6 Day Forecast for Auckland

This morning

Lo 11° | Hi 16°
Showers, some short and sharp - easing across the day. Blustery Westerlies (70% chance of precip)

Rain: 70%
Humidity: 70%
Wind: WSW 40kph
Sunrise: 06:41
Sunset: 17:58
Barometer: 1016hPa

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This afternoon

Max: 16°
Wind: WSW 40kph

Showers continue to pass through, but mainly easing by evening. Strong, gusty, Sou'Westers ease late (60% chance of precip)
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This evening

Max: 10°
Wind: SW 20kph

Some cloud with the odd remaining showers, breezy Sou'Westerly winds ease (30% chance of precip)
Forecast analysed and prepared by

Extended Forecast

  • Fri 4 Sep
    9° | 15° Cloud increases from morning, evening showers then late rain. Increasing Nor'Westerly winds (25% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sat 5 Sep
    10° | 16° Very early rain then easing to mostly dry, just a few showers. Strong easterlies turn brisk SW (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Sun 6 Sep
    7° | 14° Showers and strong, possibly gale, SW winds (60% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Mon 7 Sep
    6° | 15° Sunny areas with southwesterly winds (10% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by
  • Tue 8 Sep
    7° | 15° Mainly sunny with gentle Sou'Westerly winds (0% chance of precip)
    Forecast analysed and prepared by

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what does low levels mean

Hiya WW

I was just looking at the chch forcast for the weekend.What does low level snow flurries mean?


Thx Matthew

G'day MatthewLow levels means

G'day Matthew

Low levels means around 200 to 100m above sea level but no lower.

Hope that helps!





looks like a decent storm on saturday.. How windy will it get in Auckland 

G'day thereNothing

G'day there

Nothing exceptional but southwesterly winds do become strong / gusty in the afternoon. So winds around 40kph on average at times after midday :)



Welcome to the first day of spring guys........Looks like more unstable weather on the way over the next week or so as well!

Cheers Dave

Snow chch??



Does it look like chch might be in for a bit of snow this weekend?? (others weather sights)

Thanks :)

Looks like some cold air

Looks like some cold air moving in for sure but not looking cold enough for snow in Christchurch at this stage.



how come you forecast rain as does every other website but you state 80% or 70% chance of precipitation surely its 100% !!!

It's to do with our

It's to do with our confidence plus how much of the region will be affected by rain at the same time - which means if it's 70 or 80 there may be some feeling that not 100% of the region will have rain all day at the same time.   Hope that makes sense! (and yes, clearly if it's raining on you it's 100%!).  When we have 100% everywhere it's due to a very signfiicant rain event coming in (Like perhaps a cyclone).

- WW

mini cold snap 6-7 September

Is there another (mini) cold snap in Auckland on 7 Sepetember?

Hi thereNot that I can

Hi there

Can't see any cold snap for Auckland around then.


Hi Whats the weather for

Hi Whats the weather for Napier on Tuesday? Thanks!

Looks like morning rain,

Looks like morning rain, easing to the odd shower in the afternoon then clearing in the evening. Winds gusty from the northeast tending lighter NW later in the day.


Thank you!

This is a brilliant resource! Thank you so much for doing this and providing this service - together with Lert Info on FB. I have been able to plan forays with greater awareness and ability to be prepared. 


Thank you


Thank you


Thank you!!



Hi Sarah, you're very, very,

Hi Sarah, you're very, very, very, welcome!! :)  Thanks for the lovely feedback.

- WW Team

Weather data

Hi Phil,

I've seen a lot of comments on your twitter recently about your campaign to get MetService to free up weather data. I am just wondering what weather data it is that you're specifically talking about? I know you've talked about the weather radar data a lot. But what else? I know that MetService display some UKMO model data on their website. But I'm pretty sure you can't get that data online for free, or atleast the free stuff is limited. So I assume that it's not the international model data that you're talking about? I heard you on the radio last year complaining that they only share their weather station observations every three hours, but they've updated that, and now you can see up to the minute data on their page.

I saw something from a newspaper that said that there was data that you could get for free internationally, but MetService was trying to charge you for it. That seems odd to me, because if you can get the data for free internationally, then it probably isn't MetService's data to sell, but equally it isn't MetService's data to give away for free. NZ doesn't have a weather satellite, so I'm guessing both you and MetService would have to source that data internationally, whether it's free or paid for.

So yeah, just wondering what data it is that you're campaigning for? I don't actually believe that all weather data outside of NZ is free, like you have said it is many times. If it were, you wouldn't need MetService, because you'd be able to get all the model data you need! Their obs are on the website. I get your point about the high-res radar for tracking thunderstorms and stuff. But what else?



Hi Lil, thanks for your

Hi Lil, thanks for your question. It's simply the current weather observations - what mother nature is currently doing, basically!

Many New Zealanders and NZ businesses are wanting 'open weather data' - for example, note how on the right hand side of this page we can freely and openly display GeoNet's data?  We are not allowed to do this with MetService data unless it's delayed so much it becomes unhelpful to most people - and confusing (which is a safety issue in severe weather if data is 3 to 24 hours old).  It means that all businesses, not just weather ones (like us), but farmers, or rural organisations, pilots, media outlets - ANYone who needs current weather data (those 1 minute obs, and radar images) cannot use it in their own way.

Open data means it can be used commercially to create jobs (and significant tax revenue streams for the government).  You may have heard that BBC is dropping the MetOffice and our very own MetService is making a bid for the contract. We actually wish them well - and the reason they can place this bid is because they can commercially use open weather data in the UK, as they can in Australia, Japan, Canada, USA etc - and it creates healthy competition and higher standards.

The live data you mention on their website cannot be used for commercial reasons, yes we can look at it but we can't create useful products from it, or create jobs, or use it to protect lives in severe weather. We're asking for something that is normal and very well established elsewhere around the western world - not something privileged. This is why the Govt has been very open to our recent formal complaint and suggestions for improvements.

We don't want access to any of their forecasting work, or the products they create from public data - just the data from weather stations/radar that is current and historic and from Govt owned weather stations and equipment, owned by the taxpayers.  Current/live weather obs and rain radars are free in all western nations (or from free to a very tiny annual fee in Australia that even self employed can afford). Recently we met with a number of Govt Ministers and we have support right across the parties for open weather data.  Civil Defence backs open weather data too, as does the World Meteorological Organisation.

Because we are now in positive talks with the Govt we don't want to comment much more on this. But there are many economic and social benefits of open weather data and it costs the Govt nothing to free it up as it's just sitting there, often be underutelised.  

Hope that helps 
Kind regards

Cool, yeah, that explains a

Cool, yeah, that explains a few things. Thanks. Does NIWA do the same with tgeir weather station observations? I know they have a website where you can look up current and historical data, but do they stop you from using it as well? I wonder if some of Metservice's ones are owned by the airports as well, so maybe its up to the airports to share those ones?


NIWA actually is worse with

NIWA actually is worse with delaying open data. MetService delays data by 3 hours and NIWA by 24 hours - and NIWA blocks us from a number of their stations too.  We only want data from weather stations 100% owned by the public/Govt agencies. Most of the airport stations were bought by taxpayers and are 100% state owned.  We know that some councils - like Auckland Council - are already investing in open weather data for others to share, which is great.



Cool, this is all interesting

Cool, this is all interesting info to know. Your argument makes more sense to me now.  Thanks a lot.

Hi there   I wanted to ask

Hi there


I wanted to ask what the weather for CHCH will be like on Thursday, my son has a big rugby game on! thanks

Hi thereAs our Chch forecast

Hi there

As our Chch forecast says, it's looking sunny! Winds from the east or northeast. Hope the game goes well!


Tauranga weather for weekend 28-30 Aug

Hi there,

Next weekend I'm hoping to take my elderly mother for a few cafe outings in Tauranga, but Metservice reckons it will be solid rain the whole time! I'm hoping they are way off the mark and will change their tune ... what do you guys say?




Our thoughts are at this

Our thoughts are at this stage it is looking mostly wet next weekend with areas of rain in a northwesterly airflow. Sorry about that! Who knows it may change between now and then to allow a few dry areas in, keep an eye on our Tauranga forecasts this coming week.


Guys. Whats wellington

Guys. Whats wellington looking like at 8am on Tuesday, wind and rain wise and for cook straight as i am going on a ferry departing 8am. Thanks.

Looks like rain in the

Looks like rain in the morning with northwesterly winds then easing around mid morning (can't really be any more specific then that) to the odd shower as winds change southerly.

Winds don't look to be all that strong, 15 to 20 knots NW early on tending southerly 15 to 20 knots during the morning.


widespread gloom

Very gloomy this morning, the birds aren't singing, gathering for feeding silently.

ggggr want the W winds back.

Auckland rainfall

How much rainfall has Auckland had so far for August, feels like Noah needs to build a boat

About 89 to 90mm so far!

About 89 to 90mm so far! :)


Anymore cold snaps of in the

Anymore cold snaps of in the foreseeable future for chch, kinda getting into this nice weather now, we were all desperately wanting more snow but now this spring air is lovely!

A few southwest changes on

A few southwest changes on the way in the foreseeable future but nothing cold enough to bring snow to Chch.


Auckland Showers

Hi There, how heavy do you think the showers will be today in Albany and will they be this avo? cheers 

G'dayAlbany? Can't really be


Albany? Can't really be that specific. More or less there is a chance of a few showers about from now through till late afternoon then at that point there is a greater risk of showers. Wish it was more exact but not so at the moment, I don't suspect showers will be heavy then late afternoon onwards the chance of a slighly heavier fall increases, just standard garden variety ones till then.


El Nino


I ave been following the El Nino story all over the internet. I truly understand that we cannot be certain for anything until firm data shows what is happening. BUT, almost every single weather analyst esp. in the USA say that this cylce of El Nino is already breaking records.

I am only interested in the following. I know that the west coast of the Americas during El Nino get heavier rain due to warmer seas. In contrast Australia gets drier weather wich may lead to droughts and more fires. But I do not know the implications for NZ. Do we get more diluted effects? will change be seen in summer only? or next winter too?


THANK you,

LOVE and admire your work and commitment.


El Nino

I just read your recent article regarding the effects of El nino. It answers my question :)

Thank you very much



Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know Sam :)



More snow for chch city

Any more snow for chch next thursday?

Not looking likely at this

Not looking likely at this stage.


Hi team  Hows it looking for

Hi team 

Hows it looking for the big rugby match Saturday night?

At this stage chance of a

At this stage chance of a shower but mainly dry with sou'west winds and a temp at kick off around 10 to 12 degrees.




More Snow In Dunedin?


I wonder will be more snow in Dunedin this week?



Hi CarolynOnly snow

Hi Carolyn

Only snow oppertunity for Dunedin looks to be next week on Thursday perhaps?


Why did Auckland have bad

Why did Auckland have bad whether on the 10th of august 2015?


Very cold upper air - and

Very cold upper air - and here's where we see signs of spring, a little bit of heating at the surface caused unstable weather to develop by midday with lightning and hail.

Those are the main causes.


What?   Can you please



Can you please clarify by what you mean?


Put in basic terms, the warmer ground of near spring, made warm air rise which met the very cold air higher up, and the luke warm air meeting the very cold air did not mix well and the 2 types of air push against each other, making windy, rainy, thundery weather.

Auckland Thursday

Having a photo shoot on Thursday you say it will be fine Metservice and one weathr say it's going to rain. Are you sure it will be fine.Thanks 

As at 9.30pm Tues the

As at 9.30pm Tues the Metservice forecast does not mention 'rain'. It says 'cloud increasing'. 



Maybe you could ask

Maybe you could ask Metservice if they are sure it's going to rain?

Still sticking with our forecast :)