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strange aircraft moving east/west (UK) on 3.Sept 2010 at 21.10

I saw a deltoid object - like a stealth bomber on its wing tip. It was brilliant white - like it was white hot and behind it was fire and the whole thing was moving in a glow of fire.

I was looking out of a south facing window on a clear night. At a certain point, above a tree - the object was side-on to me and I could see that the fire was in a shield-like shape with cresselations (or feathering, like on an arrow) at the top - and as I peered out the corner of the window, I clearly saw a white deltoid shape ahead of the fire which made me realise it was some kind of aircraft. When I first saw it I thought it was an aircraft on fire or perhaps some kind of flying bomb, but with the cresselations at the top I felt that the fire was more likely to be a controlled emission from the aircraft. I think the fire was like the orange of street lights - still and powered by electricity.

Other sightings here are easily explained as meteor showers, but I don't think this fits with that explanation at all. Sorry if it's on the wrong web-site but I'd like to know what I've seen and whether anybody might know what it is. I've never seen anything like it before, though I have seen a stealth bomber flying - it doesn't have an exhaust like I saw.

macvick from KT6 - UK

strange aircraft moving east-west Friday September 3rd 2010

I am now satisfied that what I saw was a Chinese lantern. I think the wind must have caught it and it was flying on its side. There has been a lot of strong wind over the London area lately.
macvick from KT6 - UK

Driving home from a friends

Driving home from a friends house on Thursday 02 Sept 2010 (approx 10pm), in Blenheim NZ, heading towards the east I saw a bright burning fireball looking thing that was visable for about 2 -3 seconds before it burned out. I have never seen anything like it before and was relieved to have someone with me as I would have thought I would have been seeing things! Can anyone advise what this may have been?

Green shooting star

On Friday 3rd Sept. 2010 I went to bed at aprox.10.50 pm. My bedroom window (37.40.48 s.175.57.52 e. elv.160m.) faces due east and just then there was a very bright green shooting star like occurrence.
It went in a descending arc from left to right, ENE. to E., from about 30deg. down to about 10deg. above the horizon.
The light looked about the same size and intensity as a very pistol green flare but much to far away to be a flare of any kind.

Bright Light Moving And Fading In Sky !

This has me quiet puzzled to what it can be, i have seen it on 3 occasions moving in different directions and my friend and his wife on another 2 occasions. I can only explain it to be like a satellite or star but gradually getting very bright and fading to nothing after a minute or so. But it seems to be a lot lower then any other satellite or star.

I have seen a lot of satellite's moving on a clear night and they are quiet fast compared to this 'thing' and they never suddenly get brighter then fade into nothing.

any info on what it could be would be great. thanks Craig, UK

dancing/streaking red lights?

ive never seen anything too special in the night sky except for northern lights one time and dont have much experience like some of you stargazers but! what i saw last night in the sky over burnaby BC was unlike anything ive ever heard of until i read some posts. way out in the distance like a very far star me and 2 other ppl witnessed this strange physics defying movement. hard to see red glows or stars dancing and streaking and even flashing in the sky randomly. seemed to move like bugs but were up in the sky not below. sometimes theyd dance around in circles with eachother but mostly just zig zagged individually, would move up,down,right,left so fast and would dissapear then come back. some would just streak like a shooting star. like other ppl have said, kind of like a lazer pointer but with flashes and very distanced. i only saw mabey 10-15 of them over the span of 30mins and not all at once but another person i was with was freaked out and said they saw a lot more. does anybody know what this could have been????.......i thought mabey an illusion of some sort, im kind of perplexed i dont buy into UFOs and all that crap very easily

Alien lights in sky?

Were driving down the road on the 21/08/2010 between 20.00-21.00. Saw about 20 red\goldish lights bit bigger then a star would appear. They were lined up like the lights of an airports landing strip. Me and my girlfriend stopped to take a look and saw they were moving very slowly. And then suddenly saw little lights coming out of the bigger ones. (1little light per big light) in about 5mins time as they were moving they just vanished. And there was nothing in the sky. This happened near waverly in pretoria South africa. Would like to know if anyone picked something up on a radar maybe?

see my story in may 2010 my

see my story in may 2010 my comment here in CT,perhaps we saw something similar?


hello every body, i'm from Brazil, and i would like to speak about a litlle star that i sow yesterday. i live in SÃO LUIS-MA, and yesterday in the night i saw a moving star first it was going slowly in the sky like a star, but it was moving like a air bus, only a light...others people saw, my daughter, my son, my boyfriend and a frind of my daugther.

Meteorite over Lower South Island

Saw a large green meteorite streaking from south to north at 7.40pm Sunday 22/ 08/2010.
It was only visible for a short period before burning up.
No sound was heard but a trail was visible in its light.


I too saw a bright green meteor visible at 7:37 on the 22/8/10. I was driving just North of Kaikoura heading south. Yay, I wasn't imagining it!

Meteorite near Matamata

Thursday 19th August 2010, approx 6:15am. Driving south on SH26 between the intersection with SH27 and Matamata. What I saw was a streak line of white light. At the leading point of the streak of light was a white 'dot' slightly bigger than width of the streak. It traveled from right to left in my vision, roughly NW to SW and was just above the tree line, say 40 degrees. I felt it was quite close, maybe a 1000m away but these things are probably further away than you think. I'm guessing what I saw was a meteorite. It was going far to fast to be an aircraft and too close to be a satellite. I did think about the possibility of being a reflection of another light in the glass but it was too clear and distinct for that. Wikipedia say 500 meteorites reach the earth every year so at a rate 1-2 a day its a fairly remote chance I was at the right place at the right time. I can't make any other explanation.

strange lights

same here,i was getting cows in @ around 6am,and saw very similar objects in sky,thought i was tired untill the bolt of white light streaking downwards really took my attention...then a bright white light lit up the sky.
im no weirdo,but ive been seeing these things in the sky for several weeks,plenty of activity.

Meteor shower and moving stars?

Okay so last night (august 12, 2010) me and a few friends decided to go out and see this supposed meteor shower. We started down at the lake on the pier and didnt see anything at all... at around 1030 we went back up to my friends house and decided to go lay in the field by her house and see if we could see anything there.. Any ways we saw a whole bunch of meteors, big ones small ones, ones with huge red smoke trails. It was amazing and im really glad that i got to see what i did. After that around 11pm we were still laying there looking at the sky hoping to see another meteor and me and ashley both noticed this moving star, it would zig zag and go up and down and every direction. I know what satalites and planes look like that was definatly not either of those things. There was one and then another appeared and they would like dance with each other and then disappear and come back again. We watched them for a good 20 minutes and then gave up and came to the conclusion that our eyes were probably just bugging out or something. On the walk back to her house me and her and her boyriend and his friend all had this over whelming feeling we were being watched, i know a star cant see you but i just thought it was creepy.

Same thing!

I had a very similar experience on Friday August 13th, at around 11:00pm. My sister and our nephew were sitting out on our dock in Bobcaygeon, Ont., watching the meteor shower, when we saw a star (?) start to move. It appeared to be a slow moving meteor, and faded in and out of brightness as well as stopping and starting in its trajectory, suddenly flaring to at least twice its size. It didn't "go out", and rather kept moving on its path in a slow fashion, fading to nothing after about 45 seconds.
It was very, very creepy, and we went in soon after that, because in 20 years of watching the August meteor show, I've never, ever seen anything even remotely close to that.

Orange bright lights

The other day at around 10 30 pm. We were sitting outside at a local pub. We hadn't even had our first drink when these 2 orange bright lights apeared. They seemed to be about 2 feet from each other traveling South East to West in the sky. It was the wierdest thing. But just as they disapeared, there were 2 more. The same distance apart from each other, just like the first ones.
People had there cameras out and were filming. No one seemed to know what they had just witnessed.
We live in a small town in Northern Ontario, and for us this was quite something. I haven't seen anything like this before and have no idea what they were.
Does nyone have any idea what we saw?

orange burning ball in sky

in tadley hampshire on 12 august we went into our hottub to gaze at the meteor shower we saw the usual shooting stars across the sky but at approx 10.30pm we saw a bright orange burning ball coming from the north from the direction of aldermaston heading south initially i thought maybe it was after burners from a fighter jet but it made no noise and im sure it wasnt a chinese lantern as it was traveling too fast, ive googled at there appears to have been alot of sighting of orange burning balls but no confirmed explanation, love to find out what it was!

yosemite shooting stars

on the night on july 31, 2010 I was camped 9 miles from the road in Yosemite National
Park, at waterwheel falls. I saw several "normal" shooting stars, 2 unusually bright yellow/green streaks, and 3 ridiculously long bright orange ones with slight flashes at the end. Yosemite tends to have dark skies and it is easy to see shooting stars there, but these were the brightest and most impressive I have ever seen.

bright red light

At around 9:40 last night August 1st in Maine, USA I saw a bright red burst sort of looking like an explosion but then fell down a bit and then disappeared. It was bright and very high up in the sky. Could it have been a meteor?

On July 29,2010 I had a

On July 29,2010 I had a similiar experience. I think it might be a fireball, but I will speak with an expert at some time. I will let you know when I learn of anything.:)

Orange/yellow Fireball x2

Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. Last night around 2315 I saw two bright orange/yellow fireball type objects darting across the sky in the same direction, west to east, at approximately the same speed. They did seem to fade until they neared the moon. They looked like two giant embers from a fire as they flickered the orange yellow color. Did anyone else witness this?

Hi I seen the the same


I seen the the same sighting in the USA on August 11, 2010. Did you ever find out what it was.

Last night 14/08/10 I saw 18

Last night 14/08/10 I saw 18 of these all cross over my house in Huntingdon.

Burning orange coulour in southern sky

31 July 2010 at 9.16pm did anyone see a bright orange object cross the sky in an arc from the west toward the east. Example from over queenstown towards Timaru.

A couple nights ago on the

A couple nights ago on the east coast of Florida at about ten o'clock i saw what looked like the beginning of a shooting star. Then it turned orange and red and then it lit up bright yellow twice. I don't know what it was, but the sky seems very active lately. What I saw arched as well, so maybe I saw something similiar to what u saw. It may b space junk burning up in the atmosphere or a fireball, but I'm not really sure.

fireball in Texas sky 7/29/10

Last night (July 29, 2010) at around 11:00pm central time my husband and I saw a bright light in the sky. It looked greenish to us and only lasted a few seconds - but it was very big and bright, lighting up the whole sky. Was it a meteor? Did anyone else see it?


Sometimes around 11 pm, on July 29 2010, my son and I were leaving New Braunfels, TX, headed east on I-10. We were between New Braunfels and exit 638. My son and I both saw what looked like a gigantic rainbow shooting star in the sky. It almost looked like fireworks, as the tail changed from a red to green color. From our perspective on the highway, the size of it (including the tail) was almost as big as the full moon that night around that time. We saw it in upper center portion of my windsheild. We were amazed, and both said at exactly the same time, "OMG! Did you see that?"
So, I did a little internet research, but I wanted to confirm my sighting with an expert. Today, I went to the planetarium and described what we saw to an expert. She said that it was a fireball....This is the first place that I have found and reports similiar to our experience. please let me know if you hear of any other sightings of it.

Fireball Reports

If you witnessed this event, then please fill out a fireball report form for the American Meteorlogical Association (link is at the bottom of this post). Maybe we can learn more about what we saw in the sky on July 29th . As of today, 5 people (including myself) have reported this fireball.

Link to fireball reporting form:
Link to 2010 fireball sightings:

That's really weird cause

That's really weird cause that same night in Florida I saw something similiar to that, but it was orange and red.

fireball observed in Houston, Texas 7/29/10

Yes - Towards the end (just before exiting our field of view) it very briefly burned a reddish color from our perspective. We've never seen a meteor burning up bright green like that, capable of significantly lighting up the entire sky. We have been checking the news and scouring the internet for more information because it was just so odd to us, and definitely the largest object we've seen burning up in Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps it was just space junk... Anyway, It was pretty low in the night sky - appearing near the horizon here - so we wondered if it actually struck the earth or exploded just before impact. Has anyone heard any reports of a meteorite impact or explosion prior to impact? We would love more information - or even to find a photograph or video of the occurrence. It was quite coincidental too, as we had just watched a science program earlier in the evening on the cosmos, current research at Keck, and astrobiology. We had to laugh about it....

Well, on thecoast of Florida

Well, on thecoast of Florida I looked out over the ocean and saw red and orange flash across the sky. What I saw was low in the sky as well as yours. Before it went out it blew up twice. I think what I saw maybe similiar to what u saw, but I an going to do sone research on it. It may have been a fireball, but I'm not sure. What time did u c that, cause what I saw happened around 10 o'clock at night.


We saw it around 11 pm central time.

Yes I too have been trying to

Yes I too have been trying to find out what I saw. but i havnt found anything yet as well. If u find out what it is do tell me.:)

Weird light

On July 29,2010 at around ten o'clock p.m on the east side of Florida I looked up at the sky and what I thought was the beginning of a shooting star changed into a bright orange and red light that streaked across the sky. Then it lit up into a bright white light at the tip then went out then it lit up again. It lasted for about 5 or 6 seconds. Does anyone know what it might b? Did anyone c it too?

Stange light

At about ten o'clock tonight I looked up and what I thought was the beginning of a shooting star turned into a bright red and orange light streaking across the sky. Then a bright white light exploded from it and then dimmed and exploded again. Then it dissapeared. What could it b?

I saw what kinda looked like

I saw what kinda looked like a ball of fire but then slowly got smaller and finally after a while disappeared. I first thought it maybe meteorite but i have seen a small light which slowerly faded away there in the same place before, so now im thinking it maybe a satalite although it didnt look like on. London

It could b a satellite, but

It could b a satellite, but I've seen satellites in the sky before, and they look like stars moving slowly across the sky and then dissapearing. What I saw was really strange, I tried looking it up, but nothing looked like it. I've seen something like this a couple days before. About the same time last night ( around ten). I think what I saw was a fireball.

Bright & white

I think just saw a shooting star (or space junk burn was bright & white)
Around 2:10am (Tuesday am) Southeast Georgia, USA

red light in daytime sky

A little before 9:00am, driving on I-440 in Raleigh, NC (leaving farmers market) a bright red light caught my eye off in the distance above the tree line looking south-west (towards Apex). It dropped down into the tree trail that I could see. I didn't see if it was going in a horizontal direction or just vertical (very quick look). My first thought was a plane going down (far away) but I kept searching the horizon for smoke...didn't see any (also checked the news when I got home). Kept scanning the sky on the way home...heading in the direction where I saw it. Second thought was maybe it was something from Sharron Harris plant (in that basic direction - hoping it wasn't!). It was such a bright light of red, I can't be the only one that saw it!

I SEEN THEM TOO, Happy i aint crazyy ha

Me and my friend were outside the pool in miamisburg and looked up and an orange red ball was falling and it split into fuzzy peices and stopped falling but was still moving, then disappeared and re appeared and fell it was last friday, then saturday on my way to a party in farmersville i seen them over the cornfields, scared the hell out of me no idea what it was

Meteorite? meteor? 17th july 2010

Did any one in Hamilton see a meteorite last night 17th july 2010, I was driving over the Frankton over bridge around 9.30pm and it looked like a shooting star except it had a green trail and then split into two before it fizzled out to nothing..It looked really close. We had never seen this before, very exciting but not sure exactly what it was


Yes .. Me and my boyfriend seen it while I was at his house in Trenton Ohio. I called Fox 19 News to ask if anyone else had called in about it and he said no and he kinda like blew me off. I told him it was important that they find out what it was because it was not just a local thing. I told them that not only did we see it but at the same time we were watching the lights my boyfriends son was on his phone with a text from his girlfriend that is in Alabama and she see it too. She text him while we were all looking at what we thought at first was a falling star .. but it was no falling star.. this was something else.. what I dont know. But we know one thing.. we were not the only State that was looking at it.

July 19 2010

On Monday night around midnight a "shooting star" passed through the northeast sky in
northeast Pa. And in a second it appeared to break through the earths atmosphere
and exploded into a large orange fireball and dissapeared. Fragments must have
hit the earth somewhere on the Northeast U.S. Has anyone viewed this event ?

Could it have been a sattelite or meteorite ?


i was out in my garden having a fag about 2am-i saw what i think was a shooting star which disappeared(was this a star or a satellite?)then about 5 mins later i saw a bright orange star going across the sky really fast which did not fade away!!!what was that????? my family dont believe me as i've seen several shooting stars over the last few nights but they hav'nt cos they've not been out at the right time or looking!!!i live in hampshire england

Just seen a shooting star

Just seen a shooting star too, about 22.30 BST.HAMPSIRE ENGLAND.
Kept looking for more until now 23.00 but didn't see anymorwe.

Moving "star"

I live in Riverside, Ca. Last night, July 11, 2010 me and a friend of mine were up late (about 2 A.M.) when we heard what sounded like fighter jets zooming around. The closest Air Force Base is March AFB about 10 miles away but it is long been inactive and is an Air Museum now, so any military aircraft flying around (aside from our annual air show which already passed months ago) is highly unusual.
Shortly after hearing the jets and going outside to observe, my friend and I saw a star that moved at a steady pace heading west, stopped, moved again, stopped, then appeared to move very slowly upwards and stopped again. I was watching it and wondering what it was while my friend was talking and ignoring my comments about the star. It was like both he and the star were vying for my attention. When he finally shut up and actually observed the star, he was astonished. The star sometimes moved back and forth (East and West), then up and down, then again westward for a few seconds, then stopped again. My friend is very skeptical and, well lets say "down to earth". But even he could not deny that this was something to be concerned about. He took his flashlight and flashed it a few times at the star and it seemed to have reacted, moving back and forth again. He freaked out and said "Holy **** its coming down!" I noticed it did look like a crashing plane weaving back and forth coming in for a crash landing, he ran inside and woke his dad up to tell him (it was around 2 A.M. on the west coast) but his dad just looked at it and said "you guys are tripping out about nothing, its just a star", then went back inside. The star stopped moving and remained still, only slightly moving either up, down, south, or west but remained mostly still, appearing as a normal star. I was trying to understand it's behavior, and I know it sounds crazy, but I started to think it was aware of us being aware of it. My friend was obviously thinking the same thing previously when he flashed it with his light, I asked him and he said "yeah, it's like it was sneaking across the sky and once it noticed it was being observed it stopped, shifted back and forth, not knowing what to do or where to go". I thought to myself 'this is something that moves with intelligence, it is trying to blend in with the night sky and appear as a star'. Funny thing is there were no other visible stars around from our viewpoint, and I almost forgot about the fighter jets that caused us to be looking up at the sky at 2 o'clock in the morning in the first place. Maybe they were hunting something? Patrolling the skies for unidentified aerial phenomena ? I couldn't help but link the two together. I know about satellites, the ISS and every thing else it could be, but it did not fit the profile for any of these. It was cloudy last night and you could only see a few stars in the break of the clouds, but we could see this no matter how thick the clouds were. It would get dimmer when really thick clouds passed but we could still see it. I am aware that your eyes can play tricks on you, and you can mistake the movement of clouds for the movement of stars, depending on what you're focusing on. I'm not an idiot. I know how to use nearby surrounding objects in the skyline to gauge whether something is moving or not. Both me and my friend observed it's movement so we were not "tripping". What the hell did we see? Satellites are only visible when not completely in the shadow of the Earth and do not move like this, or are there some that do? Answers please!



Ramona ca

I am watching the same thing right now for the last 40mins. Directly east of the county estates. The object is a solid light moving in an acrobatic fasion. Staying roughly in the same airspace. Appears to me very high 50k + feet. And moving very very fast. I'm an air traffic controller and look
at planes all day. This is no plane. An air liner passed over head in the direction of the object and it became apparent how fast and high it really is.

Moving "Star" - Saw same thing....

On July 13th at 3 in the morning, I saw a similar occurance to the post about a "moving star". I was staying at Pelee Island which is a small island in Lake Erie. The southernmost point of Canada (Ontario). I woke up at 3 am and saw a bright light. It looked like a huge planet. (About the size of a dime if I were to hold it out in front of me.) It began to move. The odd thing was how it moved. It didn't move like an airplane. My initial reaction was that it looked like it was "swimming" or I guess pulsating in the sky. It moved in a zig zag direction and got fainter, then it came back closer and was super bright again. I turned the light on to plug in my camera charger and it seemed to move away quickly. I too thought, could it have possibly seen the light turn on? Crazy.... . I watched it for about 1/2 hour. Some clouds came and I could see it dimly throught the clouds until it disappeared. I have never seen anything like this and I am also wondering what sort of explanations there are for the odd behavior.

moving stars

i too witnessed this last night in fact i used my laser light to blast them they move swiftly through the sky when they are hit with the laser but after a while they come back.i believe it may be survellience.i am sick of being told im seeing things,so last night i had a friend with me to show him.he was gobbed smacked and no longer thinks im delussional