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meteor or comet over Florida

My husband saw what was possibly a meteor or comet traveling West to East. We live in Palm Bay, Florida and he saw it in our backyard. He said he's never seen anything like it before: it was an orange ball like a ball of fire. It moved slower and was larger than a shooting star but went across the sky and burned out in the manner a typical shooting star would. He said it was quite a spectacular occurrence. It was about 10:15 or 10:20 pm, eastern time.

Huge Comet July 26,2011

Last night my husband and I saw the huge comet about 10:15-30 PM while walking. It was spectacular and flew tot he north for a long time -several seconds- enough to really see the flash in the sky and the arc of its path. We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan andw e've never seen anything so large and closeup and for so long! Great show!

I saw this too. i was on M23

I saw this too. i was on M23 about 20 miles north of ann arbor. I thought it was about 9:45 pm though. Maybe there were several. It was the biggest shooting star I have ever seen.


I was walking by my house, near Milford, Ohio last night (26 July 2011) at 10:00pm local, when I saw a big shooting star to the north of me. It looked as if it went straight down, then the trees blocked my view. It took only a second or two. It was a whitesh/blue and was shaped like an onion with a long tail. I've never seen anything like this before. Wish I would have stayed out...sounds like I missed the next big one 30 minutes later.

Shooting star

My girlfriend and I were walking in Clifton (Cincinnati) and saw this too. It was super bright and dropped down behind the tree line. Glad someone else in the area saw this.

Manchester/Jackson Michigan area last night 7-26-11

To comment and agree with one of the other comments posted...I live in Manchester Michigan and last night 7-26-11, 10:30 I saw a huge comet!!! It looked like it was just above my front lawn was huge, although it had to be up high. I'm just baffled because it was so big.
My night was more than this though, about 10:00 I looked outside and I saw this greenish blue object go by my window and I just thought perhaps kids were somewhere doing fireworks.
Then around 10:30 (could be + or - some) I went on my porch and I saw a small shooting star and I thought it was cool. Then the huge one came!!!! It was so bright white, the front and the sides were glowing a redish-orangish hue...the tail was long and I just can't believe I saw somthing that big.
Thought I'd share and hopefully more people saw this.

My daughter and I were on our

My daughter and I were on our way to Whitmore Lake from South Lyon (Michigan) between 10:15 and 10:30 when we saw what looked like a comet. At first it was just a light, it looked a bit like the landing lights you see on the front of airplanes then it became a "streak", just like a comet with a tail. The front was a red orange that faded to white in the center then a blueish-green tail. It looked about 2 inches long in the sky. It was moving North (we were traveling west) and didn't appear to be traveling very fast or very high, just a couple hundred feet or about the height the medical helicopters fly. I was driving and couldn't watch it. My daughter lost sight of it behind a tree branch but when we cleared the tree, a matter of about 3-5 seconds, it was just gone! At that point we were stopped at a crossroad and had a clear view to the north. No idea what it was but we saw it too!


I live in Kalgoorlie in WA and I was at soccer training on Wednesday 20th July at approx 7:15pm when the entire team stood and stared into the sky as a bright blue comet streaked across. It was amazing, it lasted about 5 seconds and then burnt out. It looked so close to the earth that if I didn't know better I would have thought it landed on the other side of town. Spectacular.

I live around Jackson MI and

I live around Jackson MI and was swimming with some friends on the night of July 26th and around 10:30, 11 o,clock, I looked up and saw what looked like a doomsday meteor flying over head. The rock itself must have been the size of a large 2 story house! It was moving very slowly but I could tell it was far away because there was no sound whatsoever. It had a stream of fire that was about 4 or 5 inches long in the sky. It was burning white in the front and turned blue then yellow and orange as you looked at the back of the stream. Really an amazing sight. I hope someone else saw it and is as interested to know what it was as me.

Wednesday night around 10:00

Wednesday night around 10:00 pm I also saw a huge fireball that looked like it was just above the tree line. It was traveling straight and away from me and then it disapeared. I was wondering if I was the only one who saw that.

Shooting star Cornwall Ontario Canada

I saw a shooting star shooting from west to north. I live in Cornwall Ontario Canada very near the St. Lawrence River and northern New York State. I think I also saw the ISS whild I was out walking my dog.

Meteor sighting

At 10.35 p.m. at Warepa, South Otago, NZ 26th July. I saw a huge dark green ball as big as the full moon travelling from East to West, two thirds of the way across the sky. Watched it for about three minutes before it exploded into millions of "stars" which contiinued to travel in the main direction while it left a trail of falling "stars" of many colours - yellow, orange, green, purple and dark blue, The burst lasted for about a minute and then dropped out of sight over the western hills. It was a spectacular sight.

i saw it too

i was in queenstown and saw something not as cool as you but at the same time i saw a large orange/red ball come throught the clouds. It looked like an upside down firework..
it was amazing

Something comet

I Was With one person - Returning from dinner at approx 1045pm on 26/7/11!

She says red and white fast moving object - looked liket comet!

I say it looked green and white fast moving bitty looked so close I thought it was landing about 10 kilometers away! Very strange !

I live in Tasmania,

I live in Tasmania, Australia, and while i was driving home with my mother, at around 5:29pm (Australian EST) we saw a light green light falling towards the ground extremely fast, and I heard a noise like when an airplane flies overhead. It was moving too fast for a helicopter flying or a satellite in the night sky.

blue green ball

I live in Norman, Oklahoma and my wife and I were walking in our neighborhood when I saw a bright blue green streak across the southern sky. It was very large and lasted for quite sometime. I have never seen a shooting star like this before.. It was so big I was expecting an explosion over the horizon as I was scared a meteorite might have hit the earth..... Scary how our earth and life is so vulnerable.....

Huge green fireball

We were driving from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City and around 2am US Mountain Time, July 26th, by Fillmore, Utah, the whole northern sky lit up green and a brilliant green fireball dropped beyond the horizon to the north. VERY amazing!

i saw the exact same thing in

i saw the exact same thing in payson utah at around 330 am have you found out about what it was?

I live in San Antonio, TX.

I live in San Antonio, TX. Early this morning 7/25/11, at 1am I saw a huge fireball in the sky that left a long trail behind it. It wasn't as fast as shooting starts. I have never seen anything like it. I was facing south and it came from the northeast and moved southwest.


I saw the same thing here in southern California around 115am. It seemed to be lower than what a helicopter would fly. It was flying east when I saw it

glow amidst the lightening

I was in Portland, Or last night and around 3:00am(7/25) I first saw flashes of lightening that lit up the whole sky. Then I saw this glowing ball with green/blue trail stream across the sky. It was about 10 times bigger than any other shooting star I've ever seen, so I'm thinkin a meteor. Please comment if you saw anything similar to this in the northwest, or anywhere else last night:)

meteor or?

Saw a very bright light appear like a shooting star but stayed in view about 4 or 5 seconds then changed direction and moved right at a faster pace then shot off out of sight. This was July 23 around 10:40 near Mt Jefferson Oregon in the SW sky.

It was so cool!

It was early in the morning July 25 (didn't check the time)We were sitting outside in our car in Milwaukie, Oregon and there was lightning and then I saw this thing that was huge, bright, blue and green and was going across the sky from North to South leaving a long bright yellow tail. Having never seen a comet, I wasn't sure what it was, but then I saw your post and others confirming what I saw. So was that a comet? Id like to know.

Me too!

I live in Salem, Oregon i saw that too!!!!!! i got home real late last night, around 3 am and im sitting there looking up at the sky, and what you described ran across the sky. It was amazing. I also was hearing big booms like something was shaking the earth. it was really strange.

My husband and I were driving

My husband and I were driving to the Bellingham airport (Whatcom County, WA, United States) this morning and at 3:18 a.m. we saw a huge white fireball/star SLOWLY move across the sky before trees blocked it from our view. We were heading directly south and it was moving west to east, looking like it was going to head into the ground. We could not figure out what it was as it was too big and moved too slow to be a "shooting star." Today I am trying to find out exactly what it is we saw!

shooting star over India

At 9.00pm 24th july in Kolkata,west bengal,India I saw a Greenish meteor going from left up to right down. It was very close and bright and really beautiful was, looking all over the internet from the morning to confirm it....

No one believes me.

My family and I were outside cooling down after our afternoon jog. The sun has set and the stars were bright. I stood on the middle of the road and looked over my house. And thats when i saw it. A shooting star. Yes, there was a tail. And yes, it was beautiful. Sadly, it only lasted no more than 5 seconds. By the time i told the rest of my family to look, it was gone. I told them it was there but i feel like they dont believe me. They asked me if i made a wish but i said that i was too busy telling them to look that i forgot to make one. Oh Yeah! I almost forgot. I live in Yigo, Guam.

wierd white bright lights

ok here it is. my wife and i were sitting outside at 1am and we saw the first bright white light , it first looked light flood light on a helicopter but it was only bright for 2 seconds or so then faded . then another one appeared east of there and shortly after that another one north of the first these spaces in between is to fast for any aircraft i know of . they had no tail of lights so i know it wasn't a meteor and it had no color besides white .. im in central Wisconsin . any clue to what ?

Weird Bright Lights

I also saw a similar light this morning, July 25, 2011 @ approx. 4:10 am, as I was leaving for work (E.S.T., Tampa, FL area) At first it startled me, then quickly disappeared. It was a round, bright, white light with no apparent tail. While driving to work, I wondered what it could be. I asked several people at work if they had seen it also, but they all looked at me like I was crazy....until one person told me they had heard on last night's news broadcast that it was apparently the International Space Station (ISS) flying into orbit. If you search the web, you will also find other possible dates in which you may be able to witness this again. ( I think I read somewhere that it may be "seen" anytime between July 22, 2011 - August 6, 2011...hope this helps!

I saw something at about 4:30

I saw something at about 4:30 CST (Texas) last night that I initially thought was a meteor, but it was too bright and actually seemed to change colors before disappearing. I then saw another object about a minute later that actually did look like a meteor. My guess is that the first object was just a meteor that was close enough for me to see burning up, ergo the color shift, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I couldn't find any forecasts mentioning a meteor shower, and this was the only page I saw that had anything for last night.


I live in Quebec City Canada and last night around 11:30, I saw a comet as well... I've been looking for news about it on the web and I can't find any!

blueish green ball of light falling over Michigan

I just saw a blueish green ball of light falling from the skies in the upper peninsula of Michigan around 3:30 am EST. It was quit stunning, just confused as to what it was. Has anyone else seen this tonight?

I saw it as well

I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. Last night between 8:10 and 8:30 I saw something which resembled a comet or astroid. It had a long bright orange tail and the front was triangular in shape and was blueish/orange in color. It lasted for 20 secs. much later at 10:11 a different light appeared it was blue and was moving at a very fast speed. Can anyone explain why we are experiencing so much of these sightings nowadays. Must we prepare for first contact or an alien invasion?

ya i too saw the same

ya i too saw the same had a huge tail and pretty timing was 24th july 9.00pm kolkata,india...was looking all over it for news...

Last night at about 10:00pm I

Last night at about 10:00pm I saw a meteor fall out of the sky. It was quick, but twinkling (no tail at all). I thought to myself 'Oh cool a meteor!' and as I thought that it went beyond the horizon past where I could see and at that moment the whole sky lit up like a huge crash of lightning.. no sound, just a flash of light. There was no lightning in the area last night.. the falling light caused a huge flash. Very weird and very awesome. The whole thing lasted all of 3 seconds tops. -Champaign, Illinois

Tonight in Waitati , north of

Tonight in Waitati , north of Dunedin, South Island. NZ. Looking East at guessing 9,30pm saw very bright orange falling ball with a tail of light. It fell along way down the sky and disappeared behind a hill which cuts off our view of the pacific. Seemed to be closer than seeing a shooting star and to shoot bits from the main ball as it fell!!! Cool!


Tonight at 10:31 pm (7/22/2011) my kids and I saw something in the sky that looked like a comet or something! It was very cool, appeared to be pretty far away but very clear! We pilled over to the side of the road and watched it for about 3 or 4 minutes before it just kind of disappeared!! It was very bright in the front with a tail behind. My young son said he thought it looked like a worm in the sky! I live in Mt. Iron in northern Minnesota (Lat 47.48, long -92.53) I tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out but my phone did record my exact location at the time we saw it. Not sure what we saw, but it was very cool!!

bright flash in the sky below Arcturus

My husband and I were outside last night in St. Helena, CA about 9:48 last night looking at stars. While looking to the west at the star Arcturus, I saw what appeared to be a star below it suddenly flash white in the sky and then disappear. There was no tail, it did not "fall", nor was there any noise. It was just a super large, super bright white flash for a split second,and then nothing. Did anyone else see this?

I say it on Long Islang last

I say it on Long Islang last night around 11:45 pm. A flash of bright white, almost like a explosion that took up the whole sky...

I was just looking out at the

I was just looking out at the stars in ny state it was around midnight or just after midnight so the date here would be 7/24/11 12:02 am . Was looking at a rather bright star. All of a sudden right next to the bright star a huge bright light flashed and grew in intensity and got bigger and bigger like an explosion it was brighter than anything I've ever seen and then it went out and as it went out there was a red dot and it disappeared. There was no noise at all and it didn't move. It scared me!


I witnessed the same meteor as 'ORANG METEOR', I was sitting on the beach (main beach, Surfers Paradise QLD) and saw a large orange meteorite break up / scatter across the sky. It was as if I could see flames coming off it. It was very low to the ground and I witnessed it for about 6 seconds & my friend saw the last 2 seconds of it. It was very surreal and looked as if it would land in the ocean but it vanished in the sky.

I saw it too!

My husband & I were leaving the Buderim tavern at the same time (se Qld)
I saw it then! It looked like a ball of fire with a tail shooting through the sky. It was really close. My husband saw the end of it too. Then it just disappeared. I too thought it was going to go in the ocean. It was huge. I put it on my face book status at the time. Someone said it was on the news as being a space shuttle? My status was posted at 8:35 so it must've been 8:30.
It was big. It baffled me how it just disappeared though???

SJ (good to know someone else saw it too)
I just found this when I googled the date & ball of fire in the sky lol)

Longest comet trail

July 19, Tuesday night around 8:30pm Philippines GMT+8. I was walking home from my ride when I saw a bright firework in the sky. I still got the time to see it went out which made me wonder that it moved too slow for a firework. Kids on the street also saw the trail (I heard them calling at the very same moment the light got my attention).

To compare the xmas comet and this comet (which I presume it is), the trail of this comet was very long. Its feature looks very close to a real rocket firework made bright white with a slight of green light but it was too slow and more beautiful because the streak is so clean. I also thought if such a long tail was ever made on our atmosphere, then it would have covered an intercontinental distance of travel. And this sighting should have been visible to other countries here in asia as well.

Later that evening, and for the other past days, I was hoping for late news on local tv regarding this sighting but there was none. I was too late to peak the internet too so I am making my comment now.

Saw it on July 19, 2011 about

Saw it on July 19, 2011 about 10pm at South Texas Border with Mexico SW to NE. Green Fireball lasted few seconds and disappear. I think it was a meteor, what puzzles me is the green vivid color.

Meteor - Houston - 7/19/11

Houston 7/19/11 - sometime between 9:45 - 10:00 pm Central Daylight Savings Time - saw a small meteor(ite) for a second or two while driving home. Was in Southwest Houston driving South when noticed meteor in front moving left to right (East to West). Streak of light which stopped after a couple seconds. Almost wish I could have stopped to look for it on the ground.




I witnessed the same meteor, I was sitting on the beach (main beach, Surfers Paradise QLD) and saw a large orange meteorite break up / scatter across the sky. It was as if I could see flames coming off it. It was very low to the ground and I witnessed it for about 6 seconds & my friend saw the last 2 seconds of it. It was very surreal and looked as if it would land in the ocean but it vanished in the sky.

Possible meteor over Auckland

My name is Kylie, last night on the 20/7/2011 my cousin and I were just approaching the Harbor Bridge in Auckland New Zealand when we saw an amazingly bright shooting star. It was bluish and looked really low in the twilight sky, it was about 5:20 pm and too light I thought for a shooting star, it was also quite large so I wounded if it was actually a meteor. I think it was heading south to south west so if anyone saw it land I would love to hear more about it. Quite an exhilarating experience!

Hi, think my son and I saw

Hi, think my son and I saw the same thing but we were in the Kaimai ranges Waikato and it was about tenish mins later than your time, but it looked exactly the same, and roughly same time ish on the 20th. Never seen anything like it before, and it was large, imagine if it was the same thing !

Lights over south Miami FL

Tonight (20 July 2011) while driving south on the palmetto expressway in south Miami FL around 10pm I saw multiple dim lights that appeared to be in a slowly drifting formation near the Tropical Park. They reminded me of military parachute flares. I heard that there may have been a DoD exercise happening this week. Not sure if it was military or perhaps a meteor shower or something else natural. Did anyone else see the lights?