6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This afternoon

Lo 19° | Hi 25°
Cloudy areas with sea breezes (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 65%
Wind: SB 15kph
Sunrise: 06:48
Sunset: 20:22
Barometer: 1012hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Max: 21°
Wind: SB 15kph

Cloudy areas, chance of an isolated shower otherwise dry, Sea Breezes ease (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 19°
Wind: SW 10kph

Areas of cloud, chance of a shower otherwise dry. Light winds (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Wed 10 Feb
    19° | 27° Mainly dry - chance of a late afternoon / evening shower. Sea Breezes (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 11 Feb
    19° | 27° A mix of sun and cloud with light Northeasterly winds (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 12 Feb
    18° | 28° Morning cloud with the chance of a shower, afternoon sunny areas. Light winds (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 13 Feb
    18° | 27° Sunny areas with Nor'East winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 14 Feb
    19° | 27° Sunny areas, isolated showers possible late afternoon / evening. NE breezes (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Morning guys! How's Napier

Morning guys! How's Napier looking next Tuesday, doing a NZ Roadie and starting either in the West or East, which looks more settled to do outdoor activities? Either New Plymouth or Napier - I live in Taupo so both are a similair drive away xD

G'day thereHmm, around then

G'day there

Hmm, around then we may have an ex tropical cyclone passing by New Zealand. How close exactly is yet to be determined but it wants to push an easterly airflow over the North Island at the time. So I would say New Plymouth would be the better of the two more then likely.

Hope your trip goes well!

- WW Team

Hey, Whens the Palmy North

Hey, Whens the Palmy North forecasts resuming - missing it! Bailey.

A new round of forecasts will

A new round of forecasts will be arriving soon :)

- WW Team

hi there what's the weather

hi there what's the weather looking like for next week have a wedding 20th dev outdoors! 

Hope the bad weather comes and goes for the taranaki region 

G'day there20th Feb,

G'day there

20th Feb, currently has a southeasterly airflow over the Taranaki region so at this point mainly sunny weather could be expected. Lets hope it sticks in your case although that is quite a while away and things could change a bit before then.

- WW Team


FYI-Mostly cloudy in Tauranga, not mostly sunny.


Heading down to Whakatane today, should we be preparing for indoor games or outdoor activities? cheers


G'day thereIt looks cloudy

G'day there

It looks cloudy and a bit drizzly, turning to rain late afternoon or evening :) There's the weather, the rest I leave to you :)

- WW Team

Friday 5 Feb

We have an outdoor event on the North Shore in Auckland tomorrow (Friday) from 1.45pm to 3pm. Should we cancel/postpone it or is there a chance the rain will only arrive after 3pm? Many thanks.

It's only the odd shower /

It's only the odd shower / drizzle patch till about 4pm then some more persistent rain moves in, so there may be a few dry areas up until that time but it's hard to go into any great detail there about when it'll be dry exactly and wet etc..

Hope things work out for you!

- WW Team

thanks very much

thanks very much

Where is best in North Island?

Hi there, what reigon in the north island has the best weather this long waitangi weekend? looking for somewhere dry to camp. Cheers.

Hi there - use our wind and

Hi there - use our wind and rain maps above to work out wettest and windiest (as wind is a big part of camping!) - but if you head SOUTH of Bay of Plenty and Waikato you'll probably find driest, sunniest, calmest, weather.  Inland areas of both islands look good. By Sunday, however, conditions in the upper North Island may also be improving significantly for Sunday and Monday.



Hi WW team, do you have weather forecast for Thames?

Thank you.

Hi there - we are including

Hi there - we are including Thames very soon, with 10 day forecasts plus % of rain.

In the meantime, our detailed forecasts for Auckland and Hamilton will be a handy guide (esp as they cover the Auckland and Waikato entire regions).





rain map

Hey guys, the rain map doesn't seem to be working? I'm looking for the chance of precip in North Mount Maunganui tomorrow Friday arvo/early evening. Realise the precip is coming at some stage, but not sure what time. 

Hi there - looks like the

Hi there - looks like the maps are back up and running now.  Tomorrow sees showers and drizzle and cloud - but plenty of dry spells. Heavier rain (or at least rain with the risk of heavier falls) is most likely on Friday evening after dark.  Looks like Saturday the rain will be just north of you - but could slide down (so Saturday is a bit 50/50 as to whether it will be fairly wet, or mostly dry).  Keep checking our Tauranga forecasts for more detail - and our rain maps too (if they are working for you now!)



Hi Guys

We're at the Mount on the weekend for an outdoor event Saturday night. Says rain easing during the day, does that mean should have stopped by late arvo or that evening?


G'day thereAt this stage

G'day there

At this stage there may be a few drizzly showers in the evening, we don't expect it to be mainly dry but it won't be a downpour at that stage either. Feel free to come back and ask closer to the time if you like or keep an eye on our Tauranaga forecasts.

- WW Team


Hi there,

We have a big event on in Auckland on Sunday - any chance there may be some sun?

Love yor site!!


G'day thereThere may be some

G'day there

There may be some sun into the afternoon so yes it's a possibility! :)

And thanks!

Hey guys, heading down to

Hey guys, heading down to Napier from Sunday to Monday and hoping for sunny weather? Or do you think i should change dates? MS saying heavy rain for napier over these days?

You'll have to ask MS about

You'll have to ask MS about their forecasts, we can't answer for them.

Those days do look wet from our perspective, perhaps more showery on Sunday then Monday sees the potential for a few heavy falls otherwise just showers again.

- WW Team

Waitangi Weekend in Auckland

Hi Team Weather-Watch,

It's looking pretty nasty for Auckland over Waitangi weekend. Is there a chance of some sunshine for us sun lovers on any of the days?

Or - where in the rest of NZ would be the place(s) to go as I cant bear 3 days of my long awaited holiday locked indoors in this heat with rain!

Keep up the great work and thanks in advance :)

G'day thereDoesn't look like

G'day there

Doesn't look like there will be any sun for Auckland no.

The West Coast of the South Island is the place to be believe it or not for the longest amount of time with sunny days.

Hope you have a great time away either way, and thanks!

 - WW Team

Hi. We are getting married on

Hi. We are getting married on the 6th in North-East Auckland (near Omaha Beach). Would you say we should plan for the worst? :( Anything like the storms yesterday expected or just some patchy rain? Thanks for your help.

G'day thereCurrently not

G'day there

Currently not looking the best, I would plan for some rain at some point during the day, when exactly isn't clear yet but perhaps more so in the afternoon / evening. In turn there may be a few dry periods also. Winds breezy from the east.

Hot though and humid, getting up to 27 or 28 degrees.

Hope your day goes well either way!

- WW Team

Thanks guys.   It is what it

Thanks guys.


It is what it is, but good to know in advance anyway.




Soo, when do the new national

Soo, when do the new national forecasts start? Excited much! :D

Hi there - it will be this

Hi there - it will be this month that we'll launch phase 1 - then phase 2 later this year (which is basically improving Phase 1!)  

Hopefully more info next week! 



Hi Guys looking at your rain

Hi Guys

looking at your rain maps, is Waitangi weekend going to be a bit of a washout for the Auckland/ coromandel region? Or is it just the Friday?


At this stage Friday and

At this stage Friday and Saturday look a bit wet for some northern areas (like Auckland and Coromandel) = but it appears Sunday and Monday look similar to today!  


WW Team

Cheers, good for the farmers


good for the farmers then! What happened to the drought?

Waitangi Weekend - Kapiti Coast

I know its hard to forecast that far ahead, but what are your thoughts around the long weekend in the Wellington/Kapiti weekend? Got a wedding on Saturday and hoping the forecasted rain will turn into sun!

G'day thereLooks like early

G'day there

Looks like early rain easing to showers then clearing at some point in the afternoon, sorry can't say when exactly right now. Winds gust from the south during the day.

Hope the forecast improves for you by then!

- WW Team

Cricket tomorrow in Auckland

What do u reckon about attending the cricket tomorrow?

Hey there - we have some big

Hey there - we have some big heavy showers, in the region tomorrow and latest modelling indicates the city is exposed to this downpour risk in the afternoon.  This weather is a bit 'hit and miss' in nature - but could see some delays.  Our updates in the morning will be really focusing on this rain risk.

WW Team

Kids birthday party


How do you think we'll go weather-wise on Sunday 31st on the North Shore between 11-1pm? Bouncy castle and a dozen pre-schoolers!

G'day thereAround that time

G'day there

Around that time cloud will start to build then mid afternoon through to evening there could be isolated showers, possibly heavy.

So you could miss them if it's around then so hopefully you are good to go!

- WW Team

Guest - incoming Sun Jan 31

In typical kiwi style ........ Ki Ora and welcome home. :-)

Arriving into Auckland Sunday 31st Jan


I am flying in to Auckland on Sunday morning the 31st, from the States, how does the weather look for a smooth ride in ?!  Hoping for a clear view of home while landing! I see the forecast is for a few morning sunny areas.


G'day thereI'm sure you'll be

G'day there

I'm sure you'll be fine. Yes there does look to be some morning sun then clouding up more in the afternoon.

- WW Team

Lovely rain

Decent rainfall  in New Lynn, a lovely sound with  SW breeze blowing lightly.

Waipu Cove

Hey guys,

First off what a great websie and awesome service you provide to us all :)

We are off camping at Waipu Cove on Fri and Sat night and just wondering if i should pack the gumboots or jandles!!




G'day thereFriday and

G'day there

Friday and Saturday are going to be similar, the mornings may start out with sunny areas and some cloud about. It's the afternoon's that may see isolated showers develop and if you are unlucky enough showers could turn into downpours for moments in time with possible thunderstorms.

Showers ease off in both instances later in the evenings. Winds are mainly light on these two days.

Hope your camping trip goes well either way, and thanks for the kind words :)



Hi there

Is this pretty much the same for Mangawhai?  We're heading up to the caravan for the long weekend and hoping the kids will be able to get outside for a decent stretch.

Hi there, yes the weather

Hi there, yes the weather would be similar. :)

- WW Team

Hello, great website! Interested to know differences for Waiheke

People say it has its own little climate?! :) We are going for the long weekend Fri - Mon and wondering if its more or less likely to rain than the auckland forecast.