6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 9° | Hi 15°
Showers, some heavy with a risk of hail and thunder. Southwesterly winds (80% chance of precip)

Rain: 80%
Humidity: 80%
Wind: WSW 30kph
Sunrise: 06:14
Sunset: 18:13
Barometer: 1008hPa

This afternoon

Max: 15°
Wind: SW 30kph

Morning showers, possibly heavy with thunderstorms then easing. Brisk southwesterlies (60% chance of precip)

This evening

Max: 11°
Wind: SW 25kph

Periods of cloud, the odd shower still possible. Southwesterlies (30% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Mon. Sep 22.
    10° | 14° Strong southwesterlies with periods of cloud, a few late afternoon showers then clearing (40% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Sep 23.
    8° | 16° Sunny spells with breezy southwesterlies (10% chance of precip)
  • Wed. Sep 24.
    12° | 14° Sunny spells with southwesterly winds (10% chance of precip)
  • Thu. Sep 25.
    11° | 17° Sunny with some cloud
  • Fri. Sep 26.
    14° | 18° Rain

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I saw the lowest sattelite ever last night out west auckland.. Was so bright and tracked across the sky real slowly but so visible.. And the stars at nights recently have to in full bloom.. Quite stunning to sit and stare into space


It was probably the space station as you can see it quite regularly.

No, I didn't see that but

No, I didn't see that but about 6.00am the moon and venus looked really beautiful together:)

A bit cold in the morning

Recently I feel a bit cold in the morning and not as hot as before in the afternoon. Maybe autumn really comes, but I didn't notice that!

Nightime rain

Lovely having a little rain during the nigh in New Lynn .A little short though. Woken by raindrops on face. :)

Late cloud

Late cloud arrived, quick shower in New Lynn. Very warm tonight.

Any idea when the next rain

Any idea when the next rain might be coming for Auckland area??
It's rather dry on farm, the maps look very dry, that must just about be the biggest high of the year.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

Hi thereNothing substantial

Hi there

Nothing substantial in maps looking into the future unfortunately (next 2 weeks). Will just have to hope something springs up soon.



Sunny and bright in New Lynn. Been watching showers along Waitakere Ranges. Titirangi got a light shower. Heavier showers out West by Henderson. Awesome cloud displays.

Isolated heavy rain in

Isolated heavy rain in manurewa this arvo.

Very cloudy & humid

This morning has turned very cloudy and humid, patches of blue remain. Auckland crime Helicopter been busy again.


what is the January humidity

Another week next week of

Another week next week of southwesterlies coming up courtesy of cyclone Mike east of here.

Shower risk for Pukekohe

Hi, I've planned an outdoor Beerfest for Sat afternoon in Pukekohe with German Ompah band and have been nervously watching the weather. What are the chances of Met service forecasts of heavy afternoon showers (Arghhh!!) for here being correct and me having to crush everyone inside the house? 

Cheers Johnny

Hi JohnnyYou'll have to ask

Hi Johnny

You'll have to ask metservice if their forecast is correct for Saturday as we can't speak for them.

As for our forecast on Saturday. What we have in the forecast above stands for us at the moment, we see a slightly better risk of isolated showers on Sunday but can't rule them out on Saturday so I'd be watching out for around late afternoon / early evening. You could see a shower or two and they may be briefly heavy if you are unfortunate enough to encounter one.

Even if they do occur they may miss you due to their isolated nature, it's a bit of a game with convective showers at times. You just have to hope they avoid you, but generally speaking most of Auckland would welcome the rain as it's very dry there at the moment.

Hope your day goes well anyway!



Thanks for that. 

Cheers Johnny

Hi weather watch we are

Hi weather watch

we are getting married in swanson auckland on the afternoon of saturday; can you make sure the sun appears for us, or tell us the truth anyway



Hi thereYou should see some

Hi there

You should see some sun, but late afternoon / evening watch for the chance of some isolated showers moving through.

Good luck for your day!


West Auckland Sunday Afternoon

Hi there,

Having my daughter's birthday party on Sunday afternoon - we live in the Waitakere Ranges. Should I be planning for indoor activities or can I tell everyone to bring their togs?



G'day thereCouldn't say much

G'day there

Couldn't say much different from the forecast above. Weather will be mostly sunny but late afternoon / early evening there is the risk of an isolated shower or two.

So mainly dry weather expected but the chance of a shower moving through, may have to plan both acitivities?


Saturday night West Auckland

Hi Guys,

Planning an outdoor party in West Auckland on Saturday from late afternoon into the evening. Metservice saying chance of a heavy shower. What are your thoughts about whether it might be wet or windy?

Cheers, keep up the great work!

Hi thereWindy conditions are

Hi there

Windy conditions are not expected.

Isolated showers yes, but mainly for northern parts of Auckland. Late afternoon / evening is the time for some of these showers to appear, at the moment they want to mainly occur over Northland and a few may sneak down into northern parts of Auckland. Can't rule out some over west Auckland late afternoon / evening but the risk appears less.

Sunday has a slightly higher risk of isolated showers.

These type of showers occur due to heating by the sun warming the land (i.e. convective showers). So even if showers do occur, some suburbs may be dry while others could get a shower.


Miranda in the weekend

Hi team, I was planning a camping trip with the kids in Miranda from Friday night to Sunday. Will I be trapped in a tent off and on with grumpy kids due to rain or will they be tired after running ragged in the fine weather!

G'day thereIn general we are

G'day there

In general we are looking at an east to southeasterly airflow during this time. I'd expect periods of cloud and sunny spells too. Generally conditions are going to be mainly dry for the time you are away but there looks to be a slight risk of the odd isolated shower late afternoon / early evening on Saturday and Sunday.

The main risk of showers during this period will be northern parts of the Coromandel in the east, Great Barrier Island then eastern parts of Northland. Miranda being tucked in sheltered by the Coromandel looks mainly dry.

Hope your camping trip goes well!



Hi Guys

Hoping to do the Tongariro day walk this Saturday, how's the forecast looking for the weekend?



Hi JoIn short the weather is

Hi Jo

In short the weather is looking pretty good. Expect southeasterlies breezes with mostly sunny conditions both days.



Afternoon Phillip, totally agree with what you said on Monday on the Herald site about Lusi, she was close enough for me, wouldn’t want it any nearer, cheers.

Coro this weekend

Hi guys, travelling to Coromandel Friday through is it looking?





Hi thereThe weather during

Hi there

The weather during this time looks to have high pressure over the South Island and and easterly airflow over the North Island. I'd expect during all three days, cloudy spells with a few sunny breaks now and then, also watch for the odd shower moving in but dry spells too. Temperatures in the 22 to 24 degree range.

That's about how I see things at the moment. Hope your trip goes well!



Is it safe to bus to Auckland city today at around 6pm?

28th March

Any idea what this day might be like over in Waiheke, it's my wedding day I'm hoping for the best or at least no rain!

G'day thereThat is quite a

G'day there

That is quite a while away, best to come back and ask 5 or 6 days out.

However at this early stage very long ranges models show a high in the Tasman Sea and a southwesterly airflow over the country. You may be ok according to what I'm seeing at the moment but it will likely change so best to come and check back if you can closer to the time.



Is Auckland mt roskill going to be in much trouble?


I have long since started to go by NIWAs forecasts. More accurate.

That's nice

That's nice

still no sign of global

still no sign of global warming then. 

Bruno mars concert - vector arena auckland

is it still safe to go tomorrow night or would staying at home be best?


stal home postpone it

stal home postpone it

Can only give you the advice

Can only give you the advice that's in the forecast above - probably best to see what conditions are like closer to the time.


Air Travel

Hi there,

I'm currently waiting at LAX to board a flight to AKL which will arrive at 8am on Sat. Will the cyclone affect this flight? Thank you



Hi DS - shouldn't do

Hi DS - shouldn't do (although not our call obviously). Weather around 8am in Auckland shouldn't be severe at the airport - and international flights are pretty good at flying in the worst of weather conditions.  Have a good flight :)


That's a relief :) thank you

That's a relief :) thank you so much Phil .. We are now boarding so fingers crossed!! (another Air NZ flight just left for AKL about 15 minutes ago so fingers crossed for them too ;) ).


When is the best time to travel from Hamilton to Hastings with a loaded horse truck this weekend?

Great service thanks!

Hi there - the storm will be

Hi there - the storm will be clearing the lower North Island overnight Sunday and Hamilton from Sunday afternoon, possibly earlier.   All the best - assuming you're off to HOY - the forecast looks better for Hastings from MonPM onwards :)


could you please clarify which night will be worse?


I'm getting confused between Met Service and your report regarding when it will be worse.  I just want to know if I need to keep my horses in tonight or will tomorrow be worse?Met service seem to say tonight will be really bad and they haven't updated their info yet.  I know you update your forecasts regularly so  want to believe yours - that tonight won't be worse.  i live just north of Auckland. Thanks - from a worried horse owner who checks the mail 41 times a day on a good day!

HI there - we expect the

HI there - we expect the worst of the wind and rain to be across Saturday, especially Saturday PM at this stage. The storm is still several hundred kms away from Auckland. North of Auckland we expect some pretty strong winds for a time on Saturday - take a look at our wind maps (you might have to zoom in once as they appear to be not working properly right now) and you can see the storm moving in and when the winds will be pushing in.


Worst night

Thank you -from my horses! they don't like coming in unless they really have to! I have a nice area sheltered from the Easterlies where they can spend the night!

Are we going to get any rain

Are we going to get any rain out of this for the farmers in the upper north island.

Yes we are - take a look at

Yes we are - take a look at the rain maps in the MAPS tab at the top of the page - it's not as widespread as someone would've hoped but it's still going to give a number of dry farms a soaking.


- WW

I'm not convinced, still

I'm not convinced, still nothing out here in Hunua