6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This evening

Lo 13° | Hi 17°
Mainly clear skies, southwesterly winds tend southerly (0% chance of precip)

Rain: 0%
Humidity: 94%
Wind: SSW 20kph
Sunrise: 06:27
Sunset: 19:42
Barometer: 1021hPa


Wind: SSE 15kph

Skies becoming mainly clear, southeasterly winds (0% chance of precip)

Tomorrow morning

Max: 17°
Wind: SSE 15kph

Sunny with southerly winds (0% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Sat. Oct 25.
    7° | 17° Sunny with southerly winds tending southwest later in the afternoon (0% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Oct 26.
    9° | 17° Sunny spells and increasing cloud, northwesterlies freshen from afternoon (20% chance of precip)
  • Mon. Oct 27.
    13° | 16° Rain developing AM then easing to showers late afternoon as northwesterlies change southwest (80% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Oct 28.
    11° | 18° Periods of cloud with northerly winds, a few showers from evening (30% chance of precip)
  • Wed. Oct 29.
    14° | 17° Periods of rain with gusty westerlies (70% chance of precip)

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is there gonna be

is there gonna be thuderstorms friday afternoon

please said yes for me

Hi thereFriday is looking dry

Hi there

Friday is looking dry at this stage, anticyclonic weather.

A front moves through on Saturday however so that provides a chance, we'll have to give it some more time though before we know what this front may or may not bring :) Feel free to come back and ask about Saturday in 3 or so days time :)


Mother's day

A great day in Auckland for Mother's day. Thank you Mother Nature.

Sailing we will go :)

Great weather all around the

Great weather all around the country! She has indeed put on a good one :)


Saturday Afternoon, north of the city

Hi WW Guys,

really hoping for some fine weather on Saturday afternoon (planning some outside fun at the start of a party!), the 30% chance of precipitation doesn't look so much fun :). Can you give me a heads up for the weather on Saturday afternoon around 3pm in Albany? Appreciate your work, always check your site!

G'day thereA low pressure

G'day there

A low pressure system to the east of Auckland may cause issues on Saturday, we are yet to fully come to a conclution about the weather tomorrow but at this stage showers look possible in the east of Auckland and northern parts of Auckland in the afternoon / evening. Elsewhere looks mainly dry at this stage.

Hopefully the influence of the low out east moves a little further offshore meaning a dry day ahead for Auckland. We'll see how things look soon and be updating the weather this afternoon so keep an eye out on the forecast above.


Is there a Waiheke forecast?

Is there a Waiheke forecast? I see from the comment below but I can't find it?

Our Auckland forecasts cover

Our Auckland forecasts cover Waiheke Island - if something significantly different is expected there we will mention it here.



waiheke rainfall

Hi. I can find forecasts for Waiheke Island, but where can I find actual rainfall readings for the week past?


Hi AndreYou may have to get

Hi Andre

You may have to get intouch with NIWA for that information.


Southwest today,not westerly

Southwest today,not westerly

Thurs Fri still sunny in Hauraki Gulf?

Hi WW guys,

Got a photo shoot that we are confirming today for this Thurs/Fri on Rangitoto & Motutapu.... looks OK on the forecast, but do you think we'll get lots of sunny spells for our shots, or is high cloud likely to come into play end of this week? 

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks alot and keep up the great work!


You should get plenty of

You should get plenty of sun.

But yes on Friday I would expet some high cloud. it may not be a thick blanket covering but more variable we are thinking at this stage so periods of sun then high cloud, that sort've thing.

Good luck!



Hi WW,

I notice that Saturday's forecast has changed since I looked on my mobile app this morning (which said rain).

I really need to know if there is chance of rain/showers as it is my daughter's 5th birthday and we have plans for outside but may need to change that if there is rain.


Hi thereSaturday is 6 days

Hi there

Saturday is 6 days away so the forecast is never going to be spot on that far out, but we give our best idea.

At this stage we currently believe it will be sunny with periods of cloud, northeasterly winds. The forecast earlioer this morning was computer generated before we had a chance to look at the situation and come to a conclusion.

Beware that Saturday may change again, as is the case with the weather at times...

Hopefully your day goes well either way!


Male monarch birth today

Now the risk of wasps is past more caterpillars are surviving into chrysalis. One female hatched yesterday! Noticeably cooler at night makes sleeping better :)


Are you in Auckland?  one of my beehives is currently under attack from a colony of wasps I can't find. 

Wasps in Auckland

Take time to watch flight path & it may be possible to see where coming from.  Nasty critters. I used a wasp pheromone to help get rid of them. Bees are not attracted to them.

Theyll be talking about

Theyll be talking about paperwasps,most likely german or common wasps that are more aggresive in underground nests attacking the bees.

Sunday 27th

Hi WW,

Planning an outdoor event for West Auckland on Sunday afternoon - forecast looking ok so far...what is the chance we might see some rain or wind? Cheers :)

Weather looking good for

Weather looking good for Sunday so you should be fine :D

Only chance of a shower appears to be late evening or overnight.


Hey whats the winter like in

Hey whats the winter like in the whole country this year specially Auckland (New Lynn/West)? I just want to know. And will it be a long one or short one? :)

I'll have to find a working

I'll have to find a working crystal ball to make the kind of prediction, unfortunately can't help that much. You need a seasonal outlook which NIWA would be more helpfull with, generally anyone predicting that far out can't be too specific anyway however.


storm chasing.

man may and december are differently my favourite months for storm chasing due to may changing from northern lows to mid to south lows that generaly bring in cold fronts that over lap heat thats been trapped in the country from summer and autumn bringing up those afternoon and mid night storms :)

Then again december the change to boiling hot moist air and easing winds causing giant torrential falls or convections to grow into supercell storms. saddly up hear in auckland we dont have enough land to trap in the heat and we have quite alot of coast winds blowing those clouds into soggy nimbostatus.


I'm looking forward to the

I'm looking forward to the storm season again down here Zac! Can't wait to chase like yourself, love that time of year :)


cant wait!

i am despertly lokking for a good may like last year.


hello! May be a little too

hello! May be a little too early to ask but... We're heading to Mangawhai this weekend (26th - 29th)...what will the weather gods be doing then? thanks!

Hi thereWell we can have a

Hi there

Well we can have a look, may be a little early as you say but lets see....

Saturday, right.... straight off the bat we have a front moving through by the looks. Cloudy with areas of rain developing in the morning and northwesterly winds. A change to southwesterlies late afternoon with rain easing to showers which clear by evening.

Sunday, morning cloud breaks to sunny spells. Southwesterly winds.

Monday, sunny spells with light winds tending southerly. Evening showers as easterlies freshen.

Tuesday, brisk easterly winds, the odd shower about mainly morning.

Temperatures around the high teens / low 20's mark during these days.

Please note as you know this could change being a little while away, lets hope it does for the better!


fishing conditions

what are the fishing conditions for the waitamata harbour on monday 21\4\2014


Periods of cloud and a few

Periods of cloud and a few sunny breaks at times, the odd shower possible now and then too but overall it will be mostly dry.

West to southwest winds, getting a bit breezy in the afternoon (30 km/h gusting 40 km/h) then easing in the evening. Not much swell but it could get a little choppy in the afternoon with whitecaps.


Next weekend

Glad to see the storms are coming back just in time for our next long weekend!!!!! Auckland weather is a joy!!!!

Tuesday forecast (school holiday) forecast ???

Hey just wanted to know forecast for Tuesday whole day . thanks Auckland

Hi thereNot much different

Hi there

Not much different from the forecast above, sunny spells and periods of cloud. West to southwest winds.

There may be an isolated shower late afternoon / evening otherwise dry conditions expected.


Saturday weather

Hi, Was going to run a motocross training event tomorrow just North of Warkworth. They say it is going to rain but clearing in the afternoon. Do you think this will blow over sooner and tomorrow will be ok?

No, showers about for much of

No, showers about for much of the day for Auckland. There will be dry spells too but yeah, showers with the chance of a heavy fall or two. Showers clearing more in the evening.

Hope things pull together whatever the case anyway!


Travel To Rotorua

Hi ,


How safe is it to drive from Auckland to Rotorua tomorrow Friday 18/04/2014 morning 8am?

Hi thereApologies we missed

Hi there

Apologies we missed this comment. Hopefully your drive went ok, I'm sure it will have been fine :) Although Rotorua has just been through some heavy rain and possible thunderstorms it looks like easing!



Can I get a humidity forecast for the weekend somewhere on your site? We plan to paint (indoors) over the weekend and this will help us to decide whether to do it this weekend.

Humidity will be quite high

Humidity will be quite high over the next few days. 75 to 80% atleast for Saturday and Sunday, possibly higher up to 90 / 95% at times.


Thank you!

Thank you!

Motorcycles - There are no warnings!!!

There are no warnings for motorcycle riders not to ride.

I have no idea how the other guys did it but I was blown from stationary position into another lane on the Auckland motorway.

Signs say surface water take care and great north road closed tonight but if you're in shelter of cities and trees it's hard to tell how bad it really is.

The system needs to improve!!!


I have a suggestion for you - look out the window, surely you don't need other people to warn you 

Tamaki Drive flooded

High tide is at 8:42am and Tamaki Drive is already underwater just past the Ngapipi Rd bridge (city side), traffic at a crawl when I went through at 7:15.

Kohi weather

I've got to go to my canine behaviour and training degree today at unitec Mt Albert. It's training day. Is the weather dangerous for the dogs? It's howling a bloody gale out there!

Its no different for dogs

Its no different for dogs than humans - not a safe morning to be outdoors, but hopefully will improve this afternoon.  All the best and good luck!

- WW

So not a good day to get out

So not a good day to get out with the chainsaw to turn these trees into firwood tomorrow I'm guessing!

The wind might give some

The wind might give some trees a hand today!  Tomorrow should be better :)  All the best!

Thunder storms

Hi There, Just wondering if we get thunder storms are they likely to be prolonged? Also could they be worth watching? We are in Maramarua.

Hi there, not sure about them

Hi there, not sure about them being prolonged or not. Most thunderstorms in New Zealand tend to last only an hour or two. Sometimes they can last longer but they are often travelling somewhere so one individual area may only see them for an hour at the max.

The West Coast of the South Island can be a place storms last all night long, happens in spring most of the time.

They could be worth watching although heaps of rain may keep you indoors. Friday afternoon may be better thunderstorm watching wise.


Lunar Eclipse

Hi, in Auckland. What are the chances we'll see the eclipse on the east coast 6-8pm?