Final 2016 Weather Video

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NEW Videos return in MARCH 2017 - and we're looking to increase our video content after then from our brand new studio in downtown Auckland!


New Videos?

Not much March left eh... when can we expect the new videos?

Hi Roger, thanks for the

Hi Roger, thanks for the message. Yes we're running out of time but still hope to have our first video out this coming week (fingers crossed anyway!). Will admit it's taking longer than we thought to build two studios but we're getting there. We're working on new content for later in the year which is a big part of the hold up - we're wanting to do new things, but it all takes time. Apologies for the delays - they are indeed frustating but we're optimistic people will be glad we're looking at new things to cover in these videos once we get fully operational.




New videos

Live in US with house in NZ. Really depend on Phil for comprehensive weather picture. What do you need to get back up and running?

Hi Scott, thanks very much

Hi Scott, thanks very much for the feedback. We're gradually getting there but may be a little bit longer before we have daily videos. We're short on funding and people power at this stage to run a studio/produce/operate etc. We do have a plan though, hoping to get it set up properly in the near future. Put out a video today for the first time but it's very rough (as we didn't plan to go live today but due to the Cyclone we felt we needed to do something, even if a bit rough).

Kind regards

Hi WW thanks for all the

Hi WW thanks for all the videos over past year. All very informative and the best around. If you change to producing your own then I might ask to please use HTML5 rather than Flash Player as a format unless of course you have it all sorted. Go with the big players and drop Flash.. Merry Christmas to you all their and thank you for all the great work you do. Also a Happy New Year..enjoy your break.