Map: Australia's hot Monday morning Vs NZ's cooler Monday afternoon

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It's a hot day in eastern and south-eastern Australia while much of New Zealand has a cooler, windier, cloudy day.

The stark comparison is no surprise to New Zealanders after rare weekend frosts and heavy mountain snow in the South Island. In fact snow also fell on the North Island mountains.

Spring-like pattern set to continue into February for many regions

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Another January day and another round of complaints on social media about the 'awful' weather impacting some of our biggest centres. Wellingtonians and others in the lower North Island are enjoying Anniversary Day today but for many it will be a windy, wet, day.

It's windy, wet and cool in Dunedin too as the back end of the weekend storm tracks by.

Poll Results: Summer sux!

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It's probably not a surprise but the majority of New Zealanders who voted in's most recent poll say this summer is "awful".

61% responded to the question "Are you disappointed with the summer weather?" with "Yes, it's awful!".

Just one quarter (25%) of those who voted say summer is "Pretty good".

14% couldn't make up their mind.

Dry parts of NZ: Sunday's rain may be the last for January & early February

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While rain during the weekends in summer is often considered poorly timed has advice for those who need rain: Make the most of what falls tonight and Sunday, it may be your last for a while.

Weekend storm looks bigger, covers more of NZ

The deep low this week that created big headlines in New Zealand didn't hit most people with rough weather - but the low coming this weekend, mainly Sunday, may affect more people as it directly crosses the country.

The calm after (and before?) the storm

The weather gods delivered a king-hit of heavy rains and high winds over the country yesterday, causing flash flooding and closing off roads due to slips.

Things are looking better for many parts of New Zealand today.

However, another weather system is forecast to head our way tomorrow, again bringing heavy rain to the South Island and strong gusts south of the North Island.

Damaging winds; wild weather continues (PICS, VIDEO)

UPDATED - Damaging hurricane strength wind gusts have been pummeling Wellington this morning, with more wild weather across he country.

The Rimutaka Hill is now closed, trees are falling and roofs lifting as severe gales associated with an intense weather bomb bears down on central New Zealand.

Strong winds, storm & rain warnings in place for South Island

The New Zealand government is warning people in the middle of the country to avoid travelling, as damaging winds and rain are expected to hit the South Island and lower North Island later today.

Gusts of up to 150 km/h are forecast in exposed places from this afternoon in Canterbury, north of Ashburton, Marlborough, Wellington and the Wairarapa.

Bill English wary of 'extreme response' to climate change

Prime Minister Bill English doesn't share Donald Trump's scepticism about global warming - but says he has always been wary of "extreme" views about the appropriate response to climate change.

English's past comments on climate change have been criticised.

NEW POLL: Are you disappointed with the summer weather?

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With an unusual start to summer, we've seen low temperatures and very windy conditions around parts of the country, leading many to ask "what happened to summer?"

We know there are all kinds of weather lovers out there - those who hate the heat, those who love the rain, and many others - so we really want to know - how do you feel about the summer so far?