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orange object

Thunder bay Ont

Last night July 1st 2011 seen orange object flying through the night sky heading east it was about 3am or little after, Drinking for canada day out having a smoke with wife and other couple and see this lasted about 2 min. Only seen the one tho

we were there to !

we were there to !

bright orange object july 1st

the object we saw was the international space station flybys read the link i posted

Sighting of object in Huntingdon, UK

I saw something quite unusual in the sky this evening and thought I'd look it up on the internet to see if anything similar had been encountered elsewhere. I'm glad I'm not alone!

At 0115hrs on 03 Jul 11 I saw an orange flame-link object travel in a straight line through the sky from South to North over Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK. From where I was observing, the object looked as though it was only a few thousand feet in altitude and perhaps a mile away. I couldn't determine any shape to it, other than the shape of what looked like a flame. There was no noise or flashing lights associated with it, both of which I would expect giving the object's relative proximity. I initially thought that it must have been a Chinese latern but it was travelling far too fast, especially considering the comparative lack of wind tonight.

I have literally never seen anything like this in my life. I work as an imagery intelligence analyst and, amongst other things, I specialise in identifying aircraft. This was, quite simply, unlike any aircraft I have ever encountered.

I would be most interested to hear your thoughts.



i saw this too!

I am in rochdale, in the uk and on saturday night 02/07/2011, i was on my way home from a party with me partner and another friend in a taxi, i spotted a orange flame like thing in the sky, and something fell off it, i too thought this was a Chinese lantern but we thought this was going to fast and was to big, i would love to know what this was? we have looked online and cannot find anything in relation to this?
it would be great for someone to shed some light on this.

Joanne, Rochdale, uk

Brockville, Ontario,

Brockville, Ontario, Canada.
Wow what I saw couldn't of been a meteor, but it was definitely not of this place.
Between 11:30pm and 12am last night (July 1st 2011.) My husband, 2 friends, and myself were sitting outside chatting and my husband looked up and shouted "what the F**k!" then told us to get up and look in the sky. When I did there was a big ball of red/orange light slowly flying over Brockville, it was going west to east as if it was following the St. Lawrence river. It was amassing, even though the light was bright it wasn't lighting up the sky the way you would think it would. There was no tail coming from it, and it was flying slower then a plain. We watched it for maybe 2 minutes till it disappeared over the roof tops.
I know most governments don't want to admit to the possibility of other life, but that right there..that can't be explained away as a weather balloon. I would love to know what it really was.

Thunder Bay,On, me and my

Thunder Bay,On,
me and my partner and another couple seen it to it was around near 4am july 2nd we went out for a smoke and looked up and seen a big bright orange light thing like floating or hovering through the sky made no noise and just kept goin , we all seen it right weird , and were wonderin what it was?

Two Orange Object - St. Lawrence River

We have a place on the St. Lawrence River and saw the simular object around the same time. In fact we saw two object about ten minutes about on the exact same trajectory and same orange-yellow coloring - flickering. There was high clouds so we could not know if they kept going, burned out, or other. The light was bright enough to shine through the light cloud cover, but again we lost it in the thick stuff.

This was no ordinary object, diffiently not a plane, what was odd is two object on the same path. Our place on the St. Lawrence is Dodge Bay which is next to Mullens Bay about six miles down river from Cape Vincent. Based on the trajectory these pieces would have been pretty much over Brockville, which is about 60 mile on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence.

I made a special trip to the store to see what was being reported in the local paper. But nothing was reported. This prompted me to go to the net. I would not do this for a shooting star which we see frequently during the summer months.

Bright orange fireballs in night sky on July 1, 2011

We spent July 1, 2011, 'Canada Day', watching fireworks here in Guelph, Ontario, and then came to our back deck for drinks and snacks. Between 9:30 pm and 11:05 pm there were three separate sightings of a bright orange (flame like) object. This object entered our field of vision in the west southwest and exited in the north northwest. We had clear lines of sight. It moved slower than a satellite or a commercial aircraft and each one was visible for 20-30 seconds. It was very bright, appeared to me to be a short squat cylinder shape and it was obviously orange in colour, in fact it seemed to be burning. We live under airways into Toronto and we could clearly see aircraft at the same time. This orange object was much larger and brighter than the aircraft in the area.Fourteen people witnessed this event, including two airline pilots. The first sighting drew everyones attention and we could not come up with an explanation. It was the subject of our conversation for several minutes and we were all astounded to see a second bright orange ball on the same track at 10:48 pm.. We asked everyone to be silent to determine if there was any noise accompanying it. There was no noise. There were no position lights and there were no strobe lights. I glanced at my watch (10:48 pm) to determine the spacing if we happened to see a third occurrence and sure enough at 11:04 the same type of orange fireball appeared. All three disappeared before reaching the horizon off to the north. We did not hear anything about it on the news nor was there acknowledgement of it in the newspapers.

Saw one near Cooperstown, NY,

Saw one near Cooperstown, NY, same time, same positioning.


We saw all 3 fireballs in the sky but spaced apart, they werent falling but floating sideways. Were still baffled as to what it was it was about 9:20 and it was at myers rd and Elgin cambridge

We seen the exact same thing!!

We live in mount forest ontario and at about 11:30 we seen 2 of them following the same path..It was crazy!! We cought footage of it but most of it is hard to see on the camera. The weird thing about it was it like sped up really fast then slowed right down.

My fiance and I saw it well

My fiance and I saw it well on our way home. We live in Birmingham, AL happen about 9:42pm. We thought it was a shooting star but realize that a shooting star isn't that big. What we saw had a tail that looked to be blueish green.

HUGE BRIGHT shooting star in Birmingham Alabama July 1 2011

My adult son and I were driving south on interstate 20/59 in Birmingham (Hoover) Alabama on Friday, July 1, 2011 at approximately 9:45pm and both witnessed the biggest, brightest shooting star I have ever seen. It was to our left as we were driving south and was clearly visible in the night sky. Even more unusual was within 3 minutes, we witnessed three very bright, tube-shaped lights that were constant and stationary, also to our right as we drove south. I was driving and only was able to watch them intermittently but my son kept them in sight as we drove for a solid 30 - 40 seconds. A tree-line then obscurred his continuous view but he could see the lights through the breaks in the trees. We were so interested that we exited the freeway, drove back north, re-entered teh freeway and drove our same route again, but they were now gone from the sky when we came to the same area (about 20 mins after the initial sighting.) I am 50 and this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.

Around 2 o'clock this morning

Around 2 o'clock this morning as I was driving, my mom & sister claimed they saw a ball of fire in the sky. I looked up to see a bright Orange light in the sky so I pulled over. At first it appeared to perfectly still then it started to move. The fire seemed to die the faster it went. Then it disappeared. It was so weird!.

My friend and I saw the exact

My friend and I saw the exact same thing, but we live in Cape Town!! There seems to be no more information on odd!!

orange ball in the sky

On July 1 2011 at approximately 9:30 my husband, myself, our daughter and several neighbours saw a large orange ball in the sky that was moving at a steady pace. I have never seen anything like it. It seemed to be quite close, not like a star. I live in Burlington Ontario. I notice that people from Hamilton, Georgetown and London also saw this!! I would love to know what it was.

We saw the exact same thing

We saw the exact same thing tonight in Cape Town. There were 6 though....any more info on this?

Red Object in the sky

Approx 9:40pm in Guelph, Ontario.....object was bright orange/red heading in a northward path. Slow in a satelite. What a site to see!

2 orange fireballs Canada

We were celebrating fireworks at around 9:30pm EST July 1 in st Catharines Ontario Canada. We saw the same orange ball of fire. Flying across the sky not down. Then a few minutes later we saw the second one fly southeast to northwest. Spooked the kids out.

My daughter wife and myself

My daughter wife and myself saw it,it apped over London ON. at 10:12 from south east to north west then again 14 min later same path but alittle more south start. Took video with phone both times.

orange glowing slow moving object last night in london tario

we saw the exact same object also very very strange no noise very slow moving orange and glowing over london ontario going towards the north of london ontario

Did I see a meteor

at approximately 9:37pm EST July 1 2011 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, my daughter and I spotted what appeared to be something flying at a steady pace through the sky. Strange part though - it was clearly on fire. It was passing overhead - travelling north/northwest - not falling but maintining its pace. I was driving but was so intrigued I pulled the car off the road and hopped out so that I could watch it. As we watched the "fire" slowly disappeared and a black objected continued travelling through the sky. Very cool....was it a meteor??

We saw it too - even have video

We saw the same "ball on fire" last night in Millet Alberta around 11 pm and then again at 11:45. There was a group of us sitting out at the lake and we all saw the same thing. The ball of fire moved like a plane only faster and then it suddenly "went out" and dropped straight down into the horizon. I took video with my Iphone but it only shows a glowing orb that suddenly goes out and drops. It doesn't show the detail that we could see with our naked eye that it had a red/orange glow and looked like a plane on fire. Very strange.

I saw the same thing with my

I saw the same thing with my son and several other observers at roughly the same time on July 1, 2011. It was shortly before the fireworks display in Penetanguishene, Ontario. There was a large fireball with no visible tail. It was bright red-orange and far larger and brighter than anything in the sky. The object moved at a steady pace across the sky, traveling very roughly in a northwest direction. After a time, it became black instead of bright red-orange and it eventually disappeared at the horizon. A short time later - maybe 5 - 10 minutes - I saw the same event in in the same location. As it progressed, a second much smaller one also crossed the sky a bit further behind and somewhat more south of the larger one - or it appeared to be in a more southern direction. That made for a total of three in all.

I am not really sure what it was. I have seen many meteor showers and this did not resemble that at all. First of all, the object was far, far larger. The path it traced went pretty much from horizon to horizon burning steadily until the last portion when it became a large black lump. This object also proceeded across the sky much more slowly. We had plenty of time to discuss and examine it as it moved. It appeared to move across the sky more slowly than a plane, although I did initially wonder if it was a plane on fire. I saw no tail in its wake.

I witnessed it as well! July

I witnessed it as well! July 1 2011 Georgetown, Ontario, Canda, I am not sure the exact time but my husband, neighbours and cousin were lighting fireworks. All of a sudden my cousin said "What the hell is that?" We all looked up and it was an orange firey ball flying straight across the sky, eventually we lost sight of it. Incredible! I have not been able to sleep all night. I woke up @ 7am and have been lookng on the internet to see if anyone else saw this.

We saw this too. In Hyannis,

We saw this too. In Hyannis, MA, USA at about 9pm---saw a bright orange object-looked like it was on fire- pass through the sky. We figured it for a meteorite. Maintained it's speed and arc- then burned out.

I saw it too. I live in

I saw it too. I live in Mississippi and my sister, my boyfriend and I were sitting outside watching the "UFO sightings" in London on YouTube and my sister said OMG WHAT IS THAT??? we looked and for about 7 seconds there was a green/blue ball with an orange/red trail. We were speechless. Ive been trying to look on my local news website to see if anybody posted any videos. This is the first thing i have seen about it.

Hello!! We live in Chania,

Hello!! We live in Chania, Crete, Greece and yesterday July the 1st at 4:30 a.m. we saw 3 orange lights in the sky for approximately 1- 2 minutes! One was brighter than the other two, and then they gradually disappeared! We also googled it today and found your comments!

Fire in the sky

We are at Claytor Lake, Virginia and at 10:30 pm on 7/1/2011 saw what appeared to be a large orange ball of fire streaking across the northern sky, heading east. Five minutes later it appeared again but did not last as long as the first one!! Amazing!


At 11.30pm 01/07/2011 I saw a large green shooting star/meteor whilst going across the M62 near Halifax. It was visible for a couple of seconds then dissapeared?! Anyone else see this? Rather excited as this was the first time I've seen anything like it!!!!

Me too

Wow.. I thought I was going crazy! I was driving to Luton last night, about the same time as you, but I was near Northampton when I saw the same large, green ...thing! I've never seen anything like it before! I wonder what that was...

i had to see if any one else

i had to see if any one else had seen this "fire ball", I live in Norfolk and between 11.25-11.30 pm i saw what looked like a shooting star/or fire work. it was amazing! glad i wasnt the only who spotted it.


Both my wife and I saw it too. Fire ball was white and tail bright green - South Norfolk at about 23.30

HUGE fireball seen 2330 1st July 2011 from the A14

Wow glad I'm not the only one too. It was awesome! I don't think staying at work late will ever be so rewarding. Glad it burnt up. Wonder which galaxy it came from? Can meteorites cross galaxies?

another sighting

Roanoke, Virginia. 4:30 am july 1st 2011. I posted another sighting earlier I haven't seen it show up yet but this one I walked outside again just now through the front yard rather than the back where I saw the first comet/meteor/whatever and I looked up and noticed that i could see the southern triangle (I believe) large in the sky and I was looking for the pattern of stars that I saw it near before and I saw yet again almost the same streak however it appeared less red this time and more of a bright yellow with blue and it appeared and dissappeared even faster this time heading almost the opposite direction from my vantage point as the one i saw about 3 1/2 hours ago. I've read that some think what people are seeing was a minotaur rocket launched from nasa from wallops island and I watched the launch video of it earlier. While it didn't exactly look like either thing I saw tonight it more closely resembled and was in the time frame of the first thing I saw around 1 am est. The thing I have just seen was going the other way and like I said was more blue it is hard to believe I would see the same thing again the same night and in a different direction.

Green fire ball moving fast, in view 3 seconds

It was 9:41 pm on July 1, 2011 central time, moving north just east of hwy 16 in Watson Louisiana . It gave me chills.

Yep, my wife and I were

Yep, my wife and I were outside and saw this amazing sight. It lasted for a very long time and had a blue tail from what I saw in Walker.


I live in Cumbria and saw a fireball in the sky last night/early this morning (about 1am) bright white light travelling North,north East visible for about 1.5 secs - anyone else seen this?

Something sighted tonight

I just stepped out to have a smoke and saw a very fast and very large moving light at 12:58. This this was big and crazy fast. So fast that it seemed like it didn't finish its path and disappeared. Weird! Anyone know if it was a comet or what? Location Knoxville, TN

Yesterday 30-06-2011 at

Yesterday 30-06-2011 at around 21:00, in Athens Greece just the time when the sun has disappeared, me and my man saw a light thing in the sky with something like a tale going really fast west, and it was so bright that i have never seen anything like this in my life before and it was so near (not like the way you watch stars). maybe it was an asteroid that came into the atmosphere and then got destroyed by it.But I really like to know if someone saw the same thing and if its something that happens once in a while and not important. i searched today so much in nasa- greek astronomy sites and other but nothing mentioned.

I can confirm what you guys

I can confirm what you guys saw. Me and my wife saw exactly the same thing... i think the time was closer to 21:20 and it was indeed an a West or WNW direction. Very big indeed you could see the main dark core and clearly shaped flames on the sides. We saw it for about 4 seconds.

we live near Nafplio and saw

we live near Nafplio and saw the same thing, amazing it lasted at least 3 or 4 seconds

sounds like what I saw and almost the exact same time

subject says it all this was pretty much exactly when within a minute or two of what I observed tonight hope somebody knows what it is

Today June 30 my boyfriend

Today June 30 my boyfriend and iwhere walking my dog in exeter pa and we seen a big orange light moving fast until it finally disappeared in the dark sky it was great i never seen anything like it before

My other half saw a huge

My other half saw a huge shooting star tonight at about 1100pm in Buckinghamshire UK. He said it was much bigger than a shooting star and was wondering if anyone else saw a similar large object moving very fast across the sky.

Flying plane on fire?

Like some of the comments below.
Last night at approx. 9pm in Rancho Cucamonga, my wife and myself, and another couple sat in our hot tub outside when my friend noticed what looked like a 'plane w/ an engine on fire' moving from W to E in the sky at about the same altitude or a little higher (in appearance) to planes w/ circle to line up in a cue to land at LAX. I said 'this plane is going down or will explode' and the flames/light got more intense as it went by. As it went by we were looking at it from about a 60+deg angle and it moved at about the same speed as a plane that was getting 'cued up' for landing at LAX. Well, as it kept going E it seemed to get smaller (i.e. and it couldn't have been farther than 5-7 mi out) and disappeared. EERIE! I'm not a UFO believer...I thought that this incident (about 3 mins) would make the didn't. So I'm not sure what it was, but I'm sure it's explainable, but wonder about the speed/altitude/mass/light and then disappearance. Doesn't quite make sense.

orange ball in Lewes, DE

Last night while walking my dog (approx. 11:10pm) I saw a large orange ball of light in the NW sky. It was very low in the sky and moving very slowly. As it came closer it changed direction and a full tail of orange and blue sparkles trailed behind. It was like nothing I have ever seen--magnificent. It was so bright--I could actually see what looked like smoke behind it. As it passed by it seemed to gain in elevation and the tail disappeared. The ball of orange became smaller and smaller until it seemed to burn out. It flickered one more time and then was gone. The whole experience lasted about 1 minute. Awesome!

ocean city light in sky

I saw it as well in ocean city Maryland. My brother and I were walking on the boardwalk and noticed several people looking up and pointing. When I looked up I saw the large ball of light going in the direction of the ocean. It was something I have never seen before and appeared to have small flames trailing it. It faded toward the horizon and then disappeared. I would love to know what it was!

approx 11:05 NASA at Wallops

approx 11:05 NASA at Wallops Island, VA sent Minotaur rocket up...watched from Chincoteague and it looked like what you are describing...per their website, the rocket launch would be able to have been seen up to 300 miles away I believe. Was very bright and only lasted a few minutes.