6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 14° | Hi 23°
Some cloud with Sou'West winds (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 96%
Wind: SW 15kph
Sunrise: 05:59
Sunset: 20:19
Barometer: 1024hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This morning

Max: 23°
Wind: S 15kph

Mostly sunny with light winds (10% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 23°
Wind: SSW 15kph

Mostly sunny with light South to Sou'West winds (10% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Mon 30 Nov
    14° | 23° Morning cloud breaks to sunny areas, East to Nor'East winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 1 Dec
    17° | 23° Mostly cloudy with Nor'East breezes (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 2 Dec
    16° | 23° Sunny areas with Nor'East winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 3 Dec
    12° | 22° Mostly Sunny, a few clouds. NE winds (0% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Hi Ross - I'm so sorry,

Hi Ross - I'm so sorry, didn't see this comment until just now. I understand your frustration - we often see the hit and miss nature of the rain around Auckland. Some areas, for whatever reason, miss out repeatedly. I know some very senior meteorologists who even after 40 years working can't 100% work out why this happens, but they have strong theories based on geography and the impact of Northland on our rain. Today you'll get some rain - and we're seeing evidence of more rain coming through August.  So hang in there, you may sort yourself out before spring.  Keep in touch - interested to know how you get on over the next few weeks.  PS - next week looks dry for most of NZ, just a heads up!



any snow for

Any snow for chch.or is it just going to stay in dunedin/invercargall

A this stage no, keep an eye

A this stage no, keep an eye on our Chch forecasts as the days go on to see what we think may happen this coming weekend. :)


I think this has changed?

I think this has changed? Lol

Weather up Mt Ruapehu this weekend.


I am planning a long weekend snowboarding up Mt Ruapehu this weekend from Friday to Sunday.  Hows the weather looking for this time around the mountain?

Thanks very much.


G'day thereFriday should be

G'day there

Friday should be pretty good, there may be a light snow flurry or two about late afternoon / evening but that won't bother you!

Saturday starts off ok but cloud thickens from afternoon then rain moves in during the evening, heavy falls are possible. This may well fall in the form of heavy snow on the ski field.

Sunday sees heavy snow early on mostly clearing then sunny areas develop, there may be a flurry on and off for the rest of the day. Winds will be strong from the south easing a little in the evening.

Hope your weekend goes well!


Frost Tonight?

Is there going to be a frost in Waitakere tonight? Want to know whether to get out and cover the garden again

You should be ok tonight :)

You should be ok tonight :) It'll get a little chilly but not frosty.


concrete tomorrow

hi there, any chance of a rain up date for Auckland tomorrow, want to pour concerte first thing tomorrow and dont want it to get wet if poss. thanks

Hi thereNo rain expected in

Hi there

No rain expected in the morning but from afternoon the odd drizzle patch is possible (midday onwards). Still long dry areas are expected too, it's not till later in the evening / overnight that more persistent rain moves in.


Weather in Queenstown for 18 to 23 July

Hi Guys, 

Thank you for the great website and forecasting. 

Would you please be able to advise what the weather is likely to be in Queenstown from Saturday 18 to 23 Thursday July. 



Hi there - best to ask us

Hi there - best to ask us again next week as conditions look changeable around then - so timing is hard to lock in this far out.  Not looking overly warm but could be some pleasant days in there. Check in again with us early next week.



.... cooooollllldddd

What! -2 tonight in auckland, I need a triple trim chai late asap!

weatherwatch vs metservice

How come the temps on weather watch are so diff to metservice??


Any temperatures you are

Hi there

If we all had the same predictions there would be no need for more than one forecaster!  We all generate forecasts in our own ways - up to the public to decide who is more accurate.  

If you're referring to current observations - MetService delays current observations to WeatherWatch by up to 3 hours, no other western country does this (called blocking accessing to 'open data'). We now have support from a number of politicians and organisations to change this policy in the future, so that NZers can have access to *far* more freely available weather products.



Can you explain precip

Can you explain in simple terms what precipitations means in regards to your weather reports. I understand that its the chance of rain or snow, but is it in regards to quantity or chance e.g. does 40% precip mean a 40% chance its going to snow/rain or a 40% chance your going to get the quantity of rainfall or snow correct. Or am I way off an its 40% chance that your weather report is correct (from the little research I did I beleive its only to do with a subtance e.g. snow/rain).

G'day thereIt means a 40%

G'day there

It means a 40% chance of shower or rain activity happening, it also has a slight double meaning in a way in regards to the coverage shower activity may have over a city area i.e. affecting 40% of the Auckland area at at time etc.

We mention whether it'll be heavy or general shower activity in the forecast itself. Sometimes we write the odd patchy light shower or drizzle etc. If we just say showers or rain and don't specify whether it's heavy or not then we just expect it to be average activity if that makes any sense.

No we definately don't mean we think out report would be 40% correct, we would always hope it's as accurate as possible! :)


Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the detailed forecasting weatherwatch team, I'm certain the weather is going to get a lot better in coming days (just gut feelin :) ). Auckland weather is usually better this month and if there is a bit of a rain, temps won't drop that low think.



No worries, glad you enjoy

No worries, glad you enjoy them! Yes hopefully the weather will be better although it might be a bit cold morning and night but it's winter :)

Thanks again!


Firstly thank you for the great updates and new. Amazing job !!!

I was looking at the rain models from metservice , and I saw how large the area in the north island inside the purple lines. Last time I saw such a significant area of possible precipitation  as snow in the north was in 2011, when I saw snow flurries in Auckland. Do you think it is possible at all (even if it is 1 in 100 chances ) that this might occur at all again?

Secondly, regarding rain radars, if precipitation is falling as snow or hail or anything other than rain, will they show anything at all or do rain radars strictly show rain ?


THANKS a lot


I suppose there could be a 1

I suppose there could be a 1 in 100 chance snow would fall to sea level in Auckland but that would be it! So unfortunately I don't believe you will see snow in Aucks.

Yes the radars will definatly show hail and snow, hail can sometimes show up as a white colour on radar. Snow if you like can be "Moderate" to "Heavy" in colour if you like looking at the colour scale on the metservice website under their radar images.

Thanks for the nice comments, we appreciate it :)



Hi Aaron

I persume you are from Ireland well if you want to see snow than you are most welcome to

the Christchurch.

Today 8 July 2015 8.00am we had sea level snow fall and in City Centre too.



Snow in Wellington

When you say snow to low levels, what does this mean? Is there a specific elevation that you're referring to? We are in Karori in Wellington, and are really hoping for snow :) Thanks.

Hi there - low levels is

Hi there - low levels is usually between 50m and say 200m.  Sometimes the snow level may be 200m but a big shower with gusty winds can throw that snow down to sea level.  Don't expect much - but there is *some* chance of isolated snow flurries in parts of Wellington in those low level areas - but needs the right conditions and good solid snow shower to do the trick - good luck!

- WW

Weatherwatch Website

I'd just like to say a big Thank You for the great website and updates :)

No worries (well maybe a bit

No worries (well maybe a bit of stress at times :D). Glad to have you onboard!

WW Team

Hi, what about snow in inland

Hi, what about snow in inland Taranaki/King Country? Do you have a snow level for that area?



The Central North Island /

The Central North Island / Stratford info would apply there. Unless your above 300 or 400m I would'nt worry about it, even then it'll only be little amounts. It's the ski fields that should see the most benefit.


This weekend

Thanks for the excellent work team.


I'm heading up to Waipu this weekend, should I pack the sunhat?



No worries! :)Saturday looks

No worries! :)

Saturday looks good and sunny. Sunday sees increasing cloud from morning and there could be a patchy shower or two from midday with NE winds.

Hope that helps


thanks for the detailed forecasting

Thanks for the detailed forecasting guys, I'm sure people up and down the country appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing this blast hit us in the hills north of Welly, snow to 300m will make for a pretty view from our lounge. Cheers.

Hopefully it covers most

Hopefully it covers most people :) Thanks and we'll see how things unfold.


in the developing story

in the developing story does mid canterburry coast count as chch city

Hi there - see the latest in

Hi there - see the latest in the news on our homepage.

 - WW

Frost in Auckland

is there any chances of sub-freezing overnight or morning temperatures in Auckland this coming Thursday to Saturday?

Hi thereNo not at this stage,

Hi there

No not at this stage, certainly cold but not sub zero currently.


Hi there. Is there any chance

Hi there. Is there any chance Napier getting a flurry or at least sleet from this event? jacob.

Not looking likely I'd say,

Not looking likely I'd say, it will get cold and snow will come down low but not to sea level.


How low?

How low?

A big story coming out late

A big story coming out late afternoon / evening with info on what is happening. 300 perhaps 200m if youy lucky.



Just wondered if you had considered doing a forecast for central North island as Taihape for example is not really close to Wanganui,Palmerston North or Taupo so what do we look at.   Great site though

Hi thereCan't do everywhere

Hi there

Can't do everywhere unfortunately as we don't have the funding but keep your eye's peeled we have a few changes coming up. :)


chances of snow in chch

what is the chance that chch will get snow

Hi there - our Christchurch

Hi there - our Christchurch forecasts will cover snow if we think it's going to fall there. We also have a detailed snow story in our News section titled 'snow to sea level possible next week'.




Gidday guys

Is inland mid Canterbury in for anything next week snow wise, the likes of mayfield, mt somers and Methven?


Hi thereYes there is some

Hi there

Yes there is some potential next Tuesday evening and through Wednesday, perhaps Thursday for some time too. But these snow showers when they come are going to be a bit different from the recent snowfall in Mid Canterbury. There won't be any warm advection (meaning warm air high in the atmoshphere and cold air lower down) so there won't be as much moisture in turn meaning not as much snow. But some will potentially accumulate.

10 to 15cm is possibly all one could expect across the three days but due to melt rates etc it could be a little less. If a few beefier showers move through where you are then maybe it might be a tad more? We'll have to see how things unfold.


Hey guys. I have been curious

Hey guys. I have been curious about the upcoming (possible) cold snap. Some weather models are indicating freezing levels to 0m all the way upto Hawkes bay (check,;MENU=0000000000&amp;CONT=nznz&amp;MODELL=gfs&amp;MODELLTYP=1&amp;BASE=-&amp;VAR=hgt0&amp;HH=138&amp;ZOOM=1&amp;ARCHIV=0&amp;RES=0&amp;WMO=&amp;PERIOD= )


This is the GFS? Is this reliable? I know this will change!?

Hi there - yes definitely a

Hi there - yes definitely a wintry snap next week but moisture levels in some eastern ares will be zero or very low - in other words, not much snow.  Some areas may get more, esp in the South Island above 200 or 300m in areas exposed to the wind flow.  We're going to have more information tomorrow on the colder snap coming in next week!


- WW

p.s Yes GFS are pretty accurate - we partially use them in our Maps here at WeatherWatch

Most of the long term weather

Most of the long term weather maps are showing a fairly decent south easterly for Canterbufry next week. To my untrained eye it looks pretty cold. Do you see the likelyhood of significant snow for Canterbury with this one?? 

Hi there - we're going to

Hi there - we're going to have more details tomorrow about the snow chances next week. Yes definitely a cold snap coming in for a few days for some parts of New Zealand, mostly the South Island, with snow to low levels. However our data doesn't support heavy snow to sea level at this stage.  We use an international standard to report on snow - so we don't consider a couple cms of brief snow significant, but if we think it will impact State Highway 1 or any of the main centres (like Chch or Dunedin) we'll be letting you know!  We do expect snow in Dunedin overnight Tuesday or on Wednesday. At this stage snow settling to 200m is possible in Canterbury and flurries to sea level for a time are also possible but unlikely settling - some models show the wind flow anywhere from SSW to SE and both have very different results! So we need to wait a few more days, probably the weekend, to get a clear picture. 

We'll have more info tomorrow.