Gusty Westerlies rise to gale at times next week ahead, creates big variety of weather (+5 Maps)

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A series of several deep and/or large lows will affect New Zealand over the week ahead while a squash zone (more wind) between NZ's lower air pressure and Australia's high pressuer will encourage even more energy in the winds here.

Weather Video: Stormy weather approaching New Zealand for over a week

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A westerly change has now arrived in the upper North Island bringing thunderstorms and a slightly cooler change.

Over the coming days expect westerly quarter winds to increase - this will push up temperatures in the east and north again for a time but expect some colder surges in the mix too.

Weather Video: Windy westerlies next week ahead + surges of colder air

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Cooler sou'westers are spreading nationwide today for many regions dropping temperatures and bringing snow to the mountains and ranges of the South Island.

Tasman Sea low finally moving into NZ, colder air to follow (+2 Infographic Maps)

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The much warmer than usual weather over parts of New Zealand is about to stop as a large low that's been in the Tasman Sea for about a week finally moves onto the western side of New Zealand. Overnight there were plenty of thunderstorms at sea to the west which could be seen from Waikato and Auckland - over the next 24 hours some of these thunderstorms will cross land.

Much warmer than average in between rain band and Tasman Sea low (+3 Maps)

A band of rain is slowly tracking eastwards across the North Island and behind it are sunnier skies and warm light northerly quarter winds. These light winds and dry skies lie in between the main deep low out in the Tasman Sea (that has brought severe weather to south eastern Australia for the past three days) and the band of rain crossing northern New Zealand this weekend.

More isolated heavy rain for northern NZ. Patchy rain pushes further south today (+3 Maps)

Updated 9:15am --- More heavy rain for some parts of the North Island today while patchy rain also expands over the upper half of the South Island. The storm in the Tasman Sea remains well away from New Zealand after bringing significant flooding to Hobart, Tasmania, on Friday night.

Sunday's national forecast - plenty of rain clouds today, except the very south of NZ

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Rain continues over the North Island today with heaviest falls in the Upper North Island while sunniest weather is most likely in the Lower South Island.

Heavy rain for northern NZ but mild May conditions for many (+3 Maps)

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This weekend the North Island will be very wet because of the passages of multiple frontal systems fed by sub-tropical airflows.

A convergence of nor'east winds from the exiting high and nor'west winds from the Tasman Sea storm is creating a line of heavy rain over Northland and near Auckland.

There is a high possibility heavy rain will persist into this evening.

Weather Video: Big complicated low in Tasman Sea - we break it down and explain

A large low in the Tasman Sea is set to bring stormy weather to south eastern Australia while at the same time drenching parts of New Zealand.
It’s a very big complicated system that is broken

Gales for Australia but what about New Zealand? (+9 Maps)

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With a deep and large low near south eastern Australia expected to produce severe gales there many are curious if they will hit New Zealand too. The system is complicated but can be explained fairly simply when it comes to the winds.

Basically there are three areas of wind: