South of both islands feeling the heat - again (+Live Temperatures)

It's another extra hot day for those in the Deep South of New Zealand with temperatures already climbing into the low to mid 30s across Southland, but also Otago and inland parts of the lower North Island.

The heatwave could see highs today exceeding 35 degrees Celsius in the southern half of the South Island through some valleys.

Lunchtime Sunday: Already over 30 degrees in the South Island, muggy in the North Island

As forecast it's a scorcher today in the southern and eastern sides of the South Island with temperatures into the 30s already.

Parts of Southland have reached 30 degrees this hour, 32 in Central Otago and as high as 33 in Canterbury. says the hottest part of the day is still a few more hours away.

More heavy rain coming to western New Zealand (+Maps)

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A deepening low in the Tasman Sea will push against a blocking high to our east for the start of the new working week and that means a period of wind and rain for much of New Zealand.

Sunday's national forecast - it's getting hotter!

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Today the heat lifts even further with Southland likely to reach the 30 degree mark along with other inland areas further south.

Meanwhile the North Island only reaches the mid-20s (generally speaking) for many, but with much higher humidity it will feel like the low 30s for some.

More restless, sleepless nights coming due to warmth and humidity

Struggle falling asleep last night? Struggle to stay asleep? The humid, warm weather overnight in northern New Zealand saw some places in the low to 20 mid 20s at midnight.

For those opening windows there hasn't been much of a breeze - plus flies and mosquitoes also causes issues for some sleepers.

Afternoon thunderstorms and heavy downpours this weekend in NZ - we track where (+3 Maps)

An area of lower air pressure over the Tasman sea is slowly approaching New Zealand.

Between this area of low pressure to the west and a high pressure system to the east, sub-tropical northerly winds dominate over the entire country. 

New Zealand: Expected rainfall totals across Friday and Saturday (+8 Maps)

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A weak area of low pressure in the eastern Tasman Sea will fall apart today but lend a helping hand to creating afternoon downpours and thunderstorms in the North Island's interior and some more wet weather in the west.

Heavy rain causes flooding in Greymouth (+3 PHOTOS)

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Heavy rain yesterday, overnight and this morning has lead to flooding in Greymouth on the West Coast with more rain coming according to

Despite news of droughts being made official in more places today the heavy rain is too much of a good thing with flooding occuring in the past hour or so.

Over 100mm of rain is possible from this event.

Next week: Spring-like pattern for half the country will bring rain to both islands

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A day by day forecast for next week --- If you're in the South Island and lower North Island the weather pattern next week will shift more spring-like - and by that we mean cold fronts, windy spells and a variety in daytime temperatures.

South Island rain on Thursday shifts to North Island downpours on Friday (+4 Maps)

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A weak area of low pressure in the Tasman Sea is fuelling rain clouds around the South Island with heavy rain on the West Coast with this event potentially dropping over 100mm for some there.

On Friday the system falls apart but will bring more moisture in the air into the North Island and coupled with daytime heating there may be some big downpours popping up inland during the day.