InfoGraphic: The main Weather News Highlights across NZ for next 3 days

A westerly airflow lies over New Zealand today, a warm front passes over the lower South Island in the afternoon then a cold front follows closely behind mainly moving northwards up the West Coast. A westerly airflow continues on Tuesday with a dying front over the lower North Island, northwesterlies strengthen on Wednesday with a front moving onto the lower South Island overnight.


Blue - Rain develops about South Westland around midday then gradually moves northwards reaching Buller in the evening. Rain may be heavy at times.

Purple - Westerly winds becoming gusty in the afternoon about the lower North Island in the west.

Yellow - Temperatures getting into the mid 20's about the upper South Island and mid to high 20's for the eastern North Island in the afternoon.


Yellow - Temperatures reaching into the mid to high 20's across parts of New Zealand on Tuesday. Temperatures about the upper South Island limited to the mid 20's however.


Blue - Rain moves onto South Westland overnight with heavy falls.

Purple - Brisk to strong northwesterly winds develop through Cook Strait from afternoon.

Yellow - Another warm day across parts of New Zealand, reaching into the high 20's for many, even the early 30's for the eastern North Island.

- Please note, the idea behind this update is to focus on the main weather highlights, which is why not all regions are mentioned. 

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- Aaron Wilkinson,