6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 12° | Hi 22°
Sunny areas and some cloud with light northeasterlies (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 77%
Wind: ENE 15kph
Sunrise: 06:53
Sunset: 17:46
Barometer: 1030hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This afternoon

Max: 22°
Wind: ENE 20kph

Sunny areas and some cloud, east to northeast winds (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Max: 16°
Wind: NE 15kph

A few clouds about with light northeasterlies (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Tue 21 Apr
    13° | 22° Sunny areas and some cloud, light winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 22 Apr
    11° | 23° Sunny areas and some cloud, chance of a late shower. Light winds tend easterly later (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 23 Apr
    15° | 20° Cloudy spells with breezy easterly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 24 Apr
    14° | 20° Sunny areas and some cloud, easterly winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 25 Apr
    14° | 20° Mostly sunny with light easterly quarter winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Queenstown Anzac Weekend

Hi there do you have any firm idea of the weather in Queenstown next weekend. Especially the chance of rain. Thank you

Hi there, Looks like a colder

Hi there,

Looks like a colder change will be moving in next weekend in the south.  Both Saturday and Sunday have a moderate chance of rain or showers - with highs down to 12 or 13 degrees (from 17 on Friday!).



Do you have more detail on Saturdays weather just north of Auckland? - Thanks :)

Hi thereNothing more then

Hi there

Nothing more then what we have written above really, perhaps winds will tend more southwest in the afternoon versus directly from the south.

Thanks for writing in! :)


Hi Phil,

What's the difference between "cloudy periods" and "sunny spells"? More to the point, what does "cloudy periods and sunny spells" mean? To me, cloudy periods means that sometimes it'll be cloudy, other times there won't be any cloud. My understanding of 'sunny spells' would be pretty similar. Just wondering if you were meaning something more specific, since you included both phrases.



G'day, Aaron here.Yes agree,

G'day, Aaron here.

Yes agree, if there are “cloudy periods” we are basically saying it’s a sunny day with
cloudy periods from time to time. Then the reverse is true for sunny spells.

Hope that helps!


Wind Direction

Hi Thanks for your reply but I was looking for information from the 10th of April ( Friday ) Auckland and Waikato wind direction and speed.

Ahh, sorry I misread your

Ahh, sorry I misread your question.

You'll have to contact NIWA or Metservice for that information, apologies we can't help there.


Wind map

Love the wind map, but it would be appreciated if it is possible to put a time on it, rather than just calling it the 'latest' wind map. Is that 5 mins ago? an hour ago? 12 hours ago?

Excellent videos thanks, nice to be treated as an intelligent being, rather than as someone who needs to be entertained in order to pay attention.

Hi there - even though it's

Hi there - even though it's animated, the actual data only updates every 3 hours we believe.   It's why we didn't call it a "Live Wind Map" during Cyclone Pam, when New Zealand's mainstream media did.  We'll look into the time stamp (or at least put a small message about how often it's updated). 

Thanks for the positive feedback about the videos - much appreciated!


Wind Direction.

Hi Can you let me know the wind direction and speed for Waikato and Auckland areas for Friday 10/04/15. Thanks Steve

Hi there Apologies for the

Hi there

Apologies for the late reply.

Friday in Auckland looks like westerly winds, around 15 kph in the morning then getting up to 20 perhaps 25 kph in the afternoon.

As for the Waikato conditions are very similar but perhaps knock off 5kph to the above figures :)

Thanks for writing in!

Thursday to Saturday

What will the weather be looking like Thursday avo-Saturday avo?

Hi thereWhere for?Thanks,

Hi there

Where for?

Thanks, Aaron

Will it snow in christchurch

Will it snow in christchurch this year like it did in June 2012 and 2013 ?

Well we can forecast 5 to 6

Well we can forecast 5 to 6 days ahead and have ideas about the weather for the next 10 days but guessing what will happen this winter for Chch requires a very special crystal ball. Who knows...

Sorry I couldn't help.


mysterious smoke ring in Kazakh sky

(headline in 11/4/15 NZHerald).Sounds intriguing. Do you have any further info/opinion on cause of this and similar "black rings"? Thanks

No sorry. Maybe best to post

No sorry. Maybe best to post this on the meteors page as stuff like that often goes in there.


Cook Strait Forecast

Hello, we're catching the 8.30am Wgtn-Picton ferry sailing on Tuesday 14th - I noticed a forecast of 8-10m swells, will this be in the Cook Strait? Thanks

Have a look here, you can see

Have a look here, you can see swell heights for the coming days with these maps :)


Last 48 hrs

Forecasting a little out in the previous 48 hrs. Been giving WeatherWatch the hi fives. A bit red faced.


Agree with you there and the site isn't quite what it once was sadly. No mention of incoming cold on stories and always polls about Daylight Saving every years and heating. Come on guys we've supported you, please lift your game!!!!


Interesting coz I knew about the incoming cold just from the 5 day forecasts here.  Also, simply put Daylight Savings ROCKS and want more heat in Summer (As it should be)!!

Keep up the great work WW Team!!! 


I meant no story about

I meant no story about incoming cold. Every year the same polls are run. WW is a little tired and run on a shoestring and its showing. Come on Philip, spend those dollars you have!!!

Hi there, thanks for your

Hi there, thanks for your honest comments above - they are ALL taken on board.  The site is run on a shoestring because we actually lose money on WeatherWatch the website. We provide it as a free public service because there is demand.  We've spent more money than ever in the past 6 months upgrading the speed and reliability of the site, adding Beach forecasts and providing detailed forecasts for centres that make no money for us at all (a free public service that actually costs us money).  We have no spare money - the market is very small and both NIWA and MetSerrvice are aggressively trying to muscle us out of the market (only western country on earth to have aggressive commercial government forecasters - and tiny NZ has 2 of them!).  It's a very tough market to operate in (and an unfair one - it's why Minister Peter Dunne has supported our official complaint to the Govt about the duopoly).  

In saying all that - we have plans in the pipeline to improve the news coverage and forecasting coverage. This will mean more Opinion, more of your Photos, and more long range forecasting.  We've actually been working on this for the past few months!

So watch this space - and thank you for your continued support.

Phil and the team

christchurch snow

Hello, just wanted to whether there will be snow in christchurch in couple of weeks or not? Thanks

Doesn't look cold enough,

Doesn't look cold enough, Monday evening / overnight is the best chance but yeah, not really cold enough in my opinion so no snow on the cards for the next 10 days atleast, well as far as I can see out at the moment anyway :D


Gales in Wellington on Sunday

What time are the gales in Wellington expected on Sunday? We are flying in at 3.30pm. Thank you.

Gales mainly evening onwards

Gales mainly evening onwards (6pm onwards) with sustained winds possible up in the gale range more so overnight. But they could gust to gale at times afternoon onwards (12pm onwards).



Thank you

Thank you, that's very helpful.

Hi there. Going to

Hi there. Going to Queenstown, on a farm on Monday. Metservice showing sleet im 800 meters above sea level. Can you give me the expected temperature and forecast please? Thanks

Next Monday is looking quite

Next Monday is looking quite cold for Queenstown, if it sticks the way it is currently I would'nt be surprised to see snow to 400 possibly 300m.

A few early showers and snow flurries to 400m clearing then expect periods of cloud and westerly winds. In the afternoon winds change to the south with showers moving in again and snow to 400m then easing overnight. Snow could go to 300m at times it is worth remembering.

A high on Monday in Queenstown of 4 or 5 degrees.


Sunrise/set Times

Thanks for the great work guys!  I refer to your weather website before the oppositions' sites.  Just thinking would it be worth just checking your sunrise and sunset times with DS finished?  (-:




G'day thereOur web man is on

G'day there

Our web man is on it, hopefully resolved ASAP :)


Wedding plans

Our wedding ceremony is outdoors at 1430 on Saturday. At the moment it looks ok-ish on the rain maps but what do you think? We have a plan b (indoors) but need to make a decision about this soon.

 Hi thereWhere abouts in the

 Hi there

Where abouts in the country do you mean for? :)


Ooops sorry - Auckland! ;-)

Ooops sorry - Auckland! ;-)

All good, our comments are

All good, our comments are under each forecast now not just Auckalnd so it can get a little confusing at times.

Saturday is probably the best day for the next 7 days so you've picked it well.  We are expecting mostly sunny if not completely sunny weather, winds will be a little breezy from the southwest though up around 25km/h. A high of 22 or 23 degrees. Hopefully you have a great day! :)


Thank you so much! Thats

Thank you so much! Thats awesome! :D

Forecast for Auckland City

Hey  as   time   is  a  bit   near  i  would  again  ask  you   what  the  forecast   for   this  week   ,  wednesday  ,  thursday  and  friday   will   be  .
I  need  to  know  a   day  which  i  find  it  a  best  day  to  travel  .  So  any  day   wednesday  ,  thursday  and  friday  .
Let  me   know   your  predictions   but   a   one  that  you  trust  gives  a  accurate  result .

Hi thereWednesday will

Hi there

Wednesday will clearly be your best day weather wise. Thursday and Friday are looking a bit wet.





Thanks   Aaron  for  letting  me   know  .


The temp in auck is taken in the shade WHY WHY WHY!!! We ll wish to know what it is in the sun. On a 28 deg day my thermometer reads between 40 and 44 deg. Its the safety factor for those working sitting and leaving kids or pets in cars or working in it. Get a bloody life and at least add the words 28 deg in the shade.

Omg you guys should be great

Omg you guys should be great full it's just in the shade. In Wellington ours is at the lop of a hill very exposed or by the runway and we'll everyone knows where that is........ our expected highs are always 2-3' less then the city or where the population here lives. Wellington sun and I'm sure christchurch and maybe Dunedin also hits 45' almost EVERY day in summer when the sun is out. This has to be one of the worst comments I have ever seen


Michael, Wellington

I think the temp in Auckland

I think the temp in Auckland should always be taken in the sun.  Also if there was no cloud ever and the temp was always taken in the sun, then Auckland would always be the hottest place in the country on the news weather.  Then I could feel really good about myself.  Now, can we fix the traffic problem as well?


I wrote in a couple of months ago and said I too was getting readings of 40+ in the direct sun on my balcony and the reply back was that my guage must be broken. It wasn't and still isn't. Facing North, sheltered from the South the sun is SOOOO hot. Besides being 50km out from the Auckland CBD bears not relation to what is happening there or to the Airport which is obviously measured in the shade and wind from the South/West. 

I think I remember your

I think I remember your comment. You never said your thermometer was in direct sunlight, in that case clearly it would have been reading too high. Temperature is never measured in direct sun, it's not an accurate record of how hot or cold it is.

And to the comment at the top, if anyone needs to be told it'll be hot in the sun in a car with the windows up when we are forecasting 28 degrees then you are not thinking for yourself, we can't tell you everything to do. I.E. my guess is you would think like this, "The weather man said it'll be 28 degrees but he didn't say it'll be 40+ in my car directly in the sun therefore it's safe to leave my dog in there". If that's your train of thought then lord help us.

"In the shade"  for the most part doesn't have to be said as temperature is and always has been measured accurately for a long long time in the shade / in a stevenson screen / instrument shelter if you like which everyone understands.

I'm making a generalisation in regards to how I said everyone above because I'm pretty sure that would be 99% of people, if you think temperature is measured in the sun then I dare say you probably put underwear on your head in the morning (generalisation again but you get my point).


Forecast for this day ?

Hey  im  trying  to  find  a  forecast  a  accurate  forecast  for   auckland  this  wednesday  ,  thursday  and  friday  .

As  i  have  seen  wednesday  , thursday  and  friday  seems  to  be  shower  and  so  is  there  any  day  which  looks  a  bit   better  meaning  less  or   no  rain   .  Im  looking  in  the  area  of   auckland  city  . 


Hi thereIn our Auckland

Hi there

In our Auckland forecasts you'll find our recent thoughts, forecasts were tweaked just recently. Wednesday looks dry but Thursday and Friday at this stage may be wet. Feel free and come back closer to the time to ask again if you like.


Easter Sunday

Hi team, desperately wanting to know what Easter Sunday will be like in Auckland?