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It depends on the phone type

It depends on the phone type - but normally you would forward the video to an email address from your phone... or plug your phone into a computer using the appropriate leads.  Might need to consult the phone manufacturer.


WeatherWatch team

I saw it as well in Tampa I

I saw it as well in Tampa I thought the time was somewhat later though but I didn't look at the time. I was taking my trash out and in the ESE Sky I watched it and it was huge at first I thought it was venus but it was way too big for that and it was moving, I then thought a plane but it had almost the tail of a comet, I watched for a few minutes and went back inside because it was cold here like 30 degrees in florida no less

shooting star/meteor in east sky arizona

did anyone just see that? bright royal blue. sitting on east facing patio in phoenix

i live in the uk and tonight

i live in the uk and tonight when i looked at the sky there was 2 faint moving stars i guessed i one going south and the other going north i then saw one of them flash once and i never saw that one again any one have any ideas

Bright orange reddish light

I live in Northland, New Zealand in a little town called Kaitaia. At about 9-50pm on 08/01/2011 myself and my son watched a big bright orange reddish light slowly cross the night sky, it almost appeared to be something on fire. After a few minutes observing the light it slowly faded into the cloud coverage. What was it?

Reddish orange fireball in the sky

In mid-December, 2010 around 10:00pm I watched what looked like a reddish, orange fireball moving slowly across the sky. It had a short tail that was also red - orange looking much like a flame. The tail appeared to be moving back and fourth quickly almost like a fish swimming. It seemed to be going due North. I do not think it was a meteor as it seemed to be travelling more about the speed of an airplane. I heard no sound from it at all. It took probably a minute or a little less to cross the sky and disappear behind the tree line.
Location: Live Oak, Florida, USA.

Orange lights

The orange lights are most likely to be chinese laterns !

I saw this too... The same

I saw this too... The same thing happened on NYE. at about 9.30pm it flew across the sky in exactly the same path and speed. I live in Auckland CBD

orange falling light

I live about 20 miles southeast of Mexico City (Tuleyhualco) and I just (7:45pm) saw a large orange light which appeared to initially be travelling horizontally in the western sky. It then became slightly dimmer and looked as though it dropped straight down. It apeared large (if usual stars are the size if a pencil tip, this light was the size of a pencil eraser) to me and I've never seen anything like it!

Bright reddish star

I live in Flushing NY the past year I've noticed what I thought was a star, I'm not so sure anymore what it is, it changes from a golden silvery to a reddish color and it's huge,the thing flickers. One morning between 5 and 5:30 am I couldn't sleep so I went out back and there it was at first I thought a plane was coming in to land that thing was so big much larger than before but it didn't move and the damn thing just disappeared:( It's back almost every night big as hell and flickering, does anyone have a clue what that thing is?

Red light

I also saw from my family's garden in Frome, Somerset on Christmas day eve (9:30ish) low on the southern sky. A bright red light that got progressively brighter over a period of about 1 minute until it looked as if it was an explosion of red in the night sky. Then after 4minutes it dulled down followed by cloud cover. The light did not move during its show which would suggest that it was not any meteor or falling satellite.

It was the most tremendous thing i have ever seen in the night sky, I cannot explain how much it stood out. It is interesting to hear it was also seen in Oxford earlier in the evening.

Who would be the best group to email about this...I have already emailed but without any response.

orange ball of light

i also saw a single orange light in whitianga, cormandal, new zealand on sun 3rd jan at it traveled some distance and was to fast for a plane which i can rule out as there was no engine noise and as it disappeared way in the distance it turned into a faint red dot, i called my wife and father in law who witnessed it as well. and if anyone thinks it was a lantern then they must have still be feeling the effects of new years eve

i also saw a single orange

i also saw a single orange light in whitianga sun it traveled some distance and was to fast for a plane which i can rule out as there was no engine noise and as it disappeared way in the distance it turned into a faint red dot, i called my wife and father in law who witnessed it as well. and if anyone thinks it was a lantern then they must have still be feeling the effects of new years eve

Just saw something very

Just saw something very similar at waihi beach NZ.
orange light falling slowly then disappearing in eastern sky, looked like a very bright star.
around 2230 on 7/1/11. Witnessed by 2.

I saw exactually the same

I saw exactually the same thing in Auckland. I called my mum and her friends out who all witnessed it. It was definately not a plane as about 2 mins later a plane flew past in the same direction and was nothing like the HUGE orange light in the sky. I have seen something similar to this before where the object burnt up in the atmosphere, but this orange light went on for a lot longer... must have been rather large!!!

it wasn't tanker and it wasn't an aeroplane

hi i live in fairlie, canterbury new zealand
A couple of weeks ago i woke up and couldn't sleep. I don't know what was up but i looked out the window and in the far paddock i saw what looked to me like approx 10 red lights and i thought "hang on a minute thats not a tanker, and i sat there and stared at it for about 1 minute and the n the red lights were gone in an instant second. they did not move in that minute, so goodness knows what it was.

on the 2/01/11 at about 1245 am i woke up to a noise wich sounded like a 125cc motorbike driving right around my house the noise got closer and closer and the lights got brighter and brighter. then it went right over top of my house very low and was gone in an instant. o.k was certainly not an aeroplane. shame i didn't have my camera on me i woulda been out there snapping

Orange /REd Lights

On New Year's Eve about eight of us saw these two red/orange round/v shaped objects gliding parallel to each other right past the house. We were in the lanai and we all said to each other what is that? did you see that? we were mesmerized..........they came from the south to the north and when in the distance to the north they was a steady movement.................then about an hour later a single one passed by..............very bizarre.............I did take pictures.......................but have not downloaded them yet but you could see the shape and color in the photo. Eerie.....................some say lanterns but I see they have been reported all over the world in UK, NZ, etc. This took place overlooking the Enclaves in Sarasota, down behind Ponder Ave, Sarasota. The sky was clear apart from stars and these bright objects.


I wrote the article below about the orange lights in Jacksonville Florida. I would really like to see the photo's you have of what you saw. Me and my daughter, 7, ran to get photo's and missed the opportunity. Thanks.

Lights In The Sky

Hi all,
I'm an amateur astronomer, though I haven't indulged in setting up my scope for quite a while. Over the years I've seen one or two things I can't explain, but 99.9% of it I can. I know what the Planets look like, Planes, Helicopters, Sattelites, Flocks of birds and all that garb, but I've never seen anything as intense, or as strange as this.........
I've seen somethinng weird in the sky tonight over Oxford, England. Like a bright orange ball of light. At first I thought it might be the ISS but I have checked online and it wasn't in the sky in my area at the time (8:10pm GMT). I watched it for a few seconds expecting to hear something thinking it must be a plane or similar. Absolutely not a sound came from it at all.
I managed to dash inside and grab my video camera and got about 25 seconds of grainy footage beore it disappeared. After downloading the video to my computer and playing it I managed to pause the video and get a 'better' look. My video shows a square object, up in the diamond shape, and it seems to have the lights around its perimiter.
The object moved from due south to due north in around 50 seconds. The camera I used was a Vivitar DVR 510N (which was a Christmas present from my better half), you just wouldn't believe it has infra red night vision built in!
I had just started watching Stargazing Live on BBC 2 and decided to have a quick look outside to see if the sky was clear - I certainly wasn't expecting this!


Hiya, I checked ISS also to see if this was in the area, but wasn't. The orange light I saw just disappeared! I a had stopped car, heard no noise, and did start wondering if I had witnessed a plane on fire in mid air?! but, this seemed to fast, and had travelled so far, to be a plane on fire, also silent. Date was 19th January 2011, around 7.40 to 8pm at night. No idea what it was, most probably a meteor I thought??

I live in Oklahoma and seen several and my little brother video'

I woke up around three in the morning in Broken Arrow Okla. and seen a strange bright light in the sky, at first I was thinking like star of David or something , but moved several times and I thought plane helicopter, but it's movement was way too fast left to right and up and down. So I went outside for a better view !! then I saw a few more bot not as big or bright moving the same way. I went in to wake up my younger brother (3:30 a.m too see this) it was that strange the way it kept changing colors and seeming to morfinto several and back into one. He got some video of it not real good but good enough to see it come and go a few time,and went to bed? I styed up and it got better the longer I watched them . Thety began to do isoceles triangle formations anparralel to one type formations and diappear and reppear,wished he would of stayed up for the rest of the show!!

lights in sky new years eve

A group of us were sitting outside New Years Eve location Mt Holdsworth Road, Masterton Wairarapa. It was a brilliant clear night sky with no moon. We were looking at the sky to observe the satellite which travels from south to north each night, it is quite clear and looks like a star travelling smoothly across the sky. We have seen it before and saw it again New Years eve. But in addition to that we saw some other very odd events in the sky that night. WE saw several other star like lights moving across the sky south to north that looked very similar to the movement pattern of the satellite we assumed that maybe it was space debris or additional satellites? WE also saw a couple of trails of light across a short piece of sky lower than that which we thought were maybe meteors or something burning up through the atmosphere (possibly space junk?). We also observed a couple of small star like lights travelling from west to east low in the sky and we could swear one them dropped onto the hill in front of us. ( very weird) Also there were two bright flashes like a large star switching on and off rapidly in the southern cross constellation. I have looked info on the web and it says the earth is currently in the path of a meteor shower and there is a reference to flashes in the southern cross constellation but apparently these aren't suppose to be visible in the Southern Hemisphere. My thoughts are that our observations mostly match the meteor shower explanation, apparently this may be visible from the latitude of puerto rico but we are a a lot lower than that???

3 lights just after midnight NYE in Florissant MO

My family and I were leaving my parents house around 12:35am NYE, as we were driving down the street my husband looked at the sky and commented on some strange lights. I looked up and could see 3 sets of orangish lights flying in an almost reversed triangle pattern (2 in front, 1 middle rear). I would've thought planes except for the closeness of their formation. I then thought helicopters, but again the formation and the height and lack of sound made me think again. We watched them for a few mins traveling like that, then we saw the 2 front lights disappear..then a minute later the one in the back was gone too. We discussed it for a while, obviously you flash on UFO..but we were trying to come up with any other answer.. thought maybe fighter planes? It was interesting to watch..I would say the whole thing lasted about 5 mins of what we saw.

E-Tex Described to me white on both ends and red in the middle

Husband works 4-midnight, said he saw in Longview, Texas one object that was white on both ends with red in the middle, looked somewhat rectangular like, north to south, watched it for a little while and got the binoculars and then was gone. Looks like most people say it was orange and red.

E Texas Red Light New Years Eve

I saw it on New Years Eve in Tyler. It was moving north to south around 8pm and about 4 times larger than the ISS. My husband saw it too. I don't think it was a metor because there was no tail, but it was glowing orange. I wish I had recorded it.

Shooting Star

I just saw one approximately 50 minutes ago around East Meadow, NY (Long Island). That would be Jan 2, 11:45 PM. I've never seen anything like it. It was huge and shaped like a comet. Pure white bright light and blinding, then it vanished halfway down.

Jacksonville Florida Orange Lights in the sky

I was enjoying the new year and walked out into my backyard in Jacksonville Florida. I noticed an orange looking light that resembled an airplane. It was interesting to note that I had only seen one single engine plane since 10pm this evening, since I normally see airplanes in the sky constantly. Always see the blinking lights and very accustomed to seeing them. So I definitely found it odd that I didn't see any airlines flying around at about 10pm or later. For me, that was great, because I could see the night sky and it's stars clearly. I was walking back into the house and noticed an orange light, no big deal, but the light was at about 15,000 to 20,00 feet since I'm pretty good at seeing 30,000 feet airplanes. So these lights were lower than a traveling airplane. I saw one light and thought is was a plane, then thought it was a star, but the reality starting setting in that this wasn't a star, since it was moving quickly and realized that it must be a plane. I was waiting to see the red light. I was waiting to see the pattern of lights that an airplane usually displays. So I looked more intently and the interesting part of what I saw is that it looked to veer and become smaller. So I was intrigue by that and thought, ok, was that a horizontal firework? Or a fireworks display gone bad? Maybe, except that there were three other orange, semi blinking, ball formation lights in a single file line right behind it. That's when I thought it was weird and pulled out the cell phone camera which couldn't pick up the imaging. Then called my daughter, 7, to look at it with me and she said, "That's weird" and ran into the house and I called her back out because I love astronomy and I wanted her to see this. She came back out and we watched the light disappear into the atmosphere.

I was looking directly at Orion's Belt when the first light appeared. A little to the left of the constellation is where the other three 'balls' of light appeared and traveled west. It was fast and odd in that the color of the lights were like no other object I had ever seen. It seemed like the sun was shining on these objects as they traveled, but I just don't know if that's possible at this hour. I read an earlier story about another person seeing this type of light also in this area, but the time was 11:20pm. My sighting was eary at 12:20pm.

Not sure what I witnessed, if it was real or a hoax, but I know it was something.

Saw same lights in California Jan 12, 2011

I saw the same thing that Florida is describing. So strange! I was looking right at Orion's belt as well at about 8:40 pm in southern California. Haven't heard anything about it on the news. I wish I knew what I saw!

Saw same light in Michigan

I saw the same fiery ball passing from south to north in Michigan a little after midnight. The sky was clear and knew it wasn't a plane because it lacked blinking lights. I assumed it was just space debris burning up in the atmosphere. Just amazed at how many people around the world saw the same thing!



That's quite a long time to witness the passage of a ball

..of fire, result of satellite debris or a meteorite perhaps?? Are you quite certain it was 20 minutes...did you time it? No doubt you saw it - perhaps it was something else, you have not previously considered? Check out for "UFOs: Demonic Activity and elaborate hoaxes meant to deceive mankind."

What about the "lanterns"? Should be easy enough to test....My feeling is that if these are lanterns, then they would appear, rather as an orange swaying light, rather than a steady light,if my memory serves me correct in this matter!

But, then again someone may like to test this little hypothesis out, in the meantime, that is, once they have ,looked at that other alternative!

...have fun!

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last night at half ten i was

last night at half ten i was putting rubbish out nd i spotted this big orange flame movein fast in the sky i thought it was an airplane on fire im from nottingham and everyone laughin at me sayin it was a lantum but i no what i saw it was big!

huge flaming ball falling from the sky

at 1:10 AM November 13, on my way home from work, I saw a huge flaming ball fall from the sky, it looked as if it may have landed or crashed beyond the area miles beyond where I was. It freaked me out so that I immediately went home to make sure my wife & daughter were ok, see the reports on television, nothing. I called three local public safety offices, only one had heard similar reports. We drove around for about an hour & found nothing. When I saw your report on this site I had to respond. I 've never written on a blog or tweeted, I don't even know how to text, however since that time I have done some exploring on youtube & have become very interested in the information found in the Sumerian text from around 6 thousand years ago concerning the planet Niribu & the Annunaki. I don't know if there is any connection. Just wanted to let you know your not crazy & I'm not either, yet.

strange red light in the sky

seen a strange red ball of light in the sky tonight,, 9:45pm i live in Co.Kildare IRELAND.. Never seen anythin like it before... dark red flashin ball moving very fast, and dissapeared. Skys are also clear!!!!!!

Did you see that?????!!!

What we saw were NOT metors!!! My family and I were out side looking at the stars and watching fire works after 12:30am bringing in the New Year and the next we saw were swiftly moving in the location of South to North flickering bright red-orange lights the night sky. A total of after another about 5 min apart followed in the same pattern and what appeared to be spinning almost as thou the phenomeon were (flickering, burning out,dissappearing) in the middle of the sky. My family and I were in absoulte awe!!! Did you see that we ask one another!!! We could not believe it!!!

Ref:Did you see that???

I saw two at aprox 12:15 am, Jan 1, 2011 flying in Palm Bay, Florida. They were bright red/orange balls of light that moved across the sky one at a time. The first flew & seemed to stop when the second appeared & went to the same area of the other. One at a time, the light started to flicker & eventually disappeared. When it was gone the other did the same thing. Has anyone else in this are seen this????

Red light at night in NZ

Auckland, New Zealand - 10.30pm yesterday, we saw a red light moving across the clear night sky, northbound. Light was not blinking, no noise heard. Then it suddenly stopped in its tracks and stayed there for at least 5 mins till it grew smaller and smaller then fizzled out? Weird or what?

My mom and i saw something

My mom and i saw something like that as well. Just after midnight this new years. It was either 5 or 7 lights moving at the same speed and they vanished in the clouds. They were heading like southwest.

We had folks over in central

We had folks over in central jersey and went outside around 10:45 and saw about seven red lights moving across the sky slowly about the same distance apart. None of us has ever seen anything like it. They were not planes. They slowly disappeared over the horizon going southwest over west am well from lambertvikke area.

Did you see that ?????!!!

We were driving home from Spring Grove last night at around 12:30am and off of Lehman road and in the sky were a 6-8 orange and red lights, some higher in the sky others within a couple hundred feet of the ground, I thought it was some of those light sail planes or flares but we were driving and could not identify any further.

firey red lights in the sky sin south florida to

me an my family were watching fire works wn suddenly we saw a bright red object in the sky . it was faster than an airplane and was moving south to north. then another was sott going in the same direction one after one fewsout to north and vanished.then we saw a flickering light flashing in the same spot for five miutes then vanished.we coudnt take vidio becaue it was pitch black.we ran and got the binocuoars and got a closer look at these mysterious lights in the sky.

sky lights

yep.. we saw them too.. in sarasota

Shootng Star 12/31/10

We watched a shooting star in the late of night on New Year's Eve. Bright green light! Bright beginnings. Hello 1.1.11


Orange light seen in the sky tonight at 8.13pm and again 8.26pm 1 January 2011. Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa
One person saw the orange light in the sky at 8.13pm over Fourways in Johannesburg, he came into the house to tell us and it had disappeared by the time we got outside.
At 8.26pm he went outside and saw an orange light again this time it was still in the sky when we got outside. We were able to photograph it before it went away again.
It moved straight towards us before stopping then and then moved away from us at a slow steady pace (too slowly to be an aeroplane, with no sound) eventually disappearing .

I have photos if you would

I have photos if you would like to see them, but don't know how to post them to you.

would love to see the photos

could you email the pictures to me to
thanks arlo

Red and Orange lights over Brighton and Hove UK

My partner,son and myself were walking home in the very early hours of New Years Day. Looking towards the direction of the sea mainly their where lots of Orange and Red objects mostly together a few odd ones on the edge.Didn't attempt to count them. It's not the first i've seen them but the first time seeing so many together. Amazing Skies...