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Green light above Okinawa

Shortly before midnight (JST) on the 20th March a high speed, green object seemed to fall from the sky in an arc above the island of Okinawa. I appeared to fall from east to west across the island. The speed and brightness were amazing!

It was big

21:30 Swedish time. Lying in my sofa in Norrköping, Sweden when I saw a huge green fireball of some kind falling from the clouded and dark sky? Anyone can tell me what it was?

What did I just Wittnes? :o

Om in Sweden time is stund 9:30 om local time Stockholm this was not a normal star the hole sky light up as this big first blue then turning into flames objekt game and the White sky light up havet ever seen anything like this pls Contact if you know what it was at

Meteor Canterbury

March 21 1:34 am, Harewood Road Oxford. Observed a spectacular meteor shoot through the atmosphere with an elongated blue green tail. Looking south east.

Green fire ball

Witnessed a flash of a green shooting star over the mountains in Mount cook new zealand in the south island.. at 1:30 am.. 21st March 2017

Green flashing light

Same here in upstate NY.... What the hell ?????

Last night 19/3/2017 i and my

Last night 19/3/2017 i and my wife saw fireball falling from the sky there were no no street lamps neighter any electric cable it was just above of all these and we saw it clearly as if it fell in some street but when we went through that street there was nothing

Meteor/fireball over E.WA.

Just saw a green fireball moving east to west over the Pullman, WA. Area at 1:30am on March 20th 2017. I was watching tv and heard a series of muffled bangs or thuds from outside and I couldn't tell which direction the noises were coming from so I looked out my window and spotted a large bright brilliant green meteor with a long tail moving across the sky over my apartment. It was north of Pullman out towards Albion WA. Did anyone else see it? And yes the faint noises were from it passing over.

March 15th 2018,

March 15th 2018, approximately 8.45pm, a florescent green fireball surrounded by and with a tail of orange red sighted from Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia lookking North. It appeared to land on the horizon.

Stationary flashes

Saturday 18th March, 11:00pm NZ time. Dunedin Saw 2 bright flashes directly up, slightly north, about 3 seconds between them and a finger distance apart. No movement at all and nothing afterwards like a satellite. Thoughts?

Green Firework looking Light - Fell from sky

On Thursday, March 16 2017 my two daughters (15 & 13) and I were driving home from dance. We were driving down East Main drive in Sammamish, WA right before we turned into our neighborhood. It was around 9:40PST. And we all saw, what we thought was fireworks falling from the sky. The light was green streaks with a bright light. It looked really close, bright and it looked as if it fell right behind one of the houses. I'm still unsure if it's what everyone else saw. Or if it was fireworks. All 3 of us saw it, and joked that it was aliens landed in our neighborhood. I've never seen anything like it before. Whatever it was, it was pretty amazing!

shooting star/meteor

My wife and I witnessed a shooting star in the southern sky ,over Lakewood, CO last night approx 10P


We saw a bright light, looked like a comet, meteor? Fall in the southwestern sky on March 16, 2017 between Lansing and Ithaca Michigan, USA

Strange light in sky

I live just south of detroit...suburbs downriver(Lincoln Park). I also saw a very large bright light on March 16th around 830 or 9 p.m. I thought it might be a plane at first. It showed up out of nowhere as bright as the brightest star( like the only one we see in the sky here because of all the lights)and about the same size. I was facing South. The light moved east to west...travelled for a min in a line then dipped down out of sight like it just fell. Stayed the same brightness the entire time and didn't hear anything. Though it was strange..definitely not a plane, more like a moving star, or meteorite.

Shooting brightstar

I am from Mitcham Victoria Australia and was coming home about 1015-1030 pm as I came from the car in my driveway I saw low down to the North and travelling east a very bright star which disappered behind higher up houses. My daughter and son-in-law also saw this.

Looking west from Waiheke Island

Orange thin cloud in the west moving north Looks like streaking debris ? I'd like to post a photo but can't find where to add it

Thin orange streak also seen in night sky from Awhitu Peninsula

Moving from west to nnw for approx 30 minutes from 1933hrs to 2007 hrs. Approx 2degs long at beginning to wider and covering 10 degrees when nnw. Have many photos


I was driving eastbound 401 this morning march 17 at about 6:07am i saw something bright white with a greenish tail streak across the sky for about 10s then disappear. Was just passing Townline road near cambridge ontario. It was wild never seen anything like it.

Stream over invercargill

18/3/2017 big jetstream invercargill far East to far west. Possible to be a jetplane? Although we don't see that often.

Lights over Greymouth

My sister n I watched 5 red lights rising from west to east one dropped down to the sea another couple appeared on a angle from the west then disapperd behind clouds then another all happened between 11.30pm -12.30am 17/03/17 . We travelled over to blaketwn tiphead hoping to see more and saw one red light over Cobden way . Not planes or tail of a comet the first 5 lights werr travelling in a square shape the others behind eavh other. Anyone else seen them? We took video but on a phone not very good definately see two in formation. Sleep well :)

I seen strange lights 4-5 of

I seen strange lights 4-5 of them very close together all in a row looking towards christchurch airport from burnside watching them for about 5 mins going very slow sideways across the sky at around 11.40pm then went to get my husband and 2 mins later they were gone didnt see where they went!!!

Large streaking object with tail - Canada interior BC Mar 17/17

Tonight I saw a fireball with a tail like a comet streak across the sky. I was in Oyama, BC and it appeared in the south sky. The ball was bigger than a full moon, 5 times as big at least. It flashed across like a shooting star then disappeared. I wonder if anyone else saw it. It was 9:40pm PST Mar 16/17. I've never seen anything like it. Hot and fiery. Quite amazing. It didn't seem to land, just disappear. As I'm typing this my son saw another one at or just after 10:30pm PST same night. Another friend saw it at that same time South Sky from Rutland, BC. A person in Kamloops and a person in West Kelowna, BC saw what they thought was a lighteneinf flash at that time but no storm and clear skies. Prob just saw the edge of it. I've never seen anything so large or like it. Fireworks blast but that wasn't it. It was moving fast and disappeared fast.

I saw same i think

thursday approx 9:40 pm 3/16/17 I saw a large green ball of light falling slowly. From my angle appeared to fall straight down would have been north and slightly east of the dalles or.

One just flew over SOuth

One just flew over SOuth africa capetown 30 minutes ago. apeared first as a star and stayed alight for about 40 seconds before dissapearing. Mustve been huge, did anyone else see it.

Bright Meteor and Flash last night Deming, WA

I saw a bright fireball with a large flash of light over Racehorse Mt behind our house. It appeared to fall almost vertical with the main fireball dropping and finally exploding in blue to orange. There was a good tracer that lingered and the flash of light was green. It lot up the whole sky just before 10:00pm Pacific Time. Really beautiful the way it lot up the top of the snow covered mountain. This was in Deming, WA on Thursday eve, March 16, 2017.

I saw the same, some green

I saw the same, some green light falling from the sky. It was around 10:00 pm pacific time. I lives in san francisco.


At around 9:00 pm pacific, I was driving with a buddy and in the sky right in front of us we saw this huge streak then it slowed down turned green and it looked like we were watching some object, probably a meteor, entering the atmosphere. it looked like a firework as we watched it burn up. the whole thing seemed to last a pretty long time, a full couple of seconds maybe. the whole thing was pretty insane, i had just smoked a fat backwood, i'm glad my friend was there to confirm i wasn't just hallucinating.


Saw 1 about 20mins ago rocketing towards the Bay View area in Napier

Multiple objects..

Saw multiple burning objects west of New Orleans, LA, USA streaking across the sky @ 5:40AM CST on March 17, 2017. Couldn't tell exactly what they were but they definitely looked like a broken up meteor or multiple smaller meteors.


bright white flash and long white tail in northern sky. 0620 eastern time North America, (Malone, NY, USA)


Bright green flash/streak in northeastern sky from tobyhannah Pennsylvania. Traveling east on rt 423 there was a bright green flash in sky that appeared and disappeared just as fast. Seem to change to blue as it disappeared. This was at 6:10 am on friday 3/17/17.

I saw it too was driving 401

I saw it too was driving 401 eastbound towards toronto at the same time!! It was crazy!!!

Light above melbourne

I was looking outdoors and see a big yellows light. Normally ts not strange because we get a lot of planes flying over head. But this one wa different. No lights flashing, it went off course slightly. When I got the chance I ran and got my telescope, came back or was still there, but blinked a second and it dimmed and disappeared. Then a huge silent flash in the northern suburbs happened. That's it. Not sure if anyone else saw...

Silver object moving across sky.

Approx 9:45 pm (16th march- wakefield , nelson), my daughter and i watched a silver object(like a star) move from one side of the sky to the other - some zigzag movements at first , but then straight. At one point , there were 2 very bright silver flashes from a stationary star as the other one passed by. As the object went into the distance , we could see another green light beside the silver light. Then it was gone ... all this probably took place in 2 minutes.

Silver object moving across sky.

Approx 9:45 pm (16th march- wakefield , nelson), my daughter and i watched a silver object(like a star) move from one side of the sky to the other - some zigzag movements at first , but then straight. At one point , there were 2 very bright silver flashes from a stationary star as the other one passed by. As the object went into the distance , we could see another green light beside the silver light. Then it was gone ... all this probably took place in 2 minutes.

I saw a greenish light and it

I saw a greenish light and it was burning up with a couple of bright flashes before it disappeared! It was a beautiful sight!!! In the north Western Hemisphere! Everett WA!


I live in Bremerton Wasshington, USA. My wife and I were watching TV, near very large windows facing East looking over a lake. It was after 900 pm pdt, 3/16/17. We both noticed a blue green light and vapor tail, looked closer than most I'd ever seen, streaking in the North East sky going East. It was beautiful and romantic. I almost spoiled the moment though by saying it could have been space junk.

Green flash of light

I just saw a bright ball of light (Like a ball of fire) fall from the sky around 10pm in Renton, Wa. and flash into a green light and then it just disappeared. It was really pretty, but a little scary too. Teryn

Saw a commet fall!

In Tacoma Washington just saw a comment fall from the sky in the North End near ruston way! !

Green ball of fire

Just passed Tacoma Narrows Bridge and my daughter was just leaving the Lakewood YMCA ( we were talking on the phone) when we saw a green ball of fire fall to where I thought was downtown Tacoma.

I'm here in the north end!

I'm here in the north end! Mill Creek Wa! And saw it well!

Shooting Star in the north-west

I saw a bright yellow shooting star in the north-western skies from Nagpur, INDIA. That was the brightest one that i have ever seen. Anyone looking at the skies at that time could have seen it. Great sight.


Seconds meteor seen this week one in Stevenage England and just seen one in Doncaster England

Fireball/meteor seen over northern Pakistan

I saw it moving from south to north on Wednesday 15 March at around 9:00pm Pakistan standard Time. It travelled low, with greenish and bluish light while the sky around it was flashing. I live near Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Next day a local news channel run the CCTV footage which captured the exact phenomena over Gilgit Baltistan region (northern pakistan bordering with Afghanistan). Footage confirms the date and time :)

Really large green/silver

Really large green/silver meteorite in north east sky drumborg Victoria. Fell slow, shot off sparks then kept going till it went out..


Ball with glow shooting across sky with trail of colour at 0700 on the 16 3 17 awesome inchristchurch

Meteor over Christchurch

Saw a large, bright meteor with a long tail going from east to west over Christchurch this evening. Largest one I have ever seen.

ligh in sky approx 1235hrs 17 March

north sky from Manly, Whangaparaoa. Thought I saw plane lights flashing in far distance maybe coming into land or had taken off but it didn't move in either direction. Lights were red and white no maybe a bit of green. Watched it in binoculars for about 10 mins then it faded.

Large green light falling from sky

At 0530 ish 16/03/17 a large green object seen falling from sky , north east location from just outside of Hamilton passing in distance over fonterra dairy factory

meteorite around Clevedon - Auckland area

On Thursday morning around 5.30AM on my way to work I suddenly saw a bright light in soccer ball shape in front of me going from left to right in the area of Clevedon - Brookby.