6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 12° | Hi 18°
Periods of cloud with the odd shower, colder west to southwest winds (40% chance of precip)

Rain: 40%
Humidity: 91%
Wind: WSW 25kph
Sunrise: 05:59
Sunset: 20:19
Barometer: 1016hPa

This morning

Max: 18°
Wind: WSW 25kph

Periods of cloud with the chance of a shower, west to southwest winds. Mostly Dry. (30% chance of precip)

This afternoon

Max: 18°
Wind: WSW 35kph

Periods of cloud with brisk west to southwest winds. Risk of a remaining shower, otherwise dry (25% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Sun. Nov 30.
    13° | 19° Cloudy areas with breezy WSW winds, a few showers in the afternoon clear evening (40% chance of precip)
  • Mon. Dec 1.
    12° | 17° Periods of cloud with southwesterly winds, the odd shower now and then (30% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Dec 2.
    11° | 19° Mostly sunny with southwesterly breezes (10% chance of precip)
  • Wed. Dec 3.
    9° | 21° Sunny areas and some cloud, westerly winds (10% chance of precip)

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G'day BriarMonday is look a

G'day Briar

Monday is look a bit cloudy with late drizzle then overnight rain, much like the forecast above. Your right about the end of next week though, current guidance suggests a ridge moving over the North Island on Friday with potentially sunny and clear weather about!


Lovely sunshine

New Lynn is enjoying lovely sunshine after the stormy night. Butterflies out in force perpetuating the species. Awesome cloud displays and frequent changing wind directions.

Wind records

Is there an online source to get wind speed records /history for Tiri Tiri?  Is their a chart of the now casting reords - just looking for peak winds overnight.   I recall a maximum gust of 90 knots during a stoem about 7(?)  years  ago. Tiri would be best weather station for Whangaparaoa?



Wind records

Nowcasting is a service installed and operated by RNZ Coastguard Northern Region.
It is an automated operation with the data overwritten every few minutes. As such historic stats are not available.
You can get reasonably similar readings and history from an excellent private station at

Got worse now after 4 oclock

Got worse now after 4 oclock due to it more southerly or SSW as exposed to southwest.

Huge wind gusts out west

The worst storm I've been in and l've lived in Auckland 38 years!! And it's getting worst.

gale force winds west auckland

Definitely gale force winds hitting Te Atatu Peninsula

gale force here on the north shore.. powers out

can barely open windows because of the wind.

tyrone is scared

sounds like the end of the world outside.

Yay for insurance!!!

Stupid storm. :( damaged cars and sheds already.. Stay safe!!!!!

Wind speeds

Hi Phil

I notice that on your site you forecast 40 - 45 kph winds, yet on the TVNZ site they are forecasting 130 kph.


Why the discrepancy? 


Cheers, Bill


Some serious amounts of rain out west auckland overnight and sounds like it's getting heavier..

viewing different days

It would be helpful if you could scroll through about 5-7 days in advance to see the full forecast for those specific days. Thanks. Phil


Hey WeatherWatch team,

Love the improvements to the website. Still providing accurate and relieable weather predictions.

The team is still is still and always nice to communcate too about the weather predictions.

Keep it up :D

Hope you guys enjoy the weekend,





Hi Ben - thanks very much, we

Hi Ben - thanks very much, we appreciate your comments a lot!

- WW Team 

Looking very wet and mild at

Looking very wet and mild at night much of next week this stage

how's saturday?

Hi there just wanting more details about tomorrow? Would we be expecting rain in West Auckland during the day? If so what time/ish? :) Thanks!

Hi thereThe day should be

Hi there

The day should be mainly dry but the further north you go of the CBD you increase the risk of experiencing a few showers. Not expecting rain in west Auckland but the risk of a shower or two is possible but it is a fairly low risk. Hope your day goes well :)



Hoping your Sunday forecast is right. Metservice basically has the Sunday/Monday forecast here reversed.


Hi there! This time last week

Hi there! This time last week we were predicting a sunny Sunday and MetService was predicting Light Rain developing. Sunday was sunny in the end and their Saturday update removed the prediction of rain.  Basically both forecasters have access to similar data - but it's all about how you interpret it.  We feel pretty confident rain will be pushing in to Auckland late Sunday/Monday with the chance of heavy falls - but it's worth looking at our rain maps too, because there you will see the rain band is very narrow and localised - meaning this forecast might change a little still.

WW team 

Great Information :-)

I like the information an how it has been set up, at first I didn't know what precip means until my friend told me. You should probably explain what some of the longer and detailed words mean.

Red on grey

That's better! Thanks. :) Like the rest of the layout as well.

Red on grey

I like the new site but red on grade for the temperatures of the day is hard to read. 

Shortest Day?

Can you tell me when the shorteest day is going to be this year? Thanks

June 21st :)CheersWW

June 21st :)


New site

Avid WWW follower, but sorry, don't like the new website layout.

New Layout

The new layout is great! One small problem is that it is not easy to read the red number on the grey banner for city temperature on the homepage. 

Keep up the great work!

Nicely Done

Very nice job on the new website, I just feel there's a few things missing.


Where has the Satelite picture of NZ gone that was always on the right of the page?

The Map of NZ on the front page, with the regions, would (In my opinion) look better to the right of the page.

Oh and there's no stars in the picture with the moon for evening/night forecast slots, looks a bit empty without there

And also up-top, the bar with the forcast, maybe have an icon of the forecast (so sun for a sunny day, rain if it's gonna rain etc)


Overall, very nice job though :)

Hi there - the live Sat Map

Hi there - the live Sat Map is now on our Maps page with all the others :)


p.s  Thanks for the other comments, all helpful. Cheers.

Saturday 14 June

Hi - do you have any indication as to what the weather will be doing on Saturday 14 June?  I had a look on your maps page but this date is beyond 14 days.  We're running an event in central Auckland.



Hi there, no we couldn't say

Hi there, no we couldn't say that far out sorry. As you say it's too far away for modeled data.

Come back and ask in 4 or 5 days time? Even then it will just be an idea we could give you, nothing spot on.


thanks :)

thanks :)

cold snap

Just wondering whi its so unusually freezing cold? it was never this cold at this time of the year last year!!

Just the weather doing its

Just the weather doing its thing :)

Had a cold system move over the country which resulted in frosty conditions, the skies were clear, the airflow southerly or southeast which Auckland ideally needs for frosts and there you go!


Clouds rolled in!

Great forecast as clouds have rolled in covering most of the sky in New Lynn. 11 degrees still outside.

Overnight low in Auckland

I see the other metservices predicting an overnight low of 8 degrees in Auckland tonight. Given that it's 7.9 degrees (feels like 7) currently, your prediction of 5 degrees seems much more realistic. BTW loving the colder weather.  Makes up for the misery of the heat of the summer...

Thank you for the cooler

Thank you for the cooler weather....... I HATE summer!!

Śo there's no more frost

Śo there's no more frost expected tonight for auckland?

Hi there - not at this stage,

Hi there - not at this stage, but we're monitoring closely this evening.  If the clouds west of Auckland don't move in overnight then a frost is possible but at this stage we're still expecting clouds to move in which will stop the temperatures falling too much further.



so if the clouds dont move in

so if the clouds dont move in will it be a colder morning than yesterday? 

Possibly - but the clouds are

Possibly - but the clouds are now rolling in so some places will now warm up a little :)

Clouds forming

Clouds are forming W of the Waitakere Ranges as another cool night falls.

cold record

So was this morning's negative 2 degrees, an Auckland record?

Global warming strikes

Global warming strikes again!

Hi there - NIWA keep all the

Hi there - NIWA keep all the record of data so you're best to contact them for records. I very much doubt this broke a record as frosts are possible in Auckland in Autumn, Winter and Spring months.  -2 is rare but personally i've seen colder in Auckland. Will look into the record for your best bet is to contact niwa directly.  Auckland has a few weather stations and Henderson Valley would most likely have the lowest temps, and they may well have dropped below -5 before.



Far North

Morning WW!

Any chance of a forecast for the far north (Houhora/Henderson Bay) over the long weekend?

Cheers :)

Hi thereLooks like Saturday

Hi there

Looks like Saturday sees cloudy periods and a few sunny spells, a period of showers moving through from late morning then clearing by evening, there will be dry spells amoungst the showers. Breezy southeasterlies.

On Sunday expect cloudy periods and a few sunny spells once again, drier conditions this time round with only the low risk of a brief shower now and then.

Morning cloud breaks to a mostly sunny day on Monday, breezy southeasterly winds ease becoming light in the afternoon.




Many thanks for that, much appreciated.

Keep up the great work :)



Hi, it was -1 deg C in Waiuku this morning, bird bath water froze at around 6am, brrrr.


Keep up the good work Guys!!!

Thanks heaps, much

Thanks heaps, much appreciated by the team. Was certainly cold!