Sun/Mon: Main southerly spreads across NZ (+5 Maps)

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The main cold southerly today and tonight spreads right across New Zealand and this will see more heavy snow in the Southern Alps and other South Island ranges while showers generally shift from west coast to east coast nationwide.

Rain and Snow accumulation MAPS for NZ next two days

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Today is a bit of a breather day before the next burst of showers, snow and cold winds move in. By noon Saturday the next system is coming in to Fiordland, bringing snow and heavy rain to the mountains.

Rain, snow, winds and waves are all moderate compared with the weather so far this week but will still be significant in some locations.

Cold start to Saturday but even colder air coming Sunday to Tuesday

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Temperatures have dropped below zero across parts of the South Island and the North Island is mostly in single digits as colder air continues to spill over New Zealand early this morning.

However it's about to get even colder with both Sunday and Monday shaping up to drop below today.

Highs of just 8 degrees are expected around Southland and Coastal Otago tomorrow and Monday.

Southerly to get colder across New Zealand this Sunday and Monday, much drier next week

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Today might be the second big cold blast of the week but it won't actually be until Sunday and Monday that the coldest of the air will surge northwards covering all of New Zealand.

Westerly winds today, while colder than recent winds, are still fairly mild over northern New Zealand despite the occasional hail storms.

Weather Video: Getting colder this weekend, even colder next week

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Hail and isolated thunderstorms will affect the western and northern North Island for the remainder of Friday but this weekend winds swing more south west and temperatures start to drop.

MAPS x 5: Rain & snow accumulation + wind, swells & temperatures

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The start of the second cold blast this week is only just getting going. Friday is the 'warmer' side of the system producing plenty of heavy downpours in the west and north along with isolated thunderstorms and hail.

Rain, snow, gales, hail, thunder, isolated tornadoes & big beautiful sunshine - 2nd blast is arriving (+5 Maps)

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The next burst of severe weather is pushing into New Zealand with more gales, snow, rain, thunder, hail, isolated tornadoes and yes, some will have lovely sunny weather thanks to the nearby mountains and ranges.

Special Video Update on second cold blast for New Zealand

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Another cold blast is moving back up the country over the next 36 to 48 hours and will see more heavy snow in and around the Southern Alps, more heavy rain on the West Coast and squally downpours as far north as Auckland and Northland some with hail and thunderstorms.

Weather Video: Cold blast 1 arrives, Cold blast 2 aims for Friday/Weekend

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A colder south to south west change has now spread nationwide across New Zealand bringing thunderstorms and heavy downpours to a number of North Island places overnight (especially in the west near the Tasman Sea).

NZ Rain and Snow accumulation until Thursday evening (+2 Maps)

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Another burst of heavy rain and snow (similar to what we've seen over Tuesday and today) is coming again from late Thursday and across Friday over New Zealand.