6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This evening

Lo 11° | Hi 16°
Areas of cloud with the risk of a shower or two, west to southwest winds (30% chance of precip)

Rain: 30%
Humidity: 91%
Wind: WSW 20kph
Sunrise: 07:37
Sunset: 17:11
Barometer: 1024hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 12°
Wind: WSW 15kph

Clear areas and some cloud, chance of a shower or two otherwise dry. WSW winds (30% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Tomorrow morning

Max: 16°
Wind: SW 20kph

Sunny areas and some cloud, southwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Wed 1 Jul
    11° | 16° Sunny areas and some cloud. Southwesterly winds, finally easing later on (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 2 Jul
    9° | 15° Mostly sunny after any early mist clears away. Light northwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 3 Jul
    9° | 16° Mostly cloudy with NNW winds strengthening. Patchy rain from afternoon, expect an o/night S change (80% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 4 Jul
    9° | 13° Morning rain possibly heavy then easing afternoon and evening, clearing o/night. Gusty southerly winds (70% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 5 Jul
    8° | 15° Sunny areas and some cloud with breezy southwesterly winds (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Isnt it meant to be winter - Auckland

Is it just me imagining things or is it really warm at the moment concidering its meant to be winter?

When do we normally get our coldest weather?


Auckland - First Full Week of July

Hi WW,

I've taken a look at the long-range maps and they forecast a possibly wet Auckland for most of next week. What's your advice on a 24-hour period that would be the driest?

Cheers, Stefan.

Hi thereNext week is a while

Hi there

Next week is a while away as you know, but Monday next week while windy from the southwest looks to be the driest at this stage. About evening showers may start to move in.

No guarantees though, next week looks unpredictable as usual.


Hurricanes vs. Highlanders Final forecast

Hi WW - looks like the chance of the odd shower but more than likely dry with a strong, cool southerly? 

Hi thereBang on pretty much,

Hi there

Bang on pretty much, it will be mainly dry but a few showers ticking through is not out of the question. Indeed winds will be gusty from the south. A bit of a cold evening so wrapping up warm will be a must!


Christmas Day Weather

Hi. Just wondering if there is a long range forecast for Christmas day 2015 for Auckland- Rodney district? Will it be raining? Thanks in advance. 

Hi there - no way of

Hi there - no way of forecasting that far out with any credibility. We won't know until about 2 or 3 weeks before, at the earliest.


That may have been written

That may have been written late last year by an internet explorer user, their messages can take a while to send...

Hahahahaha rotflmbo 

Hahahahaha rotflmbo 

After shortest day


After passing the shortest day, does that mean the worst of winter cold is behind us?  It definitely feels a lot warmer now compared to a couple of days ago. 

Hi there Hate to burst your

Hi there

Hate to burst your bubble but we are only just now entering the coldes time of the year. In summer the longest day of the year is just before Christmas Day - then our hottest weather is a couple months later in Feb.  Winter is the same - our shortest day is late June - our coldest months are usually July and August.  In saying that, hard to say for sure if we'll get another burst of -20 temps as we just saw. But certainly the general trend is for colder weather next two months - even if we do get warmer days (like today and this weekend) we are heading into the coldest time of the year now :) 

- WW


Yes, technically speaking, the solstice is the start of winter, which runs through to the vernal equinox When spring starts.

Hey team. Any signs of

Hey team. Any signs of another significant cold snap in the next 14 days (I.E snow to sea level for the South) Cheers, Jacob.

Hi JacobNot really, the

Hi Jacob

Not really, the Southern Ocean is looking a bit more active a week or two into July but by then things may well change as they often do.

Till then it's looking fairly west to northwesterly over the South Island till then, no doubt there will be the odd southwest change come through but perhaps just nothing significant.



Did it rain in Hamilton last night

Not from what I rememeber,

Not from what I rememeber, for detailed records you'll have to check in with NIWA or metservice.



Snow tomorrow morning?


For where? Check out our

For where? Check out our national forecast when it comes out at 5am :)


Hi Philip, I saw a comment

Hi Philip,

I saw a comment you made on twitter earlier saying that the weather yesterday wasn't severe because it didn't affect any of the countries largest cities. I was really disappointed to read that, as I thought that as a weather forecaster, you would understand the impact that weather can have on people. It was a really large area that was flooded (Horowhenua up to Taranaki, and part of Wairarapa), and several large rivers burst their banks. Wanganui, New Plymouth and Palmerston North were all flooded, and they are all relatively large urban areas. I was in Waitara, and it was actually really scary, as the river was so close to going over it's stop bank and flooding the whole town, and the rain just kept coming. Also, it shouldn't matter whether it's a large city or a small town; if people are in danger, it should be just as important to get the message out there, which is what the Civil Defence and Metservice were doing. I found their info really helpful, and was really upset to read that you think that we out here in the regions are not important.


Hi Lil - you've misquoted me.

Hi Lil - you've misquoted me. I said this wasn't a "Major Storm" as 4 million people were unaffected. I was asking Civil Defence to tone down their language in their press release yesterday as a 'major storm' would be something like Cyclone Pam or the storm that sunk the Wahine...and if Civil Defence can't understand the difference then certainly the news media never will and every event will be a "major storm".  The weather was certainly "severe" but it was regionalised - not a nationwide major storm, and my tweet was referring to that fact only. 

- Phil

Hi Phil, thanks for your

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply. I suppose that's a fair comment, yet I don't recall that a state of emergency was declared in any region/district after Cyclone Pam (in NZ atleast). Whereas in this case, three regions were left in a state of emergency. I guess that's why the Civil Defence were concerned.

Also, if it's the number of people who were affected that decides whether or not it was a major storm, consider this:

- the population of taranaki, manawatu and wanganui together is about 327,000 people.

- the population of Vanuatu is only about 253,000.

So does that mean that Cyclone Pam wasn't a "major storm" when it hit Vanuatu? Because fewer people were affected there than the number of people who were affected by this storm?




Hi Are there any possible


Are there any possible reasons as to why there are different temperature forecasts between WW and metservice. For example Christchurch minimum on metserv. Is -5 C but on ww  -3  on monday. Alexandra is to have a minimum of -11 C which is incredible, but here ww gives it a much warmer temp. In general met service is predicting colder temperatures in nz following the cold southerly.

Btw thank for you great work 


Hi Will.  We are different

Hi Will.  We are different forecasters who use different data and we update at different times. So we're never in sync with them - we do our own thing, as do they theirs.  Our Chch temps may well lower when we fine tune our week-long forecast later today, so check back later. However sometimes we see some wind or cloud which makes a difference to an overnight low. As for Alexandra, we personally don't provide forecasts for them - it's automated data from MetOcean.  Just like any business, adding forecasts for any town is like setting up a new store - it costs us money. So we use automation in smaller towns via MetOcean.  

We're updating again later today so check back for the latest. 


how much snow for the rimutaka hill road

Hi guys just seeing metservice saying snow for the rimutaka hill road .i an hoping this will be gone by wednesday of to the airport in the morning to aussie ..

Hi there - it should be gone

Hi there - it should be gone by then - not a huge amount coming with this next burst of cold air and is mainly Mon/Tues.

- WW


Will there be snow in the ChristChurch city on Monday?

Hi there - yes there is a

Hi there - yes there is a chance although we don't expect very much to fall. We'll be updating properly later today with possible amounts and levels.



snow chch

How likely do you guys think chch will see snow?

Hi there - some chance as the

Hi there - some chance as the air coming in is very cold, but it's also fairly dry for Canterbury. Keep an eye on our Chch forecasts later today when we make a more detailed update.

- WW


Hi there just wanting to know the chances of snow in dunedin this time, and how low will it snow?


Thanks heaps 



HI there - yes there is a

HI there - yes there is a chance of snow to low levels in Dunedin on Monday. We're going to make a more detailed forecast/update later today so check our news section and our Dunedin forecasts as we'll be updating them.




Hiya I'm just asking, is snow going to come near Auckland or North Shore this year? In 2015? Thanks would really like to know. Also nice job on updating wheather reports. A big thumbs up and make us proud!

G'day thereNot sure sorry, I

G'day there

Not sure sorry, I would really be guessing there. Statistically you would have to say it would be very unlikely but I guess as Lloyd Christmas would say, "There's always a chance".

Thanks for the support! :)


Metservice and others

Metservice and other canterbury / chch forcast websites are saying snow for sea level in chch.What do you guys think?

Hi thereAs in our Chch

Hi there

As in our Chch forecast, yes we think there is a chance of snow to sea level on Monday morning :)


How low could snow fall in

How low could snow fall in Hawked bay on Tuesday and Wednesday and could Napier get sleet?

Hi there - the burst of air

Hi there - the burst of air is pretty cold but there isn't a lot of moisture with it. Snow flurries may come down to 300m for a time, but we don't expect snow or sleet in Napier.



thanks guys. how do you

thanks guys. how do you determine sleet levels?

Sleet will always be within

Sleet will always be within 50 to 100m of the snow level, so you can work it out from there pretty much :)


Overnight minimum

Hi there,

I've always been confused about the overnight minimum numbers given, as they often don't match with the next day's minimum. As an example, for Auckland, today's overnight min is 14° but the extended forecast shows Saturday's minimum as 12°. Which is the correct one?

Thanks for your advice! Love all the work you guys do.

Gday thereThe 14 is for

Gday there

The 14 is for overnight tonight.

The 12 on Saturday represents how cold it will get in the evening on Saturday before it flicks into the next day (overnight).

Hopefully that hasn't confused you further?


Ah thanks for clarifying! I

Ah thanks for clarifying! I thought the 12 referred to the Fri-Sat minimum, not the Sat-Sun one, because it is listed before the Saturday maximum and I was reading it chronologically.



I think it would be cool to see the percentage of a chance of snow. I've been all over google and camt seem to find one website that has the chance of snow. please help


Hi thereBest to check out

Hi there

Best to check out this huge article we wrote up late this afternoon about the snow, read it here:


any snow for chch

any snow chch tonite.

Hi thereCheck out our

Hi there

Check out our detailed Christchurch forecasts, go to the Christchurch page which links off the map on the homepage.


Tauranga next week (22-28th June)


-needing dry weather to take my elderly mother for some fresh air at the mount-

thanks for your previous thoughts where you felt perhaps the end of the week might be more settled, but to get back to you later this week

... so wondering how it's looking now?

thanks !!


Hi thereConditions become

Hi there

Conditions become sunny this coming Sunday morning, it's sunny again on Monday then on Tuesday you get thickening high cloud. It will still be dry on Tuesday though.

Wednesday and Thursday look a little wet then the weather gets better again on Friday and Saturday.

Rhis coming Sunday to Tuesday could be ideal for you?


Hi. Looking at several local

Hi. Looking at several local weather sites here in Canterbury and they are all saying that there could well be major snowfalls to sea level this evening and tonight. What are your thoughts?

Hi there. Yes snow is

Hi there. Yes snow is certainly possible to low levels tonight and maybe to sea level in south Canterbury for a time for some areas. However we aren't currently expecting heavy snow to sea level - heavy snow should remain above 200m for the most part.  We're closely monitoring and will make it clear to the public if we believe it will be heavier, lower.

- WW