6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This afternoon

Lo 17° | Hi 25°
Quite cloudy & warm with breezy to brisk nor'easterlies (20% chance of precip)

Rain: 20%
Humidity: 70%
Wind: NE 20kph
Sunrise: 07:10
Sunset: 19:54
Barometer: 1019hPa

Forecast analysed and prepared by

This evening

Max: 18°
Wind: NE 20kph

Fairly cloudy and mild with breezy, humid, nor'easters (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by


Min: 17°
Wind: W 10kph

Fairly cloudy with light, mild, nor'easters (20% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Wed 4 Mar
    17° | 25° Mostly Cloudy and dry, chance of a brief shower. Showers more likely later. Humid northerlies (45% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Thu 5 Mar
    18° | 26° Cloud build ups will likely lead to a few slow moving heavy showers. Humid north to nor'east winds. (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Fri 6 Mar
    18° | 26° Chance of slow moving heavy showers into the afternoon. Warm with hunid northerlies (45% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 7 Mar
    16° | 24° A burst of showers at some point in the late morning or afternoon, followed by less humid sou'westers (45% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 8 Mar
    17° | 25° A mix of sun and cloud. Southwesterly breezes. Showers likely about Great Barrier Island (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Taupo Saturday


Is it likely to be strong winds in taupo this weekend (Saturday) and will it be showers or heavy rain?


Winds will be lighter in the

Winds will be lighter in the morning then gradually get stronger into the afternoon (nor'westers) with strong gusts possible in some parts of Central Plateau., but nothing too major - and easing by evening probably. Just a few showers about, long dry spells - but a burst of heavy showers possible at some point in the day (timing is hard to lock in, keep shifting +/- 6 hours from about 10am Saturday - at this stage it looks like a heavy burst of showers in the afternoon). 



Athletics Day

Hi Weatherwatch! We are having our school Athletics day tomorrow - it starts at 10 am and finishes around 2 pm. I see that your report says there is a chance of rain later on - do you think it will affect us or will it be later than 2 pm?Oh, it's at Mount Smart :) Thanks, Mrs Perrin

Hi Mrs Perrin, Thanks for the

Hi Mrs Perrin,

Thanks for the question. Tomorrow is a tricky one, as showers are expected to develop *somewhere* across the region - likely in a north to south formation (just like Auckland City), then track across the city with dry gaps in between.  It doesn't much trickier than that for accurately pinpointing - so we can't until they literally start to form!  The good news is that they are expected to develop in the afternoon, hopefully after your event. Could be a few other showers about tomorrow but generally light.  Check our forecasts again this evening and the morning, as we put a lot of focus on rainfall amounts and timings ...once we are confident enough!  Ha, I rememebr Athletics Day at school... I remember being the announcer for it during a cyclone one year (just gales, no rain) :)

Mr Duncan :) 

Potential Cyclone

Hi Phil

Another guest commented on a potential cyclone which the models are picking for late next week perhaps. It looks like it will be a very large powerful system if it does eventuate.

Do you have any long range modelling which predict where it may track? Forming in that location would put us in the fring line I would have thought rather than it going to Queensland. Almost impossible to predict with accuracy this far out but the computer modelling these days is unbelievably accurate compared to the past.

Cheers Dave

Hi Dave -yes towards the end

Hi Dave -yes towards the end of Week 2 we expect a tropical cyclone to move our way - but still far too early to know if it will make a direct hit, fall apart just to our north, or slide down either one of our coastlines.  Latest data suggests it may roll down our eastern side.

We've already informed Auckland Civil Defence which highlights our interest in it and we made mention of it in our latest weather video. We'll start to track it here at WW soon if we feel confidence enough of it reaching us some time between March 17 and 21st.


We seem to be just as likely

We seem to be just as likely to get a drought in a neutral weather pattern as we are in a el nino or a la nina year and they seem no easier to predict in any of these seasons.  Whats your opinion?  Ross.    Wellsford

Hi Ross, in New Zealand -

Hi Ross, in New Zealand - because of our mountains - we can get droughts in any set up, so you're absolutely right. However El Nino tends to bring in relentless windy westerlies which can cause severe droughts. But the severe drought of 2013 was during a neutral year, and this is why WW continues to have indepedent forecasts - as we know we're two small islands in the roaring 40s and anything can happen, so we always have to be prepared for that. We sometimes disagree with NIWA because of our different way of thinking.

Philip D 

Waiheke on Saturday

Hi there. Getting married on the beach at Waiheke on Satuday 7th March in the arvo. We have contingency for rain but hope we don't need to use it?!!? We're there Fri - Mon, what can we expect?

Hi there - showers basically

Hi there - showers basically moving in - very hit and miss and hard to predict exact timing - but generally late morning and early afternoon seem to the be the highest risk.  Problem for Waiheke is will the showers intensify over the harbour or weaken as they move in!  Probably won't know for sure untuil Saturday. Overall the day is drier rather than wetter though. Next week looks more settled.

- WW

PGA Golf


The NZ PGA Golf comes to Remuera this week, Weds thru Sun.  Can you advise on the likely conditions on each day at this stage. 


Hi there - both Wednesday and

Hi there - both Wednesday and Friday have a high chance of rain or showers - and possibly Saturday morning. The week turns unsettled later on Tuesday and doesn't 'recover' until next week as far as more set in dry weather is concerned.    Keep an eye on our Rain maps above for a clearer picture.

- WW


Hi WW, 

We are heading down to Cambridge between Tuesday and Thursday next week, your forecast indicates some rain whereas other sites show lots of rain. Just trying to plan a few things whilst down there so what are the chances of a few dry spells across the 3 days?



Hi Dale - to make sense of it

Hi Dale - to make sense of it all use our rain maps above - then you can see what is going on. The others tend to just use rain icons for any day that has a chance of rain, even if that chance is very low. We go out of our way not to do that. Certainly the data doesn't indicate a week of rain - just a couple of days where rain is more likely.  


Philip Duncan

Cyclone? The cyclone in Week

Cyclone? The cyclone in Week 2 of march looks EXTREMELY Threatning and yes i know its quite a long way out but im sure this is really something to keep a VERY CLOSE EYE ON. As you can see on the maps on 14 March 7pm there is a very distinct eye... Looks quite scary actually!!!!!

Hi there - yes we've already

Hi there - yes we've already given our clients a heads up about that potentially reaching NZ. Still a very long way out - and it may fall apart completely - however it is in an 'ideal' position to stay strong and to head our way. One to watch that's for sure.

- WW

weather forecasts

Not sure who is doing the forecasting this week but its been a shocker at times. 21 for Christchurch today.??? Everyone else is 28-30. Long range has been shabby as well .Is someone away or asleep?? lol. Sorry but Im back to NIWA and Met for their forecasts. Atrocious!

Hi there - we said last week

Hi there - we said last week we're making some signficant changes behind the scenes at the moment, which is why some forecasts are being updated by raw data here and there. Feel free to use the other forecasters - we always encourage people to use multiple sources to get the best weather forecast.   And unlike the two you mentioned - we're an entirely free service (ie, your tax dollars don't fund us).

I'm seeing a possible clclone

I'm seeing a possible clclone devopment about Northwrn coral sea after next weekend.. Will this move towards nz or the Gold Coast towards two weekends time? 14 march? Thanka

Hi there, it's most likely to

Hi there, it all depends on the high over NZ and the Tasman Sea. Tropical Cyclones don't cut through highs - they skirt around them or get pulled apart by them.  There is a chance it could sink our way - but if the high pressure remains strong over NZ then it will fall apart.  Any potential effects wouldnt be for another 3 weeks from now probably...which is a very long way out to be making precise forecasts. But certainly one to monitor due to the location it's going to form in.



Easter Weekend forecast for the Waikato

Hi. Can you please confirm, when will the long range forecast for the Easter Weekend be available for the Waikato?

Hi there - we'll put

Hi there - we'll put something out about 7 to 10 days out with more details closer to the time.


CWC NZ vs Aus Cricket Match

Hello can you please tell me if there is going to be any rain at the cricket world cup match between NZ & Australia at Eden Park, Auckland on the 28th of Feb, 2015.

Hi there - we can't rule out

Hi there - we can't rule out a shower over Auckland, but the chances are very low. The day looks mostly dry with cloudy spells, especially in the afternoon.  Hopefully a lot like today!  We'll be doing special updates on Saturday to ensure we cover *any* potential rain.



Beach Wedding-The Mount

Hi there team, I have been monitoring the conditions since before Marcia went TC status; its our beach wedding down the Mount there on friday around 2:30pm and have seen the status for friday chop and change with regularity; It looks to be looking more like rain; Am just wanting to get a guage as to intensity of that forecasted percipitation. 40% percipitation may mean we take the gamble for the beach venue otherwise its under a marquee...

Hi there, still could be a

Hi there, still could be a shower - very hard to predict where a shower will exactly form. At this stage BOP looks dry but we still see the risk for showers from mid to late afternoon. Hopefully it will be well inland away from you. All the best!

- WW

Tongariro crossing

Hi there

We are doing the Tongaririo walk next week - either Thursday 5th or Friday 4th March - any idea which will be the clearest/non-rainy day...?

Cheers Guys 

Hi there - for such a remote

Hi there - for such a remote part of the country it's not ideal to rely on a forecast so far out but at this stage both days have a 50 to 60% chance of rain or showers.  Probably somerhing that can't be locked in for another 4 or 5 days due to the changeable nature of the early March weather pattern.  Either way it would be surprising if it rained solidly for both days (as our weather pattern at the moment doesn't really support that).  Keep an eye on this link, it may be helpful for you (just focus on the % chance of rain): 


Thanks :-)

Great cheers guys


Obvious question with Saturday in are very bright in your forecast for Saturday in Auckland and"the other site" are definitely not. What are you seeing that they aren't or vice versa?

Hi there - the reason other

Hi there - the reason other forecasters may be picking wetter weather is because there will be a sub-tropical low just north of NZ around some may think it will drop further south and hit Auckland.  It's a possibility - but our confidence levels aren't high enough yet to warrant going with a wet forecast. We think a 25% chance of showers - with rain possible north of Auckland City. A forecast to keep an eye on...the weather pattern becomes unstable this weekend, but hopefully it will be dry for the cricket!



Weather for Te Anau for 3/4 March

Hi there.  We are going to Routeburn Track next Tuesday, what does the weather look like for the next Tuesday/Wednesday?  I saw from there's a massive front coming on Fiordland area on Monday, just wondering what our chances like?


Many thanks.



Hi Mary - may be showers

Hi Mary - may be showers lingering into Tuesday but looking dry for Wedsnesday (at this stage) thanks to a high rolling in.  Rain looks most likely on the Monday and Thursday.  Keep an eye on the rain maps above and good luck!

- Phil D

Weather for Aus vs NZ CWC match


You guys are always the most accurate when it comes to long term weather predictions ( and short term actually!).  I was wondering how the weather looks in Auckland for one of the big cricket world cup matches Aus vs NZ on Sat 28th Feb?


Hi thereThe latest info has

Hi there

The latest info has next Saturday looking quite good with light winds. A ridge lies over the upper North Island bringing mainly settled weather, hopefully that sticks!


March 14?

Hi there phil! 

Just a uick question, im going over to Australia on March 14, i know this is a while out however im just wanderiing if there is any chance of a severe weather system over the Tasman sea and affecting Gold coast over March 14? And the days afterwards are we expecying any tropical systems to affect Southeast QLD? Thanks Phil!

G'day thereAaron here, a bit

G'day there

Aaron here, a bit too far away to know anything at the moment sorry. Might start to get an idea about 10 days out so feel free to come back and ask around then if you like :)


Next weekend

Hi Team,

Is it likely that the remnants of the Australian cyclone will appear on our shores next weekend 28-29th? Early forecast for Eden Park and the cricket on Saturday 28th?  Many Thanks

Hi therePerhaps not the

Hi there

Perhaps not the remnants of Ozzies cyclone but it is looking wet currently for next Saturday, hopefully the models shape up before then so we have a good day instore for the cricket.


Update:An update on this


An update on this situation, currently now the weather is looking quite good for next Saturday with a ridge of high pressure sitting over the Auckland area. It shows why trying to forecast the weather beyond 5 or 6 days is often not a good idea as things can change so much.


Auckland races/cricket

Hi Guys, 

Some of our group are heading to the cricket Sat, the others to the races at Ellerslie, how is the weather shaping up in Auckland next Sat?



Hi thereAt this stage next

Hi there

At this stage next Saturday is looking a bit wet with an easterly airflow, I won't say much more at this stage as it is a little while out but perhaps not the best looking currently.


Foo fighters tonight

Hi...heading to foo fighters at mount smart tonight. Nate these showers going to stop?

G'day thereApologies we

G'day there

Apologies we didn't get to your comment in time, hope the concert went well for you!


North or East


We are tossing up between camping for 3 nights from this Saturday; either at Waipu or East coast Coromandel, what's your bet for dry, hot, windless weather!?

Thanks in advance!

G'day thereBoth locations are

G'day there

Both locations are looking similar weather wise but Waipu may be slightly better.

Saturday has plenty of high cloud, so a mostly cloudy day generally speaking with light northerlies. Chance of a spot of rain in the afternoon for both areas otherwise mainly dry.

Sunday has morning cloud breaking to sunny areas, a few isolated shower possible late afternoon / evening however. Pretty much the same for both areas.

Monday, breezy east to northeast winds for both regions. Morning cloud breaks to sunny areas for both areas, The Coromandel has the chance of a few mornings showers however.

Both areas getting high's in the mid 20's but Waipu may be a degree or two warmer. Basically both areas are looking very similar, just those morning showers on Monday for eastern Coromandel.


Thankyou! You've been very


You've been very helpful!

Drought in canterbury

There have been about 7 consecutive months of below average rainfall here in Christchurch, less than 200mm, and I was wondering if you can see when things might change?

Hi there - yes it's become so

Hi there - yes it's become so bad we're now providing drought/rain reports to the Government...and sadly we see no significant rains on the way, however we do see a few opporunties for rain over the next two or three weeks.  There will be some positive news, but it will be hit and miss (as the rain will be coming in from the west or north west).  No sign of any big pattern changes coming within the next few weeks.


- WW

Queensland long range forecast for march

Dear Mr Duncan, I'm told from former nz people you are very accurate so in saying that do you have any long range prediction for queemsland in march. Obviously we are hoping there will be no cyclones but I guess you take the good with the bad