Where are our weather videos? They return in March with big changes!

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There are big changes happening behind the scenes with and our weekday videos.

Announcement! launches 10 days of HOURLY forecasts for 1500 locations

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BRAND NEW! -- has become the first New Zealand based forecaster to offer 10 days of hourly forecasts for 1500 locations across New Zealand. 

Our detailed forecasts for the six largest centres remain, but now you can open up hourly forecasts for today, tomorrow or any of the 10 day forecasts.

Summer only just getting started for some New Zealanders

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Summer so far this year has seen a huge variety of changeable weather - but the forecast over the next week or two is seeing summer weather truly settling into more places.

Wellington's 10-day forecast shows just one day with a chance of rain above 40%, while most days look dry with plenty of sunny days in the mix.

RainWatch - Just what is going on across New Zealand? We track the rain today & weekend

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Soaking rains have been a huge positive for drought hit Northland with reports from local farmers of good totals over 50 to 70mm. 

Totals in some parts of Waikato are closer to 100mm this morning. 

Photo: Valentines Day love in the clouds?

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This photo was uploaded to yesterday by reader Ngaire Muir - her title simply says 'A polar bear and his dog friend'.

"It was taken overlooking Otago Harbour, the title is what it looks like to me" wrote Ngaire.

We can see it too!  They look like they're cuddling on Valentines Day!

North Island - Soaking rains coming, is this the drought buster?

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A rare set up with two high pressure systems side-by-side will create a line of heavy tropical-like rain across the upper North Island in the next few days, then funnel it down across the rest of the North Island.

Rain is coming to Northland, Auckland and possibly much of the North Island

High pressure is moving in to many parts of the country with winds easing and the sun and warmth returning - but not in the upper North Island where drizzle and high humidity is combining to make for very muggy and grey conditions.

The rain is so light it's not doing a great deal, although plants will love it - and some on rain water may get enough off the roofs to top up some tanks.

Finally, a significant change in NZ's weather pattern!

New Zealand's weather pattern is about to change for the first real time this year, with summer-like weather arriving in the lower South Island, winds easing in Wellington and humid, cloudier, weather setting in across the upper North Island.

Models suggest a tropical low may form north of NZ next week (+Maps)

It's early days but a trend in the models is developing this week - they are picking a tropical storm to form north of New Zealand within the week and it may drift our way.

Latest guidance from the best computer models out of both Europe and the US suggest a large area of low pressure developing and deepening next week between Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia.

Rain soaks some parts of the dry north, misses others

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A narrow but substantial band of rain formed over the Upper North Island overnight and while the bulk is at sea it has drifted in as expected to the eastern side of Northland and parts of Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula.