POLL: Do you need rain soon?

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Despite some dramatic West Coast rain yesterday - and more on the way tomorrow - some parts of New Zealand are now starting to dry out.

In particular the Top Half of the North Island, which includes Auckland, Hamilton, Whangarei and Tauranga and surrounding communities.

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George Laking: Epsom and climate change

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Dr George Laking MD PhD FRACP, Te Whakatohea, is a Medical Oncologist who lives and works in Auckland. He is an Executive Member of OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health. These are Dr Laking's personal views via

Strong winds hit Tasmania, now NZ's turn

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The high spring winds that hit Tasmania on Tuesday gusted up to 120km/h with more strong and cold winds expected during the week ahead - and it's all coming towards New Zealand too.

Most of Tasmania continues to feel the strong and cold southwesterly winds with gusts being reported over 100km/h yesterday.

All whales in mass stranding die

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All of the pilot whales which stranded at the top of the South Island have now died, the Department of Conservation has confirmed.

The pod of more than 60 stranded whales were found by a Farewell Spit tour guide on Monday evening.

DOC rangers found 20 dead whales and one whale in a poor condition was euthanised.

Four new volcanoes found under Auckland

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Four new volcanic craters have been discovered underneath South Auckland, bringing the total number of volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field to 55.

Geomarine Research identified the four previously unknown volcanic craters in the southern part of the volcanic field.

Video: NZ's weather, plus storms in Sydney & Oklahoma

The weather around New Zealand continues to change on a daily basis while at the same time storms hit Sydney and tornadoes tear through Oklahoma.

We have some amazing photos of the US tornadoes, plus we take a look at the latest rain radar and lightning tracker from Australia showing some big thunderstorms already developing there today.

Close-call asteroid would have devastating impact if it hit

If a 400m asteroid which is set to make a close call with Earth tomorrow landed on the Sky Tower, it would create a crater reaching as far as Mt Roskill and destroy everything in between.

Asteroid 2005 YU55, which is nearly three times the length of a rugby field, will come within 325,000km of Earth - 85,000 km closer than the moon - at 12.25pm tomorrow.

Melbourne Cup weather - not too wet, not too hot

Filed in: forecasters say weather conditions in Melbourne today for the 151st Melbourne Cup carnival looks to be fairly settled but not perfect.

Controversial poll shows 71% want NZ flag changed

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A recent poll has created some strong chatter after asking New Zealanders if they believed it was time to change our national flag.  The question was raised during the Rugby World Cup when New Zealand flags were hard to spot with most choosing the black flag with silver fern to flap in the wind.

November temps and what we can expect

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The last month of Spring kicks in tomorrow and today we're taking a look at average maximum daytime and overnight temperatures for numerous centres across the country and what we can expect in terms of temperatures for the month of November.