Wet, cold, weather adds to Christchurch's weather woes

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Cold, wet, weather continues to affect Christchurch overnight local time reports

Tonight's low is predicted to be around 10 degrees celcius with the current temperature at 12 degrees and very slowly falling. 

The latest NZ government rain radar shows bands of rain in the area, but it does show signs of easing overnight.

Severe Cyclone Atu still category 4

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Severe tropical cyclone continues to move towards New Zealand but the storm is still predicted to pass well to the east of the North Island.

As of this evening the storm is still packing winds of 175km/h with gusts to 215km/h and remains a category 4 cyclone.

The central air pressure is 946hPa.

65 dead so far - NZ Prime Minister

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#eqnz -- BREAKING NEWS -- NZ Prime Minister confirms 65 dead so far.

Coverage from the last 60 minutes in Christchurch as reported by

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Severe aftershocks hitting Christchurch

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Severe aftershocks are hitting the South Island city of Christchurch in New Zealand this afternoon following a powerful 6.3 quake at 12:51pm local time.

Cyclone Atu heading south

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Cyclone Atu is today beginning the process of clearing the main tropical islands as it heads south towards the east of New Zealand.

Atu is expected to peak in 24 hours time, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, with winds averaging 205km/h and gusting 250km/h.

As of this morning Atu's winds were sustained at 170km/h.

Atu: Too close for comfort + latest maps and stats

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Severe tropical cyclone, the fifth named storm to enter New Zealand waters this summer, is going to track very near to the North Island - but not near enough to cause problems predicts

The cyclone, which today reached Category 4 status, is on a path that will see it track close to the North Island's east coast.

VIDEO: Severe Cyclone Atu's track towards NZ

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Head weather analyst Philip Duncan talks about the tropical cyclone Atu, it's current status and just how close it will come to New Zealand.

Also, which beaches will be worse affected by Atu's swells?

View the video below...

Cyclone Atu now Category 4 (+Maps)

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As predicted by Severe Tropical Cyclone Atu is continuing to intensify with the Fiji Meteorological Service saying this mornign that Atu is now an intense category 4 cyclone.  This prediction was made exclusively by seven days ago.

Funny Video: NZ's newest weather presenter

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Move over Karen and Jim, New Zealand has a new weather presenter.

TreAnne Chalmers is the new weather presenter for NZ Notworth News.

What do you think?  Is she going to give the others a run for their money?!

Tropical storm intensifies near Vanuatu (+Maps)

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The Joint Typhoon Warning Centre has this morning announced that a tropical depression near Vanuatu is now a tropical cyclone - although the Fiji Meteorological Service which is the authority for the region is yet to do so.

The storm has become better organised overnight and this morning and will continue to intensify across the weekend and into early next week.