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Meteor or comet

We saw one fly across the sky at dusk on Tues evening while on our walk near lake karapiro

Shooting star

Hi chris, i was driving home from work and saw the light, then huge flare ... Just as you described, cross the sky to the east ... It felt super close ...So glad someone else saw it ... I wasn't sure if it was real!

Meteor sighting yesterday Parua Bay6.29pm 29/8/17

My wife and I saw the light and then the large flare (fire) until it dissipated to the east - likely into the ocean- absolutely fantastic (once in a lifetime)

Meteor sighting yesterday Parua Bay6.29pm 29/8/17

My wife and I saw the light and then the large flare (fire) until it dissipated to the east - likely into the ocean- absolutely fantastic (once in a lifetime)

Northern donegal coast

Just seen bright orange ,red object in night sky ,looks stationary ??? It's 4am here . Has anybody any idea what's this ??


I saw this from Whangarei Heads Rd Parua Bay just before Owhiwa Rd, driving home just after 6.30 last night. It was heading east at a low angle and had a pink/blue centre, white streaming tail, and looked very close. At first I thought it was a helicopter on fire. Like others I thought it had made landfall slightly to the east of my field of view. Absolutely spectacular, have never seen anything like it.


Hi Pauline. I'm in the Brynderwyns and I saw it too! Like you I thought it may have been an aircraft on fire.....but soon realised what it was! It was going super fast so I never had time to grab my phone to take a pic! I did notice that it was a light colour, with a long blue was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience!! I'm so glad that other people also witnessed it too!


Seen a orange/red thing in sky like fire !one minute was there then disappeared and came back bigger this happend in Scotland, coatbridge at around 11:30 at night

I've seen this also at the

I've seen this also at the north donegal coast ,at 4am this morning . It's really strange this is . This seems to be flickering but stationary like its not moving at all .

Meteor Tues evening

I saw it from Smales Farm, North Shore, Auckland, never seen anything like it before. Just a 2 second glimpse to the North going West to East of a long white tail with sparks low and horizontal. From my angle it disappeared around the corner of the Sovereign building. My thought was who is letting off a sky rocket horizontally because that is exactly what it looked like?

meteor sight 29th August 2017

I am from Whakatane and saw the meteor about 6.30pm. The light caught my eye and I looked up and watched it for about 6 seconds before watching it fizzle and burn out. It was amazing, very bright!.


Travelling the link road, Hahei, heading north towards Ferry Landing, @6.35pm,I witnessed, along with my 3 passengers, a bright star shaped light with a long tail travelling downwards, splitting into two and dropping from the sky on to the property of Rod Millen's Lead foot ranch. Wow it was awesome. We all at the same time said...whats we know. Great highlight for 3 USA tourists, just ending their day tour nicely. CATHEDRAL COVE SHUTTLE

Meteor? 29/08/17

Also saw this at about 6:60 pm from north facing deck in Howick. It was travelling from over Litte Barrier heading east towards Coromandel area. Bright white falling light with long sparking tail. Sky was still light so quite amazing

meteor or ??

I also saw a red yellow glow Tuesday that time, ZZZX from Whangaparaoa Army Bay I would say from little Barrier towards Coromandel it was travelling very fast amazing yes ..

Meteor Oteha

Walking from the albany bus station (oteha valley rd) I have the luck of presence a big brilliant falling object:)

Falling object 29/08/2017

Yep I saw this also. I was driving North over the Auckland Harbour Bridge at 1833 . The light first caught my eye as I thought it was a plane heading West to East over Rangitito, before it flaired up for 2 to 3 seconds before disappearing.

Meteor sighted in Auckland 29 August 6.30 pm

I too watched a brilliant long tailed meteor heading east across the northern sky. From my deck in Mangere Bridge it streaked right across the orange sunset backdrop as I was looking towards the sky tower in the city. It lasted no longer than three seconds before bursting into a bright flash and then quickly dimming out. It looked to be heading for the coromandel peninsular or just north east of there. Truly a beautiful sight.

Shooting Star 29-08-2017 approx 6.30pm

Shooting Star seen travelling west to east over Auckland. Slight pinkish/red/orange colour, travelling very fast and looked to disappear into the Hauraki Gulf around 6.30pm. Viewed from Westmere, travelling over Herne Bay toward Rangitoto Island.

Meteorological sighting

Saw bright burning comet/meteor fly down to the East of Rangitoto tonight about 6:30. We were out running in Mission bay. It was fast and had quite a long tail. And it just seemed to burn out and disappear just as fast as it lit up the sky.

Close view in Tauranga

6:30 I saw it to in Tauranga looking like it was going down around. Matakana or the Mt. lost sight when it went lower, it was pretty big as at first I thought it was a light aircraft on fire. Large fan tail and fairly sizeable fireball. Pretty amazing stuff

Meteor viewed from Hamilton

Like many others saw a meteor viewed from Tamahere just south of Hamilton at 6.32pm. Viewed to the north heading east very low heading across the sky with a blue green head and orange sparking tail and burnt out as it headed lower. Very exciting. At the time we deduced it was a meteor or space junk.

Sighting meteor Auckland Northern sky : 28th August, 6h28pm

I was driving home this evening, and approaching the Northcote offramp driving North when just above the horizon, travelling oblique down, from west to East, a long tail. It had a long and full white tail, preceeded by a red/blue head. It seemed closer than most shooting stars, and larger. Initially I thought it was a plane. It was surprising and would have been easy to miss. It lasted for about half a second.

Sighting meteor Auckland Northern sky : 28th August, 6h28pm

I was driving home this evening, and approaching the Northcote offramp driving North when just above the horizon, travelling oblique down, from west to East, a long tail. It had a long and full white tail, preceeded by a red/blue head. It seemed closer than most shooting stars, and larger. Initially I thought it was a plane. It was surprising and would have been easy to miss. It lasted for about half a second.

Witnessed same event,

Witnessed same event, north-ish of Tauranga

Strange Light

Around 11:30-12midnight last night, August 28, PH, I am already in bed and lights off, only dim light coming from my 2 windows (side and back part of house), when I saw strange bright light coming from the back window, it is really strange since it is very very bright and I think its coming from neighboors backyard lights too. I open my curtain to check and saw neighboors backyard light is open as well as other neighboor room light is open too, and saw this strange light at the top of our chicken's roof, at first I am thinking its just a moon reflection so I go back to bed again, but I noticed it is really really bright, I try to open my curtain again and to check if the moon is bright but I can't see because our roof is blocking, the strange light just focus on the chickens roof and not spreading, its a stable, circle straight light upwards where I can't see where it is really coming from. It is really true, I haven't took any pics which I should have! I wonder what is that strange light.

Meteor 29 August 2017

I too saw the meteor at about 6.30pm low in the northern sky travelling east inland from Parua bay. WHANGAREI HEADS At arm length it had a head the size of you finger nail and a tail 50mm long. Really spectacular.


I saw a large meteor about 630 on 29th just over parahaki in whangarei

I saw it from

I saw it from Umawera/Okaihau. 6.27pm. My partner replied "I want what you're on" lol

Travelling north past Te

Travelling north past Te Hana. Large Bright fireball with debris tail, travelling fast west to east approx, then burnt up or crashed into mountain range.

Me and my mum were driving

Me and my mum were driving through whagaripo valley road and a meteor hit on the side of us in a paddock it was very beautiful it was blue and red not to big but big enough that we saw it but at about 1-2 metres off the ground it went out so we didnt see were it exactly landed in the paddock cause it was kinda dark and it was about 7

Meteorite over the North Shore

Saw an amazing sight from Te Atatu Penn while out walking our dog. looking north across the harbour around 6.30pm tonight. Bright, large and low with a massive fanned out 'sparkling' tail heading east very fast and then it just disappeared. Glad we weren't the only ones. Pretty sure it would have hit Earth it was so low and large.


I saw this amazing light about 6.30pm ish on my way home from work. I had just turned into Bucklands Beach Rd and to my right heading east towards Howick I saw this colourful light. Seeing the comments below I realise I wasn't seeing things. Wow over tooquick

Meteor ball

In Glendowie tonight at 6.30pm a ball of fire shot across the sky heading south east. It had a long tail which trailed behind. Just hope it wasn't a North Korean missile!

meteor sighting

about 5.30 pm , Opuawhanga, Northland NZ - near Hikurangi big flash of light zooming downwards with fiery red beginning and gold tail ?meteor maybe?

Comet/metro from Auckland NZ

Wow wow wow just saw either the biggest and lowest comet I've ever seen or a mentor with a wide tail of 'sparks' as it hit the atmosphere. We were out walking in west Auckland looking North over the harbour. It was after 6pm maybe 6.30?

Yes I saw it looking north

Yes I saw it looking north from Urenui - Taranaki - it was like nothing I have seen before. Trail of light in an arc across the sky then a big flash & it disappeared. Lasted about 3-5 seconds in total - and all dogs next door started crazy barking - freaky - but awesome

Meteor over northwest Auckland

About an hour and a half ago, just as it was going dark, saw an amazing comet-like meteor breaking up low in the sky, amazing, had what looked like a long tail. I suppose just braking up in the atmosphere.

Meteor ?

Saw 2 meteors over Mount Maunganui! One around 6:20pm and one around 10 mins later. A few friends have seen one also!


I saw the meteor tonight 6.30pm N.Z time in the Eastern Sky . It had orange sparks and it was big and AMAZING! I'm in Whangarei, New Zealand


I witnessed a meteor falling north east from Wainui, Silverdale at 6.25 pm. It was quite low in the sky.

Bright white light

At 18.30 tonight I was driving from Maungatapere towards Maunu mountain and noticed a very bright white light travelling very fast from west to east towards Whangarei. It was fairly large, in the sense that it was bigger than any stars I have seen.

Orange ball of fire crossed sky

Wow! At 6.30pm a ball of fire crossed the sky heading southeast.Im in Glendowie, Auckland. It had a long tail behind it. Thought I was dreaming... Wasn't a North Korea missile I hope!


Saw the same from Pongakawa Bay of Plenty. It had a bright orange tail.going roughly west to east.low on the horizon.

Meteor sighting off north shore, Auckland

Incredible sighting of what I think was a meteor. It lasted 2 - 3 seconds, looked orange with a flaming tail. Incredible! I saw it while sitting in my hot tub, in castor bay, looking out towards tiri tiri. It slowed as it neared the atmosphere. Time 6.35pm

Bright object falling from the sky

At about 6.30 pm a bright object emitting what looked like 'sparks' (breaking up?) was seen from Matarau falling fast from the sky towards the hills behind Hikurangi, Whangarei. It was significantly bigger than what a shooting star normally looks like. We all rushed outside, but by the time we got outside it had vanished.


At 6.27pm this eve I was driving through Mt Albert, Auckland and saw a bright white light moving east across the sky. Thought it was a big, low plane untill I saw the bright orange of what looked like maybe atmospheric burn. Never seen anything so bright! Awesome


Saw fire trail/meteor looking north from Orewa about 6:30pm tonight. My son was amazed and very excited by what he saw....

So glad other people saw it.

So glad other people saw it. Seemed too big to be a shooting star and burned for about three seconds, or at least long enough for me to go " wow, what's that? "

Meteor tonight at around 18:35 seen from Takapuna

Seems like I saw the same meteor as others. I was on SH1 northbound passing Takapuna. It was really big (equated to the size of a street light) moving west to east really fast. Burnt up as I watched it, leaving a blue-ish tail from the light. Very spectacular.


Also saw the meteor at 6:30 . Im in Whangarei , it was Nth of here travelling west to east . Very orange flame like tail before it burned up and disappeared . Fantastic sight :)