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Saw this too in Taradale. Best one I have seen.

Meteor sighting

My Son and I witnessed a meteor cross our path while driving home today at 17.21 at Kiwitea. Headed in a north west direction. Surrounding the meteor was and orange light but a much more iredescent blue light. It broke into three small pieces as it travelled.

Meterorite/fireball over Kapiti

1729 Sunday 25 June, driving north along Kapiti Expressway just south of Parpaparaumu, shy mostly cloud covered. Bright light appeared, lasted 1.5 seconds, didn't land, white head and trail with green behind head just before it vanished, travelling south to north, trail maybe 2 degrees in length. So pleased to have seen one!

Bright green light passing

Bright green light passing through sky heading west. South of Auckland nz

Green Light

We saw a fast green light shooting horizontaly across the sky over West Auckland Titirangi area at 5.28pm Sunday 25th of July

Green ball of light

Just driving back through Katikati and saw a green ball of light racing across the sky........

Meteor sighting

At around 5:30, I was looking out my window and saw a meteor. It appeared as a white dot at first, then turned blue/green followed by a bright orange tail. Lasted about 10 seconds before loosing it's tail and just being a blue blob, then faded away.


I saw a fireball cross the sky then break into pieces and disappear. It lasted about 5 seconds.

Meteorite over Maramarua

We saw a fast ball of fire with a green coloured tail as we were driving to Tauranga from Auckland about 15mins ago 17:15 25/6/2017. Very cool!


I saw a fireball cross the sky then break into pieces and disappear. It lasted about 5 seconds.

Falling Meteor

I just saw a falling Meteor looking South West from Napier, about 5.30pm 25/6/2017. Did anyone else see it?


Just saw a meteor or something similar over the North Shore of Auckland, blue tail colour.

Very bright meteor

Very bright meteor over Napier at 17.30 today. Travelling south west to north east direction. Bright white before splitting into two and disappearing

green ball of light

Bright green ball of light, below clouds with long white tail moving very fast in Tamahere waikato

Ball of fire

Seen something that looked like a ball of fire falling from tbe sky slowly. West of Bremerton

Ball of fire

Seen something that looked like a ball of fire falling from tbe sky slowly. West of Bremerton


Hi June 23rd 2017 around 9 pm there was a red/bronze glow across northern sky. About a month ago a beautiful red evening sunset in Northern sky - People stopped to watch it. Hope this is of some use, Arielle

Green Fitreball

6-23-2017 1:24 am. I saw a green fireball fall from the sky and it appeared to explode. It was in the sky east of Kingsville, Texas.

Looking south saw pink then green intense fireball

Saw this too in Galveston and have been looking to see if anyone else did as well. Moving south to North slightly NE as I was looking off the deck directly at it. Lasted maybe 5 or 6 seconds was at first white flash of pink then bright green. -Tj

Green object falling from sky.

My wife and I saw this over Hot Springs Village at 12:00am.

My wife and I saw this over

My wife and I saw this over Hot Springs Village at 12:00am.


I saw what appeared to be a meteor,travelling in a nth, sth direction, at around 9pm on 21st june 2017. I live in Mahana, near Mapua, Nelson NZ. There was a green flash before it ended.

Possible fireballs

Multiple green lights traveling very fast around 11:30 June 16 2017. Brownsville Tx

Fireball in the sky

Around 9:10pm, Northern Vermont, SW, around Leo or Minor Leo a bright fireball appeared suddenly in the darkening sky, it lasted 5-6 seconds and it was gone, it looked like falling. Very intriguing.

green light in the sky

I saw a blue green light falling in the south eastern sky. at 12am. by dodge city ks

saw a light

Clayton,NC ...At 8.30 pm my husband was working out on the terrace of the house when he suddenly started screaming: "See how bright it is ... as if the sun is rising again".I saw that from the kitchen,but I thought the outside lamp was lit. It was cloudy sky, and behind the clouds there was a marvelous bright light ... it held for 10 minutes and quenched suddenly.My son took a video!

Saw a light too

I'm from Goldsboro, NC. I saw a green light falling down from the sky too. But what I saw only lasted a few seconds. I wish I could have recorded it. Wish I could see your video that your son recorded

fallen angels

around 3 am north west of cedar city utah i noticed 4 dim lights in the sky that thaT looke to be in the shape of a piramide an i notice something start flying up to one of the stationary lights an i could see that this thing had wings the size of itself an i watched this thing enter one of the lights and those lights did some blinking and they all took off in diffrent directions one went up in the sky and the others were not really hight in the sky crazy!!

Green thing.

England, East Midlands, 11:30pm BST, saw a green point of light in the sky, suddenly appeared, then went along the sky due north, before disappearing behind treeline. Was visible for around 2-3 seconds.

Green Fireball

At around 12 am I saw a green fireball falling from the sky i-10 west going towards San Antonio, Tx.

green ball of light

Just saw a green ball of light shooting down from sky at around 12 midnight it was awesome!! Never seen anything like this before. Alvin, TX

Saw a green blue light

Saw a green blue light falling from sky at 12am Fresno tx

Meteorite @ 02:22am 18/06/2017 north sky in Ireland

Fantastic fireball in the night sky due north from south coast of Ireland

Orange bright ball in the Niagara Falls Canada today at 11:51 pm

Just saw the brightest Orange mustard colour firing ball in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada at 11:51 pm near the Niagara Falls hospital at those lights on that road took a picture then it look liked it disappeared in TO the sky as it turned white then it was gone I didn't know what it was but it was coolest thing I ever saw from the sky besides a metro many years back in 2009 Today's date is Friday June 16 2017 This happened at around 11:30 to 11:51 I think that's the right time I saw it in the sky it was amazing happened so quickly Erika ciarto

huge falling star in tucson, az!

it is June 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm, in tucson,, az, and i just saw this huge falling star just brighten up the night sky! Usually we don't have the most favorable views of the stars because its pretty dark in our summer skies. Plus i live directly behind a car dealership, and they leave their lights on all night. Nevertheless, i just saw a huge bright light, even brighter than the moon, appear out of nowhere in the eastern direction, and it fell toward the earth and then it disappeared. Awesome, I tell you!

I saw a bright green flash

I saw a bright green flash out of the corner of my eye in the sky around 10:20 in Sebastian, Florida!

15-June-2016 - NSW - Australia

Saw a falling star over the Great Lakes Road Eastern NSW Australia. Trailed green tail and didn't land as far as I can tell.

Bright ball of

Hi I saw a bright green ball of light moving in the sky from west to east this morning about 06:05. It left a greenish streak behind almost like a tail. It was beautiful.

Red Ball In the Sky

Good day I am from Johannesburg South Africa. I was driving this morning around 6:05am (15/06/2017) when I saw a big red ball with orange "flames" in the sky coming down toward the land over the south of Johannesburg this morning I don't know what it is or where it hit. I thought maybe a plane crashed but I have not heard anything about a plane crashing what else could this be?

Big fireball...

Was it moving fast through the sky? How big would you guess it was? How far up in the sky did it seem to be and then how close did it get to you? Did it ever stop? Was there anybody else around and did they also take notice? I'm curious, since I saw a large blood red-orange fireball just over two years ago.

Was that a shooting star very close to earth?

I just saw something very fast and bright, similar to a shooting star but mych bigger and faster !

Shooting star

At 06:06 South Africa time in the North West Province we saw a green light entering from west it had a long tail ... as it moved along the tail glowed red like sparkles and it exploded in the east. Must say it was beautiful.

Bright light spotted.

Hi, We saw a bright white ball in the sky this morning, it was huge and quite low. It travelled west to east over the city. It had no tail but it looked like there was sparks behind it. It was around 6AM over Pretoria, South-Africa. Just saw it for a few seconds since there was high buildings blocking our view.

Bright Light Spotted

I am in Centurion, South Africa and I also saw this at 06:05. Travelling very fast and leaving a BLUE streak of light behind.

shooting star

i just saw a shooting star this morning between 05:30 and from Mpumalanga south africa...but the star was moving slow and it was big and glowing blue.

Just saw a meteor burning up

Just saw a meteor burning up near howick north in Ken. It exploded abruptly but looking within 5km from the howick north weenie offramp

Red fire ball with long tail

As I was laying in bed tonight around 8:30 p.m. I happen to look out my window and noticed what looked like a fireball with a tail. Traveling very fast and never stoped. I live in Los Angeles and not sure what this was. But if I would guess. Looked like a meteor.

Just seen a meteor fall from

Just seen a meteor fall from the sky. In edmonton alberta Canada. Fast little guy.

Green, Red and White Batman Shaped Object

This bright light travels very fast. Doesn't stay still. I noticed it late night while I was opening my window for air. For a min I thought it may had been a remote air satélite. My husband thinks I'm seeing things. Anyways, I pulled out my telescope. With the telescope I was able to get a clear view. It is Shaped similar to a bat. The outline was green with red inner and White in the middle. It stands still for a moment then it looks like its traveling towards you. Literally freaked me out. For the record I'm not losing it. However it has me very curious and concern as to this strange light that appears at night. San Bernardino County.

Comet or meteor

At around 6:20pm this evening I was taking my son to the ER in Dandenong north vic I saw a bright light in the sky and thought it was the emergency helicopter but when I watched it move across the sky from west to south it began to present a firey tail it was so bright and moved too quick to be a flying vehicle. I thought it was a shooting star then but it was much to big and bright and had a large lingering tail it disappeared into the horizon I honestly thought I was going to hear a huge bang as it did. Was amazing to watch