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just seen lightt

I just seen the same thing, in the western sky, got really bright then dimmed, look like it disappeared but you could just make it out travelling north, disapppeared then reappeared for about half a minute....couple of minutes later plane heading in opposite direction may have seen it?

Bright light

2323 just seen a light that started off dim then slowly got very bright hardly moved just went so bright then disappeared. Anyone know what it was ????


I saw about 20-25 of them flying in a trail last night at 9:00pm. Over Chicago suburbs.

Green meteor/fireball

Buckinghamshire England. Just witnessed a green fireball/meteor 22:25GMT stunning!


Large orange fireball travelling west to east 5 miles south of Lincoln U.K. Approximately 0100-0130 B.S.T, 19/09/2017

Strange lights

Around 630pm tonight my 4 year old daughter and I witnessed what seemed to be a very bright reddish orange light which also appeared to be a star at first glance but it illuminated more and more then suddenly there appeared 2 lights above and below one another they then shifted side by side each other slowly drifted away 1 right the other left and dissapeared - I presumed it could've been some fancy firework display - Ive never seen such an event. I tried to get footage but what I managed to capture did not give it any true justice to what was actually seen.

Fireball in sky Ohio

At approximately 9:15.....(2115)...very bright meteor? On Northernly trajectory. Saw for few seconds prior to losing behind tree. Zanesville Ohio.

Ohio Fireball

Very bright fireball in Zanesville Ohio tonight Sept. 18 2017. At 9:15pm.....2115. Perhaps on a Northernly trajectory.


All I have to say is WOW! It was approximately 1:10am on Sunday September 17, 2017 as I am at a red light and I experienced an amazing super BRIGHT light just zoom across the sky at a very high speed. My thought was, if I tell someone what I just seen, they'll think that I am crazy. Then coming this morning I look it up and it was a SHOOTING STAR !!!! a lot OF PEOPLE OVER THE WORLD SEEN IT ! WOW I am located in Philadelphia and it occurred around 1:10am on Sunday September 17, 2017 .

Shooting star

Exactly at 12:25AM, i and my girlfriend witnessed a strange blueish-white light suddenly appearing in the sky as if it were slowly falling and then it slowly faded into nothing. I was watching the area because a plane was by it at the time of its sudden apparition. It was West of me in Inland Empire, California. Crazy shit

Light in the sky september 18th

I woke up about two am ..and went outside for some air..the entire sky lit up red for about 5 seconds .almost like daytime .

Meteor Over Los Angeles

7:15 pm Pacific Time: Just saw a massive fireball heading southerly toward the Pacific oceasn. Seemed to break into two distinct fireballs before fading. Very impressive

Blue light

My daughter was outside last night about 1 am and her and her husband noticed a blue light streaking across the sky. They followed it until the light disappeared into her neighbors yard. She has concluded it must have been a meteor falling from the sky. She said it was spectacular to witness. She lives in Elkridge Maryland.

Baltimore Meteor

I also saw a flash of light across the entire sky last night around 1 AM. It was so bright that I could see everyone and everything like it was daylight and it was literally the entire visible sky. I was in Middle River Maryland, and I saw a huge streak of almost sparkling might shoot directly down from the sky to the south. It was spectacular. The actual head of the streak (the meteor I guess?) was bigger than the moon from my perspective.

Blue light

My daughter was outside last night about 1 am and her and her husband noticed a blue light streaking across the sky. They followed it until the light disappeared into her neighbors yard. She has concluded it must have been a meteor falling from the sky. She said it was spectacular to witness. She lives in Elkridge Maryland.

Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Right before 1 am I saw a bright light that looked like a shooting star and what seemed to be not too high off the ground but over the roof tops. I thought someone was shooting fireworks as it flew overhead and quickly disappeared and faded. Very close I-95

Green light falling from sky

I was in the car at 1am on September 17,2017 and saw a green ball of light fall from the sky. I was really scared ...nothing like THIS really happens in bridgeport ,ct

The entire sky lit up blue

The entire sky lit up blue for about a few seconds. A couple seconds into it, one spot in the sky got really bright and then it went away after a couple seconds then the sky went black. I'm in Hockessin, Delaware

Blue Flash of Light - Southern Chester County PA, USA

From our patio in Chadds Ford, PA looking towards western sky early Sept 17th, we saw a flash of blue light between 1am & 2am that lit up the sky. It looked like a blue horizontal lightening flash where it made a circle and had a squiggly tail. It was very fast, just a couple of seconds, made no sound - no thunder, and we waited for another occurrence, but never saw anything after. Looks that others in our area saw it too.


Saw a glowing bright red ball of fire trailing a bright red tail falling from the sky over Wadhurst,East Sussex England at 21.47 hours on Saturday 16 September 2017

Meteor in the sky at Ranchi

I saw a yellow red light in the sky for nearly 5 seconds around 23:00 pm on Saturday night at Ranchi ,Jharkhand. I have never seen like this. Everything looks brighter and shine. After some minute a roaring sound also heard from the sky.

Green ball

We were on I-70 Ohio and saw green ball with bright green tail around=nod 1:00 am. What amI seeing?


Massive blue flash that lit up the sky in ridgely M.D. and about 1 in the morning. I got a glimpse of it at the last second it looked like something fell out of the sky, or burned up quickly in the atmosphere. No idea what it was but it was bright enough for me and my brother to do a complete 180 while I was driving stopping mid sentence to see what it was.


I just saw a blue meteor in the night sky for about 4 seconds. I'm in forsyth county, Ga USA. It was a long blue streak and it was very bright. I just happened to look up and there it was.

Large green flash falling from sky

About 1:00 am EST saw a bright light and then green ball falling from sky. Fairfax Station VA


I was standing out back of my house talking on the phone and the ENTIRE sky lit up, I saw a huge green ball fall between the clouds and now sirens are going off. Which means it probably landed close by to me. I'm in Gilbertsville PA.


I saw a huuuge bright "meteor" with long tail shooting down until it disappear on the horizon for about 5 seconds. I've never seen anything like it, it's was immense. It was Sunday, 17 of September 2017 around 1:40 am In Raglan, New Zealand North island Unbelievable sight...........

I saw the same thing In

I saw the same thing In United States, Pennsylvania at about 1: am while driving home from work. It had me worried because the sky lit up! September 17 2017

Hi all last night I saw a

Hi all last night I saw a light like a star do 2 figure of eight shapes then stop dead still an then shoot off in an instant this happens near brighton at about 21:30hrs last night ( Friday 15 September 2017 ) any ideas ? Definatly wasn't a meteorite.


Masters inn seffner Florida facing northeast from 2nd floor balcony maybe looking upwards 2-5 foot above head level seemed like what coulda been 3-5 miles away in general estimation not tecnical terms or reality but i seen the biggest brightest most defined long tailed falling star that fell for at least 20 fewt and for like 10 seconds at least looked so close n big maybe the size of a nickle across sky if i closed one eye n pinched at the sky like i was grabbing it. I wish i actually did have my pjone out like my boyfriend said i was on it at the time had i really been i might of got a picture of it it was amazing 9-16-2017 sat morning about 6am

Green light across the sky

I was driving north on highway 69 North at approximately 2:30 am in Chotou Oklahoma when out of nowhere from the west a. Right green streak of light appeared traveling in an arched patter, it look like someone was shooting off fireworks like a big Roman candle green colored, as quickly as it appeared it was gone, it was beautiful but also alarming and brought many questions about what it was I seen.

Wed 13 Sept approx 8:00 p.m. over Christchurch NZ

Bright florescent yellowish green light with tail, seen for more than one second, travelling from EastSouthEast to West at low altitude (about 60 degrees above horizon) seen from near Balcairn looking south. Great view. Feeling very lucky.

Long bright meteor breaking up

Saw bright orange ball streaking east in Iceland and then breaking into more small parts that continued on and some burned out. Any idea if meteor or satellite or something?

Appearance of ball of light in the sky on 11 September 2017

Belize Central America - At approximately 10pm I saw a Hugh orange ball with a tail. It appears then slowly disappeared. The sky was very dark and the stars were not obvious. This makes it's appearance obvious.

Appearance of ball of light in the sky on 11 September 2017

Belize Central America - At approximately 10pm I saw a Hugh orange ball with a tail. It appears then slowly disappeared. The sky was very dark and the stars were not obvious. This makes it's appearance obvious.


Around 8pm in Fair Oaks, CA Big green fireball with an orangish tail

Green fire ball

I just saw a green fire ball with a tail attached go across the sky!!! Was reading through the comments and it must be a meteor. Was incredible. Seen in Abu Dhabi UAE

Giant green ball meteor

I saw a green huge fireball-like meteor or something fall from the sky slowly and burn up right before touching the horizon in Luquillo Puerto Rico

Around midnight I saw a green

Around midnight I saw a green fireball in Los Angeles. I thought I was crazy and just seeing things but my friend said it's rare for one to witness. So glad I looked out the window at the right time.


Just saw a shooting was bright..with a cloud... thought it was a was fast and got really bright and burned out. Left a small white cloud after for a few minutes. I live In northern California. Was cool. Also looked like a fireball.

Saw a meteor or space junk burning up

Just saw a meteor or some space junk burbing up it had a tail and was moving fast accross the sky then burned out it looked big.


Saw a large orange object with tail in the sky over Gisborne last night. It was a fast moving ball that lasted a while then disappeared when it got lower. It was way larger and brighter than a shooting star.

Green ball in sky

Just before 21:00 I saw a green glowing ball moving diagonally in sky till it touched the horizon and disappeared. Seen from Cape Town South Africa. There was no tail, just a round green ball. Never seen something like this?

wow.what i saw

so..when i walked out the back door on the porch i looked up in the sky and there was a star or what i thought was was a orangish color and what was wierd was it looked as though it had somekind of tail on it that shot straight up above the tail was like divided into 4 green red would rotate up down left and right.i'm not going to lie i was freaked out.i dont know what it is but i know it is not is the kicker..i took my girlfriends phone and took a pic of it and if u were to zoom in on it looked just like a orangish yellow circle that had horns. i live in mint hill nc.


6/9/17. Middlesbrough, UK. Bright flash of orange light i saw out of my window at about 4am. Bright orange fireball. Light quickly passed my house and the sky returned to black

Orange ball in the sky

9/5/17 My 9 year old daughter went out ahead of me and came running back yelling Mom what is that in the sky?!It is really scary.What I saw was a huge dark orange ball and it looked like it had some blue lines running through it.we live across the road from a cow pasture and it looked like it was almost on the ground.Before we pulled out of the driveway, it was gone


The meteor that apparently went across the skies of BC and Alberta Came across my bedroom window just feet above the ground . No joke! Saw the trail of fire of white, orange, and yellow it came lighting up my house and yard.. I ran to the window and then outside to see if any thing had caught fire, being it's so dry and we are under fire ban. The brightness of the sky quickly went back to the light of the moon. I was in awe with what my son and I had seen. I still need to go outside and look for remnants of it. I believed it was a meteor , this morning I woke up hearing the meteor news.. it came down on my land on the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta.

Flashing lights

22.20 ( 05/09/17) West Yorkshire, UK was out side and noticed lots of tiny flashing lights some red some like stars.

forgot to mention...

Oops I forgot to mention this was observed in Kimberley, BC Canada

Bright lights and the sky is lit

At approx. 23:11 last night Sept 4/17 the sky lit up for just a couple seconds it started out a greenish white then turned to orange. The sky was lit up as if it were daytime for the briefest of moments - Very cool yet a little nerve racking!