6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 17° | Hi 25°
Areas of cloud with nor'westers (25% chance of precip)

Rain: 25%
Humidity: 98%
Wind: NNW 15kph
Sunrise: 07:14
Sunset: 19:49
Barometer: 1017hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This morning

Max: 25°
Wind: NW 25kph

Periods of cloud with northwesterlies slowly building, humidity eases (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 25°
Wind: WNW 35kph

Cloudy areas with NW winds, a couple late afternoon showers with a brisk westerly change (60% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Sun 8 Mar
    18° | 24° Periods of cloud and the odd sunny spell, the odd brief shower possible early on. WSW winds (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 9 Mar
    17° | 24° Cloudy areas and a few sunny spells, southwesterly breezes (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 10 Mar
    17° | 26° Mostly sunny weather with southwesterly breezes (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 11 Mar
    17° | 27° Sunny areas with some mid / high level cloud, light southerly winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 12 Mar
    19° | 24° Sunny with some cloud
    Computer generated forecast by

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Thunderstorms Possible South Of Auckland CBD

Hi there,

We're in Pukekohe, Met Service is forecasting thunderstorms, possibly severe for Auckland South and surrounding districts, do you have any further updates regarding this?



Hi thereYou'll have to ask

Hi there

You'll have to ask Metservice regarding their thunderstorm outlook and any possible updates as we can't speak for them.

We are aware of unstable weather this afternoon hence our risk of isolated showers developing, we will keep an eye on the conditions and monitor them.


safe to paint labour weekend ?

Hi - is it safe to get out the paint and paint a deck and fence over Labour Weekend in Titirangi ?


Thanks !

Hi thereAt this stage it is

Hi there

At this stage it is looking fairly safe over the weekend. Sat and Sun looks like mostly sunny weather and northerlies. On Monday there is more cloud about and a few showers passing through in the afternoon.


Rangitoto Labour Weekend


We're hoping to tackle Rangitoto this Saturday - will it be clear and fine?



Hi JoAt this stage yes, it's

Hi Jo

At this stage yes, it's looking mostly sunny with light northerlies :)


Taupo Labour Weekend

How's it looking?

Hi thereSaturday sees sunny

Hi there

Saturday sees sunny spells and some cloud with light winds, a few isolated showers possible late afternoon / evening. A high of 18 degrees.

Mostly sunny on Sunday after any morning cloud breaks away, northwesterly winds. A high of 17 degrees.

Sunny areas and increasing cloud on Monday with northwesterlies freshening, evening showers. A high of 17 degrees.

Not a garantuee of how things will look on the day but it is how it is looking currently.


0% precip this morning?

It's raining now and I have put my washing outside this morning. Why is it so wrong?

Quite unexpected this morning

Quite unexpected this morning I must admit, although we updated before you commented so perhaps your browser needed a re-fresh? These showers should'nt last very long then the rest of the day is looking mainly dry with sunny spells / some cloud.


Auckland spring weather.

Just had hail and very heavy rain in the Waitaks. Where is the sun??? It is still raining steadily. Thinking of lighting the fire. Oops more hail just now.

The sun (sunny areas / some

The sun (sunny areas / some cloud to be more exact) will come out again after these showers clear, they should'nt last long.


Next Auckland clear night?


Any idea when the next clear night will be in around Auckland so I can go take photos of the stars?


Skies look resonably clear

Skies look resonably clear tonight.

Otherwise Tuesday and Wednesday nights next week look ok too.


thank you!

thank you!

Party Saturday 18th 2-5pm

Hi, not sure whether we move the birthday to another location which will fit us all indoors or if the weather will hold up till after 5pm?



Showers etc look patchy for

Showers etc look patchy for much of the day meaning we expect some dry spells at times, it doesn't mean it will be totally dry though.

More towards 5 pm (perhaps 3 or 4 pm onwards) we expect areas of rain to become a little more persistent.


Auckland's weather today

Hi there

I wonder which Auckland is having mostly sunny weather this morning?  It is overcast and misty here just now (North Shore); loks like there could be light rain at any time.


Murray (North Shore)

The ever so changeable

The ever so changeable weather that is Auckland strikes yet again. It started off nice but as you say now there is cloud about.


Likelyhood of Cricket

So it looks like cricket in Auckland might be off this Saturday...

Quite possibly, yes :(WW 

Quite possibly, yes :(


G'day thereIt's still 10 days

G'day there

It's still 10 days away so can't say anything much yet, current maps are showing a southeasterly airflow on Saturday then tending southwest on Sunday. But I feel this will change so anything I tell you now will be wrong by the time Labour Weekend comes around.

6 days out things will start to become a bit clearer so come back and ask then if you like, otherwise we will most likely have a story in the lead up to Labour Weekend next week.


Pukekohe 15 October

Though you may be interested to hear that here in Puukekohe, my temperature guage, at midday on my North Facing deck, in the shade and out of the wind is reading 32.9.  In the direct sun it is reading 41.3. Third reading under the shade of the umbrella with slight breeze 35.9. It is HOT out here.


Nope. Don't accept your explanation (no concrete involved and on a wooden deck) because as an ex farmer well used to outdoor temperatures - this was ridiculous. I could not handle the direct sun on my skin for five minutes!

Perhaps it was a bleep but this area (Pukekohe) is incredibly different in topography and looking at where the weather stations are place would be nothing like where I live. At the moment the 3rd measure in the shade under the umbrella in the exact same spot is reading 16.6. I believe that is bang on as I am still in a T shirt and about to water the garden. Cheers.

It was just a possible

It was just a possible explanation as to why your thermometer was reading high.

Well if you did get that temperature today it would have broken records, maybe you are in some really unique sheltered area? Will just have to take your word for it.

Thanks for letting us know :)


G'day thereYou may need to

G'day there

You may need to re-calibrate your thermometer or it could still be picking up extra heat off a concrete surface for example. If you look here

Find the Auckland area by zooming in etc and you'll see temperatures are not that high.

It has been a stunning day up that way though :)


WW v Metservice

Hey guys,


Love your site, definately the most accurate site I have found. On here every day.


I was just wondering how yourselves and Met Service are so often completely different in your forcasts? This coming Monday for example you have a 20% chance of rain and Metservice has rain with no sun in their pitcure.


Does the MS just say it is going to rain, so that if they are wrong people will be happy as it is a sunny day?


Other than that keep up the fantastic work!!



Hi ChrisYou will have to talk

Hi Chris

You will have to talk to metservice regarding their forecasts that far out as we can't answer that for you.

As for us we are currently seeing a southwesterly airflow on Monday with sunny spells and some cloud. If you look at this map here you can see a visual representation of why we think that.

Thanks for the question! :)



we are planning a birthday party in the afternoon ,but may get a marquee just in case . Will the day be a complete write off or will there be dry spells with patchy rain ?



Hi thereAt this stage we

Hi there

At this stage we expect a few dry spells to come through at times during the day, but as you say patchy rain too. We don't expect rain on Saturday to be widespread or heavy at this stage, a front moves in overnight Saturday / Sunday morning and that's when a more sustained period of rain is expected.

Thanks for writing in!

What is the weather like for

What is the weather like for Saturday afternoon in Matakana?

Hi thereLooks cloudy with the

Hi there

Looks cloudy with the odd patchy shower, dry spells now and then. Winds from the north. Later in the evening a band of rain looks to move in.

A high around 17 to 18 degrees.


Thank you! Fingers crossed

Thank you! Fingers crossed that it improves!!! 

How acan you get it so wrong

How can you get this so wrong when it has beeen raining since last night and it wind is south east on great barrier island. Not a hint of ssunshine.

GBI is right on the edge - in

GBI is right on the edge - in fact on the dry edge - of the offshore rain. Apologies todays forecast isn't so accurate for you, a bit of an oversight to be honest. Your weather should improve gradually to match the city forecast as the day wears on.   Thanks for the update.



Fishing Forecast

Hi. Your weather site is great and when I'm planning outdoorsy stuff like gardening, hiking or a family trip to the park or beach, you're weather predictions work perfect. The problem I have is in regards to fishing. I live in Gulf Harbour. The Hauraki Gulf is at my doorstep. I would love to look at your web page and see what's in store 3 or 4 days ahead. Tide times, swells, wind direction, fish ability and so on. Do you think this is something we will see on your page in the future???
If so, give me a call. I Have some great ideas from a recreational Fishermans point of view.
Regards, Anthony.

Hi Anthony - we do have plans

Hi Anthony - we do have plans to work closer with private marine forecasters to utelise or link to their marine info. We're well aware people don't like having to go to mulitple websites when they shouldn't have to, so we're hoping next year we can add more marine info to WW.  If you have ideas please use the Contact form at the top of the page, we'd love to hear them! 

We aren't going to get into creating marine forecasts ourselves but certainly will look at adding more marine info including tides, potential warnings, moon phases and rises, and beach forecasts. We may also provide surfing info.  Early days yet, it's a tough market for us to grow our small weather business in, with both of NZ's government forecasters fiercly commercial here in NZ and now also Australia too. They are throwing a lot at trying to stop our growth here in NZ at the moment that is for sure.

So watch this space in 2015 - we hope to add more marine, once we find a sponsor/client to help us out.

Philip D

Looking forward to 2015

Pleased to read of your plans. Phew, felt sure the site was under the weather and not coping!

Hi there WW, Love your

Hi there WW,

Love your forcasts. What's the outlook for Labour Weekend at this point? For Auckland.


Hi there - thanks very much,

Hi there - thanks very much, we really appreciate that :)  At this stage the start of Labour Weekend looks typical for October - a south west flow across the country bringing showers and winds to the south and west, including Auckland.  Too early to lock in but based on current computer models we think the long weekend will start off with showers and sou'westers but plenty of dry spells too. 



Sat 18th oct

Hi any chance of a longer range forecast for weekend sat 18th oct?
I have a kids bday party. Thanks!

Hi thereThe current pattern

Hi there

The current pattern that far out isn't very clear, anything I tell you will likely change so if you could come back and ask 6 or 7 days out that may be more viable. Apologies I can't say much right now.


Big variations in forecasts

Your forecast for this weekend in Auckland is good - 19degrees, mostly sunny and light winds.  Yet the met service is forecasting 16 degrees and showers (no sun showing in their graphics.  How can the forecasts vary so much for just a few days out?  This is always a mystery to me (though I have to say that I think yours is nearly always more accurate!)

Basically it comes down to

Basically it comes down to the use of two different model outputs.


Met service states when each forecast is issued, they have just re-issued their forecasts now, at: 1:21pm 7 Oct. Please bear in mind that the weekend is stll over three days out which is still subject to uncertainty. Three days in weather forcasting is almost the same as three months in economic forecasts.....!

Thanks for that Guest :)Still

Thanks for that Guest :)

Still looking like a mostly sunny weekend coming up for Auckland from our point of view although Saturday does hold the risk of a few isolated afternoon showers. Typically those type of days are still quite nice and summery feeling.



Can you tell approx time when the wind will ease off? Have got an old roof, kind of cannot sleep well:(

The winds are a step down

The winds are a step down from yesterday but yes they are still brisk / strong at times. They should ease this evening :)


This wind!!

When will it ease off?? Seems to be lasting longer than normal, or am I getting paranoid that Mother Nature seems hell bent on ruining my weekends?

It will ease off somewhat

It will ease off somewhat tonight, winds will still be moderate to brisk at times on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday. You'll notice a significant drop in the winds come Friday.