Cold blast number 1 arrives, cold blast number 2 is on the way (+4 Maps)

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The first of two significant polar blasts is today covering New Zealand bringing thunderstorms, hail, snow and miserable conditions to those outdoors.

6 Detailed Maps on the rough conditions expected Tuesday/Wednesday

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A sharp cold front is currently located over the South Island and is moving northwards, bringing a colder south to south west change behind it which will go nationwide on Wednesday.

This front is producing persistent heavy rain on the West Coast and significant snow accumulation over the Southern Alps. Frequent lightning is also being observed.

Weather Video: Two big cold blasts coming: Wednesday & again Friday/Weekend

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For Tuesday a milder nor'west flow covers much of New Zealand ahead of a cold blast for Wednesday. In fact colder air is already pushing into Southland, Otago and parts of the West Coast and by noon Wednesday most of the country will be under a colder air flow. 

3 x Rain & Snow accumulation maps through until Tuesday evening

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This week kicks off seven rough days across New Zealand with gales, rain, snow and showers. The wettest weather looks to be on the West Coast with heavy rain across a number of days ahead turning to snow higher up due to the colder air, especially in the South Island.

Significant week of weather for New Zealand . Full details + 6 Maps

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Several large areas of low pressure will affect New Zealand for a full seven days ahead with at least two polar southerlies bringing a huge variety of weather conditions across the country.

Before the colder changes of air there will be surges of warmer, windier, nor'westers. 

Weather Video: Major week of weather, we break it down day by day

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This week appears to be the busiest weather week of the year so far with multiple storms and large or deep lows in the Southern Ocean affecting New Zealand with severe weather off and on.

There are two cold snaps, the first this Wednesday then the second on Friday or the weekend.

Rough weather kicks off today, lingers off and on for a week (+7 Maps)

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Wind maps + Rain & Snow Accumulation Maps --- A surge of stormy Autumn weather is about to engulf the country for a week but due to New Zealand's mountains and ranges we can expect a full variety of weather from sun and warmth to gales, rain and snow.

Sunday's national forecast

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The weather won't be too bad for many North Island areas today with very sunny and mild weather in the east but cloudier with showers increasing later in the west. 

In the South Island another cold front is moving up the West Coast with heavy falls. Mostly sunny and milder in the east too but a cooler sou'west change later may bring a few showers.

Weather Video: Your Weekend forecast + a big blast of windy weather next week

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The windy westerlies are back and will ramp up even more next week. For the weekend expect rain or showers along the western coastlines while eastern areas are mainly dry and warmer than average.

Could NZ be facing a polar blast a week from now? (+Maps)

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The weather pattern next week will be the most unsettled pattern of the year so far around New Zealand says and reliable long range data is increasingly seeing a polar blast in our part of the world next weekend.