6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 16° | Hi 23°
A few clouds about, light N winds (10% chance of precip)

Rain: 10%
Humidity: 98%
Wind: N 15kph
Sunrise: 05:59
Sunset: 20:17
Barometer: 1018hPa

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This morning

Max: 23°
Wind: N 15kph

Cloudy or becoming mostly cloudy with light N winds (20% chance of precip)
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This afternoon

Max: 23°
Wind: NNW 20kph

Becoming mostly cloudy in the morning, the odd light shower from afternoon, N winds (50% chance of precip)
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Extended Forecast

  • Sat 28 Nov
    17° | 23° Early rain eases to showers and sunny spells, a heavy downpour and t/storm poss PM. NW winds (90% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 29 Nov
    14° | 24° Mostly sunny with light South to Sou'West winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 30 Nov
    14° | 23° Fairly cloudy with the odd shower from afternoon, NE winds (40% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 1 Dec
    16° | 24° Mostly cloudy with Nor'East breezes (20% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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Tuesday and thursday out west

Hi team

How is tuesday and thursday looking for next week?Going up some hills dont want the weather be grumpy on us


Hi thereWhere for? Western

Hi there

Where for? Western part of which island? The North or South Island?


Waitakere, west coast and kumeu

Sorry again, after the morning showers will the sky light up or will it still be gloomy

With weather I tend to work

With weather I tend to work in generalities at times, the problem is if I get too specific and exact, then the weather on the day isn't exactly that you could be dissapointed. The weather is never really an exact thing so one can never really work that way. But in saying that we can come up with information / a forecast which we best believe represents what may happen, but sometimes with wiggle room in there as once again it can be hard to pin point wind speed to the km, temperatures to the decimal point or even cloud cover as your hoping for to the exact 8th's / percentage.

But some sun is expected to break though in the afternoon, cloud isn't likely to totally dissapear. So I would'nt say it would be gloomy through the afternoon meaning it'll light up somewhat yes, it is daytime after all.


Waitakere, west coast and kumeu


How is the west coast, kumeu and waitakere looking for this thursday? Will there be much sun cutting the clouds in the afternoons?

There should be some sun

There should be some sun cutting through afternoon / evening, cloudiest point of the day will be in the morning.


Hi my niece is getting

Hi my niece is getting married Saturday afternoon in Moeraki, North Otago. You have showers for Dunedin but will they have them further up the coast? And any idea of what the wind will be doing?  Thanks

You guys may be ok, latest

You guys may be ok, latest info suggests that SW front may not move through till evening.

Expect plenty of high cloud though and there could be a few spots of rain pass over from the west around midday out of thick high cloud. Winds will be gusty from the northwest.


Afternoon Guys. Whats Friday

Afternoon Guys. Whats Friday looking like in Wellington? Flyin to the Gold Coast, do you expect it to be turbulent? 

It's looking like there will

It's looking like there will be strong northwesterly winds on Friday for the Wellington region that's for sure! So yes there could be some turbulence perhaps but admittedly aviation forecasts are not my specialty and not something we do at WW. If it's not safe they won't fly so I'd be trusting the airline company / pilots and their information.


Saturday 28/11 forecast

Gidday team

Love the site BTW! It's really my only source of weather info :) 

That band of rain covering the North Island on Saturday, any chance things might change? The Whitianga bike rally is on and we're hoping for the best here. What are our chances?



Cheers, thanks for that!Not

Cheers, thanks for that!

Not currently, it's looking like showery weather on Saturday more so the afternoon. The nature of showers though means there could be dry areas at times. I'd say there's a chance of more dry areas in the morning then less likely in the afternoon.


This weeks and next weeks

Hi here again for an outdoor wedding shoot.


I noticed the thirsday forecast for this week isn't looking very good neither are the days following. Do you think the weather will clear up a bit more (less rain cloud and wind etc) next weeek?

I have the shoot from 3pm till sunset, what are the odds of rain and how much cloud should i be expecting? More clouds or more sun?

I could postpne the dates bit just worried next week will be worse..

What would be your suggestions?

Still plenty of cloud about

Still plenty of cloud about next week. This weekend Sunday afternoon / evening would be the better date for skies with the least cloud.

Cloud this Thursday afternoon could be 60% but perhaps in the evening this could drop to 40% cloud. Don't take that as gospel though, am trying my best here but the weather has a mind of it's own at times of course. Most of the time I'd just say areas of cloud and some sun and that's all anyone would get! lol.

But yes it's what I see at the moment.


tauranga saturday 28th november

hi guys am hoping (and praying) that your prediction might change from rain to sunny, maybe even just cloud for saturday morning? out door wedding + rain dont mix very well lol


There's a chance things may

There's a chance things may change a bit yet, we are still a few days out so just keep an eye on our Tauranga Forecasts or feel free to come back and ask again in 2 or 3 days :)


Weather from 27-29th

Hi guys , any idea what the weather will be like next Friday-sunday? Even just a very brief outlook would be helpful! Cheers

Where for? lolAaron

Where for? lol


Haha whoops, sorry! Blond

Haha whoops, sorry! Blond moment. Southland please if possible?

Ok cool.Friday looks showery

Ok cool.

Friday looks showery across much of the day, there may be dry spells now and then. Winds breezy to brisk from the west with fairly cool temps. Showers late afternoon / evening could be heavy with a chance of hail near the coast.

Saturday has showers again, clearing in the evening. Gusty NW winds change SW in the afternoon.

Sunday is the only day with drier weather, westerly winds with a mix of sun and cloud.


Thurs 26th November

Hi I have an outdoor wedding photo shoot planned on thursday 26th november. I have been checking the weather regularly and it keeps switching from rain to mostly cloudy to more sunny than clouds and I am unsure whether i should keep the date or change it.


Im shooting at a winery and Piha beach for sunset so clear sky with just a little clouds would be the best. At the moment I see that you have a good day planned for thurs but Metservice is telling me there will be heaps of clouds with showers.

Would I be better off keeping the date? Thanks

The weather isn't looking

The weather isn't looking great at the moment and hasn't for a while around Auckland in terms of clear sunny days / light winds etc.

In saying that currently we see a cloudy start for Auckland, perhaps even the chance of a shower then breaking to sunny areas in the afternoon and yes in the evening expecting clear areas but still some cloud about too. I don't think the skies will be perfectly clear in the evening. About as much as I can say at the moment, good luck!


Thank you!

Thank you!

Bay of Islands at the weekend

Hi Gurus!  We're going to BOI next weekend and are planning a boat trip on Saturday.  What is the weather looking like please, incl the wind!  Thanks :)

G'day thereCurrently it's

G'day there

Currently it's looking like a mix of sun and cloud with light to moderate northerly winds, temperatures in the low 20's, perhaps getting into the mid 20's if your lucky.

Just watch out during the afternoon as there is some unstable weather about then, this coud result in an isolated heavy shower moving through, a chance of a thunderstorm maybe also.


Thanks Aaron! :)  You guys

Thanks Aaron! :)  You guys are the best!!

Hi. When does Palmerston

Hi. When does Palmerston North forecasts coming back? It says this Spring?

Hi there - yes we have

Hi there - yes we have already made the changes but we are just testing bugs before pushing live.  Worst case scenario will be a January launch but we are hoping for a Dec one :)  It will add 10 day forecasts and better live tracking of severe weather in your region on a daily basis.  



If you want someone to go and

If you want someone to go and have a loo around and give you performance details i would be ahppy too?


What kind of showers will there be in manukau city on the 28 nov between 8 am to 6pm

Of the wet variety mostly. I

Of the wet variety mostly. I don't expect downpours if that's what your thinking, just light to moderate stuff across the day with dry spells in-between. That pretty much is the definition of showers anyway..... where as rain is more set in, can be heavier, widespread and lasts for a longer time. But here's another site that has a definition:


Skytower weather


On Thursday I'm planning to go up the skytower and possibly do the SkyWalk.

Will the weather permit?




Looks ok to me, areas of

Looks ok to me, areas of cloud and some sun with light to moderate winds coming in from the northerly quarter.


Wellington weather

Right now (3.18 pm on Sunday afternoon) there's a southerly blowing up through the Island Bay valley and the wind turbine at the top of Brooklyn is facing south.


Is there any Chance for the weather to change on 28 Nov in Manukau

Between now and then yes the

Between now and then yes the weather could change, forecasting is just that, a forecast, not an exact run-down of how things will take place. The further you go into the future naturally it gets harder and harder to nail an outlook down.

But at this stage it's looking showery with west to northwest winds, perhaps a few dry areas about in the morning.


Electrical storm

Gosh so much lightning in several places at the same time, huge sheets and rockets of it kept me awake most of the night. Lightning stayed overhead for an hour in New Lynn until the wind came up real strong. Sounded like hail too.

Severe winds and

Severe winds and thunderstorms in South Head - even woke the bloke up.  Phone ringing and alarms going off - noisy as!!

When will summer start?

I am new to Auckland. I understand that this time of the year should be sunny and sprightly. What are the reasons for this sudden spell of winds and rain? And when can we expect it to stop? :) 

Spring is always windy

Spring in Auckland is always windy and it often lasts well into December too. 

Welcome to Auckland, this

Welcome to Auckland, this will be your summer weather along with a couple of sunny days in between.

Turbulent skies

We had magnificent turbulent skies of many colours today in New Lynn, some sunshine for awhile and watched the moon rise over Avondale as cirrus spun about.

I am getting married in Auckland city 7pm Sat 28th November

do we plan and indoor or outdoor ceremony?

Hi thereAt this stage it's

Hi there

At this stage it's looking a bit wet with showers or areas of rain across the day, winds from the northwest. This could change up a little as we are still 7 days out from then so keep an eye on the Auckland forecasts here at WW to see how conditions progress closer to the date in question :)



Theres alot of lightning on the radar..any chance thatll make it to auckland

It showed up west aucklands booming

Lightning and thunder rocking west Auckland Henderson.. Impressive light show

At this stage no, it's dying

At this stage no, it's dying away out in the Tasman currently.


"at this stage no..."

Haha, ya cant always prwdict the weather, eh Aaron :-) That lightening and Thunder didnt die out ovwr the Tasman aftef all.. hit us in Blockhouse Bay, like a boom box! We had lightning from around 11pm on and off until 430am was the last rumble i heard midnight it was at its best... flashing lights about 6-10sexonds apart some were, we had thunder that cracked and rolled so much the walls vibrated!! Was pretty scary but nothing an eectric storm to get adrenalin going ;-)

Certainly didn't expect that

Certainly didn't expect that did I! A unique setup with elevated storms being the main cause by the looks.

Phil was onto it that night that's for sure! Wish I was up there to view the spectacle.


Heavy shower

Heavy shower at 12:07 AM in New Lynn. Will save watering garden after a afternoon of winds and light rain.