6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This evening

Lo 14° | Hi 21°
Increasing cloud with westerly winds (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 90%
Wind: WNW 20kph
Sunrise: 05:59
Sunset: 20:17
Barometer: 1014hPa


Min: 14°
Wind: NW 20kph

Cloudy with showers moving in around dawn, northwesterly winds (30% chance of precip)

Tomorrow morning

Max: 18°
Wind: WNW 20kph

Cloudy with a spell of rain then showers as northwesterly winds change southwest (60% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Fri. Nov 28.
    13° | 18° A spell of morning rain then showers as NW winds change SW, showers ease PM (60% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Nov 29.
    12° | 18° Periods of cloud with brisk west to southwest winds, the odd brief shower mainly morning (30% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Nov 30.
    13° | 19° Cloudy areas with breezy west to southwest winds, a few showers now and then (40% chance of precip)
  • Mon. Dec 1.
    12° | 17° Periods of cloud with southwesterly winds, the odd shower now and then (30% chance of precip)
  • Tue. Dec 2.
    11° | 18° Mostly sunny with southwesterly winds (10% chance of precip)

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Weather in Bombay, Auckland

Can you please let us know what the likely weather will be from 3pm to 6pm this Friday 28th November as we have our wedding at this time outside in Bombay, South Auckland.
Thanks J

Hi there JBy the looks of

Hi there J

By the looks of things there could be a few showers on Friday afternoon then mostly clearing by about 4pm. It's not to say conditions will be totally dry from then onwards, there still may be the odd shower about but overall it should be mostly dry. Sunny spells will start to break through from midday.

Winds will be from the west or southwest around 25 km/h. A high around 18 to 19 degrees.

Hope that helps! If you need any more info please write us another message :)



17 degrees for the first day of Summer?? :(

Summer starts the 21 st of

Summer starts the 21 st of december ... !!!!!


Hi guys,


A group of us are heading up to Omaha for the weekend next weekend. Friday isn't looking too great but is it looking okay for the Saturday and Sunday?





G'day thereAt this stage both

G'day there

At this stage both days look like having cloudy spells and a few sunny breaks at times, west to southwest breezes. Perhaps the chance of a light shower moving through at times too. The majority of the time is looking dry but a pesky shower or two can't be ruled out now and then.

About it at this stage! :)


Waiheke Island Weather

What's likely to be the difference in the weather on Waiheke Island (if any) compared to Auckland this Sunday?

Nothing too much, perhaps an

Nothing too much, perhaps an early clearing shower then cloud breaks to sunny spells towards midday. Southwesterly winds, winds may be a tad lighter then in Auckland itself.

And there you go! :)


Is this typical NZ Spring ?

I'm visiting NZ from California and Thru-Tramping the Te Arraroa trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Currently nursing a very bad sore throat in Hamilton- no doubt from Tramping in the rain, cold and high winds earlier in the week. So far I've walked 800K of your beautiful country. Everyone has been saying this is not a "usual" NZ Spring and can't remember a Spring with weather this inclement.  Is this a typical NZ Spring ? What are the chances of this weather spilling right into summer ? 

Sorry to hear about the sore

Sorry to hear about the sore throat, check out this story here:

Aaron :)

Hi Guys - Im going to the

Hi Guys - Im going to the Rolling Stones concert on saturday night in uncomfortable is the weather going to be for us in uncovered seats? ;)

G'day there, looking mostly

G'day there, looking mostly cloudy with northwesterly winds. Should be fairly resonable, the only hiccup being later in the evening a few showers could start to move in so hopefully they just hold off enough for the concert to run it's course. But taking a jacket / unbrella would not be unwise. :)


web page and app

HI there i have just checked the forecast for tonight on your guys app on google play and then on the pc and they are two different forcasts which one should i go by?

G'day thereCould've been

G'day there

Could've been while an update was in progress, everything ok now?


webpage vs App

Hi there the App still reads 35k winds tonight :/

webpage vs App

I have noticed the same in the past. The words might be the same but the numbers are different. There have been some instances where the words might say "light winds" but the numbers say 35 kph. Can be confusing.

Will put a query through to

Will put a query through to the web team. Thanks for writing in.


Hi guysGot this reply on

Hi guys

Got this reply on Wednesday from our tech man.

"All I can think is one of the sources (app or website) was cached for the user.
The way to find out is that the website displays the date/time of when the page
is loaded in the top right by the main navigation menu. The app on the Weather Forecast screen has the date/time the data was refreshed underneath the
Either that, or an update to a forecast was made on the website and the
user hadn't refreshed the app to get the latest. The refresh button recently
added on the iOS version allows the user to refresh for the latest forecast. The
same refresh button is in the latest Android update (but due to another
unforeseen last-minute bug this version hasn't been released to the public yet)."

Hopefully this latest version will be released soon if you use an Android based system so you can refresh forecasts when you like to see the latest updates. 



Hi Team


First off, keep p the exfelent work!

Are you able to give an idea of what you thik (seasonaly) what we can expect this summer?

Warmer, wetter than average etc

Kind Regards



Hi Bob - thanks very much for

Hi Bob - thanks very much for the kind feedback!  So far our feeling this summer is that it will be late starting for South Islanders and up in Auckland tthese regular strong winds of late should start to ease over the next 2 weeks (not saying Dec will be calm, but should be calmer than Nov).  As for summer overall - looks to be a bit cloudier and less humid in the north and west of NZ and drier and hotter in the north east, east and inland.  Auckland should be a little less humid with more westerlies and perhaps slightly cooler evenings. We'll have a better idea in a couple more weeks once we can clearly see the spring pattern moving away and the new early summer one emerging.


Philip Duncan

What about rainfall? With the

What about rainfall? With the payout so low we can't afford another drought. Thanks
Keep up the good work.

Wind this evening

Hi Aaron,

Any idea of what the wind will do on the harbour between 5 and 8 this evening. Metservice thinks 30 gusting 40 but my experience is that they always overstate it.



Hi there30 km/h gusting 40

Hi there

30 km/h gusting 40 km/h? I would say that is fairly on the money, infact perhaps even gusting up to 45 or 50 km/h with average wind speeds getting up to 35 to 40 km/h at times. It's a farily chunky system moving through.

Right in close winds may be lighter then as you go further out winds pick up.


Yachtie speak

Aaron, its knots not kmh, can convert mentally or emotionally to something so modern, I still think of wind in beaufort!



Hi PaulAhh I see, would be

Hi Paul

Ahh I see, would be handy if you could have stated that in your first question re knots or km/h as I'm a bit blind as to your experience or what you intended to do with that information etc.

But yes that would make sense as I thought if it was km/h it was a little on the low side. Perhaps getting up to 40 knots might be overdoing it as you say however.



will it be okay to go sailing tomorow?????????

Hi thereI'm no yachtie so the

Hi there

Perhaps a little vague of a question, I presume you mean Auckland out on the Hauraki Gulf. And I'm not sure on the boat size you intend to sail and what requirments various boats can handle to start with.

Suffice to say I'm no yachtie so the best I can do is give you weather information re wind speed then you will have to take that and plan accordingly.

Northeasterly winds pick up during the morning starting out around 5-10 knots then lifting to 15-20 knots by midday. Winds then change northwest early afternoon 25 knots. Gusts will be 5 to 10 knots higher then the speeds listed above.

As for the weather re will it rain etc please look at our forecasts above :D



next sunny days

whens the next full couple of sunny days coming?? 

spin the wheel roll the dice

spin the wheel roll the dice

Not in the next 7 days, the

Not in the next 7 days, the weather pattern at the moment is a bit cloud friendly.


Will everyone stop moaning

Will everyone stop moaning about the weather!!!

Who are you...Moaning About the Weather Police?

The noble art of Weather Whingeing has been around since Year Dot...and in this free and open commentary, it is an individual's prerogative whether he or she wishes to complain about the inclement conditions or not!!

Is auckland always this cold?

Is auckland always this cold? The south of England has much warmer spring weather than this!! When does spring start here?!

This weather this spring has

This weather this spring has been very similar to winter - temperature, wind and rain-wise.  Normally we are in the early 20's to mid 20's by now.  

Spring in Auckland is

Spring in Auckland is rubbish.  Wet, wet, wet.  20C is considered hot in Auckland in spring time.  Head east for dry, warm weather.  Don't judge NZ on one wet hole.

Some years are different then

Some years are different then others. Things usually calm down for NZ around January fingers crossed but yeah, the weather is as weather does :D A bit cold at the moment with cold out breaks moving through every week at the moment.



Should you be despairing with Auckland's weather at present and need a bit of cheer-up, just click the Napier button on the map to see what those poor souls are having to put up with...


when is the sun coming back?

The sun never left??

The sun never left??

Looks to be a few sunny

Looks to be a few sunny spells out there today in Auckland. In terms of a totally clear sunny day, may be a bit of a wait for that.



Its my daughters 5th birthdya this sat! we are celebrating at Waiwera!!! is there chance at ALL of this weather changing

There will be a period of

There will be a period of patchy showers move through in the afternoon on Saturday, it is now looking to be less persistent then it was yesterday in model information. Will still be a bit cloudy though and windy, brisk northwesterly winds build in the morning then change brisk southwest mid afternoon. Cloud may break mid to late afternoon with sunny spells then moving in.

Hope you have a good day!



Why not a rain radar like the met service. Your app is useless with out it

Hi thereMetservice charge out

Hi there

Metservice charge out very high fees for other businesses like ours to use their network so it is not affordable (despite tax payer money being involved in the radar network). Other then that we could build our own network but we don't have million's of dollars spare to do so. So unfortunately no radar information on our app.


accuracy over pretty pictures

I will choose your more accurate forecasts any day of the week! Great job WW

Bring us some good news!!

Hi WW team

Just a tip for those who don't understand how changeable the weather here is.

1. Load WW page in your browser 1st thing in the morning. At work is OK.

2. Read it thoroughly (including the posts) 

3. REFRESH your page every 10 minutes or when you have that sip of coffee and.......

4. Re-read and make note of the changes throughout the day.

It's interesting and as Aaron says, "The weather is as the weather does."

Great job WW Team and Big Ups for your accuracy!!!

(For some FUN winter weather....take a holiday up North. Currently working on 2 meters of snow back home!) :)

Thank U



Hows the weather looking for mariah on thusday

Could be a bit showery, but

Could be a bit showery, but that's an indoor concert so guess it doesn't matter. Might be a bit chilly in the line before you go in though!


Saturday afternoon

whats the weather like this saturday arvo between 2-7pm, we have an event on. It is going to be to windy to hold it outside?