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Ramona ca

I am watching the same thing right now for the last 40mins. Directly east of the county estates. The object is a solid light moving in an acrobatic fasion. Staying roughly in the same airspace. Appears to me very high 50k + feet. And moving very very fast. I'm an air traffic controller and look
at planes all day. This is no plane. An air liner passed over head in the direction of the object and it became apparent how fast and high it really is.

Moving "Star" - Saw same thing....

On July 13th at 3 in the morning, I saw a similar occurance to the post about a "moving star". I was staying at Pelee Island which is a small island in Lake Erie. The southernmost point of Canada (Ontario). I woke up at 3 am and saw a bright light. It looked like a huge planet. (About the size of a dime if I were to hold it out in front of me.) It began to move. The odd thing was how it moved. It didn't move like an airplane. My initial reaction was that it looked like it was "swimming" or I guess pulsating in the sky. It moved in a zig zag direction and got fainter, then it came back closer and was super bright again. I turned the light on to plug in my camera charger and it seemed to move away quickly. I too thought, could it have possibly seen the light turn on? Crazy.... . I watched it for about 1/2 hour. Some clouds came and I could see it dimly throught the clouds until it disappeared. I have never seen anything like this and I am also wondering what sort of explanations there are for the odd behavior.

moving stars

i too witnessed this last night in fact i used my laser light to blast them they move swiftly through the sky when they are hit with the laser but after a while they come back.i believe it may be survellience.i am sick of being told im seeing things,so last night i had a friend with me to show him.he was gobbed smacked and no longer thinks im delussional

UFO 06/07/2010

last night we camped out, i live in nottingham - UK, east midlands area, we saw a bright light, at first it looked like a bright star, but then it slowly started moving upwards, so we thought it might be a rocket or something.. that sounds silly now.. but anyway, then it all of a sudden zoomed across the sky, horizontally, and it changed, it looked like a plane but wtih way more lights, and then it rapidly got to the other side of the sky, planes cannot move at that speed it was impossible, then it slowly turned into a bright light again, untill eventually it soared off, so as a result, the object made its way around nearly the whole sky, definitely a UFO if you ask me.

Flying/ coasting star across the sky

Tonight Iat about 1:15 am I was watching the stars over my head. After a few minutes of gazing i watched one star move smoothly from the far right side of my vission span ( the right tree line) all the way to the left beyond the roof of the near by house and out of my sight. This was slow and steady but not subtle. The star was traveling. Could this be a sattelite?

Yes was a sat. Every night

Yes was a sat. Every night you can see them. I usually am outside from like 9pm to 11 or 12 and I always see 1 or 2 :)

Just saw bright light slowly moving through sky, dissappear

I literally just walked back in my house from seeing this. I live in Seattle and walked out to take the trash to the dumpster. I looked up and notice a very bright white light moving slowly through the sky. I often look up and get myself excited over what always turns out to be a plane, but at the same time and what appeared to be alot lower, a plane was flying through the sky. Looking at both, I was certain this was not a plane, just a bright white (non-blinking) light moving slowly through the sky. I grabbed my wife and brought her outside to show her and as we watched it, it slowly transitioned from white to orange/red (about 3 seconds) and began to slowly dim until it totally disappeared over a period of about 5 - 7 seconds. What the hell was that? Was it some sort of meteor? It had no tail at all. Just a pinpoint white light that turned red, then disappeared.

We saw the same thing!!

At around 8pm last night (14/7/2010) my friend and I were outside and saw the exact same thing!!!!!!
It was definitely NOT a plane, there was no sound or noise it was quite high in the sky and very bright. I don't believe in UFOs or Aliens but last night's 'light' was seriously unexplanable.
I'd love to find out what it was though. If you hear anything please let me know?

July 4th approx 9 pm hundreds

July 4th approx 9 pm hundreds of spectators at the fireworks display in Winthrop Maine watched as 4-5 (what I saw, may have been more) small balls of fire moved in a general north to south direction and suddenly disappeared.

These may well be the Chinese

These may well be the Chinese Lanterns people talk of.  They are slow moving and several can be launched at once.  They are lit up by candles it's very hard to see how big they are... many people have been fooled into thinking they were large objects in the distance when they were actually small objects passing overhead.


I saw it last night.

In Philadelphia, on July 4th, 2010, at 3:25am, I saw a white ball of light falling from the sky pretty quickly. At first I didn't know what to think, coming up with crazy theories about bombs and aliens and all, so I called a friend/ co-worker of mine, and he said that his best friend saw the exact same thing the night prior, around the same time...what's happening here?

Are you sure it wasn't a

Are you sure it wasn't a firework?  Some shoot up in the sky and slowly fall down (a bit like a flare from a boat).  Was it anything like that?


I don't think it was...I

I don't think it was...I mean, by then, fireworks seemed to be long since over, and it didn't flare like a falling firework was just a ball, falling.

Object over Hawthorn Woods IL 60047 @ about 10PM on July 3, 2010

4 of us watched at an object moved realitively slow from south to north. Moved in a straight line at a constant speed and was quite large. It was glowing red green and orange diring it's flight. Object was seen shortly after the fireworks ended and was observed for at least 4 minutes.

orange lights

I live in Oklahoma, and shortly after the fireworks display in Yukon, a couple of friends and i were sitting in the driveway and i noticed a bright orange light moving across the sky at a fairly quick speed. This did not look like anything ive seen in the skys. Ever. I followed it as long as i could see it, and then proceeded to sit back down in confusion. Then all of a sudden another one took the exact same flight path as the first. I got home and searched on the net for any other sightings that were similar for the same night, and to my amazement, it seems alot of folks around the country and even world saw the same thing either on the same night or the night before. WOW

orange bright light

sat 3/7/2010 after 11.00pm ireland europe a orange bright light passed for about 15 seconds and then few minates later same thing same direction like a fireball no sound and a third time from the same direction bright orange and then fades in the distance

wierd have checked a few websites and hear people reported the same thing same time after the hour in different time zones 11.00 ireland 5.00 usa time 12.00 spain

Falling Orange light

Date:- 03/07/2010 Location:-Burton on Trent Staffordshire England

Time 23:20

My Wife Lisa called Me outside to see a bright orange light falling at a speed not consistant with a meteor/ite,it was falling straight down approx. 5-10 miles east of Our location,
Did anybody else see it?
We thought at first it was a Aircraft falling,but saw no other objects,just the one.

Sincerely, Pete & Lisa

orange light

We were having a party last night, and my 13 year old son lewis was lying on the grass. All of a sudden he jumped up and said, he just saw a bright orange fireball shoot acoss the sky, and it was about the same time as you.


My wife and I saw the same orange light in Cambridge ontario on July 1st. at 10:15 p.m. It was travelling north to south and didn't appear to be too high in the sky...maybe the height of a airplane. Saw it for about 15 seconds and was travelling a steady speed like a satellight and made no sound at all.

Dunedin, New Zealand, Saturday approx. 2245 NZST

Bright white meteor (or object) moving very fast, east to west in northern sky - seen from Dunedin moments after a loud boom.

Richmond Hill Ontario Canada Orange/Red Balls of Light

We attended the Richmond Green fireworks display on July 1, 2010 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and saw about 10-15 orange/red glowing objects travelling in the sky NW to SE. The first sightings appeared around 9:45pm and continued on intervals until about 10:40pm. I filmed many of them in 720p HD video and it does appear to be glowing like a fire. At first I thought these could be Chinese Lanterns, similar to the ones shown on YouTube for Taiwanese lantern festivals, but tough to say given how fast they were moving and how bright they appeared to be. There were at least 100 other people around us who observed the same thing that evening. People joked about UFO's and aliens, but honestly, I have no idea what they were.

Saw the same things near Richmond Green on July 1, 2010


That's amazing since my wife and I and our two kids all observed this as well. We attended the midway at Richmond Green and then headed back to the main soccer field area located just to the SW of the "new" High School that faces onto Leslie. On the way to finding a spot on the field, we observed a group of very noticable five white/yellowish orbs that looked to be moving fairly quickly in formation southward from the north. It was impossible to tell how far away they were as their light wasn't solid and couldn't be resolved - it was more of a glow. Some of the orbs moved faster than others but they always maintained the same altitude. As they headed south, they each seemed to dim out, one at a time. Every few minutes or so, during the fireworks, which began just after 10pm, I would look back towards the east and see one or two more repeating the same behaviour. My wife had her iPhone 3GS and it didn't occur to me at the time that she could have taken a photo or two.

If you've got any video or photos that I can see, I'd appreciate getting an email at - thanks!

light in sky July 1st-2nd

I also saw something similar to your account at roughly the same time and in the same direction, except I only saw one VERY bright ball of light that was glowing/almost pulsing. I watched it with my neighbour on July 1st and then again the same time the next day on the 2nd. We both thought that it was Venus or the International Space Station. On July 2nd I filmed it with my HD camera and digital zoomed 200x and what I saw on film was diamond shaped with a green outline, pulsing/strobing pinkish-orange with a redish centre flashing. I have NO idea what this is. I'm from Whitby, ON.

red lights over Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Saw 18 "red lights" travelling ina Nw to SE direction July 1 @ 21:45 for about 15 min. They were flying in a line, 4 in the first pass then 6 they seemed to get south of Elgin Mills and then head East before their light vanished. Only saw red light, no white or other beacon. B/c of the crowds, traffic and outdoor music couldn't hear a lot but thought I caught the sound of helicopters as one point.

Richmond Green UFOs

I was with my mom and we both saw the exact same thing. We counted and there was a total of 18 of them. We didn't hear any sound. We couldn't figure out what they were, but like you said people who were watching were joking about aliens. Have you heard anything more about it?

My kids and I saw them too

My kids and I saw them too but we counted around 25 of them in a 1/2 hour to 45 minute period. I got some pics but they don't show much other then the bright orange/red colour. Is there any updates?

Orange flying objects..

June 30th around 12 midnight I was out on my deck and coming towards me were at least 8-10 of these bright orange lights..much brighter than a star. No sound at all and they were originally in a triangle formation then they spread out and almost floated or moved like a jelly fish in water. I ran to get my cell phone to take a video, and caught at least 6 of them on tape. Some were dancing around but all of them keep moving steadily. I have never seen anything like this before. I should my family the next day and my son saw the same objects driving home from work that night. I can't seem to find out WHAT they were! Thought I was losing my mind...

Friday 02 July at 9.14pm travelling in a sw/s direction

large orange/red ball with a long flaming tail lasted 2/3 seconds. Seen at South Head Helensville. Akl.Very cool. Have seen shooting stars before but never anything like this. Maybe it was space junk burning up.Certainly wasn't a flare have seen those before.

White traveling spot light

Yes, last night over Fresno, Ca. I was watching the stars with my high power binoculars and spotted a white light traveling noth to south at a very very high altitude in a somewhat straight line and it only took approx. 15 seconds to travel from on end of the sky (north) to the other end (south). This white spot light had no tail light like a comet.
I know it was traveling at a very high speed to cover that much of the sky.
I have seen jetliners travel at high altitudes before and they take much much longer to travel that distance, maybe a minute or more.
Then about 5 minutes later I seen the same light traveling from the south to the north, just in approx the same pattern where it left off when I lost sight of it in the south sky, but this time I tracted it from the south traveling north and when I lost sight of it on the north end, approx. 10 seconds later I also tracked a human made jet (red lights flashing) traveling at a much lower altitude and it seemed like it was full throttled traveling from the same direction the last time I seen the white spot light as if it was tracking or following this white spot light. It was some thing to see this episode, I know the lower aircraft was like a fighter jet traveling at its max. speed because it was also moving fast, but no where near as fast as the white spot light, like the white spot light left the fighter jet way way behind.
I have seen this white spot light a few nights ago and wondered what that could be and still wonder what it is, but now I know that I am not seeing things and to see that fighter jet or whatever human plane it was following it leads me to believe that who ever was in that human jet did not have a chance of even comng close to catching the white spotlight and my question is, why is the government informing us of this white spot light traveling the skies.
I think they are hiding something from us. But by seeing this human jet chasing the white flying object proves to me that I was just not seeing things or my mind playing tricks on me.

Anyone have a similar sightings???

let me know o.k.?

small white ball

on wednsday at around 730 in the morning me and my freind where talking and i saw a small white ball moving acrost the sky, there was no noice, then in about a minet it was gone.we didnt know what exacly what it was.

we saw 3 orange lights on

we saw 3 orange lights on monday night,at bout midnight,then they disappeard n came bk this happened a few times,n when i filmed them with my mobile all u can c is 1 tiny white dot,im in wythenshawe did any1 else c um or no what they r??????????

Fireball, near Reading, PA

On Thursday June 24th at around 10pm I was in in my front yard with my wife and a friend. Our property is usually very dark but this night it was particularly so due to a power outage in our local area. We had seen several shooting stars already when a huge fireball streaked across the sky directly overhead. It traveled from east to west, and was so bright it lit up the ground. When we first saw it, it cast an intense blue/white light which gradually changed slightly greenish and then at the end it dimmed and turned pink/red. Our view at the end was partially obscured by some trees. It took roughly five or six seconds to complete it's journey. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Orange burning object in night sky over Cambridge Ontario Canada

At approximately 10:20 pm I saw an orange burning object move through the night sky travelling west to east. What was it?

Orange burning object in night sky over Central Illinois US

At approximately 10:05 pm I saw an orange and little white burning object moving across the sky traveling north to south slightly a few degrees west. Also a red glow at very end after flying to the left of my vision. Holding my arm straight out using my samsung impression to get the the height off the ground was 2.2 phones. Width of the glow was 3/8 of an inch wide 1.5 inches long at arms length. Horizontal trajectory. Covered the whole night sky in about 3 seconds give or take 0.5 seconds. Almost close enough to see the object in front but looked distorted. Saw the drag of the atmosphere burning around it on all sides of the object. Literally saw it close enough to see the empty space right behind the object not burning. No sound! A lot of shooting stars tonight! But this wasn't the same as the countless shooting stars and other objects flying over head. Shortly afterward a few commercial planes flew by, which were flying much higher than the object that I saw and took over a minute to travel the night sky. Not to much longer saw two satellites traveling northeast to southwest along very similar trajectories to each other taking a little over 10 secs to cover night sky. Very good night to fly something very fast and blame it on a shooting star.

Orange/Red burning object in sky over Brampton Ontario Canada

@Dave - Dave, we just saw the exact same thing around 10:15pm in Brampton West. We were driving north on Chinguacousy road when we saw what looked like a bright red star. We slowed down and noticed it was moving, it passed us, was extremely high. The red/orange light was steady. Not pulsating. The object veared off west approximately around Steeles, then the light turned off, but I could see the shape of a sphere. It appears you saw this approximately 5 minutes after we saw it, and in Cambridge.


WIRRAL MERSEYSIDE........on 29/06/2010 i witnessed something that looked like a fire ball but bright blue, seemed to be coming down towards the ground and within ten seconds it had shot back up into the sky, i have never witnessed anything like this before not only was it myself that seen this but other people who drink in my pub.


CAMBRIDGE ONTARIO CANADA - It was around 10:20 pm when I saw an orange burning object moving across the sky from East to West...

I am in London ON and

I am in London ON and witnessed the same thing driving home around 10:20PM...trying to figure out what it was...there were at least 6 of them if not more.

did you see it again tonight

did you see it again tonight saturday 3/7 i just saw it 10.10 onwards

Bright light travelling east to west

On friday, june 5th, at about midnight, I saw a bright light that was travelling from east to west in northern Ontario. It was moving really slowly and made no noise. It was way too bright to be a satellite and it disappeared in the horizon. Tonight, june 28th at about 11:30 pm, the same light travelled across the sky. Same altitude, and still no sound. No clue what it was.

Fireball ?

It was on Saturday evening at approx 23:00 pm , my son said there is a hot air balloon in the sky , so we went outside to have a look , it was not a hot air balloon , but it looked like a ball of orange fire moving from south to north , it did not look as high as a star , in fact it looked the same height an aeroplane would fly , we live in Newcaslte Upon Tyne , it was very unusual , did anyone else see this ?

My friend and I saw the same

My friend and I saw the same thing about an hour ago (midnight), exactly as you described. The strange thing is that this is the second time I have witnessed this in a week. I also saw the same thing fly over my head as I was driving north out of Birmingham on Friday night around the same time. This is very unusual indeed...

a star or something fast

left dog out for a pee and a wee walk .. looked up into the sky and something just flew accross the sky very fast , it was no a plane .. that was at 2.15 am this morning the 27/06/09 . I am located in the south west of Ireland .. It was a bright fast moving object that vanished . it was not a shooting star or meteor .. well maybe it was it took less than 2 mins to pass above me .. anyone else see it ..

UFO's ?

About 11:15pm, 26 June 2010 my sister, brother-in-law and I (aged between 59 and 67) were sitting in the garden in Timperley, Cheshire, England when my brother-in-law alerted us to a dark shape (wedge like) in the sky. It was travelling North to South, at an angle of approximately 30 degrees and a distance of about a mile (?). I thought it was a large bird (Swan or Goose) but upon paying more attention could not reasonably suggest what it was, but is was so odd that we all watched until it had crossed the sky and eventually disapeared in cloud. We started to laugh and said things like, ''Alians'' however none of us believe in UFO's of that type. About 5 minutes later a large (given it's altitude and distance) ball of orange/red light appeared as though following the dark object. This object travelled at a similar speed and I would have thought it to be an aircraft except that I've never seen anything like it. It crossed the sky in about 15 seconds or less, was very steady and none of us could hear any noise from it. My sister ran into the house to get her camera but missed it. About 5 minutes later, two more such objects appeared in the sky, one following the other (or so it appeared) and also travelling North - South. About 10 minutes another two objects, again on a similar flight path, appeared and quietly made their way across the sky as the others had. Tried to take pictures and observe with bino's but objects too distant to get any sharp resolutions. These objects were 'striking' to say the least and may be the result of atmospheric distortions etc. but we all feel sure there was more to it. Very odd, a little exciting and definately UFO's, but of what type we cannot say.

fast moving object in sky June 26th

Yes, I saw something amazing also from my garden in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire approaching midnight on June 26th. I had gone outside to look at the full moon. I was following the lights of an aeroplane and this distinct ball shape went flying across the sky - orangey and with a tail. It was incredible. So glad someone else saw it - thought I was going mad!

Longer, brighter and slower than your ordinary shooting star.

I live in west Texas. And as my husband and I sat on our back porch facing north, we saw a very bright light pass from east to west. I would say it was white. I don't recall any orange.

It was about 11pm central time on June 22, 2010.
(I know because I immediately FB'd it & several friends responded - saying they'd seen it as well.)

It seemed much BRIGHTER than a your ordinary shooting star. It also seemed to travel SLOWER. Usually you would blink and miss it! This one practically spanned the whole sky, before burning out.

Anyone have any ideas?

A glowing bright red fire ball in the sky

On Monday June 21, 2010. at 10:00 p.m. I live S.W. of I-96 Grandville, Mi At first I thought I seen a plane on fire our a shooting star and I said no to myself it isn't a plane or a shooting star their were three or four glowing bright red fire balls shooting from the South to the North at a time then they would disappear in the sky and there were not any sound our blinking lights as a plane passing through I have been doing research on what it was in our sky that night it was amazing to see though.

A glowing bright red fire ball in the sky

On Monday June 21,2010. at 10:00 p.m. I live S.W. of I-96 Grandville, Mi At first I thought I seen a plane on fire our a shooting star and I said no to myself it isn't a plane or a shooting star their were three or four glowing bright red fire balls shooting from the South to North at a time in the sky then they would disappear in the sky and there were not any sound our blinking lights as a plane passing through don't know what it was myself would like to know as of today I have been doing research on it to know what it was!

A glowing bright red fire ball in the sky

On Monday June 21,2010. at 10:00 p.m. I live S.W. of I-96 Grandville, Mi At first I thought I seen a plane on fire and I said no to myself it isn't a plane their were three or four glowing bright red fire balls shooting from the South to North at a time in the sky then they would disappear in the sky and there were not any sound our blinking lights as a plane passing through don't know what it was myself would like to know as of today I have been doing research on it to know what it was!