Easter Monday's national forecast

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A large high drifts east away from parts of New Zealand as a number of fronts move in to the West Coast.

Settled Sunday, but heavy rain for some on Monday (+Rainfall maps)

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It is a mostly sunny Easter Sunday across New Zealand with light winds under the influence of a high pressure. It is dry across the country after overnight showers.

On Monday the high pressure belt shifts eastward and southern parts of the country will be affected by a
trough coming from the west on Monday.

Your Easter Sunday weather forecast across NZ

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A few early light showers and morning clouds may greet some northern New Zealand regions as the front that brought rain to the West Coast yesterday completely disintegrates over the upper North Island.

Clocks fall back an hour this Sunday making Easter 25 hours long

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Easter in New Zealand this year is 25 hours long - that's because Daylight Saving ends so early on Sunday morning we roll our clocks back by one hour.

This occurs in the first weekend of April and clocks go forward to summer time again in the last weekend of September.

InfoGraphic: Saturday and Easter Sunday

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High pressure dominates overall this weekend but a cold front on Saturday will see wind and rain in the South Island and later cloud and showers in the North Island with winds picking up through Cook Strait.

Saturday's national forecast

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A cold front moves up the South Island today with some wind and rain and then a colder change behind it while over the North Island high pressure mostly holds on but the winds do pick up a bit for some.

InfoGraphic: Good Friday and Saturday look quite different weatherwise for some

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High pressure continues to cover all of New Zealand for Good Friday bringing mostly light winds and dry weather to the nation.

There may be a couple of isolated showers in the very north and very south west today otherwise the weather looks dry.

Sunny spells will be frequent in most areas too.

Good Friday's national forecast... and it's a good one

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High pressure builds across the country for Good Friday meaning a mostly dry day on the way but a few cloudy areas linger, especially in the North Island.

It's entirely dry either with just a few isolated showers here and there.

Generally speaking today is dry and warm across New Zealand.

Weather Video: Your detailed Easter Weekend forecast until Tuesday

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The long weekend is upon us and many have four even five days off work. We take a look at where the highs will be, the cold fronts (a couple of them) and some windy weather.

Despite that typical Autumn forecast the long weekend is still looking mostly settled and dry nationwide.

InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Good Friday across NZ

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High pressure is building over New Zealand and the clouds are starting to falling apart as we head into Good Friday.

There will be a couple of remaining showers in the north of the country where it will be warmest, while some late rain or showers will move into Fiordland and maybe South Westland.