Paul Harper: Dust haze hangs over a weary city

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Flying into Christchurch, a thick haze lies over the city, particularly in the eastern suburbs.

Liquefaction from last week's earthquake has brought tonnes of silt up to the surface. Over the past seven days residents and volunteers have painstakingly shovelled it on to the sides of the road, once again clearing their properties of ubiquitous filth.

Bob Parker's Parka

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Sometimes humour can be the best medicine, even as the horror of the Christchurch earthquake continues to unfold.

A Facebook fan page has been set up to support Mayor Bob Parker.  The group describes the Facebook page as "An appreciation group for the man holding Christchurch together and the jacket that's keeping him warm".

GNS Science - Experts respond

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This article was provided by the Science Media Centre, via GNS Science

Recent media coverage has focused attention on unfounded claims that earthquakes can be predicted by various methods, some involving the moon’s influence on tidal forces which may “trigger” large quakes on already stressed fault lines.

Agrissentials - Whatever the Weather!

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Farmers – the wait is over!

New Footage: CCTV video of Christchurch quake

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More CCTV footage taken at the time of Tuesday's powerful earthquake. 

Also additional footage of the damage left behind after a huge boulder crashed through a house and out the other side.

Christchurch earthquake: Levels of liquefaction 300 - 500 pc worse

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The level of liquefaction after Tuesday's 6.3 magnitude aftershock dwarfs the amount caused by the original earthquake that hit Christchurch in September, Mayor Bob Parker says.

He says the amount of damage is particularly high in the city's eastern suburbs.

"The scale of this is huge.

New Zealand's national anthem

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Danny Watson, afternoon host on NewstalkZB, ended his show yesterday afternoon playing a song that, he said, had been requested a lot since the quake on Tuesday.

That song was the New Zealand national anthem.

We looked through the archives and came across this video which would be almost 30 years old now and used to play on Television One.

We felt this nostalgic and iconic video would be apt.

To those of our readers in Christchurch please know the entire nation is grieving too, but standing strong beside you...Kia Kaha, Aroha Nui.


Yardley talks of passionate workers at CTV

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Mike Yardley is the host of Newstalk ZB's local morning show in Christchurch and the presenter of CTV's Newsmakers. This is his account on this week's earthquake and the loss of his CTV colleagues.

I was just leaving Newstalk ZB's building for the day when all hell broke loose. Fast-footing it in the middle of Worcester Street, I watched in raw terror as the Christchurch Club collapsed in front me.

A blood-soaked woman emerged out of the storm of dust and debris and after I assisted her to Latimer Square, it soon dawned on me that much of the city center was raining down on its citizens.

VIDEO: Incredible CCTV footgage of quake hitting bottle store

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CCTV Footage from Tuesday's powerful and shallow 6.3 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cold, wet, change heading for Christchurch overnight

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Rain is on the way for Christchurch and says this is a good opportunity to collect more water.

A cold front bringing rain and lower temperatures is currently heading towards Christchurch and will arrive overnight.