6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 18° | Hi 23°
Sunny spells and westerly winds (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 68%
Wind: W 15kph
Sunrise: 06:01
Sunset: 20:36
Barometer: 1021hPa

This afternoon

Max: 23°
Wind: WSW 20kph

Sunny and Cloudy areas with west to southwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)

This evening

Max: 18°
Wind: SW 15kph

Clear spells with southwesterly winds. Lower humidity. (20% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Mon. Dec 22.
    16° | 22° Sunny spells with southwesterly winds (10% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Dec 23.
    14° | 23° Sunny with some cloud, light southerly winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Wed. Dec 24.
    16° | 22° Morning cloud then breaking to afternoon sunny spells, easterly winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Thu. Dec 25.
    16° | 22° Fairly cloudy at times with nor'easters. Mostly dry but risk of a shower. (20% chance of precip)
  • Fri. Dec 26.
    16° | 21° Sunny spells with northeasterly winds (10% chance of precip)

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Excellent Service Thank You

Thanks for you "most flights will be ok this weekend" prediction and your excellent service.  I think I will risk it! I'm not so concerned about Sunday because if I get delayed comming back all I will miss is a days work :)

Raglan this fri & sat

Hey WW! We're heading down to Raglan on friday coming back to AKL sat evening. Hows the weather looking like for those two days. Many thanks!

Hi thereFriday is looking

Hi there

Friday is looking resonable at this stage, periods of cloud with a few sunny spells, northeasterly winds. Cloud thickens mid afternoon onwards and there may be a brief shower or two in the evening / overnight.

On Saturday skies are looking a little cloudier with breezy northerlies, chance of a brief spit or two however the further you move towards Auckland the chance of any spits becomes less. Temperatures quite mild, up in the high teens 18 / 19 degrees on both days.

Hope your trip goes well! :)


Saturdays my wedding day

Pretty gutted, hope that forecast will change. I am getting married this sat 2 August, in Torbay on the shore - do you think the pendulum may swing in my favour, with some sunshine ?

It may well change between

It may well change between now and then, currently things are looking up :) There is a front / system due later on Sunday so hopefully that holds off a bit more as the week goes on then Saturday may improve still. We'll have to wait and see how this one unfolds.


a much better weather

a much better weather thankyou

You're welcome :) - WW

You're welcome :)

- WW

Re: Winds in Auckland tomorrow ( Saturday )

Will they be very stong winds ?





Hi thereNot expecting strong

Hi there

Not expecting strong winds in Auckland tomorrow. Winds up to 20 kph sort've thing more likely.


Hail storm

Just had a 5 minute hail storm in Coatesville Auckland and lots of heavy rain showers. 1.20pm

Desert Road

Travelling down to Wellington on Wednesday

Will the Desert Road be open for traffic?

Are you expecting any ice or snow?


Many thanks

You could find there will be

You could find there will be some snow about so I'd definately check on conditions before you do travel. Thursday may be the better option but icy roads morning and night is possible.


That wedding day :)

Hi there mate, I asked you a few weeks back, what the weather is looking like over the horizon (2 August) I am getting married on August 2 on the North Shore, it's less than 2 weeks away - any predictions or should I ask again in a weeks time or so?? Thanks so much for the great work you do for us .. Regards shane

Current indications are a

Current indications are a ridge lies over the upper North Island on the 2nd August, so from that point of view it could be mainly settled and sunny. But yes feel free to come back in a week and we'll hopefully be able to get a better idea on things :)


Snow in Auckland?

I've just been watching tiny drops of something floating and swirling in the air. I couldn't catch any of it. Could it be snow? There's no rain clouds directly overhead D. Green (Waitakere) 

100% will not be snow, not

100% will not be snow, not sure there sorry.


Cumulus slide up the Manukau

Beautiful enormous cumulus slide up the Manukau, delivering a few heavy showers in New Lynn. Forecast amazingly accurate again.

Sunday 9am-12pm

Hi,just wondering if it's gonna rain this Sunday between 9am-12pm around ELLERSLIE. Area ?
I'm going car hunting at ELLERSLIE car fair I heard it's a buyers day that day,
was hoping for a good day..

HI there, could be a shower

HI there, could be a shower with southerlies picking up a bit - otherwise dry.  All the best!

- WW

Such a cute question!  Only

Such a cute question!  Only in Auckland.  Answer - probably maybe.  Hope you hair survives the adventure.

mobile site

Looks like something has gone wrong with formatting. I'm looking at this page on my phone and the font size is just too big next to the weather images. Can't see full text for the 5 days forecasted

There is a WW app that you

There is a WW app that you can download from the Google Play store! I am not sure if there is one for iPhones though.

Hi there - yes we have a FREE

Hi there - yes we have a FREE app for iphones and androids :)

- Cheers

- WW

I had android app when it

I had android app when it first launched, but it kept crashing and it didn't have as much info as the website does, so I uninstalled it

I hope you guys are (as

I hope you guys are (as usual) more accurate than the Met Service for this weekend! My paddocks have just dried out and we don't want more stormy weather and heavy rain!

Moonshine spells tonight if

Moonshine spells tonight if were lucky,so gloomy.

Is the fog gonna lift?

Hi guys
Enough warmth up there to burn this fog off today (she says with 5 people on a photo shoot waiting for some sun!)

Fog was a little hard to pick

Fog was a little hard to pick nearly a week out when we previously talked, Hopefully you managed ok with your shoot though! :)



Just had lovely walk along Takapuna Beach. Thick fog - visibility about 100 m. Big glassy waves rolling in. Weird not being able to see Rangitoto.

Could,would do and appreciate

Could,would do and appreciate a little more sunshine than of late?

It's coming, tomorrow through

It's coming, tomorrow through to Friday you should see plenty more :)


Fog tomorrow in auckland

I had my regional flight out of Auckland cancelled this morning.  Looking to try again for tomorrow morning.  Am I better to try and fly out tonight in case tomorrow morning is fog again?  Or is tomorrow morning going to be clear?

You should be ok tonight or

You should be ok tonight or tomorrow morning, the air is looking to get a little drier. Can't totally rule out a few fog patches tomorrow morning but if anything does form it should'nt be too significant.


Gulls migrating

Hundreds of gulls just flew over New Lynn heading North as soft sunset colours showed SE

Saturday morning 8am

Hi playing in a golf tournament saturday tee time 8am any idea how heavy the rain will be at that time...


Hi thereLooking wet, rain

Hi there

Looking wet, rain with heavy falls then easing around midday to the odd shower.


Windy auckland weather

Hi there when will this windy and stormy weather clear up by and all the rain will clear..

Hi thereSaturday afternoon

Hi there

Saturday afternoon conditions will finally ease :)

It has been windy in Auckland for a while so could understand your looking forward to it being over!



I remember Cyclone Bola, the winds of this storm seem worse than Bola and I don't remember a 'storm' ('cyclone') that went on this long. We've had this hanging around for about. 3-4days now...Why don't these 'storms' have the term cyclone or hurricane attached to them anymore ( like In the 'olden' days?)

Hi there, quite often

Hi there, quite often cyclones or storms move through fairly quickly - in fact the gales from a cyclone may only last 3 to 6 hours in some cases, because they are tightly wrapped around the centre.  This week we have had a low pressing in against a high - and that's ramped the winds up further.  The high is big, slow moving, etc - so that's why the winds aren;t moving - the high isn't moving.  That changes over Saturday though...finally!

- WW

Friday 11th


Have got a concrete pour booked for this friday, how late do you think the rain will come in?



G'day thereThe latest

G'day there

The latest information has Friday evenings front now coming through in the afternoon. So a few morning showers, then rain in the afternoon (midday / 1pm till 4 or 5pm), easing back to a few showers by evening.


Dry Spell



I am just hanging out for a dry spell so I can can get my house finished.  Delays on the build have put us 7 weeks behind which includes the exterior painting.  Do you predict a dty spell (a few days) in the coming weeks.





G'day BenSaturday and Sunday

G'day Ben

Saturday and Sunday may give you some reprieve. The odd shower may move in again from late Sunday afternoon though. Then it's looking like the later half of next week may be dry too as an anticyclone moves over (perhaps just Thu and Fri). Starts to get a bit difficuilt when you go that far out though.


Hi guys Me again.  Looking at

Hi guys

Me again.  Looking at photoshoots in Auckland on Sat 12th/Sun 13th/Mon 14th July - are we likely to get any sunny spells in between showers?

Also - Queenstown on the 16th - probably too far out but any thoughts on long range and possibility of some sun?

As always, wonderful to hear any predictions as you guys are most accurate site!

all the best,


Hi BriarSaturday should be

Hi Briar

Saturday should be mostly sunny and dry at this stage, there may be some early morning rain but it's looking to clear fairly quickly at this stage.

Sunday is looking pretty good too, perhaps a few clouds about. Late afternoon / evening a few showers may start drifting in.

Monday sees showers in the morning then clearing around midday with afternoon sunny spells increasing, southwesterly winds.

In Queenstown, yes it is a while out but currently it's looking like a fine day may squeeze in as a ridge starts to spread in from the Tasman Sea. Won't be very warm though!

Thanks for the comment :)



It seems as though we've had quite a few damaging storms just recently (esp from the east). Is it more than usual? Last year seemed much more settled ( or is this my imagination?).

If these storms are more frequent or unusual then why is this so and is this the new pattern/ more on the way this year and next?


Hi there - yes this year we

Hi there - yes this year we have a few more windy events for the country, but this is just part of a normal neutral weather pattern (ie, no La Nina, no El Nino).  There are often wind/rain events like this around NZ but the majority of them zip by us out to sea and don't hit us directly.  New Zealand is just two small mountainous islands in the roaring 40s and on the edge of the sub-tropics - anything can happen to us in winter, from wintry snowy weather to sub-tropical wind and rain events like this!

Philip Duncan 

August ?

I know it's a wee way out ... I am getting married sat August 2, what's your weather predictions for our big day ? :) cheers

Hi thereCan't look that far

Hi there

Can't look that far away sorry :(

If you come back on the 23rd of July perhaps we might have an idea by then although it is still a while away but we'll try :)