Inland South Island heatwave continues for another week (+2 Maps)

The interior of the South Island will continue to join south eastern Australia's heatwave, with several days of well above average daytime temperatures continuing.

Hobart and Melbourne are breaking century-long records with the current heatwave and the same airflow is working its way into the lower South Island, affecting inland areas. Coastal areas are much cooler.

Wellington: Soaring water consumption prompts warning and water patrols

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Wellington Water is calling on the residents of Wellington, Porirua and the Hutt Valley to cut back on their water use this weekend, and make sure they observe garden watering restrictions. 

Weather Video: High pressure continues + downpours developing next several days

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WEEKEND OUTLOOK & NEXT WEEK --- The high pressure has arrived, now it’s time for those big downpours to start kicking off as we head into - and through - the weekend.

Downpours are most likely in the mid to late afternoon and early evenings but can occur as early as late morning in the right conditions.

InfoGraphic: A calm Friday for New Zealand with sea and lake breezes

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As the big high rolls in the winds fade away. The graphic below shows how calm today, Friday, will be with the large high centred smack bang over the top of New Zealand. (well, slightly to the west of the South Island really - but the calm is over New Zealand).

Weather Video: Hotter with daytime downpours

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Many parts of New Zealand are going to be hot over the next few days as high pressure continues to feed in warmer than average air over the country.

In the South Island today temperatures will be over 8 degrees above normal while North Islanders will be over 5 degrees above normal - especially inland.

InfoGraphic (x2) - Thursday's warmer than usual set up for most New Zealanders

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The large high across New Zealand is helping to boost temperatures above normal for November - in fact up to 10 degrees above normal for some inland areas like parts of Central Otago. The Central North Island will be up to 8 degrees above normal.

Weather Video: Daytime downpours to go hand in hand with week-long high

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A belt of high pressure that will last another week in New Zealand is today only just setting in. It’s likely to bring some hot weather to inland regions of both islands over the next couple days (and potentially breaking November heat records in both Melbourne and Hobart).

La Nina? That depends on which Government forecaster you ask

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Whether or not a La Nina event is currently underway in the Pacific Ocean depends on which country you are in.

According to an update issued by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) on Tuesday, the Pacific Ocean is currently in a neutral phase and there is a 70 per cent chance of a La Nina event occurring during the months ahead.

Daytime downpours about to dominate the time of Weather Forecasters

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As most of you know a large belt of high pressure is crossing New Zealand and will take the rest of November to do so.

It's the same block of high pressure that is giving Melbourne and Hobart their (potentially) warmest November since records began there back in the 1800s.

NZ in for high pressure for rest of November, but downpours too (+16 Maps)

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High pressure is growing around New Zealand today and says it looks "locked in" over the country for the remainder of November. This will encourage more days with calm weather, dry conditions and most likely sunnier too for those who have had cloud lately.