6 Day Forecast for Auckland


Lo 11° | Hi 15°
Clear spells, chance of fog abt. Southerlies freshen around dawn, clearing fog, with a brief shower poss (25% chance of precip)

Rain: 25%
Humidity: 76%
Wind: S 10kph
Sunrise: 06:59
Sunset: 17:48
Barometer: 1020hPa

This morning

Max: 15°
Wind: SSW 25kph

Any early showers clear then sunny spells increase, freshening southerlies (20% chance of precip)

This afternoon

Max: 15°
Wind: S 30kph

Any early showers clear then sunny spells increase, freshening southerlies (20% chance of precip)

Extended Forecast

  • Fri. Aug 22.
    4° | 13° Sunny with breezy southerly winds (0% chance of precip)
  • Sat. Aug 23.
    5° | 15° Sunny with breezy southerlies (0% chance of precip)
  • Sun. Aug 24.
    4° | 16° Sunny with light southerly winds (0% chance of precip)
  • Mon. Aug 25.
    6° | 15° Sunny with light winds tending southerly (0% chance of precip)

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Wind in Central East Auckland

We are currently getting hammered with some of the worst winds we have had this year and that's saying something after all the wind we've had this year. Weird thing is I can't really find mention of winds being this bad on any websites. Are we in an isolated pocket or is this unexpected weather? How long will it last?

"gusty winds"

Hi guys

Your forecast for tonight said "Showers and gusty northeasterlies". Well, around our parts (Glendowie) it's more like a wind bomb / gale force!! What is the outlook for the rest of the night / tomorrow?

Thanks. HW (9:34pm)

What does gusty mean? we are

What does gusty mean? we are hitting 65kmph winds here in Torbay currently. 8:42pm

Isn't that gales?

weather for wellington on fri 22nd august 2014

hi never been on this site before so not sure if just for auckland or wellington also. I'm very scared of flying and i am flying from ChCh to wellington on fri morning, doe's anyone know what the weather will be like then?

G'day thereThe weather on

G'day there

The weather on Friday morning currently looks fairly good,you will be more then good flying then :)

Feel free to click on our "maps" link above then go to "rain map" and you'll see things are looking pretty good.


wellington fri morn

thanks hope you right i been looking other websites and they say strong winds for wellington on friday and i know wellington not the best to fly into.

Since your first comment I'd

Since your first comment I'd agree the winds in Wellington are looking strong on Friday morning now, we update a Wellington forecast here:

But still, if it were not safe to fly the pilots would make the right call whether to fly or not. You'll be fine! :)


wellington fri morn

what are the chances of the weather changing for the better between now and fri morning for wellington should i be crossing my fingers lol

It may do if a high in the

It may do if a high in the Tasman Sea pushes in a bit earlier then currently expected but at this stage your guess is as good as mine. I interpret what I see in data but don't try to guess too much how the data may change.

You'll be fine.


wellington fri morn

sorry me again im not very good at following your weather maps but from the look of them it doesnt look so bad for friday morning is that correct for wellington

It still looks the same

It still looks the same pretty much, strong southerlies on Friday morning with a few showers possible. Winds around 35 to 40 kph.

It'll be all good.


Can we claim a drought if it

Can we claim a drought if it doesn't rain in Auckland today?  Metservice has rainfall recorded every day this month (and most of the second part of July!).  Also been very windy - and we like to pretend Wellington has the bad weather!!  But our place is pretty bad to be honest.

Temperature wise though,

Temperature wise though, makes Auckland seem tropical against Wellington ;)

Ha ha

Love it and so true!  Been the wettest winter we have had in Helensville in over 8 years!

Was it Thunder or ??

Yeap heard it in Kumeu - West Auckland.  Didn't know if it was Thunder or a plane engine being fully reverse thrusted (as we live near Whenupai).  Went on for about a minute or so, but then nothing after.  Was really weird

Was it thunder or?? on Thu, 14/08/2014 - ca. 23:14

I'm pretty sure the noise were close to our place wich is near the Freyberg Primery School at Te Atatu South. The alarm with fire alarm of the school was activated from this bang. We did not see any lightning before we heard that loud bang. Power poles are also close by. A rain shower with hale started after the loud bang soon for a few minutes only. 

That was our second very loud bang. The first was around a year ago on 02/06/2013 ca. 11pm. Also no thunderstorm at that time.

Thunder in Auckland - it sure sounded like it?

We heard thunder in Aucklabd about 11.30pm last night, it did not sound anything like those explosions from the defence force which were scary at our place in Browns Bay. However having said that the airforce advised they were conducting exercises over the past 48hours, just heard you on ZB re looking into whether or not it aw thunder.

Loud Noise

Last night at about 10pm I heard a massive thunder-like noise in auckland, mt eden. It was very strange, sounded like an explosion or plane crash. Did any body else hear it or see anything?
I find it very odd as just before the loud noise, i heard a plane flying very low and sounded like it had problems with its turbines ...


I thought i was just hearing things, thanks everybody for making me feel less crazy.
I am so suspious! if anybody finds out why, let me know :)

Re: Loud Noise

Yes I was woken up to a huge huge noise, I thought it was later than 10pm? I am in Hillcrest on the north shore, this sound was definitely louder than thunder. I have seen a few people posting on facebook about it, but no one has any idea what it could have been? 

After a couple of minutes I thought I may have dreamt it, but it woke me up straight away and was as loud as an explosion. 

Not sure why there hasn't been any media coverage on this, this was much louder than those bangs in June.

So Did I

Yes, definitely heard the same thing in 3 Kings. Really big burst of thunder, then another rumble about 1 minute later. You definitely weren't hearing things :D

Loud noise

I heard it too, the long loud rumble and the plane engines. As I had just been looking at the moon I was surprised to hear "thunder" . But I haven't heard any other explanation. I am also in Mt Eden and a friend a km away also heard it.


We definetly heard it in West Auckland! Im a deep sleeper but it was loud enough to wake me!


And it didn't have a normal thunder sound to it either. Itcwas the shake it caused that woke me in a panic.  Wish we had some answers. ?.

Flying from CHCH to Auckland today/tomorrow

Hi I'm flying to Auckland tomorrow on the 5:40 am flight from CHCH for a very important meeting at 10:30.  Do you think the winds predicted for the next 24 hours will be a problem for this flight?  Maybe we should try to go tonight? ...although the winds look as bad tonight as tomorrow.  Would really appreciate your advice!

You should be fine.

You should be fine. Wellington can have gales yet planes still fly in and out. Hope your meeting goes well! :)


Full Moon

Moon looked great rising in pink sky tonight.

Supermoon 11 Aug 0610

What's the cloud cover likely to be to the west-southwest early Monday mornin?

Thnx Nic

Hi there - please see the

Hi there - please see the reply two comments down :)

Is It going to be windy

Is It going to be windy enough to blow over a trampoline tonight?

Hi there, no it won't. - WW

Hi there, no it won't.

- WW

Super Moon

Hi :) 


Do you think we'll get a clear view of the super moon in Auckland on Monday morning?

It would be sad to miss!


Cheers -- Michelle

Hi Michelle - a big high

Hi Michelle - a big high pressure system should be over Auckland then so we don't expect rain, but sometimes highs can drag in cloudy periods from the Tasman, very hard to predict in advance - but we're pretty confident you'll get a good view of it!


fingers crossed

Ok cool ... Fingers crossed for clear skies then :)

How much rain fell in Ellerslie 4 August at 2.30pm

Hi. Does anyone know much rain fell during hail storm in Ellerslie 4 August in afternoon?

I have some gutters and drains and they were at peak so would like to know how many mm that was please.

Thanks in advance.

Viv .

NZ weather stations online

Here is a link to a list of NZ weather stations with an extensive list for Auckland. Some of these links work, some don't, but you might get lucky for your particular area.



Hi thereNot sure sorry,

Hi there

Not sure sorry, you'll have to see if you can track down a weather station local to the Ellerslie area or perhaps contacting NIWA may help?


Rain Maps.

Hi. Maps are still a little weird.  Just check sequence from Wed 0000 to Thurs OOOO. Each alternate shows very different intesity of rain.  I would really prefer the less rain version!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Mike, there does appear to

Hi Mike, there does appear to be a bug with the GFS maps at the moment. I just spoke to David at Weathermap/MetOcean and he says he should be fixed now - and hopefully as the maps update again next today it will sort.

Let us know if you're having problems still by this evening onwards.


Philip DUncan

kohi thunder

Its 151 pm on monday afternoon. Os there thunder? I heard two really loud thunder like noises and my dog was terrified

Rain Maps

It looks like your rain maps are alternating two different models?  One shows much more rain than the other!  Hopefully the "finer" one is correct?


Hi MikeWe'll pass your

Hi Mike

We'll pass your comment onto who supply these maps, hopefully they can look into this issue asap!

Thanks for writing in :)


Hello. what's the forecast

Hello. what's the forecast for napier tommmorow and is there a flooding risk?

G'day thereYes appears to be

G'day there

Yes appears to be a bit of rain forecast for Napier tomorrow.

In the region of 70 to 80mm looks possible, more in the ranges. This is a fair bit of rain so surface flooding could occur.

Rain looks heaviest in the afternoon then easing later in the evening.



Flying from Queenstown too

Flying from Queenstown too Wellington then Tauranga on Sunday what can I expect

Hi there - the good news is

Hi there - the good news is that conditions should be easing on Sunday (windwise) for Queenstown and Wellington.  However Tauranga will be a bit windy with patchy rain.  Keep an eye on the forecasts - pilots and airlines don't make up their mind about cancelling or delaying flights until around flying time so all you can do is monitor the forecasts in those three centres up until then, and keep a close eye on the airline and airport websites on Sunday.

All the best!

Hello, may i ask when will

Hello, may i ask when will napier have a detailed forecaat from weatherwatch meterologists?? Just ive heard good thongs aboit ww

Detailed forecasts for all NZ centres

Hi there - we're hoping it will be within the next 12 months, but it will take an outside investor to help us out - or local sponsorhip.  Each market we forecast for has a significant cost (mostly to pay people to do the forecasting!), and unlike MetService and NIWA we don't receive millions of dollars in tax funding from the public.  So it means it's much harder for us to grow what we do.  Many think we're on the same playing field but, for example, the CEO of NIWA earns more than our entire company turns over each year! Our job is made even harder by NIWA and MetService being fiercly anti-competitive, lifting prices and locking the public from the seeing a lot of the data they helped fund.  This goes against what the public can freely access in countries we respect like Australia, Canada, USA and England and puts NZ very much in 'last century thinking'. is making good inroads though, and are now working closer with Weatherzone in Australia to bring better content to New Zealand in the future. We're also working with some large private corporations here in Auckland to help grow what we do.  But mostly we need your support!  The more people we have in each town/region in NZ on our site the easier it is for us to raise the money or find the sponsorships to grow what we do.  Thanks again for the interest!

Philip Duncan 

Thanks philip, Tommorow and

Thanks philip, Tommorow and sunday could napier get gales and how strong could gusts reach? Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up guys :)

Hi there - yes gales are

Hi there - yes gales are possible but at this stage we aren't expecting damaging gusts in Napier.  gusts may be up to 80 or 90km/h in the city (hard to work out too far in advance though, due to the angle of the wind verses your local ranges/hills).  Sunday the winds gradually ease and you'll get some patchy rain in there too.

Cheers - and thanks a lot :)