ZELIA - What are conditions like where you are?

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Throughout today will have numerous updates as ex-tropical cyclone Zelia approaches and crosses New Zealand.

Due to the increased number of updates expected today we thought we'd start a seperate thread for weather conditions where you are - making it easy for everyone to contribute and all in one place.

As Zelia approaches we're keen to hear what conditions are like where you are.

Post weather observations from your weather station, weather website, or just from looking out the kitchen or office window!

Scorching heat ahead of cool change

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Christchurch has rocketed to 34 degrees this afternoon as a blustery nor'wester and mostly clear skies push across the region.

The heat is affecting Canterbury roughly north of Banks Peninsula, with a cooler southerly moving in behind it.

Tropics: Vania loses strength as Zelia gains it

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Vania has this afternoon been downgraded to an ex-tropical cyclone 24 hours earlier than previously predicted reports

We have extensive coverage of the approching tropical systems - see below for all the details on both Vania and Zelia.

A look back at Cyclone Drena

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Almost exactly 14 years to the day and Cyclone Drena had blown through the North Island bringing widespread flooding and damage to properties in the north.

Tropical Cyclone Vania, currently a category 3 cyclone, is tracking in a similar path to Drena. forecasters point out that every cyclone has a different personality and just because Vania is similar to Drena track-wise it doesn't mean we can expect the same outcome - or damage.

However here's a look back at just what Drena did back to New Zealand back in January 1997.

Mixed feelings about NZ summer - poll results

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New Zealanders have a mixed feeling about their summer this year, according to a recent poll.

The poll asked the simple following question: "Are you enjoying the summer weather?"

The results were as follows:

Tropical Cyclone Vania strengthens

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Tropical Cyclone Vania continues to strengthen today as it moves towards New Caledonia reports

The cyclone has been upgraded to a category 2 cyclone, out of a scale that goes up to 5. forecasters predict it may reach Cat 3 or 4 strength in the next five days.

30s top off blazing day

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Parts of the country sizzled today with temperatures topping 33 degrees.Kaikoura was the hottest centre but Palmerston North and Gisborne weren't too far behind on 31 and Masterton scored 30.

Humidity levels were high across many northern centres and it 'felt' hotter than the actual reading given.

Here comes the cloud and humidity

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It was an overcast day for Aucklanders yesterday but that was just the tip of the iceberg, as a shallow low moves down from the Coral Sea bringing plenty of cloud with it.

New Zealand overdue for cyclone

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New Zealand has been spared a direct hit from an ex-Tropical Cyclone for 15 years and counting reports

Tropical Cyclones Fergus and Drena caused major damage and flooding in the height of camping season back in the summer of 1996 and 1997 and were shortly following by cyclone Gavin, but that cyclone failed to make a direct hit.

Queensland rainmakers may come here

Filed in: is today predicting an increased likelihood of unsettled weather coming towards New Zealand in the coming 10 days - and it's somewhat related to the Queensland floods.