6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 8° | Hi 11°
Some cloud with a few showers passing through, southwesterly winds (30% chance of precip)

Rain: 30%
Humidity: 77%
Wind: SSW 25kph
Sunrise: 07:36
Sunset: 17:15
Barometer: 1018hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 11°
Wind: SSW 30kph

Isolated showers possibly heavy with hail. Cold south to southwest winds (50% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Wind: SSW 20kph

Areas of cloud with the chance of a remaining shower otherwise mainly dry (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Thu 9 Jul
    5° | 10° Sunny areas and some cloud, fairly cold though. Chance of a shower otherwise mainly dry (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 10 Jul
    4° | 12° Mostly sunny with breezy southerly winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 11 Jul
    4° | 13° Sunny with southerly breezes (0% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 12 Jul
    5° | 13° Mostly sunny with light winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 13 Jul
    7° | 15° Cloud building from morning, northeasterly winds increase (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Best to contact your airline

Best to contact your airline with that type of question, I'm thinking it should be ok as the cyclone is still to the north at that point but yeah best to ask your airline as they will be monitoring it.



Seriously people - this is a FREE service and provides the best forecasting bar none!


So why spend your time to write in and criticise?


IF you dont like it - go somwhere else and stop criticising weatherwatch - CUAN and YOUAREWRONG - go get a life....


Keep up the great work weatherwatch!

Eagles concert Sunday

Driving from Whakatane to Auckland for the concert.  Is the storm expected to bear down during the concert. Damn if it is.  What about the drive home on Monday?

Might be bad timing on Sunday

Might be bad timing on Sunday evening, check out the latest forecast above. Hopefully the Coromandel does a good enough job of keeping showers north of the city by helping block the southeast flow somewhat although in the evening they may spread over much of the city at times, fingers crossed they don't!


cyclone Pam



I love the way we have a severe storm approaching and your latest update video is two days ago. Right up to date!!!!


Cuan.  Get a life.  It's a

Cuan.  Get a life.  It's a free service and it's a heck of a lot better than the competior's service which you pay for through your tax dollar.  Now go back to your stamp filing and find something else to complain about.

Cuan why do you feel the need

Cuan why do you feel the need to bag weather watch on a message board like this. Does it make you feel better ?

Hi there - we're a very small

Hi there - we're a very small company with limited resources - our next video has been recorded and is in the middle of being uploaded to the site.

- WW

Cricket on Sunday

Hey folks



now we have very important game this Sunday starting at 11:00 am do you reckon the storm gonna hold of till later on Sunday ?? 





You may be lucky enough that

You may be lucky enough that conditions will hold off for your game to go ahead, but still it's borderline. Keep an eye on the Auckland forecasts above this afternoon around 3pm for further info.


Thanks Araron.    Finger

Thanks Araron. 


Finger crossed !!!

T-storms? :) :) :)

Hi there WW Team. Any chance of getting some rain out Henderson way?? I would LOVE a little rumble or 10 of thunder.

Keep up the great work! 

Thank you

L. D.

For tonight?You may do, you

For tonight?

You may do, you may not. The nature of convective showers my friend! You can get a general idea of where they may occur but to narrow it down to a suburb is getting a bit hard :(

Hopefully you got some! :)



I am in Katikati and it is pouring down and has been since 5am.

Chance of a light shower of two????

Your forecasting is going down hill. At least the Metservice has got

it right for today.

Woeful forecasting.


No pleasing the Simple-minded

Mike. Dude, you should be happy you'regetting some rain! Most of us would give our eye teeth for a few sprinkles. 

Don't be so bloody negative. Happiness and being positive wins friends.

From the comments here, looks like you could use some.


KEEP GOING WW TEAM!!! Big UPS and a virtual Chocolate FISH!


Mike get on ya bike...

Don't be such a miserable arse.. especially bothering to give this sort of feedback.. just make it simple for yourself and use metservice. Weather Watch is the best.

Just as well we're a free

Just as well we're a free service then, unlike MetService who you pay for via taxes.  

- WW

Love your website!

Love your website! Always very informative and pretty spot on a lot of the times, so well done to the team.  I live in Oz now but Im still checking out your site, miss NZ!! Keep up the good work WW team! Youre Awesome! As for Mike, you sound just like the Ozzies :P

To the person who wrote the comment

You are a very happy person Just jokes!  You're a miserable sod :)

South Auckland Manukau City

Birthday function on Saturday any chance of rain

Don't have much more info

Don't have much more info than the forecast and rain maps above - chance of a shower, especially around the Bombays...hopefully won't drift over your function! The day will be drier rather than wetter overall.

Have a good one :)

- WW 


How bad do you think the swell height will be on the ferry to Waiheke Island on Sunday and Monday due to the winds generated from Pam off the coast of Nz?

Hi there - hopefully not too

Hi there - hopefully not too bad, as the worst of the swells will be blocked by Coromandel, East Cape, Waikehe, Rangitoto. Depends on those winds - they may be quite strong, so it will probably be more about localised strong winds. Keep an eye on our swell maps, you can zoom in and get a fairly good idea - same with the wind maps.



Hi Guys, going to the Eagles

Hi Guys, going to the Eagles concert on Sunday...wonderingn if I'll need a storm jacket or not!


After a wet and windy Rolling Stones concert Im really hoping it wont be 2 wet concerts in a row after all this great weather!

Hi thereIt's looking like

Hi there

It's looking like it'll be a cloudy evening, at this stage it shouldn't be a right off but there could be a shower or two about so a jacket would be advised. Keep an eye on our forecasts above as we'll update around 3 or 4pm and you can see the latest information. Feel free to write back if you like tomorrow or on Friday :)


Waiheke weather

Fingers crossed for a good dose of rain at the weekend for all us "Tank Dependents"... not to mention a bit of surf out on Onetangi beach courtesy of PAM!

Keep up the good work WW - we don't bother with anyone except PD now - his forecasts are the best we've seen. :-)


I swear the direct competition (who shall not be named) just throws up Rain Icons on their site to keep those of us hoping for Rain happy.

I come here for the actual forecast, which sadly doesn't show anywhere near the amount of Rain here in Pukekohe in the coming days as others are saying.

Oh well. Keep waiting and hoping i guess.


Hi guys, your forecasts for both Saturday and Sunday are very positive but not supported by your rain maps.What can we expect.From Hotel Clifornia.

We are about to do a string

We are about to do a string of updates in the next hour or two and things may change with those forecasts so keep an eye out :)


Great Barrier Island weather next weekend (13 - 15 March)


I was just wondering if you forecast weather for Great Barrier Island at all? If so, what the next weekend is going to be like?

Thank you!

Chance of an early shower on

Chance of an early shower on Friday then expect cloudy areas and the odd sunny spell, southeasterly winds.

Saturday brings mostly cloudy weather with easterlies freshening, rain develops later in the evening.

Sunday has strong east to southeast winds, gales at times with periods of rain.

There you go :)


Wellington Rain

Hi There


Water levels in Wellington are getting low according to the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


Is there any expected rain in the next few days? I'm pretty positive it seems to rain every weekend.



Our detailed Wellington

Our detailed Wellington forecasts are for you, click on "Wellington" on the home page. :)


September wedding

I've seen a great deal on a cruise liner wedding in September.  Is the weather likely to be horrid near the end of September this year around the viaduct and waiheke? 

Maybe I should pay extra for summer weather. . 

Thanks :)

Hmm, perhaps the most distant

Hmm, perhaps the most distant forecast request I have been asked. lol.

Really could'nt say, traditionally September is getting into Spring so it could be fairly changeable. But you never know there may well be settled periods. Up in the air a bit at this point in time! :D


Hi there,   I leave Auckland

Hi there,


I leave Auckland on Saturday 14th March to fly to Singapore.  I was wondering if you knew the liklihood of the plane being delayed due to the upcoming cyclone?


Thanks in advance.

A bit early to try and figure

A bit early to try and figure that out. As forecasts / stories come out in due course you can take that information to your airline and see what they think or just go ask them anyway, they are the ones flying you not us :D and I'm postive will be keeping an eye on the situation. Feel free to use this link here to track what the storm may or may not do:


Hi team Is that cyclone

Hi team
Is that cyclone looking like it will slid down the coast now??
Will the dry farms get any rain out of it? Or still a bit early to tell.

Phil is the cyclone man, keep

Phil is the cyclone man, keep an eye on stories coming out over the coming week etc. He'll put out stories concerning the cyclone and what he thinks it's up to in due course :)


14th March wedding

Hi, our good friends have an outdoor wedding just north of auckland on 14th of March. Should they have a plan b?!

Hi there - it's still a long

Hi there - it's still a long way out, and with this incoming low the models are likely to be a little more changeable than saying that, latest data suggests there's some chance of a few showers around then, caught up in a partly cloudy easterly wind flow. Keep an eye on the various long range wind and rain maps we have above in the Maps section, they will help give you some idea until we have more details about next weekend in Phil's weather videos this coming week.

- WW


4.12pm and the rain has just started

:) - WW


- WW

Another accurate forecast

Great forecasting WW, winds changed to NW and rain showers in New Lynn.

Many thanks for the feedback,

Many thanks for the feedback, good to know! :)

- WW

Hi there. I asked about 2

Hi there. I asked about 2 weeks ago, just wandering what the forecast for gold coast will be on the 14th march for gold coast as am flying there? Thanks guuys

G'day thereLooks like there

G'day there

Looks like there could be a few clearing showers on the 14th as a southerly airflow eases. The 15th looks good with high pressure dominating.


Homegrown 2015 – Wellington

G'day there

How likely do you think is is that Homegrown will need to be postponed from Sat 7 March to Sunday because of wind?

Thanks, Gary

Hi thereBest to check out our

Hi there

Best to check out our forecasts on our Wellington page. As for whether it will be postponed, well I've never set up a rock concert before so would be best to ring or get in touch with the organisers of this event as they'll know what conditions they need for the concert to run. They'll be keeping in touch with whether they think they can go ahead or not.


South Africa vs Pakistan Cricket Match - Eden Park

Hi, Whats the update about the Match on 7th March 2015 between 14:00-22:00. Will the chances of rain be just between 15:00-18:00.

Imran Mobin, Pakistan