Big offshore low creates big swells, brushes NZ

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A sizeable low from the sub-tropics is tracking about as close to New Zealand as it will get, bringing dangerous coastal conditions despite lovely weather in many northern beaches.

Soil Moisture Deficit Map: NZ still mainly wetter than average

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March and April have been exceptionally wet in many parts of the country and the latest public soil moisture deficit maps still reflect just how much rain has fallen.

"We had sub-tropical set ups in March then two ex-cyclones, all have delivered significant amounts of rain to various parts of the country" says WeatherWatch head forecaster Philip Duncan.

Video: ANZAC day forecast + week ahead

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This week is another busy week weatherwise with a deep low just north east of New Zealand brushing by us as it track south eastwards, then that is followed up by a large Tasman Sea low at the end of this week. Despite these two sizeable lows the forecast for New Zealand does look mainly settled, dry and sunny for the next few days. 

Weather Video: Sub-tropical storm to brush past NZ

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A large storm is forming north of the country this weekend and early next week will track very close to East Cape. It’s good news for surfers and - at this stage - good news for those impacted by recent cyclones, with this sub-tropical storm expected to remain just offshore and only brush north eastern New Zealand with a few showers and a period of easterly quarter winds.

Colder nights & mornings now unavoidable (+Temp Map)

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Summer continues to fade away, especially for those more northern regions still sweating under hot weather as little as a week or two ago.

Video: Surfers, big low forming north of NZ this weekend

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A significant low pressure or storm system will form north of New Zealand on Sunday and it may track very close to areas recently hit by flooding. The good news, for now, is that modelling suggests it may track just offshore to our east meaning New Zealand is spared severe weather. 

Weather Video: Is more sub-tropical rain coming?

High pressure dominates New Zealand for the next few days but the tropics are not settling down yet with some models showing another tropical low developing this Sunday and drifting towards northern New Zealand next week.

New Zealand is saturated ...but one region still needs rain (+Soil Moisture Map)

We can almost say the entire nation of New Zealand is wetter than average right now - but it's technically not quite the case with one region still desperate for rain as another region sees a two year long drought come to an end.

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Weather Video: Much drier weather coming for NZ

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After all the rain there is mostly high pressure dominating New Zealand over the coming short week and weekend. A south to south west flow may see a few showers here and there over the next few days but the general trend is for calming weather, sunnier skies and drier conditions overall (compared to the past week especially).