6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This afternoon

Lo 11° | Hi 14°
Short sharp showers, some with hail - plus sunny spells. Gusty WSW winds gusting to gale in some showers (70% chance of precip)

Rain: 70%
Humidity: 66%
Wind: WSW 45kph
Sunrise: 07:23
Sunset: 17:12
Barometer: 1021hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Max: 12°
Wind: WSW 30kph

Occasional showers with breezy, sometimes gusty, WSW winds. (60% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 11°
Wind: WSW 30kph

Occasional showers with breezy west to southwest winds (50% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Tue 26 May
    11° | 15° Occasional showers with brisk west to southwest winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 27 May
    9° | 15° Morning showers ease then clear, becoming sunny in the afternoon. Southerly winds (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 28 May
    6° | 15° Sunny with light winds after a cool start (0% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 29 May
    8° | 15° Mostly cloudy with the odd shower, easterly winds (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 30 May
    9° | 17° Mostly cloudy, occasional showers mainly afternoon. Northerly winds (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Hi ChuckNot totally sure on

Hi Chuck

Not totally sure on your first question there, haven't stuided the dynamics in much detail as to why a northerly would be warmer in winter (or add more warmth in other words) than in summer for Auckland. My first educated guess would be that in winter a northerly has more potential to warm things up due to a naturally occuring lower average temp in the months of June / July / August creating a bigger temperature differential, in other words it feels like it does more. In summer and especially at the moment the northerly can't add much more then what is allready going on temp wise, not many high ranges to create a foehn affect either. I could be totally wrong on the above but there you go.

Second question. A northerly in Chch will be warmer due to the foehn effect of the Southern Alps, a more traditional foehn effect would be winds coming in from the NW but there will still be this affect occuring with a northerly too. Just a little less.



Why is Auckland so humid compared to say our home town of Matamata?

Sometimes they could be

Sometimes they could be similar depending on where any particular humid airmass is, beyond that Auckland is a bit further north and much more surrounded by the sea / ocean so it's no surprise it is often more humid.


Sunday rain for AKL?

Hi, Metservice are saying morning rain for Auckland on Sunday. 0630 see me doing the Auckland 1/2 Ironman...Dry would be good!... Your thoughts on what the morning will bring? Cheers Al.

We believe any shower

We believe any shower activity should have cleared by dawn on Sunday, infact we are thinking it will clear by 2 or 3am sort've thing. So fingers crossed you should be ok!



I know you guys aren't biologists, but could the wet december, and dry, hot january be responsible for this plague of flies? They are everywhere and I don't recall it ever getting this bad during summer. Or ever as a matter of fact.


Also driving around west auckland today, we haven't had any rain since early new years day (just after midnight). All the grass berms & lawns have large patches of brown, dead grass. Is there any proper rain in the near forecast?


One last thing (sorry for all my questions) Would the past week in auckland, with the temperature around 26-27 degrees each day, according to the 'top temps' in the 3news weather, and looking at your forecast, 27 each day until at least sunday, (which once again I can't recall in auckland) How does one classify a 'heatwave' and would this long stretch of no rain and hot weather be considered one?


Thanks for the awesome work you guys do, and I look forward to your replies.

G'day thereFlies. Can't say I

G'day there

Flies. Can't say I know much about that but as most people know when it's hot for extended periods of time there is often plenty of blow flies about!

Rain wise no there doesn't look to much potential for decent rain till perhaps the end of the month, but that's getting a bit far out and we can't be very accurate. Suffice to say there is still more mainly settled weather to come this month.

Here's some info about heat wave's:

More specifically, this from the WMO: The definition recommended by the World Meteorological Organization is when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5 degrees celsius.

Auckland city stats say the average daily maximum for January is 22.6 C (1962-1980). So we need 5 days in a row at 27.6 degrees or higher. While close this hasn't happened yet so therefore no heat wave.

A NIWA station for Auckland has got the average daily max for Auckland city in January at 23.1 C (1981-2010). Therefore you would need 5 days at 28.1 or more in that example so that puts any possible heatwave talk to bed for the time being.


Auckland anniversary weekend

Hi, I am getting married on Sunday 25th Jan do you have any idea what the weather is looking like around that time in west auckland or is it still too far out?

G'day therePerhaps a bit far

G'day there

Perhaps a bit far out at this stage, long range models show a bit of high pressure around then so chances are it could be settled but that could easily change. Come back and ask 6 days out if you can?

Otherwise hope your wedding goes well! :)


Rain soon ??

Hi Guys,

Any idea when the possibility of the next rain event will be for the north Auckland area.


Hi thereCan't see anything

Hi there

Can't see anything for the next 2 weeks really. There will be a few periods of light showers between now and then however it isn't looking like anything substantial that will make a difference, like you may want.

Check out our latest story on the homepage for Auckland's outlook this week, and the forecast above. As you'll see it's mainly dry.



What mafe Thursdays low go from 21 to 15? :)

It's what I could see in

It's what I could see in information I was looking at, Aaron here btw.

Yesterday was Phil updating, so two different peoples opinions :)


Tropical Low

Do you think the low up around Numea will arrive on Auckland late next week




At this stage it doesn't

At this stage it doesn't appear to be from what I'm seeing in weather models, may be a longer wait yet.....




Warm low

21 degrees the low on Thursday?? Will it be humid too? It'll really be a tossing and turning night if it is

Hi there - yes we do expect

Hi there - yes we do expect it to be a fairly humid and warm night. We've dropped the low down to 20...we think it will be somewhere around that mark plus or minus a degree or so.  A warm night as northerlies pick up a bit.

Good luck with the sleeping - fans set to high!

- WW



Is it possible to predict humidity on the long range forecast?



One could predict humidity.

One could predict humidity. But it would'nt be something we add in to the forecasts above unless it was really humid weather. So, we may write, "Warm and humid today with easterly breezes" but it would'nt be anything more then that as a general rule.

If you want to know anything for a specifc day ahead 5 or 6 days out at most then feel free to write in here and ask :)


The weather is so boring in summer....

... looking forward to some rain soon!

Maybe you should move to

Maybe you should move to Fiordland then. We had a terrible spring and 99.9999999999999999999% of normal people have waited plenty long enough for some consistent sunshine and warmth.

You must be joking

Spring was normal, the last few Summers have been drought weather year on year. Quite frankly this stiffling heat and humidity every single day is like groundhog day, over it.

Bring on some Rain!

What, I though we had a

What, I though we had a normal spring...!


Wow! So... it is okay for people complain they don't like the weather when the weather is "bad" e.g. rain... my comment was that the weather is getting boring right right now, there is not much to talk about waetherwise...

Boring??? Summer is boring????


"I'm bored" (i.e:'summer' is 'boring') is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast country and world that you've seen NONE % of. Even the inside of your own mind is goes on forever, inwardly. The fact that you're alive is awesome and amazing!! So, you don't get to say "Summer is boring." 

(author unknown. parentheses comments added)

Maybe you're 'boring'. Go forth, don't be such a boring person, enjoy summer while its here and GO TO THE BEACH!!! YEAH!

Summer is not boring, only

Summer is not boring, only the weather is (at the momentt anyway...)


There is not a lot to talk about weather right now... 

Things have been calm for a

Things have been calm for a little while now. But a week before xmas and 4 or 5 months before that the weather was constantly on the go. Cloud, rain, showers, wind and all people could do is ask for settled and sunny weather.

Now it is here! So I guess people finally got what they wanted :D

But your right, many need some rain right now.


Hi there, Happy new year to

Hi there,
Happy new year to your awesome team!

We are planing our family holiday to the coromandel and thinking about heading down there Friday, how's the coming weekend looking and next week?. How long is this good weather going to last?
Thanks and look forward to your great forecasting in 2015!!

Hi thereFriday through to

Hi there

Friday through to atleast Tuesday next week is look mainly settled with plenty of sunshine, there will be some cloud at times. Winds mainly light and tending northeasterly.

Wednesday is a bit of a transition day perhaps then as we get into Thursday and Friday conditions deteriorate as a low moves in from the Tasman Sea. I won't get very specific that far out as things could change but suffice to say a fair amount of the time your away looks good!

Thanks and we'll do our best this year :)


can you please tell me what GBI means?

Hi. Can you please tell me what GBI stands for?

I saw it in the todays weather report for auckland.

A midday showwer possible for GBI.


Also does preciptation mean rain?




Hi there - GBI stands for

Hi there - GBI stands for Great Barrier Island.   And precipitation does mean rain - but it can also mean hail, drizzle and snow and showers - so we use "precip" to cover all bases...then the TEXT forecast will ellaborate more about  what type of precipitation it is.


Hi LukeGBI means "Great

Hi Luke

GBI means "Great Barrier Island"

And precipitation, here is a meaning for you: In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour that falls under gravity.

There you go! :)


January February forecast

Do you have any thoughts regarding the rest of summer being dry or wet in Wellsford area.  Thanks. Ross

Hi RossI'm not really a

Hi Ross

I'm not really a climate man. But suffice to say it's looking fairly settled and dry for your area for the next two weeks. In long range models somewhere between the 15th and 20th Jan a low pressure system wants to move across the country from the Tasman Sea, this could mean some reasonable rain so fingers crossed that comes to fruition. This could mean a change in the weather pattern around then with a few more lows following or it could be a one off, we'll have to wait and see.

Otherwise yes fairly settled at the moment!


January 10 Auckland


Any long term predictions for pt chevalier, auckland on January 10?

I'm throwing an outdoor shindig for my 40th


Looking dry with a 20% chance

Looking dry with a 20% chance of a brief light shower, passing clouds and NE winds.  Not overly hot - but warm overnight.

Cheers - and happy BD for 40 :)

Cloud over auckland

Hi guys - every day the forecast reads as sunny and fine but by 2-3 pm the north shore of auckland blanketed in high grey cloud with no sun visible... What causes this?

Hi there - Auckland, being so

Hi there - Auckland, being so coastal, has a lot of different breezes when the weather is generally settled.  That's why Auckland has almost no 100% cloud free days each year...instead we get sea breezes which meet up and cause afternoon cloud build ups.  They can hang over various suburbs (quite often out to the west) and bring very gloomy days - while the rest of the city may be completely cloud free and sunny!  We do our best to try and predict the cloud - and you'll find out website almost never has a cloud free icon for the Auckland chances for a totally cloud free day are from a nice breezy Sou'easter (then BOP and Gisborne absorbs all our cloud) and we only get a handful of them a year generally speaking.


2014 - 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR Weather Watch Team!!! 

May 2015 be a great year for you and your families! 

Thank you for all your accuracy for weather reports! I know how tough it can be!

God bless you all


Thanks for your message

Thanks for your message Lii'Thara.

We wish you a great year ahead from the WW Team also! :)

We'll continue to try and provide a good service for the coming 2015 year, thankyour for supporting us.


Light rain

Light rain in New Lynn. Low cloud hides Waitakere Ranges & Sky Tower.

All the best for a happy New Year everyone.


How accurate would the Met forecast be for 7-10 January for Tongariro? I'm wondering whether to do the crossing on 7 or 9 January and the weather currently looks better on the 7 th. Could that still change?

Hi KathyYou would have to ask

Hi Kathy

You would have to ask them about their forecasts. That far out they are computer generated from their end so perhaps not the most accurate but the weather pattern is fairly stable at the moment so it could come to fruition.

I'm seeing fairly settled weather around then as a ridge lies over the North Island, afternoon showers are a possibility. But that's as much as I'd like to say at the moment as it is quite a while away. If you could come back and ask 5 to 6 days out that would be great!


cloud level on skytower new years eve?

Will the clouds be below skytower observation deck level by midnight?

Hi thereBased on some basic

Hi there

Based on some basic calculations yes the cloud level should be above the observation deck. I'm getting a cloud base of around 550m at the moment. As the evening cools a bit this could drop to 370m. The Sky Tower is 328m high so fingers crossed you should be ok!


old weather prefer



I prefer the old weather chart I do not wish to put my computor on to have to race around the buttons looking for what I want which is a 5/10 forecast.

Please revert back to old system 




Dear Carole, 

The world has left you behind, please consider taking a short course at your local polytech or similar institution to help you catch up.


Weather in Russel

We are going away to Russel for our first family holiday in a long while and I see that the rain is returning, will we get any sun up in Russel between 2-9 Jan?
Many thanks

Hi Vanessa - very certain you

Hi Vanessa - very certain you will, the rain around Dec 31st may never make it north of Waikato based on some maps... so you may well have plenty of dry weather.  The current pattern for northern NZ is a nor'east flow, so that means not quite so scorching hot during the day, warmer nights for sleeping, slightly higher humidity and more cloudy spells for that part of Northland.  We can't see to the 9th, but generally things are dry up north unless a tropical low forms (which isn't in the forecasts). Have a great break - and check in with us if you have any weather concerns during your break!

Philip D 

How heavy is the rainfall

How heavy is the rainfall expected to be on New Years Eve in Auckland? Any idea?

And how likely is it that Waiheke Island will get much rain on New Years Eve?