6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 11° | Hi 20°
Showers develop, northwesterlies (60% chance of precip)

Rain: 60%
Humidity: 97%
Wind: NW 15kph
Sunrise: 06:57
Sunset: 17:40
Barometer: 1019hPa

This afternoon

Max: 20°
Wind: NW 20kph

Showers, possibly heavy with possible thunderstorms then clearing evening (70% chance of precip)

This evening

Max: 17°
Wind: SW 15kph

Showers ease then clear, southwesterlies ease (40% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Fri. Apr 25.
    16° | 21° Morning sunny spells then cloud increases with NW winds. Odd shower possible PM, more likely later (30% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Apr 26.
    15° | 19° Early showers clear, sunny spells then increase. Southwesterly winds (30% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Apr 27.
    12° | 20° Sunny spells with light westerlies (10% chance of precip)
  • Mon. Apr 28.
    13° | 18° Occasional showers with westerly winds (40% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Apr 29.
    13° | 19° Sunny with some cloud

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Maybe lucky next summer,could

Maybe lucky next summer,could be the one following that.

Not sure exactly, the high's

Not sure exactly, the high's seem to be sitting in the Tasman with cool air flowing around them!

According to Wikipedia we may need:

Theia, goddess of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky. :D


Ha ha

Will Theia help me win lotto too ;)

More info for 27 Jan

hi - we're getting married this weekend as well with an outdoor wedding ... do you have any further info on Monday 27 Jan as it's not looking great at the moment!  Our wedding is at 10am.  Thanks!

Hi thereThe 27th, at the

Hi there

The 27th, at the moment I'm seeing winds changing southwest early in the morning with a few showers, the odd one possibly continuing into the afternoon. Expect sunny spells at times from morning. Overall precipitation amounts aren't expect to be huge on the day, just the morning period showers could be a little more persistent for time. Fingers crossed it may be easing off by mid morning so it may work out ok, but we are talking 4 to 5 days away so the timing of that could change.

Hope your day goes well either way :)


Good forecasting!

hi there - just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the accuracy of the info provided - while the weather changed quite a bit up to the date of our wedding your changing forecasts were spot on which helped so much with the evolving of our plans ... and we ended up having a great day!  Your site is brilliant :)

thank you! :)

thank you! :)

26th is supet spesh day

Hello, I am interested in more details regarding weather on the 26th. We are getting married at around 3pm and looking more info.  Fingers crossed it holds out the surrounds are so amazing.  Thanks

Not much different from our

Not much different from our forecast above regarding Auckland. Skies look to be mostly cloudy from morning with northeasterly breezes, there may be a sunny spell or two in the morning but they will most likely only be brief. Later in the evening some drizzle may float in.

That's how it is looking currently, and yes hopefully conditions hold out for you! Have a great day!


Thanks for that.  Can handle

Thanks for that.  Can handle drizzle in the early eve :-) 

Wedding Weekend!

We're getting married on the 26th too so fingers crossed that the weather will hold out for the both of us. Where is your ceremony to take place?

Hi WeatherWatch team!   I

Hi WeatherWatch team!


I messaged you this time last year about a trip to Whangapoua in the Coromandel and you were 100% spot on. We are going again from the 29th of Jan to Feb the 3rd. I know its a little way away but would you be able to give me any info on how it may be? Temperature/cloud/wind etc. I'm just a little anxious as this Summer has been a bit all over the show and we have 11 people going.


Thanks so much :) 

G'day there, thanks for

G'day there, thanks for that!

Yes it is a while away so won't try to get too specific but I'll let you know of the variablities which could change the outcome of certain days.

From the 29th till the 31st Jan there is an anticyclone in the Tasman Sea and a south to southeast airflow is flowing over the Coromandel area. At this stage it looks like the ridge is making enough of an impact to keep conditions mostly sunny but expect some cloud at times. Further offshore there looks to be areas of cloud and showers, should the ridge not be as strong by the time the 29th comes round this cloud and potentially showers could make an impact. This is the sort of forecast one is going to have to deal with when talking about 7 days away. Expect high's of 23 perhaps 24 degrees.

On the 1st the flow looks more southerly, mostly sunny conditions look more likely with winds perhaps picking up later in the day. 24 degrees. The 2nd looks fairly breezy from the south but it should be dry, sunny with some cloud. The 3rd looks like sunny weather with afternoon sea breezes, the anticyclone in the Tasman makes more of an impact by then.

Hope your trip goes well!



You're amazing Aaron! Thanks

You're amazing Aaron! Thanks again. 

Gosh the sky is dark North of

Gosh the sky is dark North of Rosebank,local trees look great shining in the sunshine against dark sky.

Keep expecting to hear thunder. Flocks of birds have been flying Sth.


Why are these pesky SW winds still hanging around?  i thought they were limited to Spring time?


Also, how do I get colleagues to switch from MetService to WW.  In my mind, you are far superior but MET has done a great job of brainwashing people into thinking they are best.

    Well... if you are



Well... if you are regular to this website then you would have seen articles and videos both explaining and showing why we are stuck in this spring like pattern.


I really only look at the

I really only look at the pictures at the top to be fair.


But they seem to be spot on all the time.


When can we expect winds in Maramarua? Its calm as at the moment. Thanks

Winds should gradually ramp

Winds should gradually ramp up mid afternoon onwards for you. They won't be as bad as further north in Auckland though.


Hi where is the rain!! Is

Hi where is the rain!! Is Auckland going to miss it??

Been getting showers in New

Been getting showers in New Lynn. Wind not too bad & seems to have eased.

Hi there, Auckland was never

Hi there, Auckland was never going to get a great deal of rain from this low in our view. Some parts of the region will get another 20 to 30mm over the next 12 to 18 hours, but some areas may not be so fortunate (if it's going to be unsettled it might as well rain too!)

Winds will be the main feature for Auckland, especially later tomorrow.


Cyclone June

Hey WeatherWatch Team,

Hope things are well....

Anyway here in Te Atatu, June seems to breaking quite quickly not much wind either and hardly no rain must be luck on our side :D looking at weather maps looks to me the worst of June has passed and weakening as it drops south.

Thanks for updates....... 

Kindest Regards


Hi Ben - yes not a great deal

Hi Ben - yes not a great deal of activity for Te Atatu although easterly wind gusts in some exposed areas may now reach gale force.  Rain isn't much, but we never expected much for Auckland from this storm.  The stronger winds will likely be tomorrow when we get the opposite side of the low (sou'westers).

Appreciate your updates too!

WW team 

Hi Guys Do you know what the

Hi Guys

Do you know what the weather is likely to be like for this auckland anniversary weekend? ANd especially Sunday. If rain, what are the chances and how much in terms of mm



G'day thereAt this stage

G'day there

At this stage Saturday is looking nice and sunny, light winds and afternoon sea breezes.

Sunday is fairly good too, high cloud gradually increases from morning though, light northerlies tend southwest in the afternoon.

Monday sees cloudy skies with southwesterly winds, a few brief showers at times as a front will be slowly crossing over the Aucland area during the day. At this stage I wouldn't anticipate anymore then 3 to 5mm perhaps even less is more likely.



Hey guys, I see the other place has put out a severe wind warning for Auckland tomorrow for 120k winds - do you see that as well?  REALLY hoping you are going to say no......

Winds will be strong tomorrow

Winds will be strong tomorrow afternoon as the swing round to the SW. Gale gusts are likely (63 km/h). We don't anticipate 120 km/h gusts about the city, 80 to 100 km/h max would be a better figure. We anticipate gusts possibly up to 120 km/h about exposed coastal areas (Manakau Heads).


Do you see things calming

Do you see things calming down in the evening?

Yes conditions will ease,

Yes conditions will ease, winds won't drop out and die but they will gradually ease :)



Sorry - forgot to include - I'm in Auckland!!

What is the question

What is the question exactly?


Beautiful evening in Auckland

Lovely pink sky behind the Waitakere Ranges as the sun goes down. Magnificent weather in Auckland

as  evening falls.


After opening the maps available on your site, they aren't showing the rain or wind.  Is there a problem with the maps, or is it perhaps something to do with my computer do you think?  Many thanks

Hi there, no your computer is

Hi there, no your computer is probably fine, the team at MetOcean (who provide the maps to us and others) made some major upgrades over the Xmas period. Since then they have had a few bugs. At the moment the maps are working - but the load times are quite slow sometimes (like 15 seconds or so) for the map to actually open up once you've selected the time.  Try zooming in and out a bit too, that sometimes fixes things.

For others who are reading this - the maps issues are out of our hands, which is why we are now searching for alternative map providers.  NIWA will be bringing us rain maps in the next few months, the first time the NZ public has had free access to them.  Plus we are working with CountryTV to find additional maps.  The team at MetOcean do a great job, but we want our site to eventually have a range of maps - and not just one service.

Cheers - and apologies on behalf of the team at MetOcean for the ongoing map bugs.


Hi weather Watch, what has

Hi weather Watch, what has happend to our summer, will these cold winds ever end.

Fingers crossed



Hi Mike - we expect warmer

Hi Mike - we expect warmer weather next week for a time and then again next weekend. However may still have one more cooler, windier, spell before the month is out - but most likely the one we've just had (on Friday) was the biggest one.



Such as crappy summer this year over the whole country, last year was stella! Really disappointing but hey hopefully Feb will bring some solid weeks of pure sun, no wind and no rain. Keep up the good work guys

Crappy summer = great summer for Auckland


The weather in Auckland is
shaping out to be quite good, pleasant daily highs not too hot, not too cold
and frequent showers. Unlike last year we are having a decent amount of rainfall
and it hasn't been stinking hot!

Clothing layers?

Great work WeatherWatch with the accurate forecasting. Are you intending to put sort of a 'clothing layers' advisory (similar to Metservice's) on your website?

Hi there - thanks very much

Hi there - thanks very much for that.  We are not planning on copying MetService's clothing layers idea as we feel in NZ many people might not agree with it.  For example - some of the tough farmers who were a singlet in winter!  However we are looking at introducing our "feels like" temperatures which are more extreme (and we think more realistic) than the MetService feels like temps.  So summer highs might feel up to 10degs hotter while winter highs might feel several degrees cooler.  We think that will be a better guide, even if some people find it too subjective for their liking.


 I would find this helpful,

 I would find this helpful, especially if it is based on the wind dirention and stuff like that.


Hi, why is it so windy this year.

Hi Guys Do you know what the

Hi Guys

Do you know what the forecast will be like for the upcoming auckland long weekend. Looking at doing some special on Sunday and hopefully it doesnt rain at all!



At this stage not sure sorry

At this stage not sure sorry as that is quite a while away. Long range models have a tropical low potentially in the mix but others have an anticyclone giving good weather so it's a mixed bag at this stage as to what will happen.

Come back and ask 7 days out if you can, considering there is the potential for a tropical low impacting the weather.

Thanks for writing in! :)


Hi guys, Looking to do some

Hi guys,

Looking to do some fishing off waiheke this week but only have a small tinny, is the wind due to die off at any stage?

Thanks heaps!!

Hi thereTomorrow evening may

Hi there

Tomorrow evening may be ok, it won't be wind free but SW's about 15 to 20 kph.

Otherwise Saturday afternoon is well and truly looking like a better time with an anticyclone providing light winds.


Every day same boring

Every day same boring forecast.......


I know what you mean, it would be good to have a deep depression or something