Large anticyclone promises a settled rest of the week (+5 Maps)

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A massive high from the west is coming New Zealand's way and unlike the one last week which brought a lot of gloomy weather this one may be a sunnier system for most.

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Colder nights coming along with a big, beautiful, high (+4 Maps)

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A complex system which consists of several fronts lies over the North Island and brings showers to both islands.

The peak of rain and strong winds has now passed but some patchy rain does remain today with winds generally fading for many.

Weather will improve countrywide from Tuesday as this weak low near Northland and Auckland gradually moves away eastwards

Weather Video: Large high coming this week, cold front this weekend

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A low pressure system is slowly unwinding over northern New Zealand across Monday and Tuesday and will track due east across Northland and Auckland over the next 24 hours.

By Wednesday a colder southerly quarter wind will spread across all of New Zealand bringing mainly dry and sunny weather.

Sunday's national forecast

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A large low pressure system lies over the upper North Island but is fairly weak with the rain clouds very patchy and broken up and large areas of dry or drizzly conditions. Some localised heavy falls are expected here and there, mostly the east to north east of the country.

Heaviest rain this weekend patchy and isolated, winds more widespread (+6 Maps via IBM's Deep Thunder)

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As strong winds slide down the upper North Island today ahead of the centre of the low that arrives Sunday a narrow band of rain is also sliding southwards with some isolated heavy falls.

Complicated low means isolated areas of concern in both islands (+4 InfoGraphic Maps)

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A large area of low pressure will move into the North Island this weekend and deepen a bit further before weakening slowly over Monday and Tuesday. The result will be localised areas of heavy rain and some gusty winds - but most will have fairly standard unsettled weather.

Video: Your Weekend weather + Outlook through next week

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The weekend is upon us and the big high from this week is departing, allowing for a southerly change up the South Island and a developing low to move into the North Island. T

Rainfall accumulation maps for New Zealand next few days (+4 Maps)

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Rain will be widespread across New Zealand this weekend and while many regions will only have showers or patchy conditions some may have quite intense downpours, especially a few pockets within the North Island. 

North Island rain maker on the way, followed by enormous nationwide high (+2 Maps)

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A southerly change on Friday moving up the South Island will merge with a developing low over the upper North Island on Saturday, deepening the system and bringing two or three days of unsettled weather - mostly to the North Island.

Weather Video: Big low this weekend followed by enormous high next week

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High pressure dominates New Zealand for another 24 hours or so but it is slipping away to the east and that will allow for a milder northerly quarter flow nationwide.

This air flow will encourage morning cloud and fog patches but mild afternoons - then rain moves in later on Friday up the West Coast and covers many regions on Saturday.