The latest on all the warnings

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As the storm continues to show its hand, we are getting a better idea of who is going to see the heaviest rains and where the flooding threats are the highest.

For that reason, warnings continue to be tailored to fit the situation as it unfolds.  Here's the latest from MetService on their warnings as of 11:55 this morning.

On the North Island;

Rain is falling, heavy stuff expected later today

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Rain continues to move across the northern parts of the South Island this morning.  Showers are also moving over the western Waikato and Taranaki on the North Island.

Rain will continue to develop throughout the morning and become heavy in some areas by this afternoon.

Severe weather warning expanded to include Northland

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By WeatherWatch Analyst Howard Joseph

Rain showers made their way across the North Island overnight.  The rain was mainly light to moderate.  However, much more is on the way.

Planning and enduring the storm

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At this time it looks like the most popular camping and holiday destinations are also the areas that will be affected by the heavy rain that's expected to come through over the next few days.  The threat for heavy rain and flooding has prompted MetService to issue a Severe Weather Warning for Nelson/Tasman, western Marlborough, and about Mount Taranaki.

Severe weather warning issued for southern NI/northern SI

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 The first of the weather warnings has been issued by MetService.

Government forecasters have already issued a Severe Weather Warning effective midday Thursday through Friday evening for Nelson/Tasman, western Marlborough, and about Mount Taranaki.

Rain is Arriving Early in Parts of NZ

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From Weather Analyst Howard Joseph --- A little light rain is expected to overspread parts of the North Island this morning. A few South Island locales may also see some drops.

But this rain should be very hit and miss. Not everyone is going to see it, and those who do, won't get very much.

La Nina To Keep Things Mild and Dry Through February

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The pendulum has swung in the direction of La Nina again.

La Nina is the opposite of El Nino.  Both are part of the El Nino Southern Oscillation phenomenon.  La Nina refers to a situation where colder than normal ocean surface temperatures well up along the South American coast.

Updated End of the Year Forecast

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As we get closer to the end of the week, the news on the weather continues to not look so good.

We still have some generally nice weather ahead for today.  Although plenty of clouds may add a dreary look to the sky, especially around Auckland.  But it doesn't look like rain will be an issue anywhere in New Zealand.

Aftershocks Could Continue For Weeks

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The Student Volunteer Army are planning to continue their clean-up tomorrow. If you would like to help out, visit

Clean up efforts are underway against as the echoes from the round of quakes that shook Christchurch on Friday continue, and right now it looks like they could continue for weeks to come.

Grant Lashes Northern Australia, Will NZ See What's Left?

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Australia's Top End is being battered by Grant today. Gusts of up to 140km/h and torrential rainfall are striking the northern coast.  The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says that even though the storm is expected to cross the coast at least 80km east of Darwin, resdients there may see gale force winds.