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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)



On the way home from work 5:45a.m give or take. My husband pointed out in the sky and there was a red ball light with a red trail behind it traveling slanted. Then it looked as if it were exploding or something like a malfunctioned firework. Disappears and then reappears like a red ball and commit like features as the air on fire in front of it was reddish. Super trippy. Then it keeps traveling till we couldn't see it anymore.

I saw the exact same thing

I saw the exact same thing this morning on my way to work around 5:40 to 5:45am on the 14 fwy (SoCal). Large bright orange object with orange tail in the sky, probably for a solid 30 seconds. It then exploded like a glittery firework. Afterward it was the size of a star- with a faint large crescent shape in front of it until it disappeared completely. About a minute after this event, another orange object with an orange tail a little smaller shot across the sky and then completely disappeared. I assume it was a comet- or a missile test.... very cool to see though.

Very cool u guys are so lucky

Very cool u guys are so lucky to have seen that my buddy called me at work to look south from san jose ca and i only saw the orange ball moving at an angle very trippy he said it was like a prizm then came back together

NJ meteor

On the night of October 9, 2017, me and four others saw a bright whitish blue flash in the sky falling down towards the north. I think this was the draconid meteor shower. It was SOO big and it’s so cool. Seen around Jackson NJ around 8:40PM EST

I saw something similar in

I saw something similar in Northern California around 8 pm on Sunday Oct 8th 2017. Big and orange. Like a meteor. I didn't want to be the crazy person that said they saw something fall from the sky as I don't have any proof and no one else seemed to have seen it. As you probably know, we are having some horrific, devastating fires here. I live in Napa. My work is Silverado off atlas peak road. I was in Petaluma just south of Santa Rosa when I saw tithe meteor. I was traveling north and it came from the west.

Saw the meteor too on Sunday 10/8 while dockside in Vallejo

Katie - my daughter and I both saw this bright light that fell from the sky! Kept searching to see if anyone else saw this also... especially when the fires erupted in scattered places the same night across the north bay area. We were sitting outside on the dock in Vallejo looking north toward Sonoma and my daughter said "did you see that?" I said yes was that a falling star because it was too low to the ground by appearance. She said it wasn't a falling star she saw it change color. I believe this too because I've witnessed a "fireball" before going across the sky. Thank God we're not the only ones who saw this!

Others saw it too... Wish I did- it was too windy, so I was held up inside.

28th of October at

28th of October at approximately 8.20. I am only 70% sure of exact date and time and was just checking my browser history to confirm as shortly following this siting I raced inside and googled "Bright yellow light in sky above New Zealand"" and although i found search log there seems to be no date or time attached to it. But as i was reading other accounts at the time I took note of the time and dates and related them to the then time to gauge if any or possible relevance to what I saw. I was on the front lawn of my home in Hamilton New Zealand When I noticed a bright light close to the western horizon. It could have been mistaken for a street light if it hadn't been for the fact it was moving and its color nonuniform reds and yellows. Its direction of travel was east it was traveling very fast. By the time II thought about getting footage of it. It was already at about 1 o'clock and slightly to the south almost directly overhead. It was making no sound. My phone is quite ordinary and i quickly gave up getting an image.It was at about 10 0clock at this stage. I raced inside to get my mother as a witness and by the time i got back outside it was disapering behind trees to the east and my mother being elderly did not make it outside fast enough to see it. I have never in my 40 years seen anything like this and was actually a little scared at the time. Initially I thought it possibly was a long range missile. It was round in shape appeared to be burning and had no tale. It traveled from one horizon to the other in less than 2 miniuts.

Red meteor

Auckland. My boyfriend just saw one earlyier this evening. We were lying in bed on our phones and he caught a 2 sec glimpse of something red fly past in the sky from our window. Guttered i missed it as ive never seen one

Fell from the sky Glendale , California

10:45 pm white fireball turned blue and got brighter traveling in a southerly direction near Glendale California.

Meteor fire ball falling from sky

I was almost home from work at a quarter to noon. On Gamefarm Rd right at Millard in Springfield Oregon. I noticed there was a fireball falling fast with a long trail just like behind a jet. I decide to follow it and try to get as close as I could. After following it for about a mile it disintegrated and disappeared Into nothing. It was so amazing to experience.

Night sky of 10.03.17

It's 2:20ish in the morning I go outside to close the garage door shut as I'm about to light a cigarette I saw a section of the sky light up in bright green yellow & white color for about 5 seconds then stopped then flashed again for 5 second 3 more times. What a great experience. #wearenotalone

Fiery object hamilton

Fiery object orange in colour passed over Rototuna hamilton heading westerly appeared relatively low

oranger ball of flams

About 20 mim ago i was out the back as saw a big bright orange ball of flames it crossed over the sourthen cross

green flash in sky

Driving east on the turnpike between Tulsa and Muskogee, Oklahoma at 1 am on 1 October 2017, I observed a green flash located to the north on the horizon. Duration was about 2 to 3 seconds and could almost be covered by the palm of my hand located approximately six inches from my face.

West Coast of Wellington

1:08am saw an object from Karori Wellington burn up off the West Coast near Makara Beach

firey object

Hello, While sitting on my deck in Te-Puke tonight saw a small fiery object look as big as a large boulder on fire streak across the sky just under cloud cover, thought it could also be a bit of space!

I saw it to over Southbury

Flew over a popwarner football practice. Close to 7:00pm.

Meteor bruning in sky

Just seen a meteor buining in the sky about 20 20 from port glasgow scotland

9/29/2017 Green ball of light moving fast East Hartford, CT

Driving on Silver Lane in East Hartford, CT on 9/29/2017 at 6:45 PM, Bright small green ball of light with no tail moving fast over head of us. Both my son and I saw it but felt it was not a meteorite but maybe someone with a laser gun. We were near Pratt & Witney's airport so maybe they have a record of this sighting.

Ball of light

I was having a picnic with my girlfriend on September 29Th and around the same time period I was laying down facing up and my girlfriend was laying on my chest. As I was looking into the sky I saw a ball of light, greenish blue with a yellow ring around it, shoot across the sky and disappear once it passed the trees.It was so fast that if I would have blinked at that very moment I would have missed it.. IT was amazing and I was disappointed that I experienced the sighting alone. I'm so happy that I decided to inquire about the sighting and came across your experience which took place the same day and time period I saw it... Although you're in Connecticut and I'm in the Bronx, the light was traveling so fast that there isn't a doubt in my mind that the light I saw was the same light that I saw... THANK YOU for sharing your experience because it shows that I'm not crazy. I've been talking about all weekend...

Something In The Sky

While driving on the Mass Pike heading home from a long day at work. Between the hour of 6-6:30 pm, I saw a Green Streak of Light in the Sky. My first time ever seeing something like this.

Strange Green Light Streak

Seen a green light streak through the sky at rapid speed while driving through Bridgeport/ Fairfield CT like630/7pm... Strange... If you blinked you missed it

Bright Yellow Ball

Traveling west on route 2 in shelburne Massachusetts we say a giant yellow ball of light fall straight down from the sky!

Bright Yellow Ball

Traveling west on route 2 in shelburne Massachusetts we say a giant yellow ball of light fall straight down from the sky!

Bigdumbal sees green ball of light

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 7:00 PM I was walking West on Main Street in East Rockaway New York. A green ball of light glided over my head and then disappeared. I was looking up at the sky to see if I would see it again. A young boy riding a bicycle across the street from me said "I saw the green light" I said you saw it too?" He said "Yes. What was it?" I said "I don't know "

I saw it too!!!!

Omg I was just googling 'meteor' and 'green light in sky' because I saw some sort of green flash while driving south on the Merritt around 7pm, I think I may have been in Greenwich. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind.

Ball of light. Southwest British columbia

My son and I were just outside in backyard when we both spotted ball of light travelling very fast. No tail. Then it turned orange/red in color and vanished towards the east.

28 September 2017 Australia

My partner seen as he described an fireball in the sky between 5:45am -5:55am. He was looking towards the east. No mention of anything on the web. So very interesting.

North America, Sept. 28 Around 7:01-7:03

i got up this morning. looked into the sky and saw the same thing. looked like a fireball flew past then disappeared. crazy.

Strange objects in sky

I was out walking Sunday night, along with my son, and his friend. This was Sunday, September 24th, and around 10 pm . We had stopped , and were viewing a star that we thought was Jupiter, when right above us , fairly distant, we saw 2 separate moving objects. The first was red, the second was white. They traveled a short distance, fading until they were no longer visible. They were not air craft, and the sky was clear, not cloudy. I've never observed anything like this before.

Bright blue flash/streak

I may be going potter but a rather bright blue flash/streak caught my eye heading east. I am in Christchurch.

It was lightning from a

It was lightning from a thunderstorm over or near Birdlings Flat :)


Red streak across sky approximately 3 weeks ago

I saw a red streak across the sky in COFFEYVILLE wasn't small..and it wasn't traveling as fast as a usual meteor really looked like a minature comet to me..I was afraid to say anything because I didn't hear abt it on news..or any other sources.. This was approximately 3 weeks ago.. And around or after midnight

Red streak across sky approximately 3 weeks ago

I saw a red streak across the sky in COFFEYVILLE wasn't small..and it wasn't traveling as fast as a usual meteor really looked like a minature comet to me..I was afraid to say anything because I didn't hear abt it on news..or any other sources.. This was approximately 3 weeks ago.. And around or after midnight

sort of a fireball

Me, some friends of my parents and the kids of them ( My friends ) went to a place in Greece for vacation and ate at this restaurant. Everybody was talking and me and my friends were playing Smartphone games. My phone was empty so I was just observing around us and looking at the stars ( we were sitting outside table ) Then I saw a fireball in the air ( 3x as bright as the brightest stars ) and I told my friend sitting next to me. Then it started flickering and it stopped. Then right beside it we saw a plane that was landing, strange enough was that their was no airport there so we were really confused....

comet/meteor in sky

Yes, I have some pictures. It looked like a comet with a tail than slowly came downward in the sky and then disappeared "behind" a cloud. It was about 7:05 pm over Colorado Springs. It was fascinating to watch and I have it pictured in reference to the crescent moon. What a beautiful experience!

What was flying through the sky 09/23/2017 @ around midnight

Yorba Linda CA What seemed to be a meteor, looking into the sky West, I aw a small bright orange light ball, it was moving quickly and it began to grow larger and began to leave a debris trail emitting from the upper and lower parts of the orange light ball. I ran inside and called my friend to come out and see, upon returning the light had grown the size of a tennis ball and the debris trail was 10-15 times the size, it traveled in the sky leaving a trail for at least 60 seconds or more then poof and vanished.

Me too!

I saw this as well. I also got video although my phone didn't pick it up as well as I had hoped. Any reports as to what it was? I've seen fireballs of all sorts and once (no joke) saw Venus take off as the Sun was rising above the horizon. Anyway, curiosity has got the best of me.

meteor sighting in Hamlin NY on 9/22

I was driving down the road in Hamlin NY with a friend when a white and green flash came shooting by. It seemed very close and at first we thought it was stray fireworks. But there were no other flashes or colors just this one. it only lasted a couple of seconds and seem to burn up.

Bright light in sky

I live in Calgary Alberta looking east I see a very bright white light to big to be a star around 430 am does anyone else see this and possibly know what it is

Star flared and then vanished on 24.09.17

I live in Birmingham England. This morning at around 3am I was still awake and in my garden smoking. A very bright star caught my eye and as I looked it grew incredibly bright, outshining every other star in the sky and then it seemed to glow brightly one last time and literally just dimmed to nothing and disappeared, Using the app Night Sky it looks to be around where Polaris is located, don't suppose anyone else saw it too?

It was probably the ISS. If

It was probably the ISS. If you see it again just look up where the ISS is and it will show you in real time.

something white moving in the sky

I'm from Kerala. I saw something small white thing passing through the sky. At first I thought it would be my imagination. but after few minites I saw two more of it. Is this the time for meteor. It was very small, doesn't had much glow and was unable to see if you don't gaze at the sky.

I also saw something weird

I also saw something weird moving white light in Dehradun sky at 10 pm today and this moving white light moving with me and somewhere I saw it 1/4 moving circle..I don't know what was that.. anyone knows about it please tell me..

Bright neon blue over

Bright neon blue over Christchurch NZ

Orange circle

I just seen like around less than an hour ago, a Orange circle type of light in the sky for about 5 to 7 seconds then it dissapeared and after a second I seen some type of smoke, was trying to film it but as I grab my phone and turn on the camera which was pointing at my face instead towards the sky.... i missed it. It was like a mini moon orange like one of those summer nights type.... and it was surrounded by white light on top and bottom as well, moving very fast. I'm in South central los angeles California and I seen the event on the south direction like going towards San Pedro towards the shore..... it was amazing !! Never seen anything like it in my life even asked ppl around the store and tacos stand if they didn't seem such thing. Good thing it was 3 ppl of us so I'm not nuts. And I don't do drugs!!! Lol

Same Here

Hello Veronica, I saw the same thing too, I saw it originate as a small orange ball then watched it grow and fly through the sky leaving a half circle trail as it disintegrated through the sky. It was very amazing it lasted for a little over a minute

I saw a comment too

Hi Veronica I saw a commet last night. I was in Adelanto. It was last night around 12:30am 9/24/2017 my Ig is Avilaspage.

I live in south central and I

I live in south central and I seen it too !!!! I have videos of proof. It was so unreal.