6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This evening

Lo 10° | Hi 16°
Cloudy areas with SW winds (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 88%
Wind: SW 20kph
Sunrise: 06:46
Sunset: 19:29
Barometer: 1028hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 11°
Wind: SW 15kph

Cloudy areas with SW winds (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Tomorrow morning

Max: 17°
Wind: SW 20kph

Mostly cloudy with SW winds (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Sun 11 Oct
    11° | 17° Mostly cloudy with breezy SW winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 12 Oct
    12° | 19° Sunny areas with W winds, low risk of a shower or two in the afternoon (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 13 Oct
    12° | 19° Cloud builds from morning, a few showers move through in the afternoon. Brisk westerly winds (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 14 Oct
    12° | 17° Morning cloud breaks to afternoon sunny areas, breezy SW winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 15 Oct
    10° | 18° A mix of sun and cloud, SW breezes (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Hi Lil, we just want basic

Hi Lil, we just want basic access like overseas forecasters can have. Because this equipment is tax funded the idea is that it should be generally available for access. We have made a formal complaint this year to the Govt and we'll let you know how we get on. We have support from some MPs and political parties now - we didn't have that last year.  It's a very slow process.



But the weather radar is on

But the weather radar is on their website? Have they blocked you from seeing it? Thanks for your reply. Lil.

Hi Lil - we are not allowed

Hi Lil - we are not allowed to use their radars for commercial reasons - in other words, we have to pay the government a fee that is astronimical - 6 figures, before we can technically even warn you of an incoming squall or possible tornado. In all other western nations it's free for the good of the public because it's owned and funded by the government. MetService is 100% government owned. Many want the radars available on the websites they prefer, they don't want to have to go to MetService to access it - this is the case is ALL western nations, execpt New Zealand where our government is using MetService to place fees on radar that their sales teams decide the rates for (not an impartial party), so their rates are so high competitors cannot afford it. Auckland Civil Defence last year publicly backed us in freeing up open data for the benefit of all NZers as it's proven worldwide to save lives. We don't want access to any of the forecasts they create, only the data taking a snapshot of what mother nature is currently doing - this is recognised worldwide as a crictical component in creating more public awareness of incoming severe weather and the World Meteorlogical Organisation, which MetService is part of, also encourages open data globally with their members. So yes, they have effectively blocked us access for their own financial gain. 



thanks keep up the good work

Cheers, thanks :)WW

Cheers, thanks :)


will it snow

will it snow in chch 15 june cos thats my birthday

Hi thereAs below, at this

Hi there

As below, at this stage a slim chance but it may not be cold enough. Moisture amounts are not too high either. But still, keep an eye on stories / videos and our Chch forecasts to see how things may develop.

Hope you have a good birthday! :)


I see next week we may some

I see next week we may some low level snow? A long while away though right? Whats the latest about this?>

Hi thereYes potential low

Hi there

Yes potential low level snow about the lower South Island and some coastal areas up the east coast of the South Island early next week. Definately cold and indeed it could bring some snow, but it is winter so it's what one can expect. The latest is we'll keep an eye on it and no doubt Phil will have more in his video updates to come this week.



chch any snow to sea level there

Hi thereNot at this stage, a

Hi there

Not at this stage, a slim chance early next week maybe but we'll see.


will Dunedin get snow

will Dunedin get snow to sea level

More then likely no. A small

More then likely no. A small whiff of a chance of a low level flurry (200m) or two on Thursday but even then the amounts will be next to nothing.


chch snow

is there a chane of a flurry to sea level chch

Hi thereA slim chance on

Hi there

A slim chance on Thursday but more then likely it will keep up higher on the Port Hills :)



Metservice says Auckland today is "fine", with not a single mention of any possibility for showers. Looking outside now, it is raining. Thanks weatherwatch for making the right forecasts ! I mean the showers show on their radars but oh well, I guess they are busy...busy drinking latte maybe!

Hi there - to be fair we

Hi there - to be fair we originally said a mix of sun and cloud with only a 20% chance of precip, but sometimes after a foggy morning Auckland has afternoon showers, so we always monitor closely for that - like today. A few have mentioned to us about M/S today. The irony is, they refuse to allow us open access to radar data (which private forecasters can freely get in fair minded western nations like Aussie, USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, etc, for the good of the public) . In a public statement on MetService's website last year they said 'only MetService meteorologists have the skills to intrepet the data'.  On behalf of other people and businesses in NZ that comment now makes up part of our formal complaint which we're making to the NZ Govt this year, about their unfair commercial monopoly using tax funded equipment, data and personel and how other providers could make better use of it. Today is a classic example of them holding the radar for their own financial gain but failing to actually use it for the good of the Auckland public.

- WW

not again...

Sorry but these responses are tiresome. Just focus on what you do well and stop being victim. Forget the competition.Lead the charge which you once did.



Hi Greg, you clearly don't

Hi Greg, you clearly don't undertsand the legal process of changing a government. It's longhaul and we've been advised by some high level people that it will take several years - and that the only way we can do this is by having the public understand why we are doing this and why it's causing us so much pain. I can understand why you dont like reading it - we don't enjoy this fight either - but if people like yourself don't care about this then you may care more in a year or so when we shut down our public website because our govt competitors have too much power and you wanted to turn a blind eye as to how much that was hurting our existance at the time.  The reality - this is a very big issue that if not resolved, WeatherWatch will have to vacate the free public website arena and you'll be back to just Metservice only. 



is chch likely to get snow this winter

is chch likely to get snow this winter


Christchurch may do, or may

Christchurch may do, or may not. About as much as I can say :)


How is Mystery Creek looking for Fieldays?

Will it be as bad as last year?

Hi there, no it won't be as

Hi there, no it won't be as bad - but still a chance of wet weather on the Wednesday. We've been asked by a few people about this so we've just placed a detailed forecast on our homepage in the news section :) 



rain radar

realtime playback  rain radar anytime soon like metservice does?

Very unlikely, no way to get

Very unlikely, no way to get access to that data without forking over big dollars. Sorry about that :(

EDIT: We have made a formal complaint with the NZ Govt about sharing this data, as it's owned by NZ taxpayers/public but MetService is using it to stop other forecasters competiting with them. In any other western country we could easily display animated rain radar at no charge - in NZ MetService quotes us 6 figures and beyond per year for something that is entirely free in Australia, Canada, UK, USA etc.  So we can't warn people of deadly weather unless we pay MetService 6 figures first.

- WW

is there any chance of snow

is there any chance of snow flurries in christchurch today 



Hey guys, been looking

Hey guys, been looking through ya old videos and see you use to do Main city forecasts at the end? You guys sjould bring that back was a really good idea :)

Hi there - we dropped it

Hi there - we dropped it because most people prefer to just click on our website and read the forecast. So we save the video to explain others parts of the 'big picture' - which helps better explain the detailed forecasts we write! 

Cheers :)



Just looking at the rain radar, how can Dunedin recieve rain when it is not showing in the radar? or is that a glitch?

Also, is it possible sometimes that although the radar shows precipitation, in reality there is nothing?

Thanks !

Hi thereIt's mainly due to

Hi there

It's mainly due to all the hills in the Dunedin region, it blocks the radar signal from giving a good reading so it doesn't look like there is much when there is.

It is possible that it can show something when there is nothing, wind whipping up dust in the atmosphere. Farm burn offs I've seen before on radar. Also virga higher up in the atmosphere (virga = percipitation that evaporates before it reaches the ground). So yes sometimes it can look like there is rain when there isn't at ground level.

Hope that helps :)


port hill snow

will the port hill suburbs get any snow

G'day thereA slim chance you

G'day there

A slim chance you may see a few flurries on Thursday afternoon otherwise most likely no. As cold air moves in the precipitation levels drop away if not clear, the air won't be that cold anyway :)


South Auckland for Thursday

Does it look like it will be showery all across Auckland tomorrow, or varied? 10 points if you can tell me South Auckland is looking more promising!

It's looking showery across

It's looking showery across much of Auckland, South Auckland is looking no different. The only difference may be noted out east as these showers are pushing in from the west, meaning perhaps longer dry areas between showers in the east.


Hey guys, since you guys dont

Hey guys, since you guys dont do Napier forecasts.. Where do you think i can find the most accurate? Thanks

We put out national forecasts

We put out national forecasts every morning at 5am, Sunday's are 7am. They have info for the east coast of the North Island.

Or you could try and search for "Napier NZ" in the search box.

Or of course, :D

We can't provide detailed forecasts for every city in NZ at the moment unfortuantely :(


Can hear it.... Forrest HIll, North Shore

I can hear that thunder and see the lightning in the distance... no rain yet but sky looking ominous!

As much as I would hate the storm to ruin the football game Id love to see some lightning making its way over the shore hehe



Auckland 'winter'

Would never know it's the 2nd 'official' day of Auckland today, really warm and muggy. 21.3c and 78% humidity on my thermometer in Eden Terrace.

Gloomy day blown away!

A beautiful sunny afternoon in Auckland, great to have following a beautiful calm sunny weekend in Palmerston North. Loved the crispy night last Friday. Magnificent clear skies as Tarawera Ranges blocked the weather.

Magnificent storm clouds about the Central Plateau as we travelled home. Even saw a Monarch flying as golden leaves fell/floated from trees as they shed their leaves.

Certainly been a dramatic

Certainly been a dramatic change nt he weather in Auckland today!   The weather across NZ has been quite varied these past few days!  Glad you had a safe trip :)

- Phil

Holy god, seeing the weather

Holy god, seeing the weather radar for Auckland, seeing very very heavy torrential rain bands out to sea moving toards the coast on the ms radar? Maybe you guys should alert the fb followers?

Hi there - MetService

Hi there - MetService actually have told us if we use their rain radars to inform the public they would take legal action against us, simply for their own commercial competitive reasons - nothing at all to do with public safety.  We have made a formal complaint with the Govt about this - as we are never going to pay MetService a cent to warn the public of something that might be a threat to human life.

We have already warned Auckland Civil Defence and the News Media about these incoming thunderstorms and heavy showers between 4 and 6pm.  Often thunderstorms can fall apart before they reach Auckland due to the shape of Northland getting in the we have started informing the public, but we don't go on to Facebook etc until we are certain of what is happening - usually within an hour of them potentially moving in.




It is unbelievable that you can't use Metservice's radars to warn the public!! legal action?? for what, weather warnings? this is stupid. I believe that weather information should be shared without restrictions between all relevant agencies. I mean what is this? pirating a movie or downloading a song illegally? it is just some weather data collected by a radar that was paid for by US the taxpayers, or am I wrong ??

Isn't there a petition or something that tells Metservice off?

The radar is funded by tax

The radar is funded by tax payers, and even if MetServices makes money from private contracts they seem to conveniently forget their company and profits are 100% that of the NZ Government and taxpayers.  This is about MetService keeping hold of their significant monopoly here in NZ - not about what is best for all NZers. Telecom behaved in a similar manner in the 1990s with regards to the public network they owned/inherited etc.  If we have no luck with the current Ministers we will definitely encourage the public to support us.

US taxpayers kindly fund all the maps we use at Their government - like Australia, the UK, Ireland and Canada etc, all support open weather data for the good of the public. Civil Defence here in NZ support this too - in fact last year the boss of Auckland Civil Defence backed us publicly to the Dominion Post. Former NIWA scientist James Renwick spoke in the same story also backing WeatherWatch and supporting our message that this is not the way to run your weather industry. Especially when MetService demonise us publicly for trying to access this public data, saying we're only doing it for commercial reasons - yet we want to display their data at no charge, and they are the ones that want to keep this public data to maximise their own commercial profits. 

Cheers, Phil.

US taxpayers say "Use 'em!"

"US taxpayers kindly fund all the maps we use at".

If that's US as in USA....I'm a US citizen here in NZ and I say.....USE THE WEATHER MAPS!!! If I'm payin' y'all can be usin'! MetService can go sue themselves!!! Or they can be sued for fraudulent actions to the People of NZ.

(If you meant US as in'us', 'we', then ooops, sorry for the misinterpretation. I still say you should use the weather maps, though)

Have a good one.

US as in USA :P

US as in USA :P

Hahahaha....I'm buying!! Use

Hahahaha....I'm buying!! Use our maps. They're there for you to enjoy. 


With God's blessings

Another US Taxpayer :)

snow for chch

Is CHCH likely to get snow on wed/thu?

No, no snow for Chch.Aaron

No, no snow for Chch. You could try and look at our Christchurch forecasts which are looked over by a forecaster here at