6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This afternoon

Lo 14° | Hi 24°
Some high cloud, easterly winds develop (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 73%
Wind: ENE 15kph
Sunrise: 06:02
Sunset: 20:37
Barometer: 1023hPa

This evening

Max: 17°
Wind: ENE 20kph

Some cloud with easterly winds (20% chance of precip)


Min: 16°
Wind: E 15kph

Cloud with possible showers

Extended Forecast

  • Wed. Dec 24.
    16° | 22° Fairly cloudy at times but sunny spells in the mix too. East to Nor'east winds breezy now and then (20% chance of precip)
  • Thu. Dec 25.
    16° | 22° A mostly cloudy day, a few sunny spells may break through from afternoon. ENE winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Fri. Dec 26.
    14° | 22° Sunny areas and some cloud with northeasterly winds (10% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Dec 27.
    15° | 22° Partly cloudy skies with northeasterly winds (20% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Dec 28.
    15° | 22° A few morning showers clear, PM sunny spells. Northeasterly winds (40% chance of precip)

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New Years Eve

Any idea of what the Weather is looking like for New Years Eve on Waiheke Island?

At this stage a ridge appears

At this stage a ridge appears to be hanging over the upper North Island so perhaps it will be settled, it's quite far away though so things could change but fingers crossed the settled outlook comes to fruition.


So much for summer???

Hi WW Team!

Hahahahahahaha.....I LOVE your cheekyness! (Is that a word? It is now) It's AWESOME outside! Later I hope to be having a play at the beach. Thank you for your accuacy. Keep up the great work, and




(Six more sleeps guys! LOL)



Haha - glad you like our

Haha - glad you like our style :)  Have a great day - it's definitely beach weather today! 

Have a great Christmas!
WW team 

saturday weather

is rain still on the agenda for this sat in auckland? is it likely to be continuous rain in the morning and afternoon or just passing showers?

Yes there is likely to be

Yes there is likely to be showers in the afternoon for Auckland. The morning will be mainly dry then towards midday (late morning) showers start to develop.

The afternoon will likely comprise of showers which come and go and perhaps periods of more sustained rain as such, so a mixture of both. It isn't exactly straight forward.


West Auckland on sat

Hi any rain on the radar for west Auckland this sat ?

Hi there, in the afternoon

Hi there, in the afternoon yes showers do look possible.


Xmas Day

Hi Guys

Xmas Day is starting to look promising I think. Have you firmed up your thoughts on it yet?

I know it can change in that time but I quite like the look of it


Cheers Dave

Yes xmas day is still a

Yes xmas day is still a little while off but so far so good. High pressure and mainly settled weather (mostly sunny, afternoon sea breezes etc) Would'nt be locking anything down just yet but am thinking the same as you :)


saturday weather

whats the chance of rain on saturday mid morning and early afternoon? Have an outdoor event planned and anxious about rain!

Hi there.Looks to be some

Hi there.

Looks to be some unstable weather about, mid morning may be ok but as the afternoon begins there could be some showers forming. Hopefully it holds off just enough for you or misses where ever you, unstable showers tend to be isolated somewhat in nature, but then again if they hit you it can be full on!

Good luck!



Christmas Eve in Auckland

Christmas Eve in Auckland central.. how are we looking for our planned family BBQ?? time to organise Plan B? thanks :)

At this stage it may be

At this stage it may be looking ok! Could be isolated showers late afternoon / evening about southern Auckland otherwise all good. Mostly sunny with afternoon sea breezes easing in the evening. Hope it goes well and if it rains go inside and use a stove top :D



I'm in Auckland - when is summer going to arrive? :(

At some point! Depends on

At some point! Depends on what your definition on summer is exactly :D

But yes it has been unsettled for a while, just give it time..... or go to the movies. lol


Fishing with customers tomorrow...


I have to take some customers out fishing tomorrow from Westhaven to Rangitoto and surrounding areas, any idea what sort of wind to expect and how many knots?

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Hi thereLooks to be a

Hi there

Looks to be a northwest around 10 to 15 knots tomorrow. Perhaps peaking up to 20 at times, should be resonable weather mostly.

Hope you have a great day and thanks!


weather in Paihia

Hi there, 


We're hoping to go camping on the 24th to the 27th.  In Pahia. Any chance of this weather settling ? Please, please have some good news.  This is our first camping trip in NZ.



Don`t do it...srsly.

Don`t do it...srsly.

Hi there, I can't go too far

Hi there, I can't go too far out but so far the 24th and 25th may be fairly settled looking at this stage so that's a good start! Still a chance it could change but generally at the moment high pressure and sea breezes look to be on order.

Hopefully the 26th and 27th will be good too!


Stop grizzling about rain, Kiwis!

You can't have a beautiful country without rain. But it's summer after summer of drought that I'm fed up with. I'm expecting it to be a windy summer so I sure hope it's not going to be dry as well.

Flying out of Auckland at 10 am tomorrow. ..

What's the chance of a delay? My kids are anxious about the wind already...

I there, not sure sorry. You

I there, not sure sorry. You would have to take what we forecast to your airline and see what they think.

But suffice to say they won't fly if something is wrong so best leave it up to them, if your in the air I'm sure you can trust they know it's safe to fly :)


Summer so far sucks....

I know it's been answered in the comments already, but this summer has truly sucked so far. Gales, rain and nothing but endless grey cloud. In the 5 years we have lived in Auckland, it has never been this bad for such a protracted period.

Is it ever going to stop...?

Move to Sydney

I lived in Ak for 27 years. The weather is awful & actually very depressing. I moved to Sydney & never looked back. Its a special city with a far better climate.

Didn't you want a white

Didn't you want a white christmas??


and why oh why is it that rain = bad and sun = good??? huh?


the weather is what the weather is!

No - I didn't...

Hailing from the UK, I have had my fair share of white Christmas's so, no, i most certainly dont want another one! They aren't all they are made up to be....

rain = bad because you get wet, cant do stuff outside and get couped up inside

Sun = good because of the polar opposite of the above ;)

There's a Billy Connolly

There's a Billy Connolly sketch about that, it's just the weather he says. Funny stuff!


Hopefully some type of

Hopefully some type of settled weather is on the way later this month or atleast in January :D


Hiya - we are heading out on

Hiya - we are heading out on a boat for a work fishing trip on Friday in Auckland - is the weather going to co-operate? :)

At the moment yes it's

At the moment yes it's looking ok, pretty much as above. Periods of cloud with gentle north to northwesterly winds. There is the chance of an isolated shower late afternoon / evening otherwise mainly dry.

Hope the trip goes well!


Awesome thanks :) Fingers

Awesome thanks :) Fingers Crossed!!

South Head Forecast

Hi there - am wondering which is the best city to get forecast for South Head?  Or even Helensville?  Weather can be sooo very different from that forecast for Kumeu or further north.  Thanks :-)

At the moment what we have

At the moment what we have above is your best bet. Yes the weather may be different at times, some of these times it can be more an issue of timing versus the weather being drastically different from what Auckland gets. If a front moves down from the north then it will hit Kumeu northwards first before Auckland of course, but eventually it'll end up in Auckland too.

If you want to know any specific days ahead then let us know and we'll do the best we can for you.


Auckland summer questions?

Hi, this question may have been asked before, just wondering what the general trend will be for this summer in Auckland?

I don't ever remember Auckland this windy for extended periods of time!

I had lots of unfortunate events this year in the winter, just waiting for the good long warm summer days to relax, do you guys have any predictions to when the weather will settle?


Thank you!

G'day thereYes this summer

G'day there

Yes this summer has been a bit unsettled so far but we are only 14 days in :) Here is a responce Phil said to someone just below on Friday regarding this summer:


Hi there - thanks for the nice email, much appreciated!  As for
summer - it's fairly normal in Auckland for it to be cloudy, humid and
drizzly in December.  Some years it can be hotter and sunnier, but this
is fairly normal.  Scientists expect El Nino this summer, which for
Auckland can be a bit cloudier, but drier.   Next weather pattern change
should be about 10 days away , will have a much better idea by then
about how January is looking.



Hi.  Is it true Auckland

Hi.  Is it true Auckland gets more rain per year than Invercargill?  Because it seems that way at the moment.

On average, Auckland per year

On average, Auckland per year 1240mm and Invercargill 1112mm per year. So there you go! :)


We are far more tropical then

We are far more tropical then Invercargill, so yes! But with that we also get much higher temperatures and sunshine hours :)

I know that it gets to 29/30C

I know that it gets to 29/30C in Invercargill most years.  I can't recall Auckland being 30C in the last ten years let alone 'much higher'.  (prentend 'feels like' temps don't count) So I think you'll find that Invercargill is also 'hotter' than Auckland.  But Auckland would have a far higher ave temp each month and year.  Either way, living out east or central South Island is a much better option for good weather.

I definitely recall it

I definitely recall it getting to 30C in Auckland within the last 10 years!

Cerainly not tropical heat today,rather cold.

Cerainly not tropical heat today,rather cold.

Rain Auckland

Do I cancel me friends coming to help landscape in East Auckand today? Or will this rain stop this morning?

Hi therePretty much as our

Hi there

Pretty much as our forecast above suggests, it will ease off this afternoon but we expect showers still. Showers of course will be less frequent then what is going on currently, persistent rain etc.


Sun 21st

We are thinking of taking a trip down to Blueberry Country in Ngatea next Sunday from Auckland, what's the weather outlook like at this stage?

Hi thereAt this stage it

Hi there

At this stage it looks a bit unpredictable, naturally. Notherlies with sunny spells, showers at times with long dry spells too. Showers have a slightly higher risk in the afternoon with the chance of an isolated heavy fall. It's an unstable sort of atmosphere around then. You coluld strike it lucky with a resonable day and warm temperatures but currently it's too hard to nail that down. Come back and ask again soon or keep an eye on the forecasts above to see how Sunday is shaping up as we get closer.


Hi What's the weather going

What's the weather going to be like in Browns bay Auckland tomorrow morning between 0500-1100

We can't break it down

We can't break it down anymore than we have for our Morning forecast above!  Conditions looks to dry out in the morning, use our rain maps above to see the big picture.

- WW 


So anyway, we can't have sunshine all the time bring on some rain, pure unpolluted rain, the very thing that seperates this planet from the rest, and the plants, which make our h'orderves