6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 6° | Hi 14°
Areas of cloud with light winds (10% chance of precip)

Rain: 10%
Humidity: 95%
Wind: WSW 5kph
Sunrise: 07:23
Sunset: 17:31
Barometer: 1022hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This morning

Max: 14°
Wind: W 10kph

Cloudy with light westerlies, chance of a shower or two otherwise dry (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 14°
Wind: W 10kph

Cloudy with light westerlies, chance of a shower or two otherwise dry (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Sat 1 Aug
    8° | 16° Cloudy areas with light northwesterlies, chance of a light shower or two from afternoon (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 2 Aug
    10° | 17° Cloudy areas and the odd shower, west to northwesterly winds (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 3 Aug
    11° | 17° Cloudy with patchy showers from afternoon, breezy northwesterly winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 4 Aug
    12° | 18° Cloudy areas with showers from afternoon, breezy northwesterly winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 5 Aug
    10° | 16° Sunny and clear skies
    Computer generated forecast by

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How is Queenstown looking for Easter guys

Hi thereFriday looks good,

Hi there

Friday looks good, mostly sunny with light winds.

Saturday has a northwesterly airflow increasing, should be dry but expect some increasing high cloud and breezy winds. In the evening some rain moves in.

Sunday looks a mixed bag, sunny areas and some cloud, showers at times too mainly afternoon onwards. Light winds.

On Monday we have northwesterlies developing again, dry in the morning with high cloud then some rain from afternoon by the looks.


Easter camp Christchurch

what about Easter camp in Christchurch will the weather forecast be sunny from the 2-6 April

Hi thereAt this stage

Hi there

At this stage Thursday should be a good day, nice and sunny with light winds, perhaps some high cloud.

Friday has some cloud developing in the morning with gentle southerly winds, it's not looking wet though.

Saturday has morning cloud break to mostly sunny weather, northeasterly winds.

Sunday is looking cloudy with southerlies from morning, could be a shower or two along the way too but we can't really get too specific that far out.

Monday is questionable being so far out but there could be some showery weather in store, need to get closer to the day in question to make a better call on that one.

 Hope that camp goes well anyway! :)


Weather from 2nd to 4th April

Hi can you give an indication of what Auckland weather will be like 2nd to 4th April?

G'day thereAt this stage the

G'day there

At this stage the 2nd has a period of showers in the morning then expect afternoon sunny areas, northeasterly winds.

The 3rd and 4th is looking mostly sunny with gentle northeasterly breezes, looking fairly dry for the most part.

Hope you hav a good break! :)


Foggy start to day

New Lynn was smothered with cloud this morning, slowly rising. Waiting for sunshine & some wind as palms twitch as if awakening.

Weather or Rain

for Sat/Sun, need to know the chances for it in Paeroa, we are taking out kitchen window and putting in new one, it is on the east side of house. Thanks you guys are brillent

Hi thereOn Saturday the

Hi there

On Saturday the morning should be mainly dry but expect increasing cloud, a few patchy showers move in early to mid afternoon and continue through till evening then mostly clearing by midnight. Winds light from the north.

Sunday starts off dry then showers a little more substantial then on Saturday move in mid to late morning, winds light from the northwest. Showers clear by mid afternoon with sunny areas moving in as winds pick up from the west.


Wedding On Saturday 28th

We're getting married this Saturday down Bombay way, with an outdoor ceremony to start at 3:30pm.

What's the wether looking like for this day?

Shall we have a plan b ready?

Hi thereWe can't be too

Hi there

We can't be too specific down to the hour but in the afternoon tomorrow a weak front moves through the Auckland area. This looks to bring cloud and a few patchy showers which then clear by late afternoon.

So sunny areas and increasing cloud in the morning with light northwesterlies, a few patchy showers from late morning / midday through till late afternoon. Winds change a little more westerly in the afternoon.

Whether you need a plan b or not I'll leave that up to you. Showers don't look significant but perhaps they could disrupt you if you catch one or two.

Good luck on the day!

The weather on Daturday 28th march 2015

Hi i would just like to get and hourly explanation of the weather forecast for satudau from 8:30am untill aroind about 5:00pm as i am planning a birthday party and need to have depending on tje weather some inside and outside activities at specific times. Thanks for your help.

Hi thereGetting a forecast

Hi there

Getting a forecast for each hour may be pushing it a little but we'll try our best. Where abouts for in New Zealand?



GO the BLACK CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

You can do it!!




Is it too far out for an Easter forecast yet?

Probably a bit early yes. At

Probably a bit early yes. At the moment models that far out are showing a high over the country to start Easter meaning in general it should be settled then on Sunday a front moves over the South Island bringing some rain then moving onto the North Island on Monday.

But whats the bet all that will change between now and then, probably will so best to check back 5 or 6 days out for what we think :) Also click on the "maps" link above, you can scroll through the rain maps there and see what it's looking like coming up. :)



Raining in New Lynn. Hope it finishes in time for the Cricket tomorrow!


Hi Team,

Are you still confident with your predictions for the Tuesday forecast in Auckland.  Hoping for a great match unaffected by weather.


Hi Ben - we are manually

Hi Ben - we are manually updating our Auckland forecast more than any other forecaster in NZ - what you see above is the very latest we have...and if no changes in several hours it's because we don't trust the various changes in modelling.  Certainly will be showers around tomorrow - but we still think it looks drier rather than wetter overall. We'll make a big call by around 7am on what we think is likely to happen across the day.

Check back for updates tonight and tomorrow morning!
Cheers - The WeatherWatch Team!

p.s Go the BlackCaps!! 

Sunshine hours

Hi guys, just wondering how many sunshine hours Auckland usually gets each year. There doesn't seem to be any official number, other than a couple of international weather sites whose figures vary. Is there any data on how many hours we've officially received over the last few years? Thanks for your help.

Hi there - we wish we could

Hi there - we wish we could share this data, as is freely done in Australia, Canada, USA, UK etc - but in New Zealand NIWA has strong commercial interests and now sees us as commercial competition and won't freely share this data. So, until we have luck convincing MPs to change this bizarre set up (no other western country works this way) then you'll need to contact NIWA directly at

Kind regards
WW Team 

Weather for Cricket semi-final

Hi guys,


Are you able to give me your prediction for the wather in Auckland on Tuesday the 24th March?

Heading to the cricket and looking for an accurate update, most other websites are all contradicting each other!!!



Hi thereLooks like a front

Hi there

Looks like a front decays over the area Tuesday morning, by the looks of things any early showers clearing then expect sunny areas and some cloud with northerly winds. There is the chance though a shower or two may hang on through into the afternoon but if they do fingers crossed they won't cause many if any (says scribe) interuptions. A high around 24 degrees.

Mind you this is nearly a week out and things can change between now and then so we'll see.


Eden Park update

Hi. Hoping you can update us on the latest outlook for Tuesday? There are still several conflicting forecasts. Thanks :)

At this stage we are thinking

At this stage we are thinking exactly exactly what our forecast says above, sunny areas and some cloud with northeasterly winds. The talk of a decaying front above is now not so much in the picture as it's sitting more offshore to the west so looking like a dry day ahead.


Weather Watch

Hi guys,

I love this website. I've had your app on my mob (android) for sometime, but in terms of effort and integrity how you do things, I put you guys (and girls) right up there. Sorry, don't have Sky, so cant watch 10 day forecast on there, but, while it's taken me a while to get it, yr video(forecast updates) are our go-to guide right now.. and your maps (the wind guide map really works for understanding wind flow over the country). We live in Dunedin, and its' not your specialty area, but your forecasts, less rich in detail, prove consistently more accurate (and your website, and app, does not keep crashing, as others tend to do on my gear anyway.)

Keep up the great work, we part of your cheer team..


Weather Saturday in Pukekohe

Hi, I'm having a March 'Octoberfest' outside on Saturday afternoon (21st March) in Pukekohe with German Ompah band etc. The Met Service says showers (arghhhhh!) but I see your forecast for Auckland seems more postive for a successful Octoberfest experience....Are you confident about it being fine?

Their 6th Day will just be

Their 6th Day will just be computer generated where as we actually look at model information infront of us and make a decission. In saying that 6 days is a little way out but yes currently it's looking like sunny areas and some cloud with northeasterly winds as a ridge of high pressure sits over the North Island, lets hope it sticks!


Drive to Hamilton from Auckland

Is it safe to drive from Auckland to Hamilton today and back to Auckland?

16/3/2015 school day.

Should we go to school today? In North of Auckland.

That's not our decission to

That's not our decission to make, but yes I think you'll be off to school! :)


Queenstown Weather

Please could you let me know if we gonna get any heat weather in the next few weeks in Queenstown.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday this coming week look pretty darn good weather wise. Wednesday's high isn't that warm though, around the mid teens but getting warmer on Thursday and Friday around 20. Saturday is questionable, it's looking good at the moment mostly but a few models are touching on a chance of rain. Isn't too clear as it is a while away but we'll see.


Some good questions below. Here is another.

I was thinking about wrapping myself in tinfoil (for warmth of course) and standing on the roof to get a good view of the storm. What is the best time on Sunday evening to do this? Is there an eye of a cyclone or is that Tornados?





It  is  both  ,  i  would  have  joined  you  but  can't.


Stay  Safe .

what about west auckland?

Will it be hitting west auckland?Would it be that bad that we dont go school?

You'll be going to school

You'll be going to school more then likely :D


Aaron, I love your replys.

Aaron, I love your replys. keep up the good work :)

Cyclone Pam sunday night

Hi I need travel home from work tonight at Waitakere Hospital to the North Shore what way would be the best for me to travel please

The shortest route with the

The shortest route with the least traffic.


Flight tonight at 11.55pm

Hi I am flying to Shanghai tonight at 11.55!! Really couldn't have picked worse I safe to fly?? Air na won't confirm anything as yet.. Cheers

Timing is not the best I'll

Timing is not the best I'll admit. But if it's not safe to fly the airline won't do it so you can trust them, I'm just a forecaster :)


now its in metservice we get less info

the hurricane pam was 925hPa (in cetre as at 6am, do you any idea what is is now?

What wind speed should central Auckland expect?


And now Nathan is predicted to be Cat3+ will it come our way to?

Not sure right now sorry

Not sure right now sorry regarding the centre pressure. Will have to wait for analysis maps to come out from Metservice for that information.

Have a look at our Auckland forecasts for information on Auckland weather.

And no reagrding TC Nathan. :)


whangarei weather

Hi guysm thanks for an awesome job you are doing,  great service.

I was wondering it you could give me some idea what it will be like in Whangarei tomorrow 16th March?  Am traveling there for a funeral so just checking for driving conditions



Looks like strong southerlies

Looks like strong southerlies possibly gusting to gale in the morning then easing by midday and winds tending brisk southwest. Early rain may well be heavy then easing to showers and clearing afternoon. Will still be a fair amount of cloud about but could be sunny areas breaking through in the afternoon.


Cyclone Pam

Can you tell fom the charts how high the clouds and strong winds are in Pam.  I'm interested as my wife is on NZ1 tonight back to Auckland.

I'm having a great time at the moment as I live on a boat in Hobsonville marina and we are just comming up to high tide and we have waves breaching the sea wall - rock and roll.



Not sure about cloud height

Not sure about cloud height at the moment but metservice estimate wind speeds near the centre to be sustained around 205 km/h as of this morning.

Hope you fair well once strong winds hit and your wife gets back in safely :)



We are in Wurawai at the moment with a Campervan. Will we be safe here and also will we be able to drive into Auckland tomorrow midday ?