Weather Video: The forecast up until Boxing Day

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We count down the days to Christmas and in today’s weather video we also look at Boxing Day - as perhaps the biggest burst of rain for New Zealand in two months heads northwards.

Over the next few days and into the weekend the forecast doesn’t change a great deal with isolated showers here and there and fairly dry weather.

Weather Video: Your daily forecast up until Christmas Day!

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It’s the countdown to Christmas Day and in today’s video we give you the daily forecast right up until December 25th!

The week ahead will be “spring-like” with a mix of windier days, colder days and hot sunny weather too. On Tuesday a southerly arrives in the lower South Island with the lowest temperatures of the week.

Just what exactly is a heatwave? Here's how it is defined:

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New Zealand has recently had a heatwave - and now a large portion of Australia is being affected by heatwave conditions this week. But are all heatwaves the same? Are they worth all the attention, or are they just normal summer weather? And can a heatwave be relative to where you are? Weatherzone digs down and explains:

Sunday's national forecast - some wet weather in both islands

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Patchy rain and cooler change will today move up the South Island while the North Island has afternoon downpours.

Weather Video: Your weekend forecast + a look at Christmas Day!

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As we head into the weekend we’re back to the daily downpours through inland areas of both islands.

They kick off on Saturday, expand on Sunday and then by Monday a cold front sweeps in with some patchy rain or showers.

Earliest sunrises of the year upon us but latest sunsets still weeks away

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Planet Earth is not perfectly round. In fact it was Isaac Newton who first correctly suggested that Earth was a sphere that is squashed at its poles and bulges out at the equator. 

NZ's weather pattern shifting a bit more 'spring-like' as we head towards Christmas

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The weather pattern around New Zealand is changing a little and that means more variety in the weather. The main change is a lack of high pressure to the east of the country - this will allow inland downpours to drift further east and allow air flows from the south to also move in easier across the South Island.

Weather Video: More variety in the forecast up until Christmas

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A more spring-like weather pattern is returning to New Zealand as we head into the second half of December and that means more variety in wind directions, temperatures and dry and wet weather.

Heavy showers in both islands today with a chance of severe thunder in the north east

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Today is one of the better days of the week for downpours with daytime heating contributing to some big cloud build-ups in both islands and therefore some solid showers too.

Already this morning Timaru has had a heavy downpour and there's a chance an isolated one may brush western Auckland.

Next two weeks: More hot & dry but an increase in wet weather for some areas

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There's no hiding from the fact it's incredibly dry in parts of the country but over the second half of December there will be a bit more 'life' in the weather maps.

Since November high pressure has mainly dominated in the New Zealand area with little movement and little change in wind flows.