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shooting star

We saw it too. It was beautiful!! We were near Lake Calhoun, by Spicer, Mn. We couldn't believe our eyes.

Falling object (8/23/11) around 930pm

I live in rural Glyndon, MN - west of Fargo ND/Moorhead MN. I saw this too and have never seen anything like it before, it was almost like fireworks! That is what i thought at first but they were going down instead of up. :) I was in my house and saw it out a window, wish i was outside to see it all. I saw white then red then split out into green. I still can't believe what my eyes saw. Beautiful! I was wondering if anyone else saw this too.

When you were watching this

When you were watching this happen, did it look like the object slowed down before it exploded?  That image just keeps going through my mind...

Sorry I live East of

Sorry I live East of Fargo/Moorhead. No matter where you were it was beautiful and a very special site to see! From what i can research, it was seen all over the world. Wish I could find someone who happened to get pictures of it. I am sure that the chances of that happening are very low.

we also saw these light in

we also saw these light in grand forks, nd and i have friends in bismarck nd that said they seen them also

I saw the same thing I think.

I was coming home from St. Cloud MN, and near collegville or St. Johns university, I saw a green light falling from the sky.. then it went through the trees and hit the ground... tho not positive where this actually was or how far away it was... but after it hit the ground there was like a shock wave, like lightning rising from the ground all around the area were it seemed to hit.  It was about 930ish too.  Possible the same green light?  I didn't see it when it was white. 

I saw it on 819/11 almost

I saw it on 819/11 almost midnight. I thought I was seeing things but hubby and a friend of mine was my witness. :) poinciana Fl.

saw a star moving 8/23/11 from dallas around 4:45am

im from dallas,tx i was outside smoking 8/23/11 around 4:45am looking at the 3 stars that are lined up then i saw 1 star close to it moving really slow downwards but fast for sumthing in a sky to move like that i know a plane when i see one and a shooting star fades away quick did any1 see what i saw?

adam from Dallas,tx

Something falling from the sky

At exactly 2:30 am, looking south from lake Ida road saw what looked to be a small plane drop from the sky and go all the way down to the ground. may have been a meteor, need to know if anyone else saw it! I've seen shooting stars, but never this large and never coming all the way down to earth, which leads me to believe a small plane maybe.

I called the police only 3 minutes after seeing it and nobody else had reported yet. If anyone saw something, please post back and let me know

the falling star

i saw the meteor but this was huge its probly up the mountian somewere so id go looking


where are you from??

im from dallas i was looking at the stars just now my time is 4:30am i was looking at the 3 stars that are lined up and saw a star by it moving downwords woke up a friend becase it was moving slow enogh but fast for somthing in the sky to move like that ,got him to see what i was seeing and he was amazed himself if your from cali i think maybe we saw  the samething 4:30 here is 2:30 there hit me up would like to know if our timezone is the same like what i said and maybe we saw the samething

I stepped outside between

I stepped outside between 2-230am to have a smoke when I spotted what appeared to be a plane or a star. It was moving at  fast speed then came to a abrupt stop- and began to glow a bright orange color and hover what appeared to be just over the pacific ocean. It would get dim and real bright and as it began to move forward again something dropped from the bottom of it and plummet into the ocean. Shortly--it just faded out and was gone!! What the **** was that??

Fireball in sky

Around 8:30 PM 8/22 my husband and I saw a bright orange ball in the sky going very fast and then seem to go up higher into the atmosphere getting smaller and then disappeared. Oviedo, Florida

My husband and I saw the same

My husband and I saw the same sort of thing on Friday August 19 and we're in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  We were wondering what it might be.

Just saw a shooting star at

Just saw a shooting star at about 00:18 tonight 23 August 2011,  and my brother saw 2 righgt after but i left his house at the time... sadly.

I seen this one too, I was in

I seen this one too, I was in my back garden and then i seen a very bright light in the sky. The colors were from green to orange and there was a loud sound of the impact. I wish i had my camera out.

Date: 23.08.2011

Time: 00:19

folding stars..

At about 12.15am in southwest Scotland I saw what looked to be a comet bursting through the atmosphere and then trailing in a SSE direction. The whole sky lit up with a bright white light before a trail appeared in a red and white colour. Very cool :)

we saw it too!!

WE spotted it whilst sitting in a garden at home in Ireland tonight. The most incredible thing ive ever seen! It scared the crap out of me though, I thought we were all doomed at first . It must have been a meteor because when it entered out atmosphere it burned up and disintigrated. Ye never see such things from Ireland and the skies have been really clear the last few nights.

God I was seeing what i saw,

God I was seeing what i saw, thought i'd seen a ufo or something. It was a comet!!

Around 11:30 Last night

Around 11:30 Last night August 21,2011 My son saw what he thought was a big bright star in the sky. I was so bright it woke him from his sleep and rushed to wake me. When I went ot observe, I saw a shinny brite fire ball fading in the sky biggest thing I ever saw. I was amazing yet scary so close to earth.

NW Ohio


i saw a ufo last night, 16th of august and my husband saw it too. it was green and sparkly with lights

Re. the sighting last night

Re. the sighting last night (21.08.11) – we too live near Birmingham, UK and witnessed a spectacular bright orangey object which move low across the sky in a westerly direction (approx 21.40GMT). It was much slower than the meteorites that we usually see which are very rapid – this seemed much lower, and its path covered a larger area of the sky in the space of no more than 2 seconds.

I spotted a further ‘normal’ meteorite about five minutes later which went north to south, but much more distant in the sky. We decided to ‘sky-watch’ and then saw the very bright slow white light moving across the sky east to west that was referred to below. This was the International Space Station which I also saw the previous night almost on the same trajectory and time. We then saw a five satellites over a twenty minute period.....after which it went very quiet. A great night!

weird lights in the sky

Me and my cousin saw a weird light flashing green and red about 22:00, we were in her flat quite high up, it hovered and then kept changing direction, we were pretty freaked out, we watched it for ages, it was over birmingham and then went west, we also saw it hover and then a bright white light appeared. Very weird, never seen anything like that before, but relieved we weren't the only ones that saw something!

Bright lights in Sky 21/08/2011

21/08/2011 - saw a very bright light shoot accross the sky at between 10:00-10:30pm this was definetly not an aeroplane. We saw it for approx 3-4 minutes before the light died out. There were 6 members of my family all knowledgeable and know the difference between a lantern and aeroplanes etc. You get the idea!

Later on we saw a bright orange ball, it again is not an aeroplane, it floated accross the sky until again it died out.

Size of the objects were hard to identify but the fact that they were still visible even when the glow went out must mean something.

Saw the usual satelites in the sky but what we saw yesterday was definetly not normal.

Me and Gina also saw our first Shooting Star too... Good times :)

very bright white light in the sky

around 9:45 pm last night (20Aug 2011) saw a white bright light for about 30 seconds, moving very fast above  in the sky. faded very fast after. it was like someting was shining a torch down to earth. a few minutes later I saw another light further away, and the same happend again. believe me, i am not stupid, i know when i see a plane , or a chinesse latern, and it wasnt either... my husband saw the second one, and he was pretty astonished and baffled. london.

bight star

Conroe TX: I seen the same thing last night it looked like a shooting star going really slow and slowly vanished and then again in the same spot ..

Conroe TX: I seen the same

Conroe TX: I seen the same thing last night it looked like a shooting star going really slow and slowly vanished and then again in the same spot ..

hi i seen the very same

hi i seen the very same tonight around the same time i am in birmingham, west mids the first i one i seen was a very bright light zooming across the sky i have never seen anything like this b4 and within seconds it disapeared i called my wife but she missed it but then 5 mins later the same light only slower this time it is vey strange

2 flaming objects in sky over LA - 8:35pm PST Aug 20, 2011

8:35pm PST Aug 20 - sitting on front steps chatting with neighbors when we all noticed what looked like 2 flaming balls of fire appear to rise up over the hills.  At first thought it was fireworks that went awry but the "fireballs' (for lack of a better description) were much too large.  They crossed the sky from southwest to northeast and seemed to follow the curvature of the earth - rising as they crossed the sky.  Beautiful but terrifying! Meteors?  Any ideas?

lights in the sky

9:34 over northwest Ohio last night...seen what appeared to be about 6 fireballs.  They started sparking like fireworks.  Then moved all together in formation to the South.  Very Freaky.  I tried to take a picture but  when i took it and went back to look at it, it did not take.  I tried to take a second picture but they were gone at that point.


Omg. I just saw a green light

Omg. I just saw a green light in the san fernando valley. I saw it for like 8 seconds and then it just vanished.

I saw what looked like a

I saw what looked like a falling star sitting outside a restaurant in Stratford Ct last night (Weds, Aug 24th around 8:15pm).  I caught the tail end of what looked like a yellow and red light falling downwards.  somewhat resembled a flare.  It was very cool to see, and only lasted a couple of seconds

20 objects in sky

About 10:30 p.m saw 20 objects in sky ....they were red and orange and yellowish looking going into sky and then disappearing all of a sudden.did anyone else see this?????? In Rochester ny

Lights over Rochester, NY


My wife, daughter and I saw he same lights.  We have heard nothing about them, other than your post.  We saw them in Perinton, looking north on Baird Rd.

I live on Long Island, NY and

I live on Long Island, NY and around 9:21 and then again at 9:29p.m. me and my father seen 2 redish lights flying in the sky and then just faded!

Hi We saw around 15 orangish


We saw around 15 orangish red ball of light coming up from the west (SEEN IN ANN ARBOR ON AUG 20TH 2011 AT AROUND 10.30P.M), with a detailed geometrical formation. They moved slowly and then dissipated off.We were able to capture seven of them in a kite formation and then three of them. i zoomed in my camera and could capture two more. I just downladed the pictures from my camera today and zoomed them on picasa and they look bright redddish orange. I am surprised at what I saw.

Dude, thats exactly what I

Dude, thats exactly what I had seen. ON 8/21/2011 5:30 ish, in the morning I saw som type of red, yellow, orangeish, thing moving faster than I ever seen anything in my life. I was like that was no, shooting star. Location, Radcliff, Ky.

red balls in sky

10 red balls random pattern bright in the sky 8:20pm in NW Indiana on 8-20-2011. Saw for 2 mins and they daded away!


I live on long island ny and saw a formation of orangish red lights in the sky about 845 the were moving slowly and seemed to b in a formation then disappeared. People like myself were pulled to the side of the road looking and filming whatever that was


was in the kitchen looking out the window into a northwest direction and saw an extremely bright light going very fast from north to west,very fast,, ????

Me and my family were in

Me and my family were in Croatia, Sukosan, sitting and watching the stars. Suddenly we say three small red bright lights rising in the sky out of nowhere. They disappeared one by one after about 20 seconds.It was 10:30 pm, not really sure. I We taped it, but it isn't very good, we will send it ;)

Large shooting star going slower towards earth appx. 12:45am!

Large object that at first was a shooting star but realized after that it was much larger & falling slower. It almost made me wreck my car.

Object in the Western sky Portland Oregon

My wife and I were returning from dinner when we spotted a bright slow moving object in the western sky at 20:55 on August 19,2011. It appeared to be a comet because of its' long tail. It was moving in a northerly direction. Our location was Beaverton, Oregon a suburb of Portland.   

Shooting star/meteor?

My husband and I were East bound on 217 from Beaverton at 2am, I saw the moon and 2 stars, suddenly it was like 1 star exploded and then with a tail that turned white, green, blue and red it moved north in the sky and then disappeared

My friend and I saw it too

My friend and I saw it too around 9:45p.m., Central Standard Time in Kansas City, MO on Fri, August 19. We were east of the city where they're having an airshow this weekend and I thought maybe a plane was slowly burning and going down west of us, heading west. It disappeared out of view to the west. It was so big and bright and it lasted so long. We were in the middle of the lights of an amusement park when we saw it!

You in Oregon and Aloha - where in the sky did it appear? Was it east or west or above you?

How neat!


I couldn't figure it out, but my wife and I saw it too. We were coming from KCK at the 96.5 Beachball Concert at Livestrong Stadium and saw it. It looked like 1 huge ball, then broke into 5 or 6 pieces and kept burning for a little bit. I thought it was a plane at first because it was over the Downtown Aiport (where they unfortunately had a crash today... ironicly). But yeah, I wasnt sure if anybody else had seen it, or payed attention at that.

saw it too

Was also at WOF getting ready to ride Mamba as a lot of us witnessed the large bright light slowly falling, then breaking into 4 seperate lights.  At first thought it was a firework or UFO (LOL) but after shock wore off was pretty sure a meteor.  Was really cool to witness.  Then went to air show the next day and saw plane go down, not cool to witness.  What a crazy weekend!!

hey we saw it too, from

hey we saw it too, from Aloha. sitting in the backyard enjoying the evening and stars. I agree it looked like a comet because of the tail. did you see it split into 3 pieces? I lost sight of it right after it split as it went below my neighbors roof line, but each of the 3 had it's own tail after the split. anyone else see this?

The three pieces stopped and

The three pieces stopped and hovered then disappeared can't belive what I saw


We saw it too! I'm so glad I found this site, it's been driving me crazy. It was a big, slow moving fireball and it broke in three pieces that fell straight down, my son took video with his cell phone, but it didn't come out that well. I thought it was a jet going down. I have never seen anything like it. We are in NW Hillsboro. If anyone finds out what it was let me know!