Update on the wind & rain for Weds/Thurs as Gita's remnants linger (+7 Maps)

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New Zealand still has another 36 hours or so of dealing with Gita's remnants but the worst has passed, generally speaking, for the country.

Weather Video: A high is coming, but so too is another low

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Gita’s remnants continue to affect the South Island for Wednesday with heavy downpours in the lower eastern side and the West Coast. There are now two lows around the South Island, the main one to the east will move away finally tonight.

Rain persists in the South Island as Gita's remnants dance around each other

Two distinct low pressure systems remain around the South Island after Gita roared into central New Zealand last night.

While the cyclone mostly missed the top half of the North Island (where half of NZ's population is) the force of the storm was evident where it first came in: windwise in Taranaki and rainwise in the upper South Island.

UPDATE: Cyclone Gita - Update on rainfall and wind (x2 Maps + Animated Video)

Complicated Cyclone Gita is now forming two centres after hitting the north western tip of the South Island with the main centre quickly zipping through the Cook Strait area and upper South Island and a secondary low is now forming off the West Coast.

Cyclone Gita hits central New Zealand - Roofs off, emergencies declared, trees down, power out

Updated 8:55pm --- Cyclone Gita has hit central New Zealand knocking out power to tens of thousands of people, causing several states of emergency and closing highways due to slips, flooding and trees down.

Special Weather Video: Cyclone Gita arrives in New Zealand tonight

A significant storm is quickly approaching New Zealand today and weather conditions will go downhill around a large portion of the country this afternoon and evening.

With so many moving parts to the storm our video today is a little shorter - because things may change as we head into Tuesday night.

Gita no longer tropical but still a cyclone with severe gales (+4 Maps)

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center - the global organisation that monitors and forecasts all tropical storms - late this morning declared Gita fully "extra-tropical" at latitude 35.5S. But Gita this afternoon remains a storm with winds equal to a category 2 tropical cyclone as it churns towards central New Zealand.

Cyclone Gita: Latest tracking + 12 hour rainfall accumulation maps to Wednesday afternoon

Updated 9:07am --- Cyclone Gita is likely to make landfall in the upper South Island/Cook Strait area tonight, most likely between 9pm and midnight. The precise location is still unknown - despite accurate tracking maps cyclones can veer offtrack for a time which significantly shifts where severe weather may be. Keep up to date across today as the storm moves in.

National Forecast for Tuesday as Cyclone Gita makes landfall tonight in NZ

Cyclone Gita approaches fast today with its centre moving over the upper South Island later this evening / overnight. Please check MetService for latest warnings for your area. This remains a serious storm, especially for the South Island and lower half of the North Island.

Northland, Auckland, Waikato & Bay Of Plenty

InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Tuesday / Wednesday

Cyclone Gita approaches fast today with its centre moving over the upper South Island later this evening / overnight.

Gita moves over the upper South Island later in the evening today. With this very tightly packed and deep low comes very strong winds and very heavy rain for central parts of the country.