphere and once the flames had gone out the rock was still visible rolling through the sky eventually disappearing over the horizon. This was seen from Hamilton at around 9:55pm on the 2nd of March.

Fiery flash seen from Kaiapoi

Late last night 10.30ish what looked like a yellow fiery ball dropped to earth leaving a bluey tail was visible from Kaiapoi looking north east so could have been out to sea.

Fiery flash seen from Kaiapoi

Yes we saw that too, we were driving towards Christchurch from Prebbleton. Best meteor ever seen.

Falling star?

Over nz tonight like a hour ago? 10:30sh nz time

Possible meteorite

Saw a flashing white light going down to north horizon when standing outside at Ophir at 10.25pm. The light took about 2 seconds to disappear Was there any other siting of this light?

Flashing white light

My wife and I saw this as well as we were sitting outside our cabin in hanmer


I think I just witnessed a meteor in Lincoln at about 22:20 Sat 03/02/2018. A greeny blue light falling from the sky and dissapeared after a yellow flash. Can anyone else confirm?

What flew over SE Pennsylvania last night?

March 1, 2018 at about 11:25 to 11:40 I thought I heard maybe rolling thunder while on my way upstairs from our basement. Then I realized is sounded more like a huge air craft. But the noise lasted and lasted until I finally when outside. From our front porch, I listened for another 5 minutes as the noise proceeded west by northwest. With the cloudy skies, I could not see a thing, so I went upstairs to bed. I could still hear this! I even opened our bedroom window and heard this massive sounding jet/rocket for another 4 minutes. I do not know what could have possibly been so loud for such a duration. Did anyone else hear this?

Green light floating down from sky

2/25/2018 Rock Island I'll. Just say a glowing green object floating straight down from the sky landing in our ravine What could it be?? Saw it a year ago fall in the same place.


seen meteor streaking down at about 30 degree angle looking east/south east from Kamloops at about 6 PM tonight! The closest one I ever seen!

Light in the sky

Did anyone see a circular light in the sky last night around 12:30 Am. I live in New Durham NH, the date was 2/25/2018. The light was above the cloud cover and it appeared to go in a easterly direction and then disappeared


In the early hours of this morning 24 Feb 2018 while fishing in Whanganui at approximately 2am I saw what I thought at first was a shooting star but then broke up in to 5+ pieces it looked to be traveling east to south or south west. What was it?


on thur 22 feb at appx 9.25pm whilst driving north approaching Kaitoke/Rimutaka Hill a veryi large bright round object appeared from the SE travelled across the sky in a SW direction then disappeared.

Flashing Satellite, then a BIG Meteor. North Canterbury

My cousin and I noticed a satellite that was flashing at different intervals and varied in brightness. Then within minutes of watching the satellite pass, there was a very big meteor to the east, shooting from south to north. Very long and wide trail.

Satellite that flashes a bright white light at various intervals

I don't know where you live but I live in New Zealand and have seen this satellite on many occasions. You can't actually see it like other satellites that move through the sky at night. All you notice is a bright flashing light and then you have to wait for a while to see it flash again. It sometimes flashes twice in quick succession, and other times just the once the time between flashes can very as well. This satellite has been around for quite a few years at least 10 years anyway. Just glad that someone else has seen it while watching the night sky.

emerald green meteor over NZ

At 9.35pm a bright emerald green meteor was sighted travelling towards just east of South. Visible for approx. 2 seconds, broke into two distinct pieces. Sighted from near Taupiri, Waikato, NZ. EE

Meteor in Wellington

2 of us just saw a meteor shoot north over the western hills in Lower Hutt at 9.35pm. Have never seen one before but travelling very fast and was bright. Did anyone else witness?

Humanity Star and meteor

Watched the Humanity Star pass over NZ this evening and, after it had gone out of sight, a meteor...seemed quite low.

Green Ball of light

I saw the same green light on 20/02/2018 from Bristol, TN, that Megiller must have seen in Georgia. I agree that it was around 9:45pm EST or 2:45 GMT in the Eastern or South Eastern Sky. I am glad someone else saw it.


I saw a decent sized meteor fall from the sky at about 5:15am this morning as I was bringing cows in. It appeared from behind a cloud and was green with a large fire trail. I'm no expert, but judging by the size and the fact that it appeared to hit the earth it didn't seem to be too far away from me, definitely within 100km, however it could've been far enough away that it hit the ocean instead. I was on my farm in between Lorneville and Wallacetown (southland) and the meteor was to my east. Hopefully someone else saw it too.

huge trail in sky

saw a huge red trail in skys over paisley 21/02/2018 at 17;56pm not sure what it was what caused it but there was a really big trail left in sky maybe someone can verify this for me as a meteor or something else.

Green light

Tonight about 9:45 in Thomson, Georgia I saw a huge green light fall from the sky! Shortly after it started to sprinkle but then stopped really quickly.

Lights in the Sky 17/02/2018

Last night at 11.30 a bright burning light came across the sky. We went outside and watched it pass. Then a few minutes later another one did the same thing. My husband thinks they may have been Meteors.

ariel object.

around 11-35pm on16 feb-2018 i saw a flash of light in the sky as i walked into the garden, on looking up i then saw what looked like a pair of lights close together, they illuminated, then faded out, next a single light appeared once then again, followed by a brilliant white flash, like a star burst, this sequence happened 3 times, as the object moved away it continued to pulse with 1 light at approx every 20 secs, it was very high as it passed over Auckland /Grey Lynn,it was definitely a solid object!

Exploding star

Forgot to mention I am in Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealand

To night I was traveling East

To night I was traveling East ground in Utah on highway 40 add about 8:30 I seen in the South sky a bright light that looks like it was behind a cloud.As I watched it it turned in to a V shape like a comet with a tail.The point of the light then split into 2 separate object that expanded into a bright dusty cloud that slow faded away.

Cloudy bright comet like light in south sky

I Tonight I was traveling in Utah highway 40 eastbound and in the South sky I seeing a bright light that looked like it was behind a cloud. While l was watching it it then started to trail out in a V shape towards the East. It then split into 2 objects that left a bright dusty looking cloud this happened About 8:30 mountain standard time I took of grainy picture with my phone I'll see if I can add it to this comment


Tonight above Southern California Newport Beach I’m standing on the beach and a dim light with an odd shape made its way across the sky with a trail of dust behind it then I’d just disintegrated into a a large dust clouds had binoculars but the object was too dark. I don’t think it was a plane even tho it was able to omit light because the shape of the light was all around in the shape of a rock with areas not giving off light and the object was too big moved too far too fast to be a plane there were two smaller red lights the came out of nowhere and followed diagonally behind it. Those were planes. I am just guessing but I think they re the reason it exploded. It’s direction was from LA to San Diego


I'm in Minden, NV and saw it too. Looking west towards the bay area, I thought it was a star with a cloud in the way, until I noticed it moving south. The Tesla dude launched a rocket today, so I thought it had something to do with that. But that was around 11:30 am. I was expecting a text on my phone saying " This is not a drill, nuclear attack eminent!" Probably military thing or space junk falling to Earth. Pretty awesome either way. Who has video?

Green star going down

I saw yesterday 05.02.2018 How green star drop somewhere land. I saw that 3-4 secend and its green color. What i saw? I want know that :) !

Green ball

My son was at the bus stop this morning as saw a green ball (about as big as a baseball) falling from the sky, and then just disappeared in the air. What could this be?

Big green tailed ball

Just saw a green long tailed orb just flying slowly in the sky. It then broke in two and slowly disappeared. Seen at 7:05 am, or so, in Fort Worth, Tx.

green ball

I was going down Saginaw main and saw it also

Bright shiny object over Wellington

What was the bright shiny object that flew over Wellington heading south at about 11am yesterday morning, Sunday. Through the binoculars I could see that it was large, appeared to be tumbling as it headed rapidly south. It’s shape was irregular, with a large rectangular top section and a narrower leg pointing down. It looked like it was ridgid as opposed to a being like a balloon , albeit that it appeared to be being swept along by a high altitude wind. ?


I watched a shootibg star as it came from the east and was headed west and it was the slowest one ive ever i was watching it i literally watched it dim out completely as it must have been getting close to the ground. Friendship,Maine

White ball in the sky

White ball falling from the sky rapidly, Diagonally this morning at 6:35 am near Lafayette New Jersey

Weird ultra blue beam and flash in the sky

I was cleaning my car and looked up to see a strange beam and flash in the clouds

Vertical falling bright green flash about 3000 ft from ground

Has anyone ever witnessed a bright green meteorite really low to the ground. I've told people what I saw and they think I'm crazy. It was Christmas eve 2015 full moon I found pieces of it. Have pictures if interested. I'm from Elma N.Y. in the United States

Bright white shooting star

I saw a bright white shooting star heading east over Pukekohe at around 1:40am. It trailed for as far from the west as I could see, and it winked out after a few seconds of looking at it. It looked to be incredibly low. Never seen one quite like it.

Meteor - Dannevirke 31/1/18

Green meteor seen in Dannevirke 31/1/18 1:24am

Green Fireball / Meteor over Wellington

I witnessed a large green fireball moving rapidly from East to West across Wellington harbour at 01:21am today Wednesday 31 Jan. It seemed very low in the sky and appeared to only just clear the hills beyond the city. It was so bright, it caught my eye immediately from my location on Oriental Parade. The fireball trailed a long streak of light. Never seen one this close or low before. It seemed quite large.

I just witnessed a green

I just witnessed a green fireball over Fort Worth, Texas, this morning at 7:05! It fits the exact description!

Extremely Close Meteorite

At 1:20am this morning, just a few minutes ago, a bright meteor came down past my house in Carters beach, Westport, on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It was only small but specta ocular with it's brightly lit tail as it disintegrated. It was only about a few hundred feet above in the sky as I watched it fall. I'm seeing more & more meteorites in our skies lately as well as other strange phenomena like all these pink sunrises & sunsets happening ALL the time now, & the "two suns" that thousands of people all over the world are capturing on film & putting up on YouTube,plus a lot of other strange occurances.The mysterious Planet X system maybe? There appears to be some very compelling evidence that supports this. The "Planet X Physicist" & "Planet X News" channels on YouTube are very good for further information for those interested.

Flash in night sky

Nelson, NZ. Orange light moved across the sky. About 1.20 am.

Green shooting star, Whanganui

Green shooting star seen tonight at 01.30 a.m. over Whanganui


Hanmersprings at 0128, bright moving light falling with a trail of orange behind

Orange light over Victoria point Brisbane Australia 27/01/2018

I am hoping someone else saw a strange bright orange smear of light sitting in the sky above Victoria point Brisbane tonight at approx 12.45am. It sat in the same spot for some time and then moved inland before appearing to stop again and then collapse in ont itself until it vanished. I really hope someone else saw it otherwise I am going crazy and maybe need to get a check up hehe. I have no idea and no possible explanation of what it was that I saw