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bright lights

Just saw the same thing here in Charlottesville, Va. We live next to the airport and on the way home tonight we saw bright yellow light so at first we thought it was an airplane, but after a second it definitely was not. It went way to fast, had a trailing orange color behind it and was bigger than any falling star I have ever seen. son and I both saw it.

It was amazing. If I am not

It was amazing. If I am not mistaken, the object in the sky as I was travelling north on rt 29 heading towards Warrenton, Va was travelling very fast. The light in the sky was travelling from East to West. It looked like a blue coloured front with a red to orange tail. I did not see any smoke from the trail. The time was about 8:15 est. Everything looked normal as it disappeared.

I saw the same thing in

I saw the same thing in Charlottesville tonight. It was much brighter than a normal falling star.

Bright orange light

Last evening at 17.45 we noticed 2 bright orange lights moving silently across the sky above West Thurrock. Essex.
Did anyone else happen to notice this

Huge Bright Light

I live in King William VA, me and my daughter were traveling home. There was a huge bright orange and blue light, with a long tail....and it seemed to be very close to us. After about 3 to 5 seconds it was gone. Have never seen anything like it before.

Yes my Father and I saw 2 in

Yes my Father and I saw 2 in the Bedfordshire area......about 17.00...

Bright orange light

Hi, I to have seen exactly the same thing over Southend-on-sea on Sunday night. I have no idea what it was but must admit that I briefly thought that armageddon was imminent,lol.
I saw a bright orange light, almost like a fire-ball travel slowly across the sky and then fade out into nothing.
I have heard alot about these chinese lantern things but don't actually know what they are. is still is still waiting to see some evidence of the lights mentioned, but almost certainly we believe they are Chinese lanterns - these are often lit and set into the sky at the same time and travel with the wind - slowly, quietly with no noise.  From the ground at night it is hard to work out if they are small and close to earth or large and far away.  These lanterns are usually orange and are used for celebrations.

Thanks for all the updates everyone


Strange lights above Napier, NZ

My husband and I saw the lights also, there were four of them, one moved out to the right while the other three formed a triangle shape and stayed in this formation for a few minutes before then moving away until they were no longer visible. I cannot beleive there has been nothing on the news or in the papers about this as it was not normal! I phoned air traffic control to see if they had an explanation, they had finished for the evening at approx 9pm and said that the last fly over above us would have been at around 9pm. However I don't think this was a plane.

Hi there, My name is Megan..

Hi there, My name is Megan.. my family and i ( husband, sister, brother-in-law ) were outside, while my sister and i were having a smoke on Christmas evening. What we saw i can not explain, even my neighbors saw this anomaly.

First there was just the one 'light' (no sound from any of the 'lights') that came from the north, approx 9.15pm and slowly made its way south, before getting to the south most part of the visible sky 'dissipated'. From the google maps map, from park island recreational park, towards Taradale, we live on Guppy Road. The second 2 then followed approx 9.25pm together were also slow and the second seemed to come closer towards us. The third (all in the same flight path) appeared approx 9.40pm a bit slower than the first 3 and seem to linger in spots.

I was told this morning that my mother and her neighbor also saw a further 2 later, at approx 10.15pm - 10.45pm together. 1 lingering in the same place the other 'darting' and 'zig-zagging' around the first, which remained motionless. Then 'just disappeared' so my mother told me.

The 'lights' were 3/4 of a whole bottom circle, (on video) and seemed to have a ring around them, also orange in colour. The ones that my mother and her Neighbor saw were MUCH closer to the ground and she saw them clearly!, she said they were 'top halves' of a circle, and red-orange in colour.

I have 4 videos that i would gladly show you.

Strange lights and other things!

Many people have seen naturally occurring phenomena and claimed them to be UFO's, things like comets, bright meteors, ball lightning, twinkling stars, and so on.....BUT, many other people have definitely seen phenomena that cannot be naturally explained.

For those who would like to explore the true explanation for these truly unidentifiable UFOs, there is a very interesting booklet put out by the Most Holy Family Monastery, part of which you can read on line - the rest you can read when you order the booklet from their website at or

Personally, I have seen a few meteors and satellites over the years, but never anything that I could not explain....but then again I have never really bothered to spend my time gazing at the night sky in the hope of seeing one of these unexplained celestial objects, and having read the booklet,now I know why! 8 - D

p.s. the booklet is called: "UFOs: Demonic Activity & Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive
Mankind" [ to read a sample, open up their homepage, scroll down a wee way to you get to UFOs, click to open and read.....]

Orange red fire ball seen Christmas day in UK

I saw a similar thing Christmas eve, just after I got into bed, even with my curtains drawn I could my room was lit up by the large lighted object I could see moving through my curtains.

Looked outside and it got smaller and smaller and burnt out after a few mins

Glad other people saw this too, had to wake up family members to tell them about it! quite frightening to begin with!

Suffolk, England UK

Meteor ?

wow I was looking out to the ocean from our house at Leigh, NZ and I saw a huge ball of fire woosh across the sky quite low, from the ocean side across to the hills on land , pretty awesome, lasted a few seconds was huge.., googled Meteor got to this site and wondered if anyone else viewed it as well.

Yup 6 of us saw it to, we

Yup 6 of us saw it to, we live in Te Puke Bay of Plenty, went from one side of the sky to the other, fantastic never seen anything like it, we were out with a telescope doing some viewing at the time and all just looking at teh right place at teh right time.

orange light in sky dec 25th,2010

Roscommon, Ireland, December 25th, 6pm approx...
large orange light...very strange...lasted about 2mins...before it gradually got smaller and eventually either disappeared entirely or behind cloud...nothing on fire...too big to be a star...not a lantern, plane, helicoptor or other .... ??????????????

strange light

Dublin, Ireland, at 12.09 am christmas night / stephens morning seen beautiful orange light move from north to south, then different directions towards east, coming downwards and then upwards. Have seen hundreds of meteors / shootings stars, and this was not.

strange light

Saw a very strange light at 12.09 am chrtmas night / stephens mornings, lasted about 1 and a hallf minutes floating but very fas in different directions

Newburyport, MA. USA, I saw

Newburyport, MA. USA, I saw a orange glowing object about 8:00am EST on 12/25/2010 slowly moving east to west, lasted 2-3 minutes than disappeared.

not a plane, too slow, chinese lantern/

very strange.

Lights Over Christchurch

Tonight the wife was outside and saw some odd lights in the sky. looked to be red in colour and floated from North West accross us and went to the South West. We counted about 16 in total and managed to get some photos. What were they? wierd, no sound and they all travelled the same direction. Anyone one else see them ?

Live in Northcote Chch, saw

Live in Northcote Chch, saw the lights moving in an upwards arc from the north to the south-east around ten last night.


About 9:50 my boyfriend rushed inside to show me the four lights gliding across our HAWKESBAY sky.

We tried to figure out an explanation for the mysterious non-blinking lights, however the way the lights 'FLOATED' could no where near have been planes. The lights intercepted at once but they hardly were they gliding straight forward, they were going in all sorts of pathways (pretty much curvy pathway) but one direction. And it looked very, very slow from the human eye here at home on land but probably going pretty fast in real life ... heading towards the direction of where the sun rises on a NAPIERS SUMMER MORNING.

set of light or stars gliding ??.

I just saw something similar to what you all saw up north around 8:30pm pacific time with the human naked eye it was crazy i downloaded Google sky app. And I was messing with it and I saw a set of stars or light following each other moving east west and around each other and another set of light or stars fallow along and then I saw what I thing was a shooting star ???

Lights in the sky

We saw the same lights, there were 4 that i saw, the front 3 were in a diamond formation with one much further back. My friend, mother and I had had a couple of wines so got my 12 yr old daughter to confirm we weren't seeing things and sure enough she saw them too.

They were gliding across the sky untill they disappeared heading in an easterly direction

i saw the EXCATLY same

i saw the EXCATLY same formation last night of them.


Hi there, we saw these "lights" as well, ran inside and took a pretty good picture of three of them, we are two pretty skeptical people when it comes to these kind of things, but after looking at the pictures we took and transferring them to computer, these are most definately NOT planes, helicopters or stars, and the thing we noticed that creeped me out is that they are 'half moon', or 'half circle' shapes, you could pull our photos apart as much as you like, but these are the real deal, NOT camera tricks, and NOT lights beaming from earth!!!!

yea, i've been contacted by

yea, i've been contacted by √∫focus' and have been informed that they were most likely 'Chinese lanterns'. But am 100% convinced as i have 3videos of the lights.
Pretty Interesting!!!

I would really love to see

I would really love to see your pics aswell!!! Only because I saw them too :)


If you got the photo's why not send them in for others to view to prove it

four bright orange lights in napier

yes we saw the same lights about 10 last night too very sureal they did a few different formations like other formations a see stars do. they started off really bright then faded and disapeared . have never seen anything like it before!!

Yeah we saw them too, we only

Yeah we saw them too, we only saw 3 but they were flying in a perfect triangle shape, they were bright orange in colour, and it really freeked me out!!!

triangle lights

i saw 3 yellow lights,in a triangle formation and a single yellow light lower and to the side of the others on dec 25 at about 9.45pm ,as i was biking home,in gisborne nz,and i couldnt work out what they were. they were still but seemed to be hovering ,they made no noise ,my sister also saw them from a diff location in gisborne.

weird lights

im in napier nz btw

Orange lights diamond formation

Tonight driving home we saw a formation of orange lights shaped in a diamond moving slowly across the sky, the light at the front disappeared after a few minutes then the other 3 changed direction and moved off and disappeared after about 5 minutes.

Heading home about 10:30

Heading home about 10:30 going north bound on the 57 freeway I notice a bright red light. It looked like a fire ball up in the sky. After i noticed it, i told my cousin to look at it and in less than 30 seconds the light dissapeared. Hard to wonder what it could have been because it was raining.

ball of fire in nite sky over leigh

thought it was 10 but could have been 10 30 was looking at the ocean from leigh a huge ball of orange blasted across the sky really quite low blasted from the ocean across the sky towards Matakana pretty awesome

We live in a tiny villlage

We live in a tiny villlage outside Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire Kilmarnock. Tonight around 10pm my partner was outside and he shouted me to hurry up and see this outside which i could only describe as a ball of fire in the sky travelling horizontally not just as quickly as an aeroplane we observed it for around 5mins until it disappeared into the distance. Can anyone give me any answers to this quite remarkable site ?

Orange light in sky, Whangamata Coromandel

I saw an orange light in the sky from inside the house around 845pm on Christmas Day. When I alerted the family we went outside to look at it. It made no sound and travelled from West to North East in an arc like motion. It looked like an ember or a flare, it was fiery and orange. It moved at about helicopter speed, constantly, and appeared about 1500ft above us. The sun had not set and there was a clear sky (some thin cloud on horizon). Ten of us watched this very bright orange light for about 4 minutes untill it flickered and disappeared or went out. Did anyone else see it? What could it be?

Strange Light Over Johannesburg 23/12/2010

At apox 2100 my friend and i saw what looked like a fireball in the sky. Thought it might be a meteor but shifted direction quite dramatically. Lasted for prob around 1-2 minutes. Really creepy!!! Hope somebody else saw it.

UFO?... cause i couldn't identify what it was

At approximately 6:30 pm EST in Middleburg FL on 12/21/2010, I and my daughter seen a strange light in the sky. We live close to Camp Blanding and all sorts of airborne objects fly over all the time. At first we thought it was just a plane. We noticed it didn't have the normal red and white flashing lights of an airplane or helicopter. It was a solid white spherical light only. Planes with normal lights were flying by but looked as if they we closer to the earth than this one. It was headed away from where Camp Blanding is located. We watched it move across the sky at a normal speed but then it began to get smaller in an unnatural way. It then began to turn red and continued to get smaller till it disappeared in a distance that you would've normally been able to still see it. I don't know what it was but I know it isn't something I've seen or heard about.

Red Lights

My family saw eight to ten red lights come over the hill from Taieri way , we were in Opoho, Dunedin and then all headed North. They were very bright, like nothing we'd seen before and were very smooth flying. The last one was quite a long way behind the others and came from a different angle of the hill from Taeri way but also continued in the same pattern heading North, no sound was heard. Happened November 2010.

Strange objects

Three moving objects moving fom east to west at 12h22 and again at 12h30 and a third at 12h45 in the am, they each moved at a speed a lot faster than a jumbo jet. The last one was very close in a shape of a hot air ballon, there was no sound just a orange glow. This was witnessed by other people that were here, this took place over Edenvale Johannesburg S.A, did anybody witness the same ? Ps I have a rational thought mind this is why I am asking questions

I too saw the orange lights at night in JHB

I too saw it, my husband and my kids and a friend too - we were having a beer and a smoke in the garden - I have been searching the web for other reports and only today I came accross this

two lights moving north to south

I was out early this morning in Cacherconlish, Limerick, Ireland and looking up towards Polaris, I saw two lights that seemed to be moving absolutley in sync down towards the horizon. I watched them for a few minutes before I was unable to see anymore due to street lights.
They were about 3 fingers apart at arms length, one above the other
Does anywone know what they could have been?

I live in east Cork and we

I live in east Cork and we saw a pair of orange lights in the sky at 6pm approx. I ran to call my family and they could not believe what we were seeing, we watched them as they followed a very definite course and seemed to fade as they went under the plough. We went indoors and 2 minutes later i looked out and saw another pair coming from the same direction and following the same path. We were amazed and we were wildly guessing what they could be, were they flares, something breaking up in the atmosphere or worringly were they missiles? Then as they dissappeared we saw another single light come from the same direction and follow the same path, amazing! We went online and listened to the news but nothing.

small orange planes

i looked out of my bedroom window at about 6pm, saw two orange planes moving to the right across the sky, then a few minutes later i saw another one moving in the same direction. then over the next 3 hours i saw lots of these same small orange planes all moving quickly across the sky, in the same direction. no noise. what were they ? did anyone else witness this strange occurence on boxing day night ?

I have been searching all

I have been searching all evening for someone to ask about the fireball i saw this evening in connemara, galway, ireland. I was driving home from xmas shopping and had to stop in the middle of the road for a few moments as i was so shocked at what i saw. It was a large orange light wiht a long tail of fire from it. It glided across the sky for a minute or so and then just burnt out eventually. It was frightening at first as testinside
i thought it was an aeroplane but then realised it was probably a metorite. I picked up my phone to call someone but had no credit unfortunately to ring anyone and anyway it had happened so quick that it was over before i could take a video or photo on my phone. it was amazing and I will never forget it.

at about 10.45pm 3/12/10 we

at about 10.45pm 3/12/10 we were outside our house in northern wellington looking at the sky. at about a SW place in the sky i saw what i thought was a star, because it was so bright, start moving quite fast in a SE direction. it was so bright and moving so absolutely i even thought i could record it using our camera. anyway, we watched it move from SW to SE not really over the top of us, but kind of in a wide 'around the outer' kind of thing. then it just starting getter dimmer and dimmer until it got so little, flashed red once and then we couldn't see it anymore!
it was WEIRD!! what was it?

Strange light in sky

We are in Arkles Bay, on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula north of Auckland and we saw a very bright white light coming from the West and moving East (approx. 9.45pm tonight 8/12/10). It was moving fast with absolutely no sound or flashing lights normally seen with aircraft. It went straight over our house heading north-east (took a few minutes) then in a matter of seconds, turned orange, and faded to nothing... just disappeared! Very weird! We'd like to know if anyone else saw this.

i think saw this same thing

i think saw this same thing from army bay friday night wish i new what it was. seemed to move way to fast to b a satilite

This morning at 4am 13.12.10

This morning at 4am 13.12.10 I was looking out side and noticed four of the neighbour hood cats all sitting facing the same way towards the southeast they all seemes to be looking up at the sky when I looked up I saw a bright yellow light sitting over the whangaparoa peninsula it sat there moving in a circular motion for 15-20 mins then moved toward the morth east slowly at first then disapeared across the horizon quite fast thecats then came out of their trance and walked away so very bizzare