How much rain fell at your place?

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Heavy rain has fallen over the upper North Island today.

Let us know how much rain fell at your place by posting a comment below.


Everything overflowed

Midday Thursday it began to rain and continued well into Friday, here on Great Barrier Island. The rain gauge overflowed at 120mm. I had emptied and scrubbed the water tank Thursday morning and by Friday morning it was full again. How much rain? Enough. It's been a dry summer.

Nothing here in West Melton

Nothing here in West Melton although there were a few thundery looking Cb's about.
Barometric surface pressure too high, sadly.


25mm here in Kaitaia

25mm here in Kaitaia yesterday. Fine day today with strong southerlies. Takes us to about 70mm for may so far.

132mls AT Tawharanui

Tawharanui (MATAKANA)


Kaukapakapa rain

Here there has been 110mm of rain in 24 hours. 15:00 20 may to 15:00 21 may.
Hoping for more rain on Monday!!

also 90mm

we also got 90mm in total, here on the west coast south of the Waitakere ranges

the front lay from here (and south), up over the waitakere ranges and then curved more NE up to Wellsford area (and the south Kaipara )
and was slow moving for 12 hours!
eastern auckland area and south auckland area missed alot of the rain

no way

Noooo.. east coast auckland got hammered, check out the data for torbay I posted earlier.. or check wunderground and see the other east coast auckland weather stations.. seems we got more than you guys?

but isnt torbay north

but isnt torbay north auckland?

eastern areas did miss out on a lot of it, here in Howick the 24 hour total was just over 40mm.

Ahh yes , good point... I

Ahh yes , good point... I was just thinking east and I'm right on the east coast but yes I am north too (duh). The furthest north you can be in urban auckland in fact.

Interesting to see the difference though just in the urban area..

rain in torbay, auckland

85.8mm since midnight, sun is shining now..
16mm yesterday
127.2mm for the month and looking like that total is going to get a lot higher by the looks of things..

117mm in Laingholm from this

117mm in Laingholm from this event, (30hrs from 0900 20/5/2010 to 1500 21/5/2010)

Rain Totals

Since 7pm last night here on the Shore Northcote 81mm has fallen which is the 4th biggest rainfall total i have recorded since i started back in April 2000.
Only 11 March 03 107mm
2 February 04 94mm
2 October 06 92mm are ahead of today on my record books.

Total for month now sits at 112mm Average for month 89mm so now 187mm down for year so looking forward to next system.... Also today its been dark and 12c all day.....


rain in Coatesville, Auckland

72.6 mm in Coatesville since midnight. Plus 10.4 yesterday. Total now 124.4mm for month. Immediate drought is certainly over and tanks overflowing. Very little difference to the level of our dam which is still seriously down. The local stream/river had become very active indeed around 10.30 this morning. Could be in for flooding if the next event happens Monday/Tuesday.