6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 4° | Hi 16°
High cloud increasing, very light northerly winds (0% chance of precip)

Rain: 0%
Humidity: 91%
Wind: NNE 10kph
Sunrise: 07:24
Sunset: 17:30
Barometer: 1015hPa

This afternoon

Max: 16°
Wind: N 20kph

High cloud thickening with northerly winds, areas of rain move in late afternoon / evening (50% chance of precip)

This evening

Max: 12°
Wind: NNW 20kph

Cloudy with some rain, easing around midnight. Northerly winds (70% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Wed. Jul 30.
    10° | 17° Sunny spells with northwesterly winds, chance of a shower now and then otherwise dry (20% chance of precip)
  • Thu. Jul 31.
    10° | 18° Sunny spells with northwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Fri. Aug 1.
    10° | 18° Sunny spells with northerly winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Aug 2.
    12° | 18° Cloudy periods with the odd brief shower possible, long dry spells too. Breezy northerlies (25% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Aug 3.
    10° | 16° Periods of rain with breezy westerlies (60% chance of precip)

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Friday onwards is looking

Friday onwards is looking better, yes I could imagine the constant windy days would be no fun! :(


Summer Weather

Not a good summer here NW of Auckland in Waimauku - Have only sat out on the back deck twice since October due to the persistent SW winds - Goddam annoying !Each day between 20 and 40kph. Thankfully have a sheltered East side courtyard so we could at least sit outside this summer. And then the sudden plunge this morning in temp's - dowm to 14 degrees and it's only early March. Perhaps we could be in for a cold, fresh winter like the USA - Look forward to it, as frosts have dwindled over the past 4 years, good for killing off mozzies, and fruit development.


Any idea what to expect on Sunday out in Waiuku as have an event on there?

G'day thereSunday is quite a

G'day there

Sunday is quite a while out, at this stage it is not totally clear what may happen but periods of cloud and the odd shower with southwesterly winds look possible at the moment, dry spells about too of course.

Feel free to check back 2 to 3 days out from Sunday and the forecast will become clearer fingers crossed.


Windy out there

Blustery little squall over the Manukau Institute of Technology campus in Otara! Nice to get a bit of rain for the gardens here.

Lovely showers

Mother nature has been kind delivering several showers of rain to New Lynn,looks like more to come. Beans cropping well,tomatoes ripening. The garden loves the rain.

Waiting for the soltice!

Tropical Storm

Am I right in assuming the tropical storm you mentioned earlier in the week is no longer. Can you see one developing in the near future?



Correct.Phil mentioned this


Phil mentioned this in a video on Friday which you can view here:

There doesn't appear to be any developing in the near future that may affect the North Island, around mid March some lows get going in the tropics but they look to stay up there for now.


Showers welcome

Showers welcomed, they arrived as forecast in New Lynn.

Great forecasting WW!

Dry February


Has this been one of the driest Februarys on record for Auckland?  The newspaper reckons we've only had about 13mm of rain.



Are your rain maps not

Are your rain maps not working? They haven't changed for days.

Hi thereIt may depend on what

Hi there

It may depend on what device you are trying to view the maps

But more then likely it's an issue with The problem
mostly lies with them and is a little out of our control, they did some
upgrades around xmas time and there has been bugs in those maps ever since unfortunately.

Phil is working on trying to get some new maps up and
running to go along side the ones from weathermap.


Will it ever rain again?

Will it ever rain again?

Will it ever stop blowing

Will it ever stop blowing too?

Hopefully at some point! It

Hopefully at some point! It does look fairly dry for the foreseeable future. Please read this story:

More updates / stories will come through this website if rain is looking like it's on the way so please check back from time to time :)



Will it be a good day for the races in Ellersie this weekend? We're outside so wondering if I'll be cold or not! 

Hi there - the SW wind will

Hi there - the SW wind will be a little cooler on Saturday. High of 22, may be a little cooler in the windy shade - but in the sun may feel hotter.  Looks mostly dry.  Have fun!

- WW


Hey guys! Will this Auckland cloud clear? Its meant to be a fine hot day but its overcast :( 

Yes a bit of unexpected

Yes a bit of unexpected cloud! Looks like there may be cloudy spells but also further sunny periods this afternoon. May just have to be patient with this cloud :)


Hi team!! What dates are you

Hi team!!

What dates are you talking for the possible cyclone??
Got a fishing comp at Great Barrier from the 12 to 15th March!
Hope it's not then even know we really need the rain..
Keep up the great work.

Hi there - too early to lock

Hi there - too early to lock anything in sorry. But between about March 3 and March 12 we do see a peak in activity directly north of NZ.  Other models show a large high in charge of the Tasman (and therefore protecting much of NZ).  So a watch this space sort of set up at the moment!!  We think it will be much clearer this weekend as to what is happening.

Cheers and thanks for the message!

- WW team


When oh when is it going to rain.



As always, depends where you

As always, depends where you are exactly. But looking into the future (the next week or so) it's looking mainly dry unfortunately.


weather maps?

Hey guys,

Just wondering why the maps on your website differ so much to the maps on the app?  Just a bit confusing as to which is more accurate.

Keep up the good work eh!

Regards Jason

Are the different maps

Are the different maps (models) free to anyone on the internet?

Hi Jason - sorry about that

Hi Jason - sorry about that but the app wasn't updating the maps data for a couple of days. We've forced a refresh and it seems to be working ok now :) 

As for the models and maps - yes there are many free options:
GFS (American)
ECMWF (European)
WeatherMap (based on GFS but with some NZ data on top)

Philip Duncan

Thanks for the info. 

Thanks for the info. 


Hi guys,

Firstly I wanted to say I think you guys are awesome and I don't look at any other provider for weather :)

And secondly could you please give me an idea of the weather for wanaka on Wednesday, I'm off there for 5 days!

Many thanks

Hi MarkThanks heaps, we

Hi Mark

Thanks heaps, we appreciate the support!

Wanaka this Wednesday, your in luck. Just sunny with light winds, winds may tend westerly or southwest in the afternoon but yeah it should be a great day. A high around 22 or 23 degrees so not amazingly warm for there but the weather should be good.

On Thursday west to northwest winds build with high cloud developing, should still be ok though. Winds might just become a little gusty.

Friday a front moves over bringing some rain with cool temperatures then Saturday should be good again but perhaps a little chilly. Sunday has sunny spells and periods of cloud with southerly winds, not all that warm but should still be an ok day.

Thanks again!

8 March in Waiuku

Hi there,


See its showers for Auckland on 8 March.  Is Waiuku looking any better or worse than the general Auckland forcast - i have a wedding 3-8pm 

What information are you

What information are you looking at sorry?

The 8th of March is quite a long way away so I could'nt say anything with much confidence about what the weather is going to do then at the moment.


hope no rain

hi is fri the 28 at 3 to 12 pm looking ok rainwise.

Having a wedding in coatesville and no real plan b


Hi thereThe weather is

Hi there

The weather is looking to be sunny with some cloud about, low risk of an isolated afternoon shower. The possibility of a shower doesn't arise from an incoming front, just heating of the land and afternoon clouds (convection) so any showers will be fairly patchy fingers crossed. Light winds at first then prevailing from the southwest in the afternoon.

Hope the wedding goes well!


Average rain fall statistics

Hi there

I am trying to find the average rain fall statistics over an annual period in Auckland (and more specifically the North Shore, in the Devonport area) and was wondering if you are able to supply this or if not point me in the direction of where I might get this information. Many thanks Nicky

Hi NickyYou may have to get

Hi Nicky

You may have to get in touch with NIWA or perhaps Metservice for that information.

Looking at the freely available information on the Metservice website you can deduce that the average rainfall total for the North Shore area is 1002mm.

Go here:

Scroll down and click on "Historical data".


Is it time to start watering the garden again?

I see by your rain maps that there is no rain on the horizon until a tropical low from approx March 6. This far out it looks like a good system. But in the short term my garden plants are starting to suffer. So sprinklers here we come. And thank goodness there are no watering restrictions yet like our neighbours in hamilton.

Yes hopefully that system

Yes hopefully that system comes through in the long term but it is a long way away. We'll just have to monitor things and hope one does come down eventually.


Please we will get rain soon.

Not likely something a lot of people will be wanting. But our water tank is in need of a fill. Very Very dry here at South Head, Helensville. And the wind we have had lately has dried everything out badly. 

Looking fairly dry through

Looking fairly dry through till the 5th March going by current information, there may be a few weak fronts between now and then delivering the odd light fall but nothing substantial on the way unfortunately.


Pride Parade tonight

Is there much chance that the Pride Parade 7-9pm Ponsonby Road, Auckland, will get through without rain? Thanks

HI there - we have about a

HI there - we have about a 30% chance of a shower and 50% chance of drizzle. Not looking overly wet and the drizzle should be clearing around/before then with any luck.  Bit of a tricky day to forecast with humid drizzly easterlies meeting a showery SW change over Auckland - but both are very weak and falling apart already.

Cheers - and all the best for tonight!

WW weekend team

Friday 28th Feb

Hi there

Appreciate it's still a wee way out, but are you able to please give us an indication of the weather expected for next Friday afternoon in Auckland? We're planning to get married on an east coast beach weather permitting. We do have a back up plan, but plan b is never as good as plan a!

Thanks so much :)

Hi there - at this early

Hi there - at this early stage there is a 20% chance of showers with southerlies and partly cloudy weather. High of around 24. If that forecast stays true it will be a pretty good day but the winds may pick up a bit to 25-30km/h.  All the best - and keep an eye on our Friday forecast once it appears tomorrow :)

WW Weekends 

Lovin' the heat

Hi WW Team

Will this awesome Beach-going weather hold for the upcoming week? I need some BEACH time! :)


Thank you for your accuracy! Best ever in NZ.


Hi there Kitty - and glad you

Hi there Kitty - and glad you find us accurate! You'll be pleased to know we expect a high to roll in next week and it SHOULD push away this cloud and drizzle around Auckland for a while next week, especially at the start of the week :)



Thank you, WW Team Will the

Thank you, WW Team

Will the heat hang in there though??



Should do!

Should do!

Saturday March 1st Weather in Auckland

Hey guys

Any idea of what the weather may be like next Saturday March 1st for Auckland?
In particular Bayswater on the Northshore?
Looks like there is a low sneaking up from the south island later next week but will this be anything of concern or just some passing clouds and showers?


HI there - we do expect a

HI there - we do expect a very weak front and SW change to move in. Just a 30% chance of showers (same as today in Auckland) but may be drier next Saturday (without this humid easterly drizzle).  Doesn't look significant for Auckland at this stage.



Thanks for the reply. Will

Thanks for the reply. Will there be much wind or is that not looking too bad either?