6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 9° | Hi 17°
Clear spells, southerly winds (0% chance of precip)

Rain: 0%
Humidity: 92%
Wind: SSE 10kph
Sunrise: 05:59
Sunset: 18:21
Barometer: 1014hPa

This morning

Max: 17°
Wind: S 15kph

Mostly sunny with southerly winds (0% chance of precip)

This afternoon

Max: 17°
Wind: SW 20kph

Mostly sunny with southwesterly winds (0% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Thu. Oct 2.
    9° | 17° Sunny areas and some cloud increasing from afternoon, NW winds. Rain moves in late evening (20% chance of precip)
  • Fri. Oct 3.
    11° | 16° Morning rain then easing to showers, brisk westerlies becoming strong late afternoon (70% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Oct 4.
    9° | 12° Showers with strong WSW winds (60% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Oct 5.
    9° | 16° Cloudy periods with gusty westerly winds (20% chance of precip)

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Might have to really get a

Might have to really get a crystal ball out as I'm not sure I can see that far ahead! lol.

The longest of the longest long range models are not looking that flash but that's all I'll say at the moment, we'll have to give it a bit more time yet.



whats the weather for sunday because am going to my friends birthday party at Action World and its a outdoor theme park!

Hi thereThat is 7 days away

Hi there

That is 7 days away so I can't give you any garantuees (not that you can much with weather anyway in some respects....). But in saying that currently it's looking like there should be sunny spells and periods of cloud about with light winds.

Watch out late afternoon / evening, there could be a period of isolated showers. Temperatures around 23 degrees. Hope your day goes well!


Sunrise and Sunset time

Hi, there

Please update Sunrise and Sunset times as Daylight saving has been over already.


Auckland weather this week

Hi i have some family visiting auckland from Mon-Thursday any chance of some sunny weather?


Hi thereForecast above is the

Hi there

Forecast above is the latest and up to date one as of me writing this message to you. There will be some sunny weather during the week ahead but periods of cloud and the risk of a shower or two at times also.


Do we ever get other wind

Do we ever get other wind directions ie northerly,NE,Westerly in Auckland its always southwest annoying even calm days are this.

Hi there, Auckland gets the

Hi there, Auckland gets the other wind directions of course, but yes a SW wind is quite common. Is much like an easterly or northeasterly like Christchurch gets.


Beautiful Anvil

Beautiful Anvil above Auckland City at the moment. West wind blows in New Lynn.

Beautiful Cumulus

Been some beautiful Cumulus around Auckland. A spectacular anvil in the West this morning. Magnificent Autumn day with cicardas singing and butterflies hatching and flying.

April 12th

Hi there, 

please forgive this enquiry, I have my wedding on the 12th of April and I have had a look at the rain map that shows no rain. 

I guess I just want to know how accurate it is and/or what you think the chance of the day being fine is?

Metsevice says rain, I trust you guys but I am really just asking because I am freaking out about rain. 

Many thanks. 

Hi thereApril 12th is 8 days

Hi there

April 12th is 8 days away so I can't make too many solid predictions at this point in time. Currently weather models are pointing at a southeasterly airflow which generally means mostly sunny weather for Auckland and dry conditions. So hopefully that holds out and your day goes well!

Things could always change being this far out but fingers crossed.


Any change now?

Any change now?

Current forecast above is out

Current forecast above is out thoughts on Saturday at the moment. May be a bit cloudier but expect sunny breaks at times. Early rain clearing then the risk of another showers later afternoon / early afternoon.



Could you tell me if April the 9th is sunny or rainy

Good morning - Friday's

Good morning - our forecast foir the 9th will be available as of tomorrow. Use our Maps above to see the latest rainfall predictions for the 9th and beyond.



Been pouring down out west auckland and heavy.. Still going strong too

Today's downpour

This afternoon's downpours in Auckland appear to be much more substantial than any weather outlet was predicting - has it taken you by surprise? 

Currently we are saying

Currently we are saying "Showers, some heavy". This morning though we just had isolated showers but not heavy in the forecast at that stage.

Convective showers like this, and at this time of year are a hard thing to judge. Will they be fleating and only brief or more substantial as you say. Often you could only make that call not long before they happen.

We knew showers would be about in some form for Auckland today but how heavy is always a tricky one. We had the risk of showers in the forecast for today the longest of any outlet.



Hi there,

Is there rain?

thanking you

For Auckland today? Yes there

For Auckland today? Yes there does seem to be a bit, thank goodness!



hi there,

participating in the Rotorua- Taupo Flyer bike race - any idea about the wind speed and direction Rotorua - Taupo area on Saturday.

Hi thereOn Saturday your

Hi there

On Saturday your looking at south to southeasterly winds around 15 to 20 km/h gusting 25 to 30 km/h at times.

Generally in forecasting lingo the winds would be described as gentle then gusting occasionally into the moderate wind speed bracket. So nothing that strong at all.


Hi D

We are forecasters not crystal ball gazers - No one could accurately predict the weather from 20 - 27 April on the 3rd of April.

April Forecast

Hello - could you please advise how does the weather look for Auckland and Wellington during April - especially the week 20-27 April?

Many thanks,


Hi thereAny chance you could

Hi there

Any chance you could narrow down your request a little? A forecast for the 20th April onwards is a bit hard to do at the moment as no data we have goes out that far, even if we did it probably wouldn't be very reliable.

So yeah, would any information within the next 10 days be of use to you?


No models go that far yet

No models go that far yet even the ones to pay for.

Hi. What is the possibility

Hi. What is the possibility Auckland Airport will be affected by fog on Friday morning?

Hi thereWon't rule it out as

Hi there

Won't rule it out as there is a chance of fog this time of year when anticyclones are about, however I'd say it's a fairly low risk. You should be fine :)


Not the greatest of

Not the greatest of outlooks...... ;(


Weatherwatch,  is there any rain on the way for North Auckland?

For anything potentially

For anything potentially substantial looking it may be another 10 days away, a low forms in the Tasman Sea around then according to current weather models, then moves east over the North Island. Nothing overally great looking till then.


Rain this coming weekend?

Hi there, We are getting married on Sat 5th, what is the chances of having yet another sunny weekend?  We will be near Auckland airport.  Fingers crossed!

At this stage yes it is

At this stage yes it is looking fairly settled, mostly sunny weather with light winds tending easterly.

Only possible risk is the chance of an isolated afternoon shower but it appears to be a low risk at this stage.

Hopefully your day goes well!



The ground at our house in west auckland is starting to get huge cracks in it as it's so dry... Common rain hurry up

Awesome sunset last night

An awesome sunset followed sun dog displays over West Auckland last night. Golden with shapes and jet stream.

Very Cloudy

Has got very cloudy after near clear skies at sunset time. Stars twinkle in the gaps. Gentle breeze in New Lynn.

falling object in west Auckland

Did anyone in the west part of auckland see a falling burning object in the sky at 7:30ish ?? 


I saw the lowest sattelite ever last night out west auckland.. Was so bright and tracked across the sky real slowly but so visible.. And the stars at nights recently have to in full bloom.. Quite stunning to sit and stare into space


It was probably the space station as you can see it quite regularly.

No, I didn't see that but

No, I didn't see that but about 6.00am the moon and venus looked really beautiful together:)

A bit cold in the morning

Recently I feel a bit cold in the morning and not as hot as before in the afternoon. Maybe autumn really comes, but I didn't notice that!

Nightime rain

Lovely having a little rain during the nigh in New Lynn .A little short though. Woken by raindrops on face. :)

Late cloud

Late cloud arrived, quick shower in New Lynn. Very warm tonight.

Any idea when the next rain

Any idea when the next rain might be coming for Auckland area??
It's rather dry on farm, the maps look very dry, that must just about be the biggest high of the year.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

Hi thereNothing substantial

Hi there

Nothing substantial in maps looking into the future unfortunately (next 2 weeks). Will just have to hope something springs up soon.



Sunny and bright in New Lynn. Been watching showers along Waitakere Ranges. Titirangi got a light shower. Heavier showers out West by Henderson. Awesome cloud displays.

Isolated heavy rain in

Isolated heavy rain in manurewa this arvo.

Very cloudy & humid

This morning has turned very cloudy and humid, patches of blue remain. Auckland crime Helicopter been busy again.


what is the January humidity