Welcome to NZ - land of the long white cloud!

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Aotearoa, New Zealand - land of the long white cloud - and today it is certainly living up to that name.  As rugby players, support staff and fans from all over the world spread out across New Zealand they'll be getting a good understanding of why this country is called "land of the long white cloud".

Despite yesterday being a "mostly sunny" day overall across the country, clou

Weather Video: Big low coming after RWC kick off

Filed in: and Philip Duncan from team up to bring you the very latest on the settled weather across the country today, what is instore for Thursday and Friday, especially surrounding the kick off of the Rugby World Cup and what is coming this weekend weatherwise.

Fireworks to light up Auckland on RWC opening night

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Fireworks which will light up the sky on Friday night for the opening night of Rugby World Cup 2011 are set to rival those set off to mark the new millennium.

Three and a half tonnes of fireworks will mark the beginning of the cup.

New Years 2011

Pilots call for report to be put on Erebus record

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Pilots are calling on the Government to include Justice Mahon's Royal Commission report in the official international record of the Erebus disaster.

It follows the launch this week of Paul Holmes new book, “Daughters of Erebus", which claims successive governments have refused to officially recognise the report, which overturns assertions the pilots were at fault.

Air L

Weather Video: Sunny week ahead but big low this weekend

Filed in: and team up to bring you the latest on our sunny week ahead, the latest forecast for the opening of the Rugby World Cup and what a big incoming low will mean for you this weekend. 

POLL: Does Spring start now, or at the equinox?

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Some might argue spring started over a month ago, despite our cold blast in the second week of August, but yesterday New Zealand, Australia and South Africa officially marked the start of Spring.

While the debate will no doubt go on about whether today is truly the start of spring (many nations go by the astronomical start and end to seasons, which coincides with the e

August polar blast contributes to flu epidemic

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Hospitals are overloaded with patients suffering flu-like and respiratory illnesses.

The epidemic is blamed in part on the icy cold snap in mid-August.

Hundreds of sick people are coming into emergency departments each day, and some are waiting up to eight hours for treatment.

And with another cold southerly outbreak forecast for Friday and Saturday, health authorities are

New energy plan: nod to oil and gas

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The Government has put an emphasis on exploiting New Zealand's oil and gas potential in its Energy Strategy announced this morning, and is proposing changes to the industry's exploration permit regime.

Acting Minister of Energy and Resources, Hekia Parata New Zealand said was "blessed with an a

RWC weather looking unsettled has released their general September forecast and the weather news authority says conditions for the kick off of the Rugby World Cup could be unsettled.

The long range prediction says high air pressure in the north of the country will battle with lows in the Southern Ocean - creating for westerlies to pick up over the month.

For the start of the Rugby

Latest weather news headlines

A quick run down of the main weather headlines surrounding New Zealand, Australia and the world this weekend.

New Zealand
Sub-tropical low -- Here in New Zealand we're in for a mostly quiet weekend.  We have three news worthy features.  A small sub-tropical low to the north west has the po