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I saw one too last night Rachel but it was about 1.25 am on my way home from work in Carterton Wairarapa.

i seen two falling stars today

I seen a falling star fall to my left looking toward the east in mwc then I seen one fall to the right did you see them both

Something blew up in the sky

It happen approximately 5:55 am this morning April, 21, 2018. It was huge and I did not hear any sound, which I assume it means it was further away from what it appeared. This is something that definitely blew up coming into our atmosphere and from the size of it, I grabbed my sweater to go see if more of whatever that was coming. All fire seemed to have distinguished before hitting the top of trees, Praise God! Anyways.. location would be Wilkesboro, North Carolina. If anyone hears about this or seen it too, please post. Thank you!

Mangawhai Heads at 1am on

Mangawhai Heads at 1am on 21.4.2018 I saw red/green flashing light and no sound. At first I thought it was a star twinkling but it got bigger and bigger then it stayed in the same place for about 5 minuites then in 2 seconds it went east and stayed there for another 5 minutes then disappeared. I could see flashes of white light lighting up the clouds like a torch then the red/green lights started flashing for a short time it did this a few times then disappeared completely. the whole thing took about 15 minutes. Really odd how it stayed in the same place for so long.

Bout 11:59 pm 20th April, saw

Bout 11:59 pm 20th April, saw a white light fall and burn up. From Heathcote Valley looking towards Cashmere. (Christchurch).

Meteor sighting

My first meteor sighting on Wednesday 1 April about 6.20pm. I’m in Wadestown, Wgtn and was looking up to the ridgeline to the south southwest and saw a streak of white light heading from the east very quickly towards the SSW. It had a pink and green tail and was gone in just a few seconds. Very exciting!


Saw same meteor around 6.20pm last (Wednesday) evening... beautiful green orange glow, leaving slight luminous trail, as it crossed from east to west above Wellington. Stunning.

What was that??

18th April 6.15 ish I saw a bright white ball of fire with a trail, falling downwards (going north) only saw it for 2 seconds. From Christchurch.

6:18pm wellington green light with trail

Saw it for about 1.5 seconds. Sitting on Wellington city waterfront looking towards the West. Appeared in the South-West kind of direction.

At approximately 6:20 18th

At approximately 6:20 18th April, I saw a bright flash of light in the sky. I was driving out from a hockey game when I saw it

Green ball of light falls from sky

At 6.18pm on 18 Apr 2018 I saw a bright green glow falls from the sky and disappear. This was over Peka Peka, Kapiti Coast.

Light blue light speeding across the sky around 6:20pm

I was outside at around 6:20pm today when I see a bright, light blue light zoom across the sky, it was only visible for a few seconds and left a trail the same colour for a few seconds longer

18 April 2018 Green star falling

I live in Palmerston North and was driving on Main Street towards the Square at 6:10pm, 18th April 2018. Just before the lights at the intersection of Albert St and Main Street's, to the left of my vision, in the sky, a green star appeared falling (left a streak behind it). It was above the clouds as it disappeared behind the clouds as if fell and reappeared. And disappeared just above my horizon. It was SO COOL! What was it? A meteor?

Meteor/Fireball 18 April evening

I want to report the sighting of a very bright meteor at 6:16pm in Christchurch, 18 April 2018. I saw it from Matai Street, west of Hagley Park, facing approximately north. It was mostly travelling downwards/north (I saw it first maybe at an angle of ~45° above the horizon) and a bit to the west. It lasted for only about one or one and a half seconds and disappeared ~15-20° above the horizon. Color was white in the center but mostly orange and a hint of green around it. Some orange fragments were visible in the very last moments. The sky wasn't dark yet but a pale blue-grey; which goes to show how bright the meteor actually was.

Green ball of light

I just saw a bright green ball of light streaking through the sky briefly heading towards the West from where I was (Kilbirnie, Wellington). I only saw it for a short moment. It was at about or around 6:20pm, 18th April.


Hi! I just saw what I think was a meteor. It was at approx. 6.20pm. It raced through the sky from above Takaka township in a SSE direction....a very fast green light, with a small greenish trail. Beautiful!

Bright flash just before 3.30am

Cust, North Canterbury, N Z Brilliant bright flash in sky to the north west which left a large visible streak across the sky for minutes. It slowly faded but it took quite a few minutes for the trail to disappear.


Actually, never mind ... this was a different one I saw! It was at 6:20pm (ish). Bright green ball of light.

Saw that

Hi. I just saw the same thing from Wellington and reported it also. Bright green ball of light.

Bright Flash in night sky

Around 3.29am looking northwest just saw a massive flash in the sky which left a long trail of 'star dust' visible to the naked eye which slowly dispersed like smoke does on a windy day! We could see it move slowly for quite a few moments through binoculars.

Deep green orb of light 16th April 2018 9pm

Compelled to look out my lounge room window and I saw this huge deep green orb of light flashing across the sky. I observed it for about 6 seconds and it seemed to be falling slowly toward the ground. It had a flashing sparkly green trail behind it as it went. It was beautiful. It was just above my neighbours roof so not that high up in the sky. Cammeray NSW Australia. April 16 2018 9pm

Green wave of light flashed across the sky

Wellington Central around 11pm last night I saw this wave of green light flash across the sky. It was like seeing a timelapse of the aurora lights and it only lasted for a second

Strange flying objects/things in the sky!!!!

For the first time in my life, I witnessed something strange flying in the sky. Around 10:30pm in la plata Maryland, I was dropping my sister off, and I had put down my window, as I looked up I seen something, clear enough to tell that’s unusual. It was flying slow enough for me to see that it was a lot of small objects/things flying together in a pack in a shape sort of like an butterfly wing, with some in the back also. I am still shook, and would never forget that moment!!!!

Visible red colored fire on the star

I am seeing a red color fire on the upper side of a star which is located toward the east side at round about 75 degree w.r.t earth surface here in Dara Adam khel, Pakistan. Sometime the size of flame seems like more in size than the star itself. The star is quite clearly visible. There is no nearby clearly visible star with it. Time is 10:45 pm. I have no such device to make photo or video.

Falling from sky

Was sorting on my porch when I saw what looked like a jet a first then as it moved on down you could clearly tell it was no jet it was wobbling and looked as if it was falling not going across the sky then went behind the trees

Flaming ball

Two nights ago half hour before midnight I did see the same. Round object like flaming ball. Not fire but color of light was as red, yellow, orange fire. Did sounds like plane but it wasn’t. Was out in garden with my dogs, so sorry didn’t have mobile to make video. First time in my life I did watch in something and thinking “wtf”!! It happens in Netherlands.

Bright light flying through sky

12 April 2018 - 8.50pm - We just saw a really bright, fast flying object north of Wanaka

I saw it too

Almost blue green flame on a northeast trajectory, it looked big.

White tail just above cloud cover at around 1 today, 8/4/1018

white single trail just above cloud cover going through sky today headed dead North. my younger son and my eldest son said it was black in colour and looked like a rocket, i saw the trail and we heard it, , I'm hoping a ANTI ICBM test........ wouldn't want it to be anything else...

Red flashing light above Dunedin.

Thursday 5th of April about 8.30-8.40pm I saw a bright red circle in the sky that stayed in place for a few minutes and then moved slowly directly above me. Sometimes it stayed red and then it would flash red then it totally disappeared like someone had turned a light switch off and then it appeared again in the same place but this time there were some green flashing lights as well. No noise at all. I watched it for a good 15 minutes and then it slowly moved away out of sight. I have never seen anything like it before. Totally different from photos of other UFO sightings. I had a friend with me at the time who also witnessed it.

Exploding shooting star

Happened to look up at the night sky about 9:20pm 6.4.18 and see a shooting star but it looked to appear as if it had exploded first then shoots across. Amazing! definitely made a wish on that one

Shooting star explodes

A light seen streaming across the sky from where I live would have been heading cambridge way then it seemed to explode and pieces fall then nothing, amazing site and very bright against the night sky time on my watch showed 9-25pm dated 06/04/2018

'shooting star"

At approx. 10:45am yesterday (Thus 5/4/18) I saw a 'shooting star' with a very brilliant white centre emitting pinkish sparks, and a long white tail. From the Omahu Rd area it appeared to be over Waimarama Beach way, heading down at around 30-40 degrees, and towards the south. A wonderful sight to behold for just 2-3 seconds ! Does anyone know what it actually was; space junk or meteor?


Saw a whitish yellow light falling directly downwards in the sky north of Chch. It looked close and large. The light extinguished just as it went below my neigbbours house.


Saw a bright burning object with a tail in the sky this morning just before 11am. Observed from Hastings area. Super stoked to have seen it!!!!

Light in sky

Walking on Marine Parade in Napier at approx 11am saw a burning object with a bright white trail. Visible for 2-3 seconds before disappearing. Trajectory heading south and visible above Cape Kidnappers.

Meteor Hastings NZ

Just before 11am I saw a small white ball with a flame in tow coming into hit ground in Hastings. I'm in the Akina area looking out towards Te Mata Peak. Rather exciting would love to go and find it however I'm working and it probably landed on someone's property.

Bright flash Auckland

Facing north looking out over Hauraki Gulf saw an orange g lash of light enter the atmosphere at about 2215 hours on Wednesday 4th of April.

Auckland North

I filmed something falling from the sky this afternoon. I can submit footage if you want.

Hi there, thanks for your

Hi there, thanks for your message. The best/easiest way to send us footage is to reply to this comment with a link to a YouTube (or other) website (or one where we can embed it if good enough). Or, try emailing us at news @ 

Kind regards
WW Team

Green ball of light

On March 29th late in the evening I saw a green ball with a long tail fly across the sky - it was slightly arched, didn't last very long and just vanished. It was travelling north to south. I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Green streak

Tauranga, New Zealand - 9:35PM - 01/04/2018 I was sitting inside a dimly lit livingroom when a bright light grabs my attention, through a west facing window a green streak falling on a slight angle from North to South. It was rapid and short-lived, but undeniable.

At first thought It was a Flare . . .

At 9.35pm in Nelson, New Zealand's, night sky I saw what most probably was a Meteor. Appeared to travel north to south and was a luminous bright green. A long cigar shape which appeared to disappear onto the ocean.

Green light falling over Tauranga

21.34pm, looking from Ohauiti towards the Kamais. Bright green light falling in an arc from North to south across the valley onto the ground. No further lights seen.

Falling white ember

At 11:22 in new jersey my mother and I saw a blazing white ember fall for a split moment then disappeared. What was that??

Bright amber!!!!

It is March 31st, 2018 at approx 2:00-2:05a.m. I just so happem to wake up to take my dog outside. Looked up in the sky. I live in Southern IL and was facing North. Looked up, thought at first it was a plane, but was lower than normal. However, as I looked it was on fire. It almost seemed as though an airplane was flying across and was on fire. The amber stayed at its' level, but finally disappeared. I am a little freaked out & praying it was not an airplane. That is why I got online to research. Do not know what to do.

Falling white ember

Located in central west Texas. At approx 10:10pm CST 03/30/2018 saw falling white ember-like light fall out of the night sky to the west. It was traveling in a southerly direction and was illuminated only briefly before disappearing on the horizon.

Fire ball

Last night at approximately one o'clock saw a bright object streak across sky at close range. Almost like a large glowing ember. I watched as it fell then disappeared.

meteor sighting 30/3/18

Looking towards the east from Takaka, Golden Bay, NZ, at 1.30am on 30 March 2018 I saw a large bright green object streaking across the sky from the north. It disappeared behind the Pikikiruna range. Diameter approx 1/4 the diameter of the moon.

I live in Riwaka, I was

I live in Riwaka, I was driving home from Marahau at almost exactly 1:30am this morning 1st April 2018, and I saw EXACTLY that.