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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


U.F.O. Sighting over New Plymouth

Hi Paul , I can verify i witnessed what you saw, i have seen the objects on both occasions from my house on Parr's Road in New Plymouth , the first time @ 9.45 p.m. 23/12/09, they appeared from nowhere by the power station chimney , two very bright orange orbs at 45 degree to each other, the 2nd time on Xmas night 25/12/09 , again they appeared from nowhere only this time more to the east of the central N.P. skyline this time they were the 5-7 bright orbs that seem to rise from behind a hill in the direction of Eva Road from where i was looking at my place,they moved horizontally then all lined up behind each other in a 45 deg line up into the sky . They were not fireworks or Chinese Lanterns as has been suggested in the Newspaper. These are U.F.O. sightings of the extraterrestrial kind , consider yourself very lucky to have seen this in the night sky , you may never see it again in your lifetime.

Lights in sky

I have been wondering if these are Sky Lanterns, Paul. I would love to see your video footage, if that is possible.

Footage of the strange lights

I was pretty sure others would have seen it, by the time I got my video cam out and fiddled around to get it powered up in the dark only 2 lights were still on, it is weird how the lights were switching on and back off at random and when they formed a triangle was when I ran for the camera.
I have seen meteors before, satellites, aircraft with unusual lights but this was something that had me stumped as to what it was.
here's the link, it wont be here forever, the lower light is a street light, the other two are the strange ones, they look almost white in the footage where they should have been a darker orange than the street light.

it wont be here forever, the lower light is a street light, the other two are the strange ones, they look almost white in the footage where they should have been a darker orange than the street light.

Orange lights

Yes we saw these lights also (New Plymouth) only saw 2 bright orange lights. Very bright and about 200m apart. Freaky!

Your orange lights, New Plymouth

Some one I know well, came around that night,me to tell me that they had seen something very similar, at around the same time, in the north eastern sky.

orange lights in wanaka

freaky we also seen the lights here in wanaka around 11:30pm the same as people are saying.whats goin on.....................???

orange glow

Also in Mt Maunganui 1030pm ish 7 bright orange lights no sound nor flashing lights that aircraft should be displaying when flying at night, the first 3 in formation left to right spread apart over some distance heading north over Bayfair and aprox 2km behind then 3 more close together in an upside down triangle and further behind 1 slightly larger all seem to be raising and disapaired roughly at the same point in the sky, reports say that most of mount and tauranga residance saw the strange looking lights, I am sure some one took footage as i was overwelmed by the excitment to think about camra phone footage. \
tonight news will be exciting hope its on there.

UFOs ?

as i was leaving my sister-in-laws tonight 25/12/09 around 7.15pm i saw about 8 orange lights traveling north across the sky to the west of me, the lights were not pulsating they were traveling in a straight line behind each other, they were low in the sky and not going to fast after 2 to 3 minutes they disappeared into the clouds but before they disappeared the last one changed course to head west,
the rest of my family witnessed all this as-well as others ,my location is 20miles east of Glasgow Scotland, .

Bright light in Wellington sky

We sighted a light tonight about 9.30pm. We were in Miramar Wellington and saw a bright light moving fast through the clouds heading towards the south coast. It was moving at a steady speed but with different altitudes. Way too fast for a helicopter. Too irregular for a plane. It then sped off into the direction of the south Island.
After living next to Wellington for almost 50 years I have never seen anything like it.
Just before it sped off into the distance it looked like the light turned towards us and i saw a darken disk drop away then I sighted the light takeoff.

orange balls over East Auckland

5 orange glowing UFOs over east Auckland heading North West over Mt Wellington towards the Pakuranga Habour. @10.08pm -10.14pm. fast moving and vanishing at the same spots.

We saw the same thing (from

We saw the same thing (from Te Atatu Peninsula) although it was at 21:40 on 24/12/09. 5 orange fireballs appearing over the city (south/southeast) and getting more intense as they tracked towards the north, finally disappearing about north/northeast of Birkenhead. What took us by surprise was they changed directions several times (probably meteors spinning as they burnt up)

orange lights over hutt valley

Last night 24th December, we saw 4 orange llights float in the sky. Our first thought was that they were chinese lanterns, but they were way too high and travelling way too fast.

the 4 lights traveled south (they moved quite fast) and then a 5th big one came through and slowly traveled south

Saw 15-20 bright orange

Saw 15-20 bright orange lights crossing the sky between 10 and 10:20 pm. Four were traveling in a southern cross formation. All started as an intense orange fireball in the east and fading out to the north. Two travelled in from the north and one appeared to have a large transparent ballon shape around it like a blib. Absolutely bizarre!! and all seen from Herne Bay 5 minutes from Auckland city. Through 10x binoculars all appeared to consist of at least two bright red/orange dots. Anyone know whats going on???


I see exactly the same thing in banbury England . Exactly how you explained but i counted 16. Strange anyone kno whats going on?

New Plymouth fireballs

What direction were your fireballs coming from? How far across the sky did they go?

Fireball Sightings

I saw 1 x fireball travelling across the Sky at around 10.00pm and another 2 at 10.40pm. I also have pictures :) Im in new Plymouth

would like to see the

would like to see the pictures...

Possible Metor above CHCH

Saw what looked like a possible meteor falling above CHCH, a bright star with a long tail, falling quickly. Aprox 11.30pm. Was looking south from Belfast area. Did anyone else see it? or know what it was?

I has seen it aswell In

I has seen it aswell
In Whitianga, NZ at about 11.00pm maybe 12.00am
It was going across the sky, and thens tarted falling!
It was a fireball defiently! With a tail aswell!

Fire Balls!!

Hi, i believe i saw this as well but was unconvinced untill i read your post as I could find no other sightings!

Also at approx 11:30pm i glanced out my window and was amazed to see what looked like a fireball in the sky - it seemed very large and very fast and was only visible for a few seconds.

I live and was in Dunedin at the time.
I am very glad i was not alone in my sighting!

Im amazed more people havnt seen this or there hasnt been any talk about it, It seemed huge to me and was an amazing sight!


At approx 11:28pm I saw five

At approx 11:28pm I saw five orange balls coming in from the north over towards roughly whangaparoa and rangitoto island. As they came down southward they gradually disappeared one by one until the last one disappeared over roughly rangitoto. I couldn't believe what i was seeing at first. The looked like small balls of fire with a red forward edge. I'm glad i am not the only one seeing things on the same night. But i live in auckland.

It was a truly outstanding sight to for myself


5 Bright lights

Thank goodness someone else saw it - 3 of us saw them from Sunnynook/East Coast Bays area - 5 lights as you describe - the things that stood out the most was that they looked so lit up and that they made no sound but seemed to move in formation....what on earth were they?????????

streak of light

About 10pm friday 18/12/2009 from Halswell Ch. Saw a trail of light that left a tail in the sky in the south west sky. In a west to east direction .

Bright light

Saw a bright light over Onehunga heading out east for about 2-3 minutes at 9:30 pm 20/12/2009 , then it dimmed, and turned off all together.

Metoerite - Best Guess

Viewed from Laingholm, Auckland looking south. Sat 19th Dec 2009 around 10:15pm for 20 seconds or so, traveling west to east approx 35 degrees off horizon. Intensity varied from very dull orange to medium bright orange with some visible smoke/vapor trail. Some intensity changes very rapid. Cool to see, assume it was something that just grazed the upper atmosphere.


Witnessed a meteor looking object from linwood christchurch south in the sky burning bright green with a tail. Direction of fall seemed to be east to west! Amazing. Time was approximately 10pm.

Bright light west to east 10pm (ish) over Hamilton

A very bright white light traveled west to east passing just south of Orions' centre 3 stars and becoming invisible at the same point. It was first noticed directly overhead (after stepping out of car getting home) and faded passing Orion after approx 20 seconds.
No visible trail. It was larger than the last time I saw the ISS with Shuttle attached several years ago and slightly faster. I guessed it was the ISS again until I surfed for its current location (Northern Hem).


Sitting in the spa at around 9.30pm on the 18/12/12 in the Waikato region and saw a bright ball shape(bigger then a star) with a tail behind it go across the sky towards the north lasted no more then 2 seconds.Did anyone else see it or know what it was?

Bright Light

I was at our orchard inland from Pukehina Beach - we have limited light pollution. The object had a very bright light - far brighter than the Skylab of several years ago. It dulled rapidly at about 1 o'clock heading west to east and displayed a dulling red glow for a short time

Saw meteor 12/10/09 3:50PM

Was driving on the Long Island Expressway, Long Island NY (I-495) at around 3:50 pm when I witnessed something streak across the sky heading toward earth in a Northerly direction. It lasted about 4-5 seconds then disappeared in the air. It had a bright front and a blueish long tail.

Flash of light - night of 10 december

I was outside around 11pm last night and saw a bright and obvious flash in the sky looking SE from the Wairarapa.

Any ideas what it was?

I live in NJ, and around

I live in NJ, and around 2:30-2:45 am on Dec. 8th, I saw a blue fireball in the sky. I thought it was a shooting star but just now found out it was actually a meteor, but no matter..=) It lasted in the sky for only a sec. It was crazy and it was so close to the earth. It had blue fire and when it disappeared, it left sparks. I just found this site now because i wanted to know if anyone else saw it.

yea we saw something similar

yea we saw something similar around 10:45ish nz time so depending on the time diff it was probably the same one

from around 10:30pm til

from around 10:30pm til 11:30pm tuesday night 8th dec my flatmate and i noticed a very large blue meteor going west from papakura lasting around 6 seconds, we then decided to stay outside and witnessed several smaller ones but what caught our attention was what appeared to be a satellite but it was flashing in a way i can only describe as a camera flash and was sometimes brighter and sometimes dimmer, it was very bizzare we ended up seeing 5 in different positions and also saw a strange lightish red object flying north west whch someone has already commented about but a few mins later i saw it again going in exactly the opposite direction. this was around 11:20pm. would love to know if anyone else saw any of these.. also noticed some random white flashes out to the east.

Flashing Light

The flashing light, might be something even better, and if so you were lucky to spot it. Assuming it traveled in a path accross the sky and lasted 1-6 minutes, you may have spotted a "Tumbler" these are dead satelites which have lost the ability to hold their angle steady, they start to rotate or tumble due to friction on the surface, once they start to tumble, they will reflect light off the solar panels, and like a torch, the light beam sweeps across the earth, if you have the right angle, they can seem very bright, and will flash sometimes, and then fade, and return at differing light levels. There are many of these up there, and they are a lot of fun to watch, due to their speed, you can't track them with telescope, but sometimes you can see them better in binoculars. Tumblers are great fun to watch and can put on a real show as the panels flash lights and change brightness accross the sky. When I am watching the space station pass over NZ. I allways keep an eye of for a tumbler, as these are the icing on the cake ... so to speak. Happy Star Gazing. a great thing to do on summer nights.

i thought as much, have seen

i thought as much, have seen 4 more tonight, also saw something ive never seen before which was 3 satellites moving close together going the same way and speed the only way i can describe it was in a long triangle
<==== .
i think that describes it quite nicely haha it was very impressive to see.
will be looking again tommorow!

Interesting reports

Perhaps you could call Ardmore Aerodrome and speak to someone there to see if they received any eyewitness/ground reports by locals in the area of regarding those lights. Out of curiosity were there any helicopter(s) flying over the area at around that time last evening? just wondering.


Could be worth a shot, might

Could be worth a shot, might get on to that tomorrow, and no there were definately no helicopters around but have seen the flashing again tonight between the same time as last night. also saw that light red ball thing that i described in my last post at 11:06pm going in exactly the same direction as last night so if anyone else happend to see it let me know cause i would love to know what it is.


I happened to be looking towards Waitakere Ranges from Glen Eden and noticed around 11pm, a dull red light -not as bright as a flare (no tail behind it and not flashing) travelling in a NW direction and perfectly horizontal. It was'nt moving particularly fast from my perspective. My wife also saw it. It was in my line vision for about 10-15 seconds as I moved higher up my driveway as my line of sight was becoming obscured. By the time I had a clear unimpeded veiw,( 5seconds) it had disappeared, I phoned to make an observation report with the Stardome Observatory, but no other report had been recieved. Anyone else see this?

Orange lights

I live out west and we saw what sounds like the exact same thing except it was a couple of days before xmas. This light appeared orange, was moving perfectly horizontally and in the same direction as you describe. It was visible for a few minutes then slowly faded out. the sky was clear that night too. Funny thing is, it was back again after no more than 5 minutes and appeared to follow the exact same flight path in the exact same position in the sky. this was not a satellite or or one of those damn lanterns everyone is talking about! it was too large, spherical and flying too precisely.
We then saw two similar lights just after midnight on new years eve/day, these appeared to be flying in unison, also perfectly horizontally, but in the opposite direction. Apparently there have been many similar sighting in the UK...

Orange bright light over Remuera 21:35hrs 08/12/2009

Tonight I obseved an unusual reaonably large orange bright light pass over Remuera probably as fast as or faster than an approaching aircraft. This was visible for about 1 minute before my wife and I lost site of the lightas it passed to the east.

orange light

Sun Oct 25 2009. This morning at about 1.15am I looked up and saw an orange moving object. I came in to put jug on and looked out window and it was coming closer. I thought it sure didnt look like a plane or helicopter, no red or white lights. I went outside to listen and there was no sound. It was very bright and bigger than what Venus looks like in the night sky. It kept coming closer - not fast, not slow. Then it stopped - easily visible and proceeded to flicker, going dimmer and then brighter and within 15 seconds flickered out and diminished entirely. It was really amazing. Im guessing it was a meoteorite or fireball. Ive never seen anything like it. Did anyone else see anything.? (west auckland)

weird sighting in the sky, whangarei 11th october 09

on sunday night (11th october) we were sitting outside in whangarei at about 8pm it was a clear sky no clouds sun was nearly down and we could see a bright orangy light in the sky it sort of came from nowhere and started quite high, it was more red at one end which i was assuming would be the firey ball and then its burning tail behind it, it was moving slowly and took about 5 minutes to go from the west to the east before dissapearing behind some hills, it was going in a downwards direction, but because it wasnt going fast or anything we didnt assume straightaway that it was a meteor because i have before seen a shooting star that was just a quick flash of light but this was travelling at a steady pace fast, but not too fast, just wondering if anyone else noticed it????


At around 11 pm last night I saw a bright ball of light with a fiery tail, east of Wanganui. It travelled northwards and in a downward arc before burning up and disappearing. Did anyone else see this?

Night Sky

I will provide a website i use frequently as i also watch the sky on occasion. On this website you can see when and where you will see satelites including the international space station, meteror showers, solar flares, sky maps for whatever time, date and location etc..

Cheers, Pete

meteor sighting

i was traveling south from nelson last night at about 11pm approx 45km northwest of Reefton West Coast . when i saw a a lentil sized sphere cruising ( i say cruising because its the longest visual i have had of a meteor - 5 secs ) towards the upper Lewis pass / Kaikoura area (north -nor east) it had very distinct sphere shape with a red/orange colour around the outside fading to yellow white toward the center where there was a dark "void". it did have average "tail" the length of a normal meteor.


Around 7.45am this morning (wednesday 3rd June) I was what looked like a meteor to the north of Christchurch. It was orange and had a tail and seemed to be moving north as it was getting lower (and smaller) on the horizon.


My son is wondering what he and his dad saw last night on the way home from rugby at around 5.50pm. In the night sky looking south they saw a huge peanut shaped object with a little/big tail that was a blue colour. It was so fast they are woundering what they saw. Can anyone help us?


Saw a Meteorite over paramata (Porirua City) Monday 10.0pm approx. Firey tail..Amazing.

I saw an awesome one shoot

I saw an awesome one shoot across the Sunday morning sky in Auckland at around 5-6am...awesome to see!