Sunscreens test shows need for regulation says Consumer NZ

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Consumer NZ’s latest test of sunscreens highlights New Zealand’s situation of classifying sunscreens as cosmetics is not protecting consumers and needs to change.

Weather Video: Storms ease & high pressure dominates NZ, Aussie faces severe weather

The run of high pressure continues around New Zealand as we head into the weekend and next week - however the major daily downpours will ease tonight in the South Island then finally in the North Island on Saturday evening.

New Zealand's risk of severe weather diminishes today as Australia's risk soars (+7 Maps)

For the first time in a week the chances of severe weather in New Zealand is reducing while over the ditch Australia is bracing for a significant storm to kick off the first day of summer on the meteorological calendar, with a potential tropical cyclone soon after.

Severe Thunderstorms in upper North Island

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UPDATED 4:30pm --- Thunderstorms are continuing this afternoon across central and northern regions of the North Island.

There are widespread downpours across South Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty in particular.

Storms will be peaking now until early evening.

Weather Video: Daily downpours continue, but ease this weekend

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We take a look at the forecast for the New Zealand area through until Wednesday next week and the forecast shows more downpours across today and Friday with thunderstorms, hail and the chances of localised flash flooding.

However as we head into Saturday the South Island should notice a change with downpours not so likely and thunder not in the forecast.

Some farmers are telling that parts of NZ now in a 'Green Drought'

SPECIAL REPORT --- Farmers in Taranaki and Southland - and a handful of other places around New Zealand - are telling one thing right now: "We're in a green drought".

Weather Video: More thunderstorms today, we get detailed about the set up

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New Zealand is stuck in an unusual weather pattern for November with yet more daytime downpours and thunderstorms forming across the country - not just today, but also Thursday and Friday.

The next few days may see more downpours forming in the north too, placing Waikato, Auckland and Northland more at risk. And the word “risk” is important.

Thunderstorms return to both islands of NZ - track live here

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It's another rumbly day inland across both islands as daytime heating produces thunderstorms and towering clouds with big downpours.

Once again today's downpours come with the risk of localised severe thunderstorms, hail and flash/surface flooding.


Wednesday's Thunderstorm risks for New Zealand in Maps:

As of late morning downpours were again rapidly forming through inland areas of both islands with thunderstorms expected to kick off from lunchtime and peak yet again into the afternoon and evening.

Deluges, thunderstorms and even hail and flooding risks are all associated with these intense but slow moving storm cells.

Unusual 10 day rain map for NZ highlights current odd set-up

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New Zealand is dealing with a rare set up of high pressure that is not only bringing days if not weeks of warmer than average weather to the country but is also producing inland downpours that are significantly drenching central areas, especially the North Island.