Why will the South Island rain not properly cross the North Island? We answer:

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Many people are asking us how come the South Island's West Coast is in for a drenching this weekend while forecasters say the North Island may not get much at all - despite the front moving that way.

Some rain coming in, here's the latest on where & how much (+4 Maps)

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A front from Australia is coming our way and will produce rain for the first time in a month on the West Coast.

At the same time daytime heating will lead to a few inland downpours around the Central North Island.

Weather Video: Rain is coming but chances are you may miss out

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A front from the west is moving in this Friday to Sunday and will bring relief to some places that haven’t had proper rain in a month.But there’s a catch: The front will fall apart considerably as it crosses New Zealand.

This means rain clouds will break apart and we’ll have very “hit and miss” downpours.

Something big needs to happen or droughts will develop in parts of NZ (+6 Maps)

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It's not a headline we enjoy writing, nor is it easy to talk about - but unless something major changes in New Zealand's weather patterns droughts may very well form in parts of the country, especially the east, as we head into 2018.

Weather Video: Rain is coming for some!

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The first band of rain in a month is expected to cross New Zealand this weekend bringing some relief to those that need the rain.

For others, the timing may not be perfect with a sunny week followed by a wetter, cloudier weekend! Odd how that often happens isn’t it!?

New Poll: Are you concerned about how dry it is?

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It's hot inland and it's drying out across New Zealand. In fact most regions are now drier than average, other than those lucky enough to get big downpours last week.

However for many of those in towns or cities this dry spell of weather is more than excellent - it's locking in a much better start to summer than last year.

Special Update: NZ's current set up breaking all the norms

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Most of New Zealand is drier than average. Most of NZ is warmer than average. Now the sea surface temperatures are not only above average, but they are warmer than average more so than anywhere else on the globe.

Weather Video: Current Sea surface temps around NZ stand out on world map

We kick off the first full week of December under more high pressure and mostly dry weather but this week has a few more twists than last week.

We still see a few daytime downpours, again mainly around Central Plateau but a few also possible around Central Otago.

Sunday's national forecast: Daytime highs in to the low-mid 30s expected inland

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For the most part New Zealand is finally done with the major daytime downpours, after what has been a very busy week inland with them.

First Saturday of Summer: Above 30 degrees in parts of NZ, stormy in Australia (+Maps)

Updated 3:07pm --- The first week of summer on the meteorological calendar is hot for some as temperatures over 30 degrees are recorded in New Zealand. For some inland parts of the South Island this is the third weekend in a row with daytime highs above their normal for this time of the year.