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Foggy start for Auckland - flight delays possible

It's a foggy start to the day in Auckland with light winds following a few showers overnight. 

Those who are flying today should check with their airline or airport website to see if there are flight delays or cancellations.

It's possible fog in Auckland may affect flights elsewhere domestically.

VIDEO: Tracking the weekend rainmakers and a big low next week

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Foggy patches will be blown away this weekend as northerly quarter winds kick in across the nation. Fog lingered for an entire day on Thursday in some parts of Waikato and lingered into Friday morning as well. Meanwhile a nor’east breeze in Auckland has blown the fog away.

All day fog for Waikato over Thursday, morning fog for Auckland (+Photos & Video)

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Fog as far as the eye can see....not sure if that really makes sense, but thick fog and low cloud continues to blanket Waikato as we head into the last part of the afternoon.

With just a couple of hours until sunset, fog is still pea soup over parts of Waikato under high pressure and no wind.

VIDEO: A couple of weak rain makers coming in

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Fickle is the word of the day as we track a couple of weak low pressure systems tracking into the country over Friday and Saturday. The forecast is patchy from late Friday to Sunday with areas of showers, cloud and patchy rain. It’s a bit hard to lock in exactly where the rain will be but generally western, northern and then eastern areas will get some wet weather.

Gypsy Day forecast for June 1st

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Gypsy Day is fast approaching the dairy industry and if you're a sharemilker you may be very keen to know the forecast for June 1st this year.

The latest forecast may not be great for everyone on June 1st thanks to what looks like a system forming in the Tasman Sea.

VIDEO: Your end of week/weekend forecast + a look at June

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We have a weak sub-tropical low and a weak Tasman Sea low merging this Saturday around the North Island but clearing away at the same time. Friday may be a wet day for some, especially later, as the systems come in. By Sunday high pressure should be forming and that will help push rain clouds away and bring the sun back out.

Weather Video: Sub-tropical rain possible on Friday

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A weak front is currently moving up the South Island and will head into the North Island on Wednesday. It’s falling apart as it runs into high pressure and isn’t likely to deliver much rain as it tracks northwards.

Australia: Big swells south of New Zealand reach popular Sydney beaches

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Early risers along the New South Wales coast may have been surprised to see big waves as the sun rose this morning.

A large and powerful groundswell originating from a system traveling to the south of New Zealand arrived on Australia's east coast a bit earlier than expected.

Monster wave measured by Southern Ocean wave buoy one of largest recorded in Southern Hemisphere

Most read & most shared Story --- Story By MetOcean scientists --- This past Saturday, MetOcean Solutions' wave buoy in the Southern Ocean recorded a whopping 19.4 metre wave. (The average single story house is 4.5 metres high! - WeatherWatch)