6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 13° | Hi 17°
Rain with heavy falls possible then clearing mid to late morning, NE winds gusting 70km/h (100% chance of precip)

Rain: 100%
Humidity: 96%
Wind: NE 40kph
Sunrise: 06:44
Sunset: 17:57
Barometer: 1008hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 17°
Wind: NW 15kph

Sunny areas with northwesterly winds, any remaining showers clear (20% chance of precip)
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This evening

Max: 12°
Wind: NW 15kph

Areas of cloud with northwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Wed 2 Sep
    11° | 17° Areas of cloud with isolated showers from afternoon, heavy at times later. Northwesterly winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 3 Sep
    10° | 16° Areas of cloud with a few showers about across the day, breezy southwesterly winds (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 4 Sep
    8° | 16° Areas of cloud increasing during the day, overnight rain. Westerly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 5 Sep
    11° | 16° Morning rain then easing to showers as breezy northwesterly winds change southwest (70% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 6 Sep
    8° | 14° Cloudy areas and the odd shower, cold southwesterly winds (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Hello there,


Can you please tell me how the weather will be like in Whitianga from the 20th to 24th? 




Hi there20th looks like it

Hi there

20th looks like it should be mostly sunny weather with a gentle southwesterly breezes.

21st, Mostly sunny in the morning then cloud increases from midday with building northwesterlies. The odd late evening shower possible.

22nd, Cloudy with rain developing in the morning, light winds tend easterly by evening then freshen.

23rd, Rain, heavy at times then clearing in the evening with a strong southerly change.

24th, Sunny areas and some cloud with brisk southwesterly winds, chance of a shower now and then otherwise mainly dry.

Hope that helps!



Hi there. Can you please explain to me how high up you need to be to avoid radiation fog. I'm specifically thinking of fog that tends to occur in the lower lying areas of the Waikato around Hamilton and Cambridge. We are trying to avoid living in a place in the Waikato that regularly fogs up and are considering somewhere that is about 150m above sea level. Is this high enough to regularly avoid the fog or is it not as simple as that? Many thanks

Hi thereApologies for the

Hi there

Apologies for the late reply, have been discussing this one with Phil. This is what he advises as he's from the Waikato region so would know better then me :)

"Certainly 150m up would reduce the longevity of fog in Waikato - most fog sits close to sea level, so 30 to 50m and you’re often above it all. However every part of Waikato is different and your best bet is to talk to locals about it - to figure out which part of Cambridge is most fog free, there will certainly be areas around there that have better fog outlooks than others.  Areas exposed to a breeze (higher up) usually clear first. But you will need to do your own local research - and easiest way to do that is to talk to old locals!"

Jope the helps :)

Strong gusts of wind

Very strong gusts of wind in New Lynn spring up frequently!


Loving the amzing accuracy of todays forecasting so far - spot on with the first squall between 8.30 and 9.30 - keep up your superb work guys!

Heavy rain warnings

Hi there,

Just wondering, do you do heavy rain warnings? I can't find them on your website. I'm in Hamilton.


Hi JockNo we don't, we leave

Hi Jock

No we don't, we leave warnings to Metservice at this current point in time so you'll have to check them out there :)


Cheers Aaron

Cheers Aaron

Ive got the app


Ive noticed on the app today has a different forcast for the next 24 hours than in the 5 days?

Hope it doesnt rain because Im a long way from home on a bike with no wet gear!


Cheers Kev

Hmm, is it looking better

Hmm, is it looking better now?


27 April 2015 weather in Tauranga

Hi there


Please advise how I can get a copy of the weather (wind) experienced in Tauranga on 27 April 2015.



Hi thereYou'll have to

Hi there

You'll have to contact NIWA or Metservice for that information :)


Sports event

Hi there

If you had to hold an outdoor sports event for children in Auckland this week, which day would be preferred - Tuesday or Thursday?


Neither day is looking all

Neither day is looking all that good but Thursday morning may be your best bet.


Sports event

Hi there

If you had to hold an outdoor sports event for children in Auckland this week, which day would be preferred - Tuesday or Thursday?


Rays,rainbows & rain

An awesome beautiful morning in Auckland, rays in the East, Rainbows & rain in West Auckland. Autumn trees were glowing well.  A gentle SW wind blows the flag in New Lynn.

Auckland sunrise

A magnificent sight this morning both E & W, orange alto cumulus sunrise display!

What is the May temp record

What is the May temp record for Christchurch?  We must have gotten close today as the highest reading I saw on metsetvice today was 26.6C.  Also do you know of a good website to easily access weather records like that for different areas?

Hi thereYou'll have to

Hi there

You'll have to contact Metservice or NIWA for that information as we don't have it unfortunately :(

I believe it may have been close though but not quite a record.


Thanks Aaron It is a shame

Thanks Aaron

It is a shame there is no site that public can easily access for such information.  I know that NIWA has a database that you can subcribe to, but it isn't the easiest thing to use.  Maybe this can be the next project for Waether Watch!

We are already in talks with

We are already in talks with the Govt after making a formal complaint this year about the way NIWA and MetService use public data to limit their competition.  No other govt forecasters in the western world do it like this - and NIWA and MetService are very commercially aggressive.  We've spoken to NIWA's CEO this year who wrote to us and said 'let's start again fresh'.  Since then they haven't responded to us further.  We are only just beginning this process to free up public data so that we and others can display more of it and help educate the public better.  MetService and NIWA are digging their heels in - saying it's unsafe for us to use it (which is rubbish - as in the same breath they tell us we can buy the data for 6 figures...keep in mind this is NOT forecast data and in all other western nations is free to use for the good of the public.

- Philip Duncan

NIWA & MetService

It is a very sad state of affairs when such information is kept from public.

I wish you well in your endeavours to get this info into the public arena.

Zelda Wynn

Just for your

Just for your info...Christchurch did record the high of 26.6 on that day but in 1978 it was 27.3 during May so a fraction higher. City suburbs managed 29 degrees though. Hope that helps :)


Nice to see videos on other days of the week :)

Just the echo with sound and crude graphics need attention down the track but at least the weather is up-to-date with vids now...great work!!


Moon looking big & beautiful as it lights up the very cloudy sky! Venus twinkles, crickets sing. A great Auckland night.

Weather 2nd May

Silver skies and light drizzle in New Lynn with a few smooth blue patches over Rosebank.

A big change from yesterday!

Rotorua this weekend

Hi WW team,


Any chance you could give us a breakdown of the weather in Rotorua this weekend. I've been keeping an eye on the forecast and see a little cloud creeping in.



Vicki :)

Hi VickiOn Saturday it is

Hi Vicki

On Saturday it is looking mostly sunny after any early cloud breaks away, winds will be light from the west or southwest. Late afternoon or evening some high cloud moves in.

Sunday has areas of high cloud about which break away late afternoon or evening, there is still looking to be sunny areas break though the high cloud now and then. Atleast it's better then low cloud. Winds are fairly light on Sunday too.

High's on both days' around 17 to 18 degrees.


Nasa Balloon

I've been tracking the Nasa Balloon that was launched from Wanaka on it's journey around the world, and was surprised at a couple of loops and diversions that it has made, it's currently heading North and west over Australia which appears to be against the prevailing winds. Balloon height is a constant 33000m. Any thoughts from a weatherwatch perspective?  Link to the nasa site is


Hi MikeThoughts as to what

Hi Mike

Thoughts as to what exactly? hehe. I haven't personally followed this balloon story much to be honest! To busy focusing on the weather here :)


Mild? Has it been warmer than


Has it been warmer than usual for this time of year?

best dawn for a beach sunrise shot...weds or thurs at Waipu cove

Hi guys!

Trying to work out whether to do a dawn shoot up by Waipu cove on Weds 29th or Thurs 30th.  Do you think Thursday higher probability for clear skies (no high/low cloud around at sunrise 7am?). Looking on metvuw it seems that Weds morning might be clearer up there but of course that's only the rain forecast....

Be awesome to get the experts opinion!

Many thanks and happy anzac weekend!

Hi BriarWednesday is looking

Hi Briar

Wednesday is looking to be the better morning of the two with mostly sunny skies expected, cloud could build a little after midday however bringing the risk of a shower or two from then on. Thursday is looking more likely to have a few showers before midday.

Hope the shoot goes well!


Thanks Aaron.  Much

Thanks Aaron.  Much appreciated!   We ended up getting a bit nervous for Wednesday - so now are doing Thursday or (my preference) Friday at Waipu Cove/Langs.   Do you think Friday is better for no clouds at sunrise or will the dropping winds mean a bit might be hanging about?

Thanks so much for all the advice!

G'dayFriday morning, it's


Friday morning, it's sort of borderline, there looks to be some cloud about just before dawn which then clears so you may be ok. Winds are tending light southeasterly early on Friday which will bring a clearance, hopefully the cloud clears an hour or two before dawn which looks possible at this point and you can get your shoot done. Thursday would not be the best at all.



You really have gone down hill at this site. Once again you are VERY VERY wrong.

It has been cloudy with light rain neally all day in Tauranga.

Ireally think you all should go and get another job because you aint very good at this one.


Yes you have slipped up over

Yes you have slipped up over the past two months or so however, I partially blame this on other Weather agencies across New Zealand ie NiWa and MetService, shame on them I say. Good luck for the future phill and team :)

You've been complaining to us

You've been complaining to us about our lack of accuracy for several years... the fact you take the time to visit our site and write in so often shows you value our service.  Thanks for continually adding to our site ratings.

Having a lovely weekend

The WW team.

4eva on Ur side WW Team!

Dear WW Team

You guys keep doing what you're doing. You are, by far, THE most accurate weather folks in NZ! I would trust your forecasts 'Up North" if you were there Storm Chasing!! 

NO ONE can 'predict' the weather 100%, I don't care if you are packing the most sophisticated Dopplar Radar, Computer Model Displays, Weather Data Tables, and all the other bits. Anything over 85 - 90% accuracy is nothing but amazing!!

As for your free service, you know you're doing things right when JK and 'friends' want to shut you down for beating the pants off the Gubmint boys.

It would do Woeful (pathetic) good to stick with the lesser offerings!

As alwaysm BIG UPS (and choccy fish in bulk) to you all


Unfortunately I have to agree

Unfortunately I have to agree to some extent. There has been a noticeable change for the worse this year but I still reckon you are better than the opposition. It has been surprising that you have been off the mark so much this year.

Hi there, we can't predict

Hi there, we can't predict every town, every day with 100% accuracy. Our measure of success is trying to improve where we fail each time, and to be better than our competitors.  We struggle to be even more accurate because MetService and NIWA are trying to stop our growth (the only Govt forecasters in the western world that get involved like this) - in fact they're going as far as aggressively talking to our clients now and trying to stop them spending with us, which is hugely distracting for us. We have already made changes to be more accurate - however because this is an entirely free service we are limited as to how much we can invest in this website verses how much we have to invest in keeping the company alive while MetService and NIWA put massive commercial pressure on our clients to stop using us.  Glad to hear that despite the recent temporary slip you still see us as being more accurate, thanks for the honest feedback!



Oh dear, hope you had a lovely day in the drizzle.  Maybe it was tears from heaven for ANZAC Day.



Pakiri Beach - Sunday night

Hi there,

I was wondering if guys can tell the forecast for Sunday night for Pakiri Beach? I am planning to go there to take some pictures of the sky. Is it looking fairly clear?

Many thanks :-)

Hi thereWe have a front

Hi there

We have a front passing over the North Island on Monday, and as usual there is cloud and winds building on Sunday ahead of it. But you may be lucky and see a few clear areas on Sunday evening, I don't think it'll be a totally clear sky but a few clears areas are possible. Overnight (after midnight) I would expect skies to become mostly cloudy.

Good luck!



First raindrops falling in New Lynn at 3:11 PM good forecast!

Dunedin weather is usually

Dunedin weather is usually very good at this time of year and I am sensing a little shift in coming days. Much better than Wellington and Auckland.



Lovely red sunset

Lovely red sunset tonight in West Auckland, Venus shines and birds migrate in cirrus skies.

Very dark clouds down by airport!

Zelda The Cloud connoiseur 

ANZAC weekend

Hello  oh amazing weather guru's!  What is the weather for Auckland looking like for Sunday and Monday of the long weekend please.  The chain saw is sharpend and the bin is ordered!!

Hello there!Well Sunday is

Hello there!

Well Sunday is looking mostly cloudy at this stage, a northeasterly airflow. There could be a light shower or two during the day also but expect many long dry spells. A high of 20-21 degrees.

Monday has a front moving over, rain in the morning with heavy falls possible then easing to showers in the afternoon with lengthening dry spells as northerlies change westerly, showers clearing by evening. High's around the same at this stage.