Expected rainfall totals over the next few days in NZ (+5 Maps)

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Daytime downpours and a cold front moving up the country will both be welcome by many New Zealanders dealing with droughts and the big dry which has kicked in very early this year.

There is some rain coming in the coming days but the totals are not very high for most with patchy falls in the North Island perhaps only falling as drizzle for some.

As WeatherWatch.co.nz exclusively discussed in November and early December the big dry has lead to drought conditions now officially being announced in some regions.

The forecast for some wet weather is a positive change for many but as the long range 7 day rainfall map shows (below) the country will still mostly be average to drier than average.

- Daily rain maps by The Weather Company (an IBM Business and an official WeatherWatch.co.nz business partner).

- 7 day rain map via US Government

- WeatherWatch.co.nz