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Fast moving light

Last night at about 5.30 in the morning i saw a bright light similar to a star but it couldnt have been because it was moving up and down, side to side and then zoomed off. its not the first time i have seen this happen, anybody else seen this?

Two bright orange lights

On the 26 November 2010 I saw two brights orange lights move across the sky in exactly the same direction and dissappear. At 9 10 pm Johannesburg South Africa

Green ball of light

On 24th November, 2010 At approx 9am Australian Daylight saving time. Location: Lismore NSW, Australia, I saw a bright green ball of light fall from the sky. Just wondering what it could be. I phoned our local police a few minutes after the sighting at that time there was no other reports. Thanks

WOOW! I saw an amazing green

WOOW! I saw an amazing green light that got closer as it moved along, but then it got blue and went faster leaving a short bright blue tail behind, but what was real weird is that as it closer and blue it made a loud THUD and as it went faster (leaving a short tail) IT MADE A LOUD ROAR...I was amazed.
By the way that was around 12:15 GMT in Alexandria, Egypt
Like it was visiting the Pyramids, AMAZING

hi mate i saw the same thing

hi mate i saw the same thing last night 25/11/2010 (10:09) falling from around orions belt (stars) heading south Westerly over the roof tops it fell very quick indeed .it was huge i was very amazed by what i see shame i never got a pic it just moved so fast well ill be looking out tonight for more but i think im in for a slim chance as this is the first encounter in 27 yrs of my life

light streak

While walking the dog ..At 10:02 PM tonight 24/11/10 I saw an orange streak go over at such a fast speed it was gone as soon as it came. Clear as a bell. It was right above me and disapeared really quick. It didn't even dip into the horizen.I saw somethung simular a couple months ago but it looked more like what you would call a shooting star. I love to watch the night sky so I get excited when I witness such things. Cambridge NZ

White Flash in Sky

Here in India at ard 10.25pm date 23 Nov.2010 we have seen white ball like flashes moving in the sky. there wer 3 such white balls
Can anyone tell me what was it.

on 23-11-2010 night i saw 4 ball lightning in the sky

Yes dude on 23-11-2010 night i also saw 4 ball lightning in the sky
i dont kno wat is it can any one tell me...............

orange ball

I was out on the basketball court in my friends neiborhood tonight like 4 hours ago. A orange looking ball was slowly moving across the sky. Me and some guy i was playing basketball with saw it. We watched it for like 10 seconds. Then it went behind a cloud in i didint see it after that. I was not hi drunk or anything. I promise i saw it. has anybody seen this? it looks like a small slow moving circle in the night sky. i got on google in typed in what i saw in now i see theres way more people seeing this crazy stuff. It kind of scares me honestly cause i have no clue what i saw and never saw anything like it. it was not a shooting star im sure of that 100%. i have good eyes im only 18.

I saw these too! Round about

I saw these too! Round about 9pm, 3 orange lights moving slowly over west auckland, then disappeared into the distance. WTF??

bright light shoots across the sky

Southern California 11/16/2010 at 4:43 A.M., while heading west on the freeway I noticed a very bright light in the sky. I thought it was a helicopter and thought maybe there was a car accident. It was the brightest thing in the sky and that is why it caught my eye. All of a sudden it streaked in a western diraction and then just disappeared. It didn't fade just disappeared. Did anyone else see this?

bright, fast moving white light with a tail, thought

I saw what you saw but late thanksgiving night or you can say very early morning fri around 3:00am was moving to fast to be a plane or a helicopter and was VERY VERY Bright white light , watched it for about 10 sec and then poof it was gone, to close to have been a meteor or falling star because if thats what it was it would of hit the ground at that speed and from the distance off the ground it was, it was like as high as you would see a helicopter fly

Lights on the sky

Nov. 14 of 2010 PORTUGAL
At 06h21 i (a 19 year old guy) was in my balcony in my Flat smoking a cigar when i looked up in the sky and i saw what seemed to be stars moving in a very very slow speed...but they were moving, i called waked my parents so they could see it as well, they did, it was weird... i tryed to record it but not even my Samsung Wave 5.0mp camera can record the "moving stars"
I hope some one has seen the same as me and my parents did... Take care!

I also saw on Nov. 22, 2010

I also saw on Nov. 22, 2010 moving stars. Hundreds, possibly thousands of them. They were soundless, maintained a constant , not blinking light. My brother-in-law also saw them. I was and am mistified! What was it?

light in sky

while at work in plymouth at around 6.oclock am standing out side having a fag with 4 of my work friend one of them seen a blue flash of light we said dont be silly then about 5 or ten min after 2 of us seen it; it lasted a second with that i notice a light only noticed it because it was so bright and it was moving realy slow and u could not hardly see any stars it for further 10 min at this time it was 6.30am went back in and come back out at 6.45am just to see if it was sill there and it was,
by 7.30am it was light but u could still just see this light can this be justifide

Orange ball of light in NJ

Hello. Last night (Nov. 10) at approximately 8:40 PM, my husband and I witnessed what we believe to be a meteorite or something similar in Hillsborough, NJ. It was orangish in color, with a long orange tail. It went accross the sky in a straight line heading NE, and we never saw it burn went a really long distance. We wound up losing sight of it over the trees. Did anyone else see anything??

Orange ball of light!

Hi,I saw the same thing.I live in the Denville area of New jersey. Was out in the yard with our dogs around 8:30 PM and saw orange ball shaped object with a trail of orange behind it. It was not quick like a shooting star but rather slow moving and heading northwest. Watched it for about 10 seconds before it disappeared behind a mountain. I'm glad someone else spotted it as well.

white flashes in the sky last night.

firstly i want to make it clear that i wasnt drunk or under any influence at all.

i was lying in bed after work last night, and saw out of my window a series of 2 white flashes, that lit up the sky. this happened on more than one occasion and i would love to know if anyone else saw this or had any explanation for this? in addition to the flashes, there was no thunder claps, and my laptop screen, tv and multi-socket connector went wild. the screen on my laptop kept pulsing black and in lines, my tv stopped working completely and my multi socket started to make a 'clicking' noise that iv never heard it do before - all of the technology has never had any problems prior to this, and are working as normal again today.

the flashes were over durham, in the north east of the uk.

if anyone can help explain this please get in touch -



I saw a bright ball of light with a trail over Southern California. It appeared to be heading north to south. Nov. 8, 2010, around 10:30 pm.

re: possible meteor sighting

The description sounds much more like a meteor than a re-entering satellite. Satellite decays tend to be less rapid than seems to be described here.There appears to be nothing expected to decay at about that time as far as is known.
It would be helpful to know if possible the constellation from which the meteor appeared to come.

lights in the sky

These sightings are all too common to not be part of a planned conspiracy. We must look at what they are trying to distract us from, the aliens will eventually get their way and get us all anyway. Nothing to be worried's only going to be a big bang anyway...could be a bit hot though. I'm sure thier aim will improve, so stay inside at night when these things seem to happen. Also suggest you stay of drugs and see if they stop.

Fast moving, exploding object

3.11.10 approximately 0145 while flying between Christchurch and Palmerston North a very fast object moving in low trajectory seen heading west to east. As it passed to the east of us there was a huge ball of flame then object continued on as it appeared to us earlier when about 7-8 seconds later another huge ball of flame before it disappeared. Another smaller object could be seen following a short distance behind. Possible satellite / debris re-entering atmosphere ?????

Red shooting 'something'

approximately 1:45am 02/11/10, Titahi Bay, Porirua, New Zealand. Three of us are standing outside having a cigarette. All three of us witness a small 'ball' of red dart accross the sky - north to south - sort of. Way too fast to be anything 'man made'.


i saw same thing 1.45 am from Tawa. orange ball of light heading fairly fast no sound going nrth to sth went for about 10secs then seamed to explode, i could see flames like a firework,but this was deffenatly no manmade firework


Second time I see the fireball...long orange, wide light, no moise, lasted about 3 seconds, up high then went down, but dissapeared before mid horizon towards north, in southeastern massachusetts about 3 weeks ago, so about middle of September 2010 at around 11 pm. The first time, it was at the same location, by the river, but it was so much more closer, and going east to west. My boyfriend was with me as well, and we both went like "wow, what was that?". He is not into UFOs, he is a doctor, so he always finds an explanation for everything -but that time, it took him some time to decide it may have been a meteor. And I was like "yeah right, that low and close? it could have made the news by now, don't you think? ".

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to see a few things... the most peculiar
was a dark triangle with 3 big round green lights, one in each corner, stationary in the sky, very low, extremely low, just about a house as I was nearing my home. Too bad I was driving and starting to take a turn, otherwise I would have stopped to observe it. I am 100% sure, it was not an identified craft as we know it.

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ball of fire (?)

On my way in to work at 5am (Austin TX, travis county) as I drove north bound on IH35 coming up on the overpass of 290 I saw a lage white ball with flames at the end of it coming down about to hit ground, this was a very clear sighting as it was not far from IH 35. this was west of 35 as I drove norh bound. as it hit ground I saw a white flash which was low to the ground.

Big bright unusual object in Southern Skies

Noticed it on 5 October 2010, between 10 and 10.30 pm, South-West of Riverton, Southland: a big bright yellow/white 'object', too big to be a star, but I'm not an expert. It disappeard behind the horizon (hills), in the same direction, after 10.30 pm. It didn't seem round shaped, and at times I saw a tiny little red light. There is no airtraffic in this region, and certainly not at night. Or is there?

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red glows

Yes I saw the glowing balls on the evening of 10/2 around 10-11pm. We were at a sports event so at first I thought it was one of those fireworks that goes up and slow and then bursts. Then I was thinking, yeh it's moving pretty dang slow. It didn't disappear for a couple minutes and I had thought if it was a satalite, they don't glow. It was awesome and so weird at the same time. I saw 2 that night about an hour apart.

Colorful shooting star

My wife and I had just entered I-75 northbound in Clarkston MI, when we both spotted a shooting star that looked like it was dropping straight down from the sky. It flashed red, white, yellow and blue. It was large enough in the sky that at first my wife and I had thought it was an airplane. It was traveling northwest at around 23:30 hours on 10/2/10.

Fire in the sky?

My husband and I have seen this twice now in the past month, and I am excited and intrigued to find that many others have also seen the same thing, or at least similar all over the world.

First on September 9 at around 11pm, and second tonight at around 8pm. We are in the UK and both times the objects were moving in an East to West direction.

As for what they were, it's hard to describe! They looked (to me) like something on fire, floating gently across the sky not too fast and not too slow but very beautiful and bright orange. And each time, they went a certain distance and then dimmed until completely gone.

We would really like to know what these are! They're amazing!

bright orange lights over Auckland

tonight (26/09/2010) I saw two bright orange/red lights travel across the sky in Auckland. They were very bright, quite like a meteorite but without the speed. At first one was faster than the other then the second one caught up and they maintained uniform separation before fading out approximately 10seconds later. They travelled in a NW to SE direction, VERY bright to begin with but not enough to illuminate the sky. Was pretty freaky, too fast to be a plane or satellite. They faded out without any burst or an breakup just went dim all of a sudden then disappeared.

26/09/2010 I saw two bright

26/09/2010 I saw two bright orange lights travel across the sky in Auckland also but moving in an upwards direction...what was it?

Red/Orange light

Saturday...September 25,2010 Ranchester, Wyoming.

I saw at 11:02pm a strange slow moving red/orange light. At first I thought is was a shooting star, but it was to slow. This object moved in a down upward direction, east to west. 3 seconds after I saw another object just to the left where the first object began...same color but smaller move up and vanish within 2 seconds.

Strange lights

East Coast New Zealand- Gisborne. 8pm just saw what looked like a satelite moving high across the sky ...a small area away from it another light seemed to light up bright (like a flash) and then disappear as did the moving light. Is this space junk burning up?
Very curious.

UK - firey object

Driving home through the New Forest, Hampshire at about 23:50 hours I saw an object going across the sky. It was an orange/brown in colour and had a smoke like trail behind it, it was travelling at speed (about that of an small aircraft, and the same height as a cesna type aircraft). It was travelling from a south - north direction. It was an incredibe sight and it was a shame I lost sight of it (due to driving!!). Incredible!

Last night "Sep 14, 2010

Last night "Sep 14, 2010 Anaheim Area" I was walking home from my friends house a block down around 1:00AM, I saw in total 4 big bight balls dropping from the sky on after the other.Not sure if i saw color happened very quickly and obviously wasn't expecting it. was amazing not sure what is was though. any ideas?

Hi, I saw a bright orange


I saw a bright orange light this evening 11/9/2010 from Romsey Hants at 20:40 travelling from the west towards the east, appearing to dissappear before reaching the horizon. Was on a similar track and speed as the Internation Space Station often is but the websites for that show that would have been 30 minutes earlier. It also appeared lower than an ISS and much brighter and orange. I could not hear a sound associated with it. Any info ??

Meteorite sighting USA

Streak of bright orange light sighted at approx. 11:25 p.m, EST. on 08 Sept. 2010 in the sky right above Western Massachusetts, USA.
It was traveling Southwest. Only lasted a second or so then appeared to have burned up. I was taking my dog out, and thinking about two asteroids that had a close encounter with the earth earlier that day, and looked up at just right moment.
Weird coincidence.

strange aircraft moving east/west (UK) on 3.Sept 2010 at 21.10

I saw a deltoid object - like a stealth bomber on its wing tip. It was brilliant white - like it was white hot and behind it was fire and the whole thing was moving in a glow of fire.

I was looking out of a south facing window on a clear night. At a certain point, above a tree - the object was side-on to me and I could see that the fire was in a shield-like shape with cresselations (or feathering, like on an arrow) at the top - and as I peered out the corner of the window, I clearly saw a white deltoid shape ahead of the fire which made me realise it was some kind of aircraft. When I first saw it I thought it was an aircraft on fire or perhaps some kind of flying bomb, but with the cresselations at the top I felt that the fire was more likely to be a controlled emission from the aircraft. I think the fire was like the orange of street lights - still and powered by electricity.

Other sightings here are easily explained as meteor showers, but I don't think this fits with that explanation at all. Sorry if it's on the wrong web-site but I'd like to know what I've seen and whether anybody might know what it is. I've never seen anything like it before, though I have seen a stealth bomber flying - it doesn't have an exhaust like I saw.

macvick from KT6 - UK

strange aircraft moving east-west Friday September 3rd 2010

I am now satisfied that what I saw was a Chinese lantern. I think the wind must have caught it and it was flying on its side. There has been a lot of strong wind over the London area lately.
macvick from KT6 - UK

Driving home from a friends

Driving home from a friends house on Thursday 02 Sept 2010 (approx 10pm), in Blenheim NZ, heading towards the east I saw a bright burning fireball looking thing that was visable for about 2 -3 seconds before it burned out. I have never seen anything like it before and was relieved to have someone with me as I would have thought I would have been seeing things! Can anyone advise what this may have been?

Green shooting star

On Friday 3rd Sept. 2010 I went to bed at aprox.10.50 pm. My bedroom window (37.40.48 s.175.57.52 e. elv.160m.) faces due east and just then there was a very bright green shooting star like occurrence.
It went in a descending arc from left to right, ENE. to E., from about 30deg. down to about 10deg. above the horizon.
The light looked about the same size and intensity as a very pistol green flare but much to far away to be a flare of any kind.

Bright Light Moving And Fading In Sky !

This has me quiet puzzled to what it can be, i have seen it on 3 occasions moving in different directions and my friend and his wife on another 2 occasions. I can only explain it to be like a satellite or star but gradually getting very bright and fading to nothing after a minute or so. But it seems to be a lot lower then any other satellite or star.

I have seen a lot of satellite's moving on a clear night and they are quiet fast compared to this 'thing' and they never suddenly get brighter then fade into nothing.

any info on what it could be would be great. thanks Craig, UK

dancing/streaking red lights?

ive never seen anything too special in the night sky except for northern lights one time and dont have much experience like some of you stargazers but! what i saw last night in the sky over burnaby BC was unlike anything ive ever heard of until i read some posts. way out in the distance like a very far star me and 2 other ppl witnessed this strange physics defying movement. hard to see red glows or stars dancing and streaking and even flashing in the sky randomly. seemed to move like bugs but were up in the sky not below. sometimes theyd dance around in circles with eachother but mostly just zig zagged individually, would move up,down,right,left so fast and would dissapear then come back. some would just streak like a shooting star. like other ppl have said, kind of like a lazer pointer but with flashes and very distanced. i only saw mabey 10-15 of them over the span of 30mins and not all at once but another person i was with was freaked out and said they saw a lot more. does anybody know what this could have been????.......i thought mabey an illusion of some sort, im kind of perplexed i dont buy into UFOs and all that crap very easily

Alien lights in sky?

Were driving down the road on the 21/08/2010 between 20.00-21.00. Saw about 20 red\goldish lights bit bigger then a star would appear. They were lined up like the lights of an airports landing strip. Me and my girlfriend stopped to take a look and saw they were moving very slowly. And then suddenly saw little lights coming out of the bigger ones. (1little light per big light) in about 5mins time as they were moving they just vanished. And there was nothing in the sky. This happened near waverly in pretoria South africa. Would like to know if anyone picked something up on a radar maybe?

see my story in may 2010 my

see my story in may 2010 my comment here in CT,perhaps we saw something similar?


hello every body, i'm from Brazil, and i would like to speak about a litlle star that i sow yesterday. i live in SÃO LUIS-MA, and yesterday in the night i saw a moving star first it was going slowly in the sky like a star, but it was moving like a air bus, only a light...others people saw, my daughter, my son, my boyfriend and a frind of my daugther.

Meteorite over Lower South Island

Saw a large green meteorite streaking from south to north at 7.40pm Sunday 22/ 08/2010.
It was only visible for a short period before burning up.
No sound was heard but a trail was visible in its light.