6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 7° | Hi 15°
Cloudy areas, light west to northwest winds (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 85%
Wind: WNW 15kph
Sunrise: 07:22
Sunset: 17:32
Barometer: 1024hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This morning

Max: 15°
Wind: NW 15kph

Cloudy areas with light northwesterlies (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 15°
Wind: NW 15kph

Cloudy areas with light northwesterlies, chance of a light shower or two (30% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Sun 2 Aug
    10° | 17° Areas of cloud with northwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 3 Aug
    11° | 18° Areas of cloud and some sun, northwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 4 Aug
    12° | 17° Cloudy areas with showers from afternoon, breezy northwesterly winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 5 Aug
    10° | 14° A few morning showers then clearing, southwesterly breezes (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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cold snap

I have just looked at the maps and it looks like next week on 9 sunday there looks to be a big serge of air coming from the antactic. please tell me your thourghts.


Keep up the good work !!!


Matthew :)

G'day MatthewOur thoughts are

G'day Matthew

Our thoughts are we see what your talking about, but we'll have to wait till we are 4 or 5 days out to start speculating on what impact this system could have. Looks cold anyway that's for sure!


Possible El Nino for Spring and Summer


I get very confused when reading the Herald information about what El Nino this spring and summer might mean for Auckland.  I understand the expectations of this weather pattern differs for the western and eastern areas of NZ, but how does this apply to Auckland - given we are perched on an isthmus?

Thanks for your help - I love your work!



next week in the Waikato

Can you crystal-ball gaze for me and tell me if Weds or Thurs next week is feasible for an outdoor photo shoot in north Waikato (about 30km north east of Hamilton)? Your extended forecast says perfect sunny and clear on Wednesday, but Met Service has rain/showers forecast for at least the next 10 days, right through next week.

Really enjoy your service by the way, especially that you are usually more optimistic for sunshine and usually more accurate too!

Hi thereLooking at Wednesday

Hi there

Looking at Wednesday now it is looking wet but I don't believe it would take much chnage in model information for that to flip around and be sunny again. Thursday on the other hand looks like a potentially sunnier day.

About as much as I can say right now.

Feel free to come back and ask closer to the days in question :)


Lots of cloud

So much cloud over Auckland in stark contrast with earlier clear skies. They sneak over the Waitakere Ranges and rise to grow over Rosebank.

Hi Just saw brilliant sort of double flash in a nne direction.

Hi. At approx 11:52pm, 29/7/15 I saw a brilliant double blue flash in a nne direction from my home in mt maunganui. I have no way of knowing how far away it was, but I didnt hear any thunder.

Was it lightning? Impossible to say how far away it was but i noticed some isolated heavy raincloud approx 60mn from here on rain radar. Have often noticed lightning with no thundner heard from the approx direction of white island which is about 40nm east of my location.

White Island Is an active volcano and I understand that volcanic ash etc can be a trigger for lightning and thunder.

My son says he has often noticed bright flashes in that general direction and we are both curious to know whats causing it.


Ralph Walton

You saw lightning, there was

You saw lightning, there was some way off the coast tonight to the NNE from your location. Check this out here and scroll through the times.

You would not have heard any thunder as it would have been too far away, thunder will only travel 20 or 25km away from where lightning goes off but the flash can be seen from ages away aslong as the horizon is clear.

So lightning, thanks for writing in :)



Hail, wind & lashing rain for short time up New Lynn Heights. Weekly paper collection got spread about our Street with a very strong batch of wind. New Lynn had another power cut this afternoon. Took ages for them to find the fault. 

Bedlam at Rata St/Binsted with no lights until 6:20. 

Going back to olden times reading book by candle light :)

Hi Guys,   Have been reading

Hi Guys,


Have been reading through some of your guys arguments with metservice regarding free'ing up public data, i think Metservice should have a right to free up the data, the Lightning tracker they hold, this is a matter of public safety right? By not allowing the public use of the Lightning tracker the public may not have the right time to prepare, or even an HD weather radar that they have access too, its all for public safetly, i hop you guys are not giving up on the fight?



Hi Jacob. Radar and weather

Hi Jacob. Radar and weather obs are 100% owned by NZ taxpayers yet MetService/NIWA have privilaged access to use this public data to maximise their profits and limit their competition.   No other western country does it this way. We have increasing political support but many in the public still see this as WeatherWatch simply attacking MetService without understanding how much this stops ALL other weather forecasters from existing. If New Zealand ran our TV industry in the same way we would only have the government run TVNZ and no big private TV channels like Sky or TV3.  We have given ourselves until 2016 , after that, if no luck , we will be reevaluating our existance in a heavily Govt run and controlled market place.  Unless we get more private backing from private corporations in NZ it's hard to see how we can compete with not one but two government owned forecasters for a lot longer.

- Phil.

p.s. Thanks Jacob :)



It looks like we might get lightning in auckland tonight or hamilton?

A chance does exist around

A chance does exist overnight then for a time in the afternoon tomorrow, storms if they happen have a habit of dying away just before hitting land near Auckland but one or two may sneak through. Heavy areas of rain have a better chance but we'll see how it goes.


Beginnings of Spring/warmer weather?

Hi all,

Love your work. Have noticed recently that some of the deciduous trees around our property in Central Auckland have started to develop buds, a sure sign of warmer spring weather.

Clearly quite alot milder in Auckland today, just wondering if this is a sign of more consitent warmer weather as we head into the final month of winter? From a weather modelling perspective, is there any signs of a fundamental change in weather patterns reflective of the beginnings of a change in season?



Hi Andrew - thanks very much

Hi Andrew - thanks very much for your feedback and supportive comments!  Yes definitely signs spring is here - but to be honest most August's that is normal.  We do see milder weather next couple of weeks (generally) - but a significant polar blast is still possible this August (esp with all the southerly events we've seen here and in Aussie this winter). But, perhaps, we have passed the very coldest part of the year nationwide.... but localised cold extreme events are still possible until Oct.  

Take a look at the story on our homepage about an early spring in the midst of winter!



Weekend 1 August

Hi Phil & team

What are your thoughts on next weekend? The models indicate a high moving in around that time but timing seems to be varied on the sites I have looked at.

It will make a big difference in terms of wind flow whether it is the leading edge or the departing edge of the high

Cheers Dave

Hi DaveSorry didn't get to

Hi Dave

Sorry didn't get to this the other day.

Basically speaking the 1st August is a little far away really to come up with much, looks a bit unsettled around then but isn't looking too cold, so rain in the west perhaps and dry out east with more warm temperatures on the way! :D

We'll have to see how the week unfolds!


Just had a period of rain

Just had a period of rain move through Auckland, was only prepared for a Odd Shower oops haha 

Auckland Weather last year vs this year



Do you know where I can find information comparing the weather from June 2014 with June 2015?



June was a warmer than average month,can remember in auckland

June was a warmer than average month,can remember in auckland 22c was in the first week,normal wet weather arriving the last 10 days.

Hi thereNIWA or Mestservice,

Hi there

NIWA or Metservice, pretty much it really. Hopefully they can help you! :)


Hey, have you guys got any

Hey, have you guys got any plans to forecasting for Napier any time soon? Sick of Metservice haha

Hi there - yes we have some

Hi there - yes we have some plans to introduce new forecasts to all regions before the end of the year.  We are a very small company - we have two full time forecasters verses MetService 60+.  So for us to get into the regions is much harder - as we don't have the funds to grow nationally (they are given a lot of tax money to do this).  However we've just approved a deal with a major weather data provider which will see longer range data on our site for all towns/regions plus WeatherWatch will have more input into the general outlook for your region for the next days ahead.  It's a totally new way of doing weather forecasts - so look out for our announcement about this later in spring we hope!





Quite simply, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Ahh Blah blah blah, an

Ahh - Blah blah blah, but I believe it's Bla bla bla - Gigi D'Agostino from 1999. Good choice:



Hi, how will weather affect queenstown flight at 7am tomorrow ?

Hi thereShould be good. Could

Hi there

Should be good. Could be snow flurries around Queenstown in the morning tomorrow so only potential issue, aslong as the flight is good to go then your good to go! :)


Snow in chch

Hi ww will christchurch will chch wake up to a blanket or will it be just a a wee coating?                                                                                    

Thanks keep up the good work.

Matthew :)

Hi MatthewIt seems unlikely

Hi Matthew

It seems unlikely there will be snow in the morning for Chch on Sunday. Perhaps there could be a few flurries come down but other then that, not much if any.

Thanks for the kind comments! :)




how are the flight conditions from Auckland to Christchurch going to be on Sunday about 10am!! Bumpy??


Hi there - yes could be some

Hi there - yes could be some turbulence due to the southerly change - which will be strong in some places, and a few remaining big showers.  Unlilkely to be extreme though - so don't worry too much!  

- WW

Wind in North Auckland

Good evening, do you think the gales that Metservice have issued a warning about are going to eventuate. We are west of Warkworth and we have barely any wind.

Hi there, in our last update

Hi there, in our last update to Civil Defence/media late this afternoon we said there may be some localised very strong gusts (with only the heaviest showers) tonight, and generally a bit blustery.  It's possible some very exposed parts of the region may get those winds MetService are forecasting but generally speaking, no, we always thought the main risk with strong winds was this morning with that front.



Possibility of snow in the Waitakere's tonight/tomorrow

Is there any chance of snow or more tornadoes in the Waitakere's tonight/tomorrow, we need to know so that we can work out what to do with our dog over night

Hi there - no snow is

Hi there - no snow is expected in Auckland region overnight - but it will be getting colder.


- WW

Snow Dunedin


What are the chances of Snowing in Dunedin tonight (Saturday). Will I wake up to white Sunday morning? Thanks.


Hi Amy, have a look at your

Hi Amy, have a look at our Dunedin Forecast.

There is a chance of a few flurries tomorrow morning but for the most part we don't think you'll wake up to a white Sunday morning.


Hi WW, I live in Hill suburb

Hi WW,

I live in Hill suburb in Dunedin. It started snowing since 8pm Satursday night and I did wake up to a white and icy Sunday morning. Definately not just a few flurries.

Higher up on hills and stuff

Higher up on hills and stuff could well have woken up to some white on the ground. I can't guess everything about everyone and where they live unless they specify. I was more or less going along the lines of sea level which didn't receive a white morning.



FYI, it is already raining in Tauranga. It started early this morning, at 6am. Not this afternoon.

Bad forecasting once again. Why don't you look at the rain radar more often. It might help you to get it right.

Out picking oranges this

Out picking oranges this morning for brekkies and it was drizzling a bit. Time: 7:00am. Mr. Tauranga, if you have rain this morning, (Note: it's not the arvo yet), WELCOME TO AUCKLAND!!!!! Coz that's where it kinda started. All ya have to do is read the info on this site and you'll know what the weather will be. We don't need no stinkin' rain radar with the awesome work the WW team does. 


Big Ups WW Team.


PS: The oranges were yummm. 

In response to your mention

In response to your mention of rain - as of 9am according to 0.0mm of rain had fallen at Tauranga Airport with a little patchy light rain moving in across this morning but mostly this afternoon. 

With regards to the rain radar - NZ is the only country in the western world where private forecasters are not freely allowed to use any radar images for commercial reasons. We have been threated with legal action in the past for even mentioning/using the radar.  This is because our govt currrently doesn't support open weather data. Recently the Prime Minister and leaders of the opposition have said we are right, this policy needs to change.

We're a free service - and you've been compaining to us for years. Feel free to have your money back.

- WW

Saturday Rain


I meant for Auckland.


snow for chch...

Hi what are youre thoughts on chch getting some snow, so desperate for some!!!

Our thoughts remain the same,

Our thoughts remain the same, a chance on Sunday morning but that's about it so far currently.


Auckland fri morning forecast

Hey guys, love the site.

just FYI - the site says this morning is:

Mostly sunny with light westerlies (0% chance of precip)

Maybe this should be at least 1% chance? It just poured down over on the north shore - luckily I brought the brolly just in case! :)

Dead right there, we thought

Dead right there, we thought there may be a low risk of the odd shower afternoon onwards but that chance has come earlier!


Snow Dunedin

Hi guys

What is the situation for snow in Dunedin this Saturday and Sunday, is it a big dump? Thanks

Hi thereNo big dumps expected

Hi there

No big dumps expected in Dunedin, may just get a few flurries if your lucky.


Hey Guys.  Metservice are

Hey Guys. 

Metservice are forecasting snow to 400 meters for Hawkes Bay and i feel this is rather conservative? Some weather maps are showing very low freeziong levels for the region, what are your guys take on it? Thanks :)