6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This afternoon

Lo 19° | Hi 25°
Quite cloudy & still some drizzle or a shower, but general drier for most. Very humid NE winds. (35% chance of precip)

Rain: 35%
Humidity: 93%
Wind: NNE 20kph
Sunrise: 06:38
Sunset: 20:30
Barometer: 1007hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Max: 21°
Wind: N 15kph

Fairly cloudy at times, warm and Humid with northerly winds. Risk of a few showers or drizzle patches (35% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 20°
Wind: N 15kph

Cloudy with light northerlies, chance of a drizzle patch (25% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Sun 1 Feb
    20° | 26° A few showers possible otherwise humid & mostly dry. Northerly winds (30% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 2 Feb
    19° | 27° Fairly cloudy & dry but showers later. Humid northwesterly winds (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 3 Feb
    20° | 27° Cloudy areas with occasional showers (mainly morning). Breezy westerly winds (50% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Wed 4 Feb
    18° | 26° Cloudy in the morning, a few sunny areas break through from afternoon. Westerlies (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 5 Feb
    17° | 22° Showers ease later with cooler winds turning more south west. (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Hi there

For a number of years we have heard Niwa projections.

It seems to me that they newer come true as stated this was going to be Westerly with showers and dry periods since Christmas its been all East North east completly different etc It makes me wonder how these are made .

Or is it a case of computer projections.


I really enjoy your service here and its very accurate







The tropics

Hi guys

It looks like the models are picking cyclones developing near Vanuatu over the next few days & we may get a visit from at least one.

I assume you have also picked up it & will be watching potential development. If it happens I don't think drought will be an issue anymore but could be some serious flooding & slips after the dry spell.

Have you got any thoughts at this early stage?  Cheers Dave

Hi Dave - the air pressure

Hi Dave - the air pressure between NZ and the tropics is likely to increase as we head into Feb - which would likely stop them moving towards us. Coincidently we just emailed the media saying what you just said - that we need a subtropical rainmaker but at this stage we don't see any significant chances in the next 10 days.  But the maps can change when the tropics get active (which they do in Feb/March) so we're paying twice as much attention to what is going on there now!


Philip Duncan


Cheers Phil. Perhaps Queensland may cop it instead which Would make our weather beautiful. Cheers Dave

Hi is that big low to the

Hi is that big low to the north going to bring us farmers some much needed rain over Waitangi weekend?? or is still to far out to make a call.
Thanks for the good work.

May be a bit far out but

May be a bit far out but currently I'm seeing no lows around the North Island then on the latest info to hand, it may do a bit of flip flopping between now and then but at the moment no low seems to be the case, meaning not much run then.


Is it gunna rain??

Hey , was seeing what your call was for the 3rd weekend in feb , was reading that there was gunna be storms for auckland. Is it to far to properly call


Hi thereYes much to far to

Hi there

Yes much to far to call at this stage. As we get into Feb keep an eye on various articles coming out, if there is something brewing we'll write about it :)


Seawater temperatures

Hi guys, 

could anyone tell me where to find sea water temperatures for Dec 2014 at 3 kings NZ? Thank you.... Or tell me what the sea water temperatures where on that date?


Thanks v.much, Charlie

Hi CharlieYou may have to

Hi Charlie

You may have to contact NIWA for that information as we don't hold it, apologies we can't help you there.


NRL Nines at Eden Park

Hi - What does Sat and Sun have in store for those of us that will be at Eden Park. Cheers


Hi IanKeep an eye on the

Hi Ian

Keep an eye on the forecast for Auckland re Sat / Sun at Eden Park. There will be an update there around 3.30pm with the latest information.



Hi WW,


A group of us are off to Whangapoua in the Coro next Thurs and I was wondering if you could tell me what the weather may be doing? We are there till the 11th of Feb which i know is too far off to give a forecast but I was hoping you could tell me what the first few days will be doing so I can change some activities around if need be?


Looking at the maps it looks like it could be a cool sw flow? :(


Thanks guys!

G'day thereHmmm I'm not sure

G'day there

Hmmm I'm not sure I want to be saying much at the moment, as you note that period is quite a while away. And to add to that there appears to be some change in the air with what weather patterns may be doing over the next 2 or so weeks.

Currently I'm seeing one heck of a low drifting towards the North Island next Thursday, a slight change in its positioning could have a dramatic affect on the weather be it sunny or rain or whatever.

Beyond that we are getting too far into the future. Give a message back about 5 days out before you go away if you can? If we don't hear from you hopefully your trip goes well!


Waiheke Saturday 31st Jan

Hi Guys

I know you're probably sick of answering questions about rain this weekend but.....We are hoping to do a vineyard tour this Satuday on Waiheke - it can have its own micro climate so is there likely to be rain during the day or will we strike lucky...??

Thanks for all your hard work, you guys are the best!


Hi JoLooks like areas of mid

Hi Jo

Looks like areas of mid and high level cloud increasing during the day on Saturday, thickening during the afternoon. North to northeasterly breezes. There may be a brief spit or two from midday otherwise mainly dry, it's late afternoon or evening that some rain moves in.

Hope you have a good day! :)


Orewa beach surf life saving champs 31Jan & 1 Feb

Hey any more information for the competitors this weekend would be helpful as orewa so often does not fit into Auckland's weather forecast. Most important will be competition time say 9-4pm.

As always Thanks you guys do an amazing job

Hi thereYes Orewa can often

Hi there

Yes Orewa can often be different, particularly a SE airflow. But this weekend it's very much a northerly airflow so we expect similar conditions across much of Auckland. Have just answered a similar question for someone below, their forecast will apply to you also.

Saturday looks live haing areas of mid and high level cloud, increasing during the day. In the evening a few showers move in. Light
north to northeasterly winds.

On Sunday expect cloudy weather,
northerly winds a little breezy at times in the afternoon. Morning
showers mostly clearing although one or two could remain into the

Hope the weekend goes well and thanks for writing in!


Northshore rain? Saturday

Hi there we are going to the northshore for the weekend for some events
Is it going to rain and windy ...near the water?

Hi thereSaturday looks mostly

Hi there

Saturday looks live haing areas of mid and high level cloud, increasing
during the day. In the evening a few showers move in. Light
north to northeasterly winds.

On Sunday expect cloudy weather, northerly winds a little breezy at times in the afternoon. Morning showers mostly clearing although one or two could remain into the afternoon.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Hi Guys Is there any rain

Hi Guys
Is there any rain coming? getting very dry on farm in South Auckland. With the low payout we can't afford another drought.
Many thanks in advance

G'day thereTuesday and

G'day there

Tuesday and Wednesday late afternoon / evening there could be an isolated shower or two, I would'nt be expecting much if anything but there is the small chance a few areas could get hit with a brief isolated / heavy shower.

Beyond that on Sunday there may be some rain caught up in a humid northerly airflow, doesn't look torrential but 10 to 15mm perhaps? We'll have to see how it goes, it is a while away so that could change up a little.



Hi there. I'm going over to the Coromandel (mostly along the Eastern coast) from the 27th to the 31st. I'll be going to the beaches and will be doing some naked-eye stargazing as well. What are the conditions like? I have looked at the rain map and it seems that there'll be occasional patches of rain, but nothing like heavy rain (in mid-December). I am wondering about the clouds? Or is that too far ahead? Thanks!

Hi thereThe 27th has sunny

Hi there

The 27th has sunny areas and some cloud with southeasterly winds.

On Wednesday expect periods of cloud and sunny spells, howeve at times showers moving through with gusty southeasterly winds.

Similar conditions on Thursday as on Wednesday expect showers tapper off by midday and long dry spells set in. Easterly winds ease from afternoon also.

Friday and Saturday have a mixture of sunny areas and some cloud with southeasterly breezes, a little breezy at times.

This is mostly for the eastern side of Coromandel, in the west conditions may be a little more sheltered.

Hope your trip goes well! :)


that rain end of January??


Hey ya team was thinking Aucklands got a few events oer the 31st Jan /Feb 1st

Auckland 9s

nitro circus

beach festivals

etc.....     i understand the Farmers need the wet stuff , but for Holiday makers??


whats the % of rain (please say less)

Hi there - it's too far out

Hi there - it's too far out to lock in any solid predictions for chance of rain, we'd say "low" probably, aroud 30% at this stage. 

We'll have plenty of updates over the next week or so - keep in mind the nation is very dry so odds are it will be drier rather than wetter for most days ahead for you. :)



continuing sun :-)

Hi there,  how's Anniversary weekend looking on Waiheke? :-) Thanks 

G'day thereCurrently a ridge

G'day there

Currently a ridge is looking to lie over the area then, east to northeast winds with sunny areas and some cloud. Perhaps the chance of a brief shower or two about otherwise mainly dry.

Temperatures in the low to mid 20's.


28 degrees

Hey guys!

The same thing happened in regards to the high temperature today. This afternoon we reached 28 degrees but Metservice is reporting we hit 26.

I am so confused as why they are doing this?



Temperature is a bit

Temperature is a bit subjective across a broad area the size of Auckland (western parts of Auck reporting 24 to 25 degrees). Near coastal areas it may be cooler due to breeze coming off the ocean, in the heart of the city it will naturally be a bit warmer due to the heat island affect and lighter winds (26, 27's and even 28's in the central city and out east). It is hard to please everyone, the people in cooler spots will be saying the temperature is forecast too high, where as the ones in a slightly warmer spot will say it's too low. So you sometimes have to come up with a compromise although edging on a higher overall figure for a region would be the best way to put out a forecasted temperature.

It's much like showers, if one forecasts showers for a city and half of the city gets them then 50% will say the forecast is right and the other half will say it was wrong. To divide a city up can be problematic forecasting wise, on occasions it can be done (i.e. showers for northern parts of Auckland etc) but most of the time it's a little difficult when such a suttle difference in wind direction can cause a significantly different outcome. So with weather sometimes you can never win.

In saying that yes the Met sation could be more ideally located in Auckland more itself versus the airport.


Hi Aaron, I think I should

Hi Aaron,

I think I should be more specific in what I mean. The temperatures are taken from Whanuapai, Whangaparoa and the Airport, as you'd know.

For as long as I've known they take the warmest reading as the official Auckland temperature for the day.

For what ever reason they have stopped taking the temperatures at every other station but the Airport.

Yesterday and today reached 28 degrees but they are only taking the high temperatures from the Airport into account. Something that only just starred happening yesterday

In that case I'm not sure

In that case I'm not sure what's going on there, would seem a bit funny to do that indeed.


Thought I'd share this with

Thought I'd share this with you guys, as the weather in auckland will probably be clear enough to see it all week


Tonight (monday) is the best night to see it, but it looks to be visibe for a few minutes each night this week.

Website also has times for most cities in NZ (just click location lookup)


Thought i'd share it with you guys, so you can share with your viewers :)


Keep up your amazing work!


Metservice is absolutely useless. They are all over the show with the official temperature readings. The stopped using Whanuapai a while ago for some reason and then today also stopped using Whangaparoas station too.

Yesterday Whangaparoa nearly hit 28 degrees which has actually been the warmest station the last little while and where they have been taking the official daily high temperatures from, but only took the reading from the airport which was 25 degrees.

I don't think 25 was a correct reading to sum up the heat in Auckland today.

So sick of the mistakes they make and I've emailed them a few times about this issue that keeps happening and they spin a yarn about how everything is running fine and that it will be an error that I've made.

You're awesome WeatherWatch! Keep up the good work.




*ditto* Most days of recent we are recording temps of 30-32C (shade) here at upper harbour Glenfield, when the "official" MetService is giving several degrees less. Go figure!!

Hi Ben - thanks for your

Hi Ben - thanks for your email and sorry about the frustrations...welcome to our world!  We gave up about 8 years ago trying to convince MetService their temps aren't accurately reflecting city life. So we are now working with private organisations to build our own network - and we're also challenging the government formally this year to make all data free and open (not their forecasts, just current obs). So we'll see where this all ends up.  Quite often parts of Auckland can be as hot as Waikato, especially around Henderson where it can hit 30 degrees when Auckland Airport is on 25.  In the city, amongst metal and concrete, it can be even hotter. 

Thanks for all your support!  Here's hoping we can all work towards a more open data society so that we have more information out there in the public about CURRENT conditions - ie temps, radar etc.  So much of it is locked up for commercial reasons - and some Ministers have told us they had absolutely no idea so much of MetService and NIWA had become so aggressively commercialised.  

Philip Duncan 

Auckland Airport

Annoying that they still take readings at Auckland Airport.

When it states a max of 24c for Auckland (from the airport) and that there was a SW wind, it means it was humid 24c from the harbour before hitting the airport. 

What they don't explain or show is that it was actually 28/29c in central/north shore areas on the same day, as the air heated up as it blew from the SW direction over the land.

Can a official station be set up by WW somewhere and we go by your site for it? Metservice are useless.


Also any chance of Cricket World Cup predictions for around the country?


Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

From a scientific point of

From a scientific point of view the airport is a great place to collect data - but it shows how disconnected they are with the public by using it as the main official temp base.  Because the commercial/sales side of MetService decide what tax funded data goes back to the public, and how, we have decided to do two things this year 1) We are already in the process of talking to the Govt about this. 2) We are talking to NZ and International investors about building our own data network.  MetService say they are 'following the law' and the Govt says 'we don't make operational decisions for MetService' - so this leads to a responsibility vacuum, one that allows the commercial side of MetSerivce (and NIWA) to become far too powerful. Ministers we've spoken to are not happy with the current set up - so we expect to help get something positive from this for the public over the next 12 to 24 months. Watch this space - I've been working on this for 10 years now !

Philip Duncan  (and Feb is looking dry but perhaps more humidity and higher risk of isolated showers).

next weekend

Hi. Great site. We are travelling to the Coromandel Thursday thru Monday next week. I see your Thursday and Friday forecasts for Auckland.  Do these stand for Matarangi and what do Sat/Sun/Mon look like.





G'day GregThursday looks

G'day Greg

Thursday looks fairly good, mostly sunny with some high cloud, light northeasterlies.

Friday sees sunny areas and some cloud, moderate northeasterly winds.

Saturday is looking cloudier, a few showers about with breezy northeasterly winds. Sunday and Monday look fairly cloudy too with occasional showers, dry spells and even some sun may occur time to time.

You have to understand that Friday through to Tuesday is 5 to 9 days away so things could change a bit between now and then, we'll have to see how it goes.


Where are the highs originating from?

The large highs which we are experiencing this summer over Auckland have been particularly intense in their heat.  Normally when highs cross the Tasman Sea, they cool down bringing temperatures of around 22, 23 degrees to Auckland.  Are the highs we are experiencing coming off the Australian desert, and if so why aren't they cooling down over the Tasman Sea as normally happens?  And if these highs are Australian in their origin are they normal highs for them?

Hi there - thanks for your

Hi there - thanks for your question.  The highs are actually fairly normal - it's just rare for Auckland to have so many dry, sunny, days from them. Normally they become cloudier - but these ones have been nice and dry and just sitting in the right location.  We're two small islands in the roaring 40s - every summer the highs park in different places so some years we get more cloud, some years the highs are out over the Chatham Islands for much of summer and we end up getting rain and nor'easters on the backend of them.  These highs have seen little thick cloud and that has allowed our temps to jump during the day.  However we've had hotter more humid highs.  These highs are mostly forming over the Tasman Sea/NZ area.  It's not desert air so much - this is just what summer in Auckland feels like when the clouds and rain aren't hanging around!


Up North

Hey Guys,
We are heading up north camping this week (a bit past Dargaville) and into next week and I see most forecasts feature rain for the extended period although when I look at the rain maps I don't see too much if any up north...maybe just a shower? Hoping we have some nice weather and not rain...what do you guys think?

Hi thereOne can never really

Hi there

One can never really look too far ahead.  Monday looks like there could be some morning cloud and the chance of a shower, sunny areas in the afternoon with SW winds.

Tuesday through to Thursday looks fairly good. Friday sees increasing cloud and northeasterlies, showers later in the day. Then Sat through to Tuesday next week looks a little unsettled, showers at times and northeasterly winds, dry spells will be likely now and then, some sun possible too. So a bit of a mixed bag from Saturday onwards.


Auckland anniversary weekend

I know its over 6 days away, well the weekend could start less than 6 days from now if us Aucklanders go away on the friday, where will be the best weather for the long weekend?

Will the coromandel be any good? Met service says rain but I cant see any on the satelite pictures, what am I missing?



Hi Emma At this stage next

Hi Emma

At this stage next weekend looks fairly dry but with nor'easters developing it may be a little cloudier and more humid for northern areas.  Coromandel and Auckland have the risk of a shower, otherwise dry.  There will be two lows near northern NZ next weekend which is why some long range forecasts are predicting rain - however latest data still suggests high pressure will still mostly dominate the country.


Is the wet Auckland weather

Is the wet Auckland weather going to ruin the cricket tonight?  Do you think we will get Sri Lanka batting at all?

Hi there - showers have now

Hi there - showers have now cleared for the most part!





In Auckland in winter, if the wind is northerly (which isn't often), it's considerably warmer than when the prevailing sw is slicing through.  How come in summer it's not way warmer than a souwester?  I mean, it's been a wee bit warmer and more sticky the past couple of days (27s instead of 25 or 26) but the difference hasn't been as noticeable as it would be in winter.  Also, why does Chch's northerly bring hotter weather than Auckland's or Wellington's?

Love your work,



Thanks to both of you.

Thanks to both of you.