Weather Video: Stubborn low pressure remains anchored west of NZ

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There’s a fair bit of high pressure surrounding New Zealand right now but it’s hard to notice it with a low forming just west of the country and feeding cloud, drizzle and windy east to north easterlies for some.

New Zealand: Offshore low like 'a tyre stuck in mud' (+9 Maps)

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A newly formed low to the west of New Zealand isn't going anywhere fast - in fact it could linger until Sunday with the remnants (showers and cloud) lingering into this time next week.

Weather Video: Low to linger for days bringing a lot of cloud to NZ

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A low has developed just west of New Zealand and it’s not going anywhere fast, with some forecasts suggesting it will stall and remain just offshore until this Sunday.

The forecast is one of plenty of cloud and north to north east winds bringing some showers, drizzle and areas of patchy rain.

Cold front brings rain, a drop in temperatures, then a week-long low (+6 Maps)

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A cold front is today moving northwards up the country and will fall apart over the North Island as we head into Tuesday. Following this a low will form in the eastern Tasman Sea and hug the New Zealand area for the next several days bringing a forecast that sees large areas of dry mixed in with cloud, drizzle, showers and patchy rain.

Weather Video: Low pressure just west of NZ could linger for a week

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We have a belt of high pressure crossing parts of New Zealand this week but a large low in eastern Tasman Sea may well dominate New Zealand’s weather for several days.

The forecast doesn’t look extreme but there’s a narrow area of patchy rain, showers and drizzle expected to form over the country this week between this low and nearby high pressure.

Cold front moving into southern NZ with heavy rain and strong winds

Northern New Zealand will be under high pressure today and a lot of sunshine but clouds and winds are building in the south as a cold front moves in and the high slips away.

Max winds of 35-55km/h are expected in most areas of the South Island and gale winds of above 60km/h will be
possible in exposed southern parts of the island and also Cook Strait.

High pressure crosses NZ this weekend ahead of the next low

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New Zealand will be under a ridge of high pressure this weekend, with it mostly focused on the North Island bringing settled weather and increasing warmth.

Strong winds are not expected in most areas and sunshine is expected in most major cities, such as Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Weather Video: High pressure, then a big low, then more high pressure

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The weather pattern is a bit up and down following Gita with a large high rolling in this weekend but not lasting long for the South Island.

By Sunday winds from the westerly quarter will ramp up over the South Island with gales in the mountains and exposed areas.

The leftovers from Aussie's Cyclone Kelvin to affect NZ early next week (+4 Maps)

The leftovers of an ex-tropical cyclone are coming towards New Zealand - but not how you might think. The remnants of what was Cyclone Kelvin, which made landfall the other day in north western Australia, will drift out over southern Australia and the Great Austraian Bight over the next few days to merge with a Southern Ocean system and form a new low on Monday over southern New Zealand.

Weather Video: Gita gone for good - but now Kelvin's remnants coming

Gita has gone and a large high is moving in behind it to bring a mostly dry, warm, weekend. However by Sunday the westerlies will be picking up in the South Island as a new low starts to develop in the Southern Ocean.
This low is being partially fuelled by the remnants of what was Cyclone Kelvin.